Ketu and the perfect remedy

Clients want remedies, especially so in emergencies. If you know a reliable astrologer who understands the Lal kitab (Arun Samhita), he can give instant results. Then there are the Vedic mantra, homa and pujas as remedies which a reliable Brahmin can perform for you. Or you can do your regular mantra-jaap yourself. Or Daan is a good option, giving away items associated with the unbalanced energies. All these activities will resolve the issue at hand.

But there are also behavioural readjustments which help in a deep way. If you understand how your innermost drive and motivations work, you can create your own solutions. Knowing why things are going wrong helps you get over them, completely. Being aware on the inside makes the external problems disappear. This is the first glimmering of self-realization and it is linked to Ketu the oldest and the most powerful of all the Graha.  


I have written a lot on Rahu and Ketu in my blog (index here). They are fascinating, the reason for Life and Living. These two astral forces which represent the flow of your ‘experience’. Rahu is the engine which drives you in this life, you desire these experiences. You are passionate about everything he signifies. And Ketu is the summary of the deepest learnings you have learnt so well that their associated experiences do not appeal to you in the least. You want to instinctively give away everything that Ketu signifies in your life. Giving away something means that you accept and understand its final lesson, its complete experience. 

This is secret of all Jyotish remedies. Give with awareness the things that Ketu represents. This satisfies you deeply and you start working instinctively in the right direction. The subconscious mind will guide you smoothly to what you really desire.

So analyse the following about the Ketu in your birth chart.

  • House he is placed in
  • Sign he is placed in
  • Planets he is conjunct with and the houses they own.
  • The planets linked to the Nakshatra he is placed in
  • The planets, if any, placed in the nakshatra linked to Ketu, ie Ashwini, Magha, Moola.

These keywords are those aspects of life connected with Ketu’s ‘give-away’. These things are inherently incapable of giving you emotional or spiritual satisfaction. It is likely that you are giving away the energy linked to these keywords on some levels but are generally unaware of this. The trick is to become aware as you give, this satisfies Ketu. 

So let’s check out Ketu in each of the houses of the horoscope and what simple activities you can do to balance out Ketu’s requirement of ‘controlled losses’ to trigger ‘deep learnings’. I have written only a few of the activities possible. You can fine tune this by adding more of these above keywords from your own planetary positions. 


Ketu in the 1st house – This means that you are apathetic to your own personality and your environment. In a way you are your own worst enemy. So be nice to yourself. Buy clothes which make you stand out, get that nice hair-cut, wear those classy shoes. Look at yourself in the mirror a few times a day. Set up your room, pay attention to the objects, colour combinations. Get some new curtains, choose them yourself. The the simplest solution for this Ketu is to pay attention to yourself and your surroundings. 

Ketu in the 2nd house – Here you are disinterested in your family, sometimes it may seem that they drain your energy. So your remedy is to try to be more aware of them. Perhaps the the easiest option is to cook something for your family with your own hands once in a while, even tea or a simple salad would be enough. Pay attention to them as they eat. Give your energy to them in a controlled fashion with awareness.

Ketu in the 3rd house – The 3rd house is about skills with the hands, siblings and the neighbourhood which you are apathetic to. So if you can teach your younger siblings/ children skills which involve the hands, like sewing or the small repairs which one does around the house or car it will go a long way in changing the energy dynamics. Or play some team game with your cousins, even if you do not like them very much. Do this small activity once in a while. 

Ketu in the 4th house – means a disconnect with the mother, homeland, ancestral lands etc, you feel tired around them. So try to pay attention to your mother, do some small things for her or buy some gifts for her. Or you can help older women who need help eg. giving up your seat in the bus? Also try to re-connect with the home culture, speak your mother tongue, eat the traditional foods etc. You don’t need to do this all the time, a small act once in a while would be enough.

Ketu in the 5th house – here you are a genius and everyone but you knows this. You do not care about your own intelligence levels. So the best option is to help your child with his homework. Or take up nature photography, but take care of your equipment and the photos you take. use your own photo as your phone’s wallpaper. And yes, do your Gayatri mantra and Soham regularly, do not simply stop for no reason. (You are apathetic to mantras as you internally know them all.)

Ketu in the 6th house – This is considered to be a good position so ideally should not need a remedy. But in my opinion being aware is always better than remaining unaware. So once in a while, just for a few minutes, try to keep track of your, maid, servants, drivers, assistant in your office, etc as they go about their work.

Ketu in the 7th house – Here you are unaware of your partnerships, your money and your spiritual practice. Even thinking of them drains you. So the ideal remedy would be to to go for a small 10min after-dinner walk with your spouse daily. It will be good for the digestion and for connecting with your spouse without the phone or the TV interrupting. Or use an app for keeping track of your regular family budget, remain aware of ‘money’ as an item. And do your ‘Soham’ regularly.

Ketu in the 8th house – the best option is to learn Reiki or some energy healing modality. Do energy related healings on your family members. This does not mean that you drain yourself for others. Do a brief healing for 5mins for someone in your family once a week or so. Or do this sort of energy healing on yourself regularly. If you want you can also call up your parents in law once in a while just to ask how they are doing.

Ketu in the 9th house – Here you are disconnected from the luck and blessings of the 9th house. To trigger this limitless Ketu in the house of foundations, bless your children every day, say the words out aloud. Or if you can afford it, you can engage a Brahmin to do formal pujas a few times a year, eg Satyanarayan puja, Mahamrutyunjai Homa, Shanti pujas etc can be performed. Or go for yearly pilgrimages to major temples in our Bharat. Else you will have to work for everyone, give out your energy helping others while no one comes to help you in return. 

Ketu in the 10th house – You have a knack for business and work. But this talent does not work for you. You can work for someone else, make his business work, turn around sick units owned by others, but you cannot run a business that is owned by you. So try to find employment in such sick firms or take up tough projects where you feel the challenge. Or if you see situations around you which need ‘fixing’ of any sort, actively do it. Again this does not mean that you sacrifice yourself for others, or take unnecessary risks with your profession. The concept is that a small act once in a while will nudge the energy in the correct direction and you will feel more fulfilled.

