Simple Sangeet Sadhana 

I am getting comments from readers who seem to be dejected in life. And with the nature of the current Time/ Kaal, as indicated by the current planetary influences, several of us are genuinely feeling demotivated.

However the easiest way remaining centred and focussed is to adopt a ‘daily routine’. This regular practice, helps you subtly ‘bind’ your life together, one day at a time. Just as the drop of water falling on a rock, for a hundred years destroys it, so does your daily routine destroy negativity in your life. Our Dharma has prescribed several such practices, starting with the Surya Arghya in the morning to lighting a deepak before the Tulsi plant in the evening. I have written about several such small daily practices (index page).

But my readers apparently want an even simpler practice. Thus this post.

Devi Sarasvati gives her ashirwad/ blessings in two major forms. One is when you are alone, sitting on your Asan and doing your Mantra given to you by your Guru. eg the daily Gayatri mantra sadhana. And the second is when you are singing out aloud either alone or with a group of similar minded people or playing your musical instrument, ie performing Sangeet. This activity is also ingrained in our Dharma in the form of the numerous bhajans, kirtans, aartis etc that we sing daily. eg the Bhajan mandali groups. It is also the responsibility of every parent to teach his/ her child to sing, this helps the child understand ‘Bhava’, ie emotion and makes his/her life richer in the future.

Sangeet is a Sadhana in itself. Music is directly connected to the Naad and ultimately leads to Laya. Naad is the intelligence which creates Om and thus the manifested creation. And as every student of music knows, Laya is the complete absorption of the student into the Swar/ notes, Raag/ melody and Taal/ beat of the Sangeet/ music. As you become one with the emotion that the song expresses, its melody, its beat, you lose your limited sense of the individual self and briefly experience a small part of that Eternal Self. This brief touch of the Eternal then pulls you along even more strongly till eventually you realise Moksh especially if you practice it daily.

If you are not feeling inspired to do any personal spiritual practice, then the only option that remains is to sing out aloud. If you feel that there is nothing more left to do in this world, then the only thing that you must do is to sing.


Ideally everyone should take up Music. And this is how you can very easily make it a part of your life.

Sing a song of your choice aloud, daily, for a lifetime. Just one song per day, ie 5-10 mins of your time. Even if your voice is toneless, dull, boring, cracked, untrained, makes you cringe, etc yet you must sing out, aloud. And record/ listen to your own singing (also share this audio with your loved ones if you wish.) You can choose movie songs, bhajans, stotras sung like songs, classical music, street-type of music. Sing any thing which you feel like singing, but it should have the following components. 

  1. Words, ie the Shabd – Your chosen song should have lyrics which express a mood, ‘Bhav-geet’. It has to convey, a ‘rasa’, an essence, an emotion, ie happiness, sadness, longing, devotion, anger etc. Check out movie songs, these cover a wide range of human emotions, choose one which resonates with your current mood. Random words stuck together is not a song, avoid this stuff. (You can also sing in Aakaar, ie vocalise just the sound of ‘aaaa’ in the chosen beat/melody, but attempt this after 1yr of the daily song practice.)
  2. Beat, ie the Taala – Every song has a tempo, ie you can clap your hands in time with it. So first try to tap your foot along the beat of the song you choose to sing. Taala is an entire concept by itself, an entire subtle philosophy of the ‘Taa’ and ‘La’ akshar and what they stand for. 
  3. Melody ie the Raag – You are required to sing a song, ie your voice should reach into the notes/ Swar – Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni…, you are supposed to modulate your voice. This rhythm of the sound notes, their melodious ‘movement’ is called Raag in Bharatiya classical music. There are over 800 Raag and further about 400 Ragini in our music. Generally old movie songs from all Bharatiya language are set to the melody of the Raag. Performing rap or reciting in a plain monotone is not ‘singing’, avoid this.

Choose your songs and sing loudly, confidently. Try to pronounce the words clearly, follow the beat and the melody the best you can. And it is perfectly ok if you miss a beat or sound off-tune, you are after all learning how to sing. Try to hear your own voice with your own ears as you sing the songs. Becoming aware of your own voice is a big achievement in spiritual practice. This daily song will also help you practice ‘hearing’. Ultimately your ears have to be trained to ‘hear’ the fundamental sound of Om, the Anahata Naad, the ‘unstruck’ sound and the daily song will help you achieve this with time. Try to feel the sound vibrating in your throat, chest, upper abdomen. With time, you will sense that these sound vibrations are actually emanating from your navel/ Nabhi. When this happens, you will have completed a very significant phase in your Sangeet Sadhana.