Ketu in the 11th house – Here the best option is to help your elder brother/ sister. This could be difficult as you cannot stand your elder siblings. But if you do not do this, your friends will take stuff from you which they never return. Also the promised gains in life will not materialise, there will be unexpected losses in life. ‘Help’ can be as simple as nicely talking to him/ her and avoiding arguing and fighting. If you can respect your older sibling, spend some quality time together, only then will your own life fall in place. 

Ketu in the 12th house – The easiest option is few minutes of mindfulness done daily are enough. Then a more relaxing way to become more aware of Ketu in the 12th is to get a good night’s sleep. Use an app to keep track of your daily rest-time. Listen to some relaxing music. Or if you can afford it, visit some wildness or natural area regularly, visit your local seashore, forest area or at least your local city park once a month or so. You should be more aware of the things which relax you even if you do not feel attracted to the idea of relaxing.


Give intelligently with Ketu, so that you make room for what Rahu gets for you in your this life. These instinct related remedies do not mean that you have to go out your way or do something which causes trouble for you. And never get too involved in the other’s lives. These remedies are tiny behavioural shifts which you do, a bit at a time. A tiny change goes a long way if done with consciousness. A small act to trigger your awareness of those energies which, because of Ketu’s nebulous influence, remain invisible to you. To set the apparently lost things back in their place.

Ketu, the agent of separation can even grant Moksh. But if the rest of the chart is not strong enough to cope with his incisive separative fiery cut, then he creates problems on the material, mental and emotional levels. Especially so if you are born in the Gandant areas of the zodiac. Or if Ketu is influencing several planets in your birth chart. Or if he is influencing your birth Moon, ascendant lord or the ascendant sign.

Ketu does not have a head, so no face, no ears, eyes, no mouth, no nose, no thinking brain etc. He is pure Instinct. So the supreme remedy is to become aware of your Instinct. 


79 thoughts on “Ketu and the perfect remedy

  1. madhurialita August 15, 2021 / 12:34 pm

    Hi Mam ,

    Lots of regards to you !

    1 . 4th and 7th lord in Moola Nakshatra !!!!
    2. No kids of my own yet , but can I bless my loving nephew ?

    Kindly guide me how to consciously engage in w.r.t to above.


    • madhurialita August 15, 2021 / 12:37 pm

      Like ..with my Ketu Ji in 9th house…. i am very ethical person ! I Find it tooo hard to do anything that could hurt my dear ones…although not taking those actions costs me my peace and contentment.


    • astrologerbydefault August 15, 2021 / 2:33 pm

      Hi there
      9th house is the punya from the ancestors,
      so the logic is to consciously bless your own descendants.
      anyways, blessing small children is always a good thing

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      • madhurialita August 15, 2021 / 7:26 pm

        Thank you Mam , for the inputs here !

        It has been roller coaster experiences for me.

        With 4th and 7th lord in Moola Nakshatra…the key “Lessons Learnt ” from my experience of the churning.. illusion shaking transformations is… just keeping it simple !

        Self contained and let live approach , keeping emotions in check with the attachments in daily happenings.

        All the timely guidance from your blog writing have been a divine channel for my affirmations.. Thanks a lot !! 🙂


  2. DeeDee August 15, 2021 / 12:57 pm

    Thanks for the post.. Just yesterday was thinking about remedies but in a different sense – what is the remedy for houses with low ashtakvarga score? Would a remedy for that house lord translate into a remedy for the house with a low score?
    Also, in general what I’ve read is for the rahu/ketu axis one must navigate towards rahu and what it signifies and not focus on ketu (since what ketu signifies is something one is comfortable with due to mastery) but your post has given a different perspective.


    • astrologerbydefault August 15, 2021 / 2:37 pm

      Hi there
      if you fortify that planet, naturally all the things that planet stands for including the house etc will be fortified too.

      one must always be aware of what Ketu is upto in life. you cannot ignore him. but its not easy to be aware of him.
      and when Rahu pulls u towards something, you must use your awareness of Ketu to control him. but its not easy to control him.
      i have written a lot on Rahu Ketu, do use the index.
      i always consider the energy represented by Ketu to be more powerful than Rahu.
      in certain charts i have seen Ketu overpowering the Sun, the ascendant lord, the birth Moon. and not in a good/ bad sense. its the quantum of energy that he represents

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  3. GayatriR August 15, 2021 / 1:02 pm

    Hi Tejaswiniji,

    Wish you and all readers a happy 75 years of independence.

    Jai Bharat.



    • astrologerbydefault August 15, 2021 / 2:40 pm

      Hi there
      जय भारत !
      उत्तरं यत्समुद्रस्य हिमाद्रेश्चैव दक्षिणम् ।
      वर्षं तद् भारतं नाम भारती यत्र संततिः ।।

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  4. Quotesofacrab August 15, 2021 / 1:53 pm

    Namaste mam, at the place I work I have noticed a pattern..Men while rising through ranks.. amassing material wealth get morally corrupt too. Substance abuse, extra marital affairs… you name a vice and they are indulged in it. It isn’t that they were this way from the start. Their spouses have all material luxuries at their disposal but the partner they had to share their life with is gone.. what could be the possible placements in a chart which would show a glittering marriage from the outside but hollow from the inside?


    • astrologerbydefault August 15, 2021 / 2:51 pm

      Hi there
      i wrote on satvik nidhi.

      generalising will be difficult as there will be several patterns. more patterns more strong results.
      plus the triggering dasha/ transits would be important.
      a damaged 9th house, so weak bond with the Dharmapatni.
      but the 1st and 5th house will be powerful but with malefics, for selfishness to predominate.
      if money is genuinely there, the 2nd and 7th houses would have to be powerful but with malefics in power or aspecting, for the money of the tamasic or rajasic variety to come in.
      the D10 would be good as they would be getting material success from their profession.
      but D20 would be quite bad as no spiritual inclination, no ethics and morals.

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  5. Dhanya Asha August 15, 2021 / 2:30 pm



  6. Jinesh k August 15, 2021 / 6:27 pm


    A question about ketu was in my mind. At correct time mam wrote an article about ketu so that I am able to ask the question in right article.

    So my question is if ketu dasha comes in the life of a person in his twenties or early thirties does it mean that they are serving a severe karmic debt?

    Thank you.


    • astrologerbydefault August 15, 2021 / 8:09 pm

      Hi there
      not really,
      all depends on what part of life he is going to influence and his power.

      he can grant a lot of positivity too. will give my personal example in my own ketu mahadasha i completed my higher education, started with my PhD, got married, got a job, settled in life, it was a wonderful period. possibly that this was all karmic, but i enjoyed the positive karmaphal

      a badly placed ketu in whatever age will indicate a lot of suffering, disease, divorce, or even death depending on what he signifies.

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      • Jinesh k August 15, 2021 / 9:57 pm

        Thanks for your reply.

        One must have really auspicious past life karma to have a ketu like that.Really Blessed.



  7. Sunny August 15, 2021 / 6:50 pm

    Hello ma’am,
    Can you suggest any other remedy for ketu in 11th as I am the eldest one?


    • astrologerbydefault August 15, 2021 / 8:03 pm

      Hi there
      if there is someone in your extended family whom you feel like elder brother/sister.
      or the 11th house also signifies friends,
      but be aware of how much ‘help’ you are giving. do not overdo things and drain yourself.

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      • Shweta August 17, 2021 / 10:21 pm

        Thank you mam


  8. Viju August 15, 2021 / 7:52 pm

    Dearest Tejaswiniji,

    Wishing you a very happy Independence Day🙏🏻
    I loved your quote from Vishnu Puran in one of your replies♥️

    अत्र जन्म सहस्राणां सहस्रैरपि सत्तम।
    कदाचिल्लभते जन्तुर्मानुष्यं पुण्यसञ्चयात्॥

    Many thanks for this (yet another) awesome post🙏🏻♥️ Strange as it may seem, I had been wishing for a while that you would write a post on Ketu. So I was much delighted to see your post today 😀♥️

    I have Ketu alone in 4th, aspected by benefic Jupiter. Still, I am very attached to my mom (my moon’s influence). I love my ancestral home, but have never been happy living there. All the remedies you mentioned for the 4th house I have done for a long time (and still doing) – unconsciously. Only today, after reading your post I realized that my actions were remedies! 🙂

    Is it true that persons having Ketu in 4th house should not own a house/ property in their name? If yes, then is there a remedy? Please tell me because this has bothered me for quite a while.

    Can you please suggest a good book on Lal Kitab, preferably in English. The original Lal Kitab was written in urdu (from what I read on the net some years back).

    Lots of love and gratitude


    • astrologerbydefault August 15, 2021 / 8:02 pm

      Hi there
      it was called Arun Samhita. some parts of it were translated into urdu.
      the translation by Goswami and Vashishtha is good.

      aspect of jupiter on ketu is good, it has helped you maintain good relationship with your mother.\
      with Ketu becoming conscious of him is the supreme remedy for the entire life

      better would be to go for joint property with your wife or child.
      because if you buy it only in your name it will suffer from the ketu type of things

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      • Viju August 15, 2021 / 8:42 pm

        Namaste Tejaswiniji,

        Thanks a lot for the prompt response 🙏🏻♥️

        I do not have a spouse or child (in my present circumstances, I have no hope of having either). I do not have any siblings. At present, I am living in my mom’s house and in some time in future, I will have a house of my own, in my name – it is unavoidable. Will Ketu cause a loss of home? What can I do in such a situation?

        Lots of love and gratitude


      • astrologerbydefault August 15, 2021 / 8:51 pm

        Hi there
        Do the vastu shanti puja sincerely. Request the vastu purush to help you. Keep the puja ghar and do daily puja of ur adored deity.
        And pay attention to it. Practical things like fixing leaky taps. And also removing the evil eye on it frm time to time.

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      • prabhavathi12 August 18, 2021 / 7:43 pm

        Mam Kindly let me know if Goswami Beni Madhav is the author name?


  9. shandilyasandilya August 15, 2021 / 8:01 pm

    Hi Mam,

    Please if possible look into this :

    Ketu is in Sagittarius (Purvashadha -3) in 6th house of cancer ascendant. 6th house lord in 4th house.

    – How to overcome the smoking habit? Is there any remedy? Like people offer liquor to Bhairav god and beggars in Temple.

    – Is Rahu or Ketu responsible for smoking or drinking habit.

    – Which are the natural houses For Rahu and Ketu . And which planet they naturally want to imbibe in themselves.?

    I personally feel offering these things to people or temples is not a good thing.



    • astrologerbydefault August 15, 2021 / 8:16 pm

      Hi there
      there are several ways of kicking the smoking habit, it doesnt have to be always astrological
      but if you do your gayatri and soham, all negative habits will drop off on their own.

      offering tamasic things to deities will reflect the same tamogun back to the worshipper.
      whatever you offer to the gods, they magnify and reflect the same things back to you.
      so be very careful about the mantras you use, the pujas you do and the offerings you offer to them.

      they are intelligent consciousness, they do not have desires or anything of that sort. they dont drink the alcohol and neither the panchamrut that you offer them. but the nature of your offering is reflected back to you by their Intelligence. they have no preference.
      satvik people will not offer liquor
      and tamasic people will find it difficult to offer panchamrut

      yes, rahu ketu if afflicted can give smoking not only tobacco but even more horrible stuff. i think i wrote something on addictions, do use the index or search bar.

      i think rahu functions best in Taurus or Gemini and ketu in Scorpio or Sagittarius. wrote a few posts on this.

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      • shandilyasandilya August 15, 2021 / 9:18 pm

        Thanks A Lot Mam for the answer.



  10. sobhimohanty August 15, 2021 / 10:31 pm

    What an in-depth article again, it’s overwhelming how much you have thought and experienced about astrology! Thank you for making so much knowledge available to us. I am trying to understand my Ketu in the lagna chart versus Navamsa. In my lagna chart its in 6th house in Sagittarius, but in my navamsa chart it’s conjunct with Venus, both in Libra in my second house. Does that mean deep dissatisfaction with money? Or a lack of interest in wealth? Lack of wealth? And how does that translate to the 6th house position in the lagna chart? I would really appreciate some insights, thank you!


    • sobhimohanty August 16, 2021 / 1:19 am

      I am replying to my own comment! I went back and read through your articles, and I found the article on basic navamsha analysis. I am so sorry for asking a question you have so thoroughly addressed before. You were clear in pointing out that by common sense, you cannot think of two planets in the same house in navamsha as conjunction since D-1 tells you where they were in the sky…. navamsha is the individual underlying energy of each planet. Thus my Ketu is Libra expressed as Sagittarius…. I have to read more to understand that!


  11. Julie133 August 15, 2021 / 10:53 pm

    Dear Mam,

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

    I wish you could shed some light for the meaning of Rahu(conjunct Saturn) – Ketu (conjunct Jupiter) in BC being in 4th/10th axis as far as dharma is concern.

    I read your other posts on the subject(Ketu in 10th discourages entrepreneurship?) but still cannot find clarity about if having a home-based practice is right.

    I have occupied many different jobs in this lifetime (with success by own efforts but struggles with authority) but have always been attracted to be on my own. I thought the North Node was our desires and with Saturn’s restrictions, I feel constraint in following the path of self-employment.

    Kind Regards,


  12. Ami August 16, 2021 / 12:31 am


    I recently found this blog through my astrology group and this is has been extremely educational. Thank you for taking the time to write and teach us all!

    Ive noticed that ketu in 10th house remedies typically focus on the profession/workplace. I understand that this will be the case for the majority. But, as the 10th house represents the karma-sthan and from a spiritual perspective the house that can destroy karma or prevent the creation of new karma- are there remedies in this sense?
    I am a libra ascendant with ketu in 10th. I can relate to feelings/experiences that I believe were from spiritual practices from previous incarnations. How does one best handle/remedy these types of energies in a way that is most productive?

    My second question is unrelated to this specific article but I read your post on curses in the horoscope. How do we differentiate between being cursed vs just our own karma that needs rebalancing due to prior mistakes and bad decisions?
    For example, i have a sample chart for an individual with a cancer lagna with saturn in the 5th, and rahu in the 9th. I have read that rahu in the 9th/rahu in pisces indicates a curse from a guru or brahmin. Is this accurate? I thought that the saturn in the 5th scorpio with mars in 6th might indicate some misuse of power in 5th house related matters that must be paid back in this life. In this sample chart, how would you interpret the misuse/ prior mistakes vs being actually cursed with intention?

    Lots of love and gratitude


    • astrologerbydefault August 16, 2021 / 1:57 pm

      Hi there

      1st Q
      for the spiritual sense,
      you have to do your mantra jaap, ie gayatri mantra is compulsory for all above 6yrs.
      check the power of the 5th house if it allows this. if the mantresh is powerful enough he can allow the destruction of the karma or prevention of new ones by the mantra shakti
      if you want to integrate anything from your past lives, then you have to do your mediation, ie Dhyan with Soham daily.

      2nd Q
      generally one gets cursed by ones own adharmic actions. most of your clients wll be of this variety.
      coz if someone else has to curse for no fault of that person and the curse has to take effect then there are several conditions. its not so easy to curse or put black magic on others. i think i wrote it somewhere. eg you cannot be cursed by someone with lesser power than yours, or if the dasha/transit is strong, the power of the 5th house/mantresh is high etc.

      personally i do not go so much into the past lives of the clients, ie the specific events in detail. it does not interest me. however it can be picked up from their aura if you want to see.

      fr my own past lives, if i need any additional information regarding myself, i ask the question and generally the event is shown to me in dreams or during dhyan. however i would not advise this as a general practice.
      what is done is done, to revise or try to relive it again does not really help.

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      • Ami August 16, 2021 / 8:36 pm

        Namaste Tejaswiniji,

        Thank you so much for your prompt response and for sharing this information. I have been in the process of learning astrology for some years now but the more esoteric topics are very new to me.

        I have often tried to ask myself any questions before i go to sleep but getting my answers in dreams only happens sporadically, only times of typical transits or changes of antradashas. I hope that continued spiritual practice and dhyan will help to make it more consistent. I have tried cartomancy as well, but I havent found it to be always accurate. Sometimes I feel like the cards are just telling me what i want to hear/see.

        One last question- You have written in one of your articles that if your 9th house lord and 5th house lord are in some yog or connected in some way, then you can alter your karma. I never knew this and with jupiter and saturn coming out of retrograde in the next few months- this may impact quite a few people. To clarify- one can still only get what is meant to be theirs, correct? And whatever you are altering will still need to paid off in another life? I think sometimes I have a very western mindset ( i watch too many movies) in that a very small change can alter life in a big way. Have you seen this happen in individuals with this combination who have wanted to alter something?

        Ideally, of course, one would do spiritual practice and pray that whatever they want/receive will be for the best.

        Many thanks again for your teachings!


      • astrologerbydefault August 17, 2021 / 8:49 am

        Hi there
        Use the index or the search bar.
        Wrote somewhere on changing the intensity of karma.


  13. R August 16, 2021 / 1:46 pm

    Always a blessing to read your Rahu – Ketu posts. My Ketu is in the 7th with Saturn, as expected my marital life was mostly unhappy, my husband (in the final stages of my divorce, his decision after 6 years of separation) always felt detached from the emotional and physical aspects of marriage. I suppose Saturn’s influence caused it to last as long as it did. My bhava chalit chart moves this Ketu to my 6th along with Moon (8th lord) and Mars (12th lord) present there! Inside there is a lot of turmoil, but I feel such a massive sense of inertia and innervation! Despite such an experience, I still foolishly hope at 47 years (!), I may yet find a fulfilling married life, despite being told by many astrologers I have zero indications that will happen. So, strangely Ketu has not caused me to feel apathy towards marriage. I also wonder about the results of a moon at 29 degrees.


  14. ANAND August 16, 2021 / 4:57 pm

    Pranaam Madam,
    Thanks for this valuable post. I honestly do not have words to describe my feeling of gratitude. Thanks is a small word for the knowledge that we get through your blog.
    Sincere most best wishes and regards,


  15. Shala August 16, 2021 / 5:17 pm

    You always remind us that only at 48 yrs rahu ketu completely mature.
    If we see the charts of well known sports personality or entertainers , young business entrepreneurs, literally two thirds of them would have been running a favourable rahu dasha in their 2 nd and 3 rd decade.
    Also explains why most of their fame wanes away post that period.
    What about people who get their rahu dasha post 48 yrs? Obviously most would be more grounded( courtesy chart plus older age) when they experience rahu mahadasha then.
    So is it better then to have a favourable rahu mahadasha when one is within 40 yrs?
    Would the results be less dramatic
    and extreme past 50yrs as also lesser drive and ambition?
    Or is rahu energy always the same? (Except in extreme old age) ?
    How then would a favourable rahu dasha affect post 50 yrs?


    • astrologerbydefault August 17, 2021 / 10:56 am

      Hi there
      the Rahu mahadasha is very deceptive and one must remain grounded during this time. but its difficult to as its quite long to begin with and controlling desires when you see the desires actually being fulfilled is even more so. so then the motif of spectacular successes followed by an equally spectacular fall.
      you are unaware of rahu and ketu both when you are younger.

      recovery from the fall depends on the nature of jupiter in the chart.

      Naturally after the age of 48yrs, the learning linked to ketu becomes more accessible thus control over rahu becomes easier. then the gains are more solid and deeply satisfying.
      the energy remains the same but the direction/ use you put it to and the gains you get from it are qualitatively different, in my opinion they are better.

      eg i know someone who during the rahu mahadasha gained a lot of money, fame, met good people etc, as per the positions in the chart. but Jupiter there is a functional malefic so as rahu ended all this earlier success lost its sheen and the pompousness that a malefic Jupiter indicates emerged. a malefic Jupiter in action is rather sad to observe.
      jupiter – jupiter is followed by jupiter – saturn so the initial jupiter MD phases are going very badly for this person.


  16. Sakshi August 16, 2021 / 6:05 pm

    Madam ji

    Thankyou…🙏 Going through your posts and trying to imbibe some of the things and it is helping me immensly.could nt thankyou in those posts since mosts of them comment section is closed. And replies for the queries also..🙏


  17. VPR August 16, 2021 / 9:22 pm

    Namaste Ma’am. Thank you for sharing this article 🙏

    Ketu is one of the lesser talked about planets. It is known that Scorpio and Aquarius are the two karmic signs of the zodiac. It is also said that whenever Rahu or Ketu is conjunct with the sign lord in it’s own house it causes troubles. Especially with Ketu, from one of the charts i remember it was conjunct with mars in scorpio in the 4th house (also a yog-karak). Does this kind of conjunction in own sign signify a karmic retribution/debt from the past (particularly happening in the own sign of scorpio) or unpleasant/transformative experiences with the houses related intensely ?

    And i think aquarius has a different meaning of being a karmic sign and rather it’s effects are lesser intense.

    And talking about Lal Kitab, i’m surprised to find few of it’s unique remedies worked for me. I find the rules hard to be comprehended logically.


  18. prabhavathi12 August 17, 2021 / 12:27 pm


    Does a ketu jupiter conjunction in scorpio of third house cause recurring tuberculosis in the lymph nodes…tb occured twice earlier in my life and again third time it happened recently..what is the remedy possibly for this recurrence?

    Also how do I do the lal kitab remedies or read about it.

    Thanks mam.


  19. Tanushree August 17, 2021 / 5:56 pm

    Hi Ma’am,

    Like many of your readers, I too had been thinking abt Ketu maharaj since the past few days and it’s so surprising that here I have this wonderful article in front of me talking about Ketu itself !
    Ketu is conjunct my lagna lord Mercury (also my 10th lord) along with Sun, that too in the sign of Scorpio !
    Could you please suggest some remedies that I can start doing from now itself as I’ll be having Ketu mahadasha in the next few years…

    Thanks very much Ma’am…


  20. Abk81571 August 18, 2021 / 11:23 am

    Thank you Ma’am for such an invaluable article 🙏 never realised ketu has so much effect on my life! 10 out of 12 houses (including all Kendra & kona) are linked to ketu someway or the other!

    Truly grateful for all the remedies prescribed🙏 Some may already be happening unconsciously, but the trick is to do them consciously like you mentioned which needs some awareness and effort. Your posts are so helpful for souls like us to evolve in this life!

    An unrelated question.. a newly developing mole on life line of the active palm – is it an indication of some hidden health issues?

    Lots of gratitude & regards to all you do & share in this blog🙏🙏🙏

    Harih Om🙏


    • astrologerbydefault August 18, 2021 / 1:21 pm

      Hi there
      Location of mole on the age indicated by line and Color and size of mole are considered. An event is indicated but favourable or unfavourable or what type needs this too
      Ref samudrik shastra.

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      • Abk81571 August 18, 2021 / 7:02 pm

        Many thanks for the response Ma’am🙏 The 2 moles (close to each other) that are newly forming on the life line are at the start of the line at the juncture with head line. Was wondering if that’s some sort of rebalancing of some karma from the childhood..!


  21. Shala August 18, 2021 / 7:50 pm

    Maam, about 2 yrs ago a state in southern India, did a mass slaughter/ beheading of about 150 cows in one of their major cities arterial road and proceeded to cook on road side and eat to protest about beef ban law. ( conducted by incumbent political party leaders)
    Forget about dietary preferences/ religious belief systems, but this kind of inhumane behavior I have not witnessed even in predominant red meat consuming countries irrespective of religion followed.

    It so happened that for the past 2 years that state has not got respite from corona or other viruses for that matter.
    As for another example, the plight of people in Afghanistan is sad. But that country had given rise in the distant past to a man who had repeatedly plundered Somnath temple along with several other dreadful atrocities on Indians.
    Perhaps the current/ future situation of all places might be attributed to collective karma of a place/ people.
    And how the karma can take hold for years later. And how each one may be affected by it living in those areas?
    Should we all not be more mindful of this each moment?


    • astrologerbydefault August 18, 2021 / 9:55 pm

      Hi there
      there are certain land tracts on this earth which are cursed.
      this has happened because of the actions of the people who lived there. or because of the actions of the people who invaded and annihilated the original population.
      no good can come to these lands unless the purest water on the earth, ie Devi Ganga water is brought there by someone who has the necessary intention and inherent power to do so. till then the souls will be trapped there and the curse will remain.

      about Afghanistan, you can do your own research, it is one of the more hideously cursed lands. so many souls trapped there. their own internal wars where even family members didn’t waste a min in killing each other. the slave markets of Herat, the kidnapped Hindu mainly Rajasthani tribal population who were sold there, why the beautiful Sanskrit Uparisyena mountains were called ‘hindukush’ by them. those Banjara people are still nomadic but now called the Romani. why Chhingis turned his attention to the middle east and completely devastated that entire region, it was a punishment for what they did to his diplomatic envoys. what happened during the Great Game and what continues till now. its a cursed land.

      so everyone above the age of 6yrs must do their Gayatri mantra, 108 repeats 3 times a day. it takes only 10mins. 10mins we spend doing random stuff. put your limited time to use. and do the Soham whenver you can, let the inner light shine. increase your own energy, expand your consciousness.
      everyone who follows the Sanatan dharm must do this. its the easiest and simplest solution to everything.

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      • Sakshi August 18, 2021 / 10:42 pm

        Madam ji

        What about that southern India state mentioned ?They are cursed too? Comes under those tracts of land which is cursed by the doings of ancestors?
        Sorry I thought I wont ask any of my silly doubts atleast in this post but coudnt help it..🙄


      • Shala August 18, 2021 / 10:46 pm

        Very true maam. The bloody pasts of countries/civilization will shape their present and future too.
        Praying and intending that Russia and eastern Europe return to their Sanatan Dharma roots🙏


      • Haylie August 19, 2021 / 8:31 am

        This may be a silly question, but do people typically reincarnate in the same country/regions? Afghanistan has such a bloody history and it is no shock that the land would be cursed. But it is so difficult to watch the footage and hear the news of all the young women and children that are now in danger. Of course, we believe in karma but just wondering if the individuals would many lifetimes later still be in the same region?


      • astrologerbydefault August 19, 2021 / 11:29 am

        Hi there
        we all hve our different perceptions. what is acceptable or unacceptable to you is not the same for others. the philosophy that you live by is not the what others live by.
        no one can generalise the human population or create common standards for behaviour.

        Everyone chooses their own life and life path.

        soul groups exist. souls with interconnected karma take births together.
        these soul groups and even individual souls are connected to the land by their actions, so yes, they will have to periodically take birth in these lands to resolve the land related karma.

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      • ANAND August 19, 2021 / 1:48 pm

        Pranaam Madam,
        My sincere applause and gratitude for this reply, I am really moved by it. This is not just a blog, it is a knowledge portal for many of us. As I said before, thanks is really a small word .
        Best regards,

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      • Tanushree August 19, 2021 / 5:00 pm

        What a beautiful and accurate explanation! My sincere Pranaam to your Jyotish as well as Spiritual knowledge. We’re indeed very fortunate to be born and living in this holy land of BHARAT which has been the tapobhoomi of many many great and revered saints.


      • Dew August 19, 2021 / 7:30 pm

        Hi Madam,

        I heard that, that particular Indian state mentioned has habit of burying their dead under their own lands, no cemetery etc. Isn’t it more binding for the dead ones?

        Also, apart from Hinduism, other religions which bury their dead ones, get liberation? Because the ashes are not given to river snd tarpan is not done..Or if they follow whatever is written in their holy books, it is sufficient?



      • astrologerbydefault August 19, 2021 / 8:41 pm

        HI there
        i think i have mentioned this in several posts tht its always easiest to capture a spirit as a slave near cemeteries where bodies are buried.
        the souls are stuck here. only solution is the water of the Devi Ganga.


      • Abk81571 August 19, 2021 / 9:26 pm

        In this state also, Hindus normally cremate dead bodies and do visarjan of ashes in holy river (local & far away ones) and there are cemeteries as well for other religions. But these other religions with relatively bigger population compared to some other states, do bury dead bodies mostly in cemeteries assigned to their church or mosque.

        Essentially, these other religions coexist with Hindus here with relatively less chaos & commotion.

        Harih Om🙏


    • ANAND August 19, 2021 / 12:41 pm

      Pranaam Madam,
      Thanks for the reply on perceptions, it is a life lesson. So many times , one has questions like “how can somebody be a certain way? or how can someone behave like that” . The sooner one realizes this truth the better, it lifts a lot of burden of the past. Just felt like sharing my humble thought…
      Best regards,


      • astrologerbydefault August 19, 2021 / 1:16 pm

        Hi there
        life can be so much simple if we do not let the Mind run away with us.

        never expect anything from others.
        simple eg. you make puranpoli, every Marathi person’s favourite dish but your child says he wont have even one. you should not let his rejection of the food you cooked affect your happiness.

        never let anyone make you feel guilty for acting as per your conscience
        a personal eg. i write this blog, my cousins say that I am giving away too much information. but i know what i have to do.

        never go back in the past and think on events gone by. never blame yourself now for not doing things differently in the past.
        you are different now. those actions in the past were taken by a younger, less mature you. do not judge your younger self now with the eyes of this older you.

        never expect an Adharmi person to behave as per Dharma or appreciate your Dharmic behaviour. in this matter follow Shri Krishna and Shri Ram.

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  22. Hemangini August 19, 2021 / 8:38 am

    Dear Tejaswini Ma’m,

    Many thanks and plenty of gratitude for sharing this post and remedies. Last week, I was contemplating on Ketu, referred to some of the truly amazing knowledge shared here . (I particularly looked for Goddess Kali and Dasamahavidya Upasana guidance here to manage Ketu energy. I got invaluable tips on Upasana and will follow the same ). I understood my late father well (sadly, very late) through your divine knowledge shared here on Ketu Conjunct with Ascendant Lord.

    I have a few queries on Ketu and Rahu :

    1. When Ketu and Rahu shadow key houses/ nakshatras in the horoscope should we do most of the remedies mentioned above simultaneously?

    2. If Ketu gives results better away from the homeland (in 4th house), should one, on his own initiate suitable move away from birthplace/ town ? Becasue staying put in the hometown would block constructive energy of Ketu.

    3. When Rahu Dasha starts (mine starting in 2033, at the age of 58 !!!!), would Ketu impacted entities too get activated, and thus one needs to consciously do sadhana for Ketu as well ?

    I am an Aquarius Asc (Rahu Co-owned) with Jupiter in 1st House in Shatabhisha/Shatataraka Nakshatra (Rahu Nakshatra) and Meena Rashi, Revati Nakshatra (Varun).
    My Ketu is in 4th house in Taurus (debilitated) in Rohini (Moon dominated nakshatra whre moon is the lord of 6th dushamsthana), Rahu Mars in Scorpio in Anuradha Nakshatra (ruled by Shani).
    Saturn in 5th , aspecting Sun Mercury Venus in 11th in Moola Nakshatra (Ketu).

    Thus many houses and house lords are influenced by Ketu, Rahu, Shani.

    I have so far got very inauspicious results about 4th,7th house significations and extreme/volatile results on 10th, 11th and 2nd house significations. Therefore the question about 4th house ketu.

    All this impacted my mental state adversely. Please help me….In Navamasa too 5th, 2nd and 7th houses are weak.

    Lot of Gratitude,


    • astrologerbydefault August 19, 2021 / 11:35 am

      Hi there
      best would be to consult your regular astrologer.


  23. premhimal August 19, 2021 / 7:50 pm

    “never let anyone make you feel guilty for acting as per your conscience
    a personal eg. i write this blog, my cousins say that I am giving away too much information. but i know what i have to do. ”
    You don’t know how grateful I am to be blessed to learn from you. The fact that you share your knowledge so genuinly, honest and truthful…… it’s shining and spreading in the true hearts…..
    Anyway, who reads your post needs to do an effort him-herself to be able to absorb the knowledge, …. I see it always like thus: the ears that aren’t ready to listen, will not hear certain sounds…..
    So thank you, to have the courage to teach us and to spread your point of view, that is very unique and very powerful and hopefully enrich so many lifes by your blessing…


  24. premhimal August 19, 2021 / 7:51 pm

    ….you teach us the way how to look at…….
    thats the best way to teach……


  25. Shala August 19, 2021 / 8:36 pm

    I am not sure how many people are aware that the mountains that run through Afghanistan and renamed HinduKush around 1000 ad… Means hindu killer mountains… Site of death of millions of captured hindu slaves over centuries….
    Hindus then could not claim refuge, could not run or hide… Only die or be captured…. To this date most persecuted race in the world which it’s own population in Bharat does not acknowledge.

    If we understand our past, karma and energy, properly, perhaps we would not waste our energy on unnecessary events but accept the unfolding of events with grace.


    • astrologerbydefault August 19, 2021 / 8:48 pm

      Hi there
      read about the Romani, they are Rajasthani by blood.
      these invaders captured hindus from the western/ northern states, but only the Rajasthani tribals like the Banjaras of today who were used to walking and were tough could survive till herat. all the others died in our Uparisyena which they called hindukush.
      then they who lived were sold in those slave markets. some escaped and became the romani. they could never come back home.

      these invaders and their descendants will never attain peace neither spiritual evolution. spiritual devolution is certain

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      • Hemangini August 19, 2021 / 11:15 pm

        During the lockdown I had been reading , out of curiosity and hobby, about various ancient civilisations and cultures. Your insights on Sanatan Dharma are reassuring in these difficult times. It is a research that ancient dharmic civilisations all across the world (called “Pagans” – though it is a derogatory word) were truly evolved in science, art and humanity. They had common threads. Many beliefs, rituals and gods etc were built around highly evolved cosmology and astronomy. Infact, some ancient Greek philosophies (neo-platonism) are exactly like Advaita Vedanta.
        There were wars, but they were mainly for territory, revenue, honour etc. – not for Gods or ideologies. There were codes of war and no merciless killings, sackings of libraries, plunders etc. But, these cultures – be it Mayan, Inca, Norse, Wicca, Egyptian, Greek, Viking, Polynesian-all fell after Rome fell around 400 AD and those temples, libraries with ancient research and sciences were all burnt down. Thereafter world plunged into dark ages for 1000 years…. no new innovation, poverty, constant wars, king as God’s gift etc etc.

        Now that we are out of it, and through internet we read a lot, is there a possibility that the world will go back to its pagan roots – harmonious, nature worshipping and built around cosmology? Or will it self-destruct like Atlanteans or Lemurians did for greed and ideological fanaticism? With all its minuses – like superstitions, some people not getting access to healers, too much abstraction, complexity of constructs, pagan civilisations were more natural and offered personal freedom to individuals for self/spiritual evolution. It is said that some people are quietly inwardly renouncing prevalent ways and adopting ancient ways such as norse, wicca, Zoroastrianism and celebrating them as well. Can a tolerant, united world faith (with some diversity) be a reality to stop these wars and pain?


      • Hemangini August 20, 2021 / 8:41 am

        During the lockdown I had been reading , out of curiosity and hobby, about various ancient civilisations and cultures. Your insights on Sanatan Dharma are reassuring in these difficult times. It is a research that ancient dharmic civilisations all across the world (called “Pagans” – though it is a derogatory word) were truly evolved in science, art and humanity. Many beliefs, rituals and gods etc were built around highly evolved cosmology and astronomy. Infact, some ancient Greek philosophies (neo-platonism) are exactly like Adwaita Vedanta. These cultures – be it Mayan, Inca, Norse, Wicca, Egyptian, Greek, Viking, Polynesian-all fell after Constantine accepted Pope as the final authority in around 400 AD and these temples, libraries with ancient research and sciences were all burnt down. Thereafter world plunged into dark ages till 1500 A.D…. no new innovation, poverty, king as God’s gift etc etc. Now that we are out of it, and through internet we read a lot, is there a possibility that the world will go back to its pagan roots – harmonious, nature worshipping and built around cosmology? Or will it self destruct like Atlanteans or Lemurians did? With all its misuses – like superstitions, some people not getting access to healers, difficulty of abstraction, complexity of constructs, pagan civilisations were more natural and offered personal freedom to individuals for self/spiritual evolution. It is said that some people are quietly inwardly renouncing prevalent ways and adopting ancient ways such as norse, wicca, Zoroastrianism and celebrating them as well. Can a tolerant, united world faith with some diversity be a reality to stop these wars and pain?


      • astrologerbydefault August 20, 2021 / 2:36 pm

        Hi there
        Sanatan Dharma is eternal, no beginning, no end, it Is.

        Dev-Asur sangram always continues, so there will be always the tussle with Adharma rising up and trying to suppress Dharma

        and this decade till 2030 is going to be difficult,

        everyone above the age of 6yrs must do their Gayatri jaap, and encourage their family friends to do so. its very important

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  26. S August 19, 2021 / 8:39 pm

    Namaste Respected Madam,

    I also agree that this blog has been a source of wisdom and peace for me. I’m beginning to understand myself and the world around me. At times, I feel while reading your beautiful words i feel ” why do I even have this information and feel If i’m even worthy to know these things”

    Also realize that knowing is only the beginning that you are giving us and eventually like your blog’s tagline “experiencing and ultimately transcending in another huge thing”

    Thank you for everything!


    • astrologerbydefault August 19, 2021 / 8:49 pm

      Hi there
      its not mine to ‘give’ , its the Sat-Gurus. always
      what you get is your own 9th house in action

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  27. GayatriR August 19, 2021 / 10:28 pm

    Hi Tejaswiniji

    Your posts have given a totally different kind of confidence, and mental calm in me.

    The posts have helped me connect every life event and decisions, including my recent one of quitting a very lucrative corporate career to pursue a more service oriented field, that appeals to my conscience.

    I can attest to the fact that every one of your post or even a small part of it has either pricked or nudged or motivated me a particular direction, and it is never too much information :).

    In context to one of your comments..

    “never let anyone make you feel guilty for acting as per your conscience
    a personal eg. i write this blog, my cousins say that I am giving away too much information. but i know what i have to do.”

    I am sure readers will lap up every drop of knowledge and information you share even of you start spraying the same from a hose pipe.

    Expressing my heartfelt gratitude.



  28. R August 20, 2021 / 11:24 am

    Everyday I try and read an article posted by you, either the anticipated new one or something from the index. Much wisdom to be gleaned! You emphasize the role of Moon as it embodies the state of our mind and therefore the quality of life. Some questions:

    1) what does it signify when Moon is at 29th degree, here it happens to be in Gemini 9th house of the chart, with a retrograde Shani in 10th, so effectively reversing back into this deep degree Moon!

    2) Is Dhanu a unlucky ascendant having Moon be lord of the 8th? Mine is exalted but in the 6th!

    3) how do we remedy a weak or malefic moon?

    Lastly, a peculiar observation. Every time I try to chant Gayatri mantra, there is some unhappy or unpleasant occurrence for me (Sun is my 9th placed in 3rd with lagna lord Guru and ret Mercury)

    Many thanks in advance for your time.


    • astrologerbydefault August 20, 2021 / 2:33 pm

      Hi there

      to partially answer your q
      Moon will be the atmakarak,
      plus check the avasthaas, all of them, ref BPHS for the meanings of all these

      no asc is unlucky!
      then should we consder Libra and Aries as their asc lord is also the ruler of the 8th? life and death going on together always?

      i have written a lot on remedies, use the index page.

      if you think that Gayatri is causing unpleasant things in your life, then you really need to change your perspectives.
      request her blessings and start properly. i assume that you must have the Upanayan done?

      from your email id you seem to be a practicing astrologer yourself
      wonder how you can practice Jyotish without the blessings of the Gayatri

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      • R August 21, 2021 / 1:35 am

        Thank you for your reply. No, I am not an astrologer much less a practicing one! With the position of my Moon you can deduce life hasn’t been a happy experience for me, so I started delving in to the ocean of astrology and use this email to store my findings in one place.

        I am not a Brahmin, I suppose that’s why this mantra’s benefits are inaccessible to me.

        I will check on the page for remedies, thank you.


      • astrologerbydefault August 21, 2021 / 8:56 am

        Hi there
        Brahma janati iti brahmanah
        No one is a brahmin in this sense unless they realise the Brahma.
        All with the kundalini below vishuddhi are called pashu. When it crosses this we are called Narah.

        If u want to start with the Gayatri i have written a few posts in how to start. the Gayatri is the foundation of everything. And it always gives auspiciousness. Keep ur shraddha in it and start. Once u start do not stop.
        If u have not done anything and if u start doing mantrajaap sometimes ur negative karma do not allow u to continue it. Or something like a healing crisis pops up.
        In this case start with something simpler eg listen to shri sukta , give surya arghya etc. but do something regularly. Unless u start with something and stick to it with full intention it will not work fr u

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  29. Hemangini August 20, 2021 / 3:18 pm

    Thank you for your reply to my rather unrelated query and thank you for your assuring insight that Sanatan Dharma is eternal.

    Coming from a realised and divine person like you makes a lot of difference than coming from anybody else !


  30. Dhanya Asha August 21, 2021 / 6:14 am

    Happy Onam Wishes to Tejaswini and all the readers

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