Sound evolves from Silence in 4 distinct phases (Para, Pashchanti, Madhyama, Vaikhari). When you start feeling the vibration of the ‘sound’ in your navel, it means that you are now becoming aware of the Silence ie reaching towards the point of Para. Here ‘Silence’ does not mean ’emptiness’, it is not shunya. Silence here is the Poorna, the ‘completeness’, the conscious energy which has the potential to create anything and everything. Poorna is Advaita.

And if you critically analyse, as you sing, you are using the power of Silence strategically intertwined with the Sapta-Swar, Sa, Re…. Ni in a melodious, rhythmic format and also generating some emotions along the way. So with each song that you sing, you are subtly cleansing your own self, getting rid of the impurities in your astral body, moving forwards towards the Self. Singing is not a task, it can never be by force, you sing because you enjoy singing. You are singing for your own self, for your own enjoyment. This emotion in your mind generates very deep happiness on the inside. And happiness / Anand is also the Advaita.

Once you get into the habit of singing your daily song, you will notice several positive changes about yourself. First your lung capacity will increase, ie you can breathe more deeply into your lungs. This helps your heart and your physical body will benefit. Singing out aloud helps elevate the mood, you feel fresh, active yet relaxed. Your brain is learning something new daily and also practicing it, ie producing the sound from the throat, this helps it remain active and alert. Your confidence will increase, public speaking will become easier etc.

One song per day means that in one year, you will have 365 audio clips with you. After this one year, again listen to the first song which you had recorded and compare. Analyse your performance, your voice quality, ability to follow a beat, to stick to a rhythm, the power of your voice etc. Then analyse your personality, you have changed dramatically in this one year. This one year mark is going to be an eye-opener for you as you analyse your own performance. 

Now, if you feel like it, you can start learning Bharatiya classical music under a proper teacher. Our music is categorised under Uttar Bharat aka Hindustani and Dakshin Bharat aka Carnatic. Uttar gives more importance to the essence and Dakshin is more focussed on the purity of the technique. Both are fundamentally the same concept expressed in two different ways. Both are equal, so choose whichever appeals to your mind.

Or you can choose to learn a musical instrument. Our instruments are generally of three basic types

  • stringed – eg Veena, Sitar, tambora, Ektara, Santoor, Sarangi, Gopichand etc.
  • wind – bamboo flute, Nadaswaram, Shehnai, Pungi
  • percussion (made of either metal or stretched leather). – Damaru, tabla, mrudangam, Dhol, etc.

Bharatiya instruments are designed to evoke Bhav, emotion from the inner depths of the mind. If possible, try to go to concerts where artists are performing the Raag live, or playing our Bharatiya instruments live, you will understand what I mean here. There is a depth to our Raag and to our instruments, the generated sounds are deeply absorbed within, they are healing in nature. (Hearing the same sounds through the electric speakers is also good but it does not give the same depth.)

Musical instruments are called ‘वाद्य’ Vadya in Devbhasha Samskrutam. Vadya means something that is played or sounded and it also means ‘speech’. So the basic Vadya that each one of us always has with us is the throat. This is the greatest of all musical instruments and everyone must use it, ie sing. There are fancy courses on ‘voice training’ these days, but the easiest ‘voice training’ is to train your throat to sing the notes/ Swar – Sa Re Ga…. in their correct frequency. Eg if your base note Sa is at D# then you must be able to consistently vocalise this same D# frequency as Sa. You can use a tanpura/ tambora app for training your mind/ throat or there are mobile apps which you can use to monitor the frequency of your base note. Again do all this after 1yr of singing your daily song.

In my opinion the most difficult instrument is the bamboo flute. This is called Bansuri in Uttar and Venu in the Dakshin. There are no keys, no strings, nothing inside it, nothing outside it. Perhaps this is why Bhagwan Krishna held the Bansuri / Venu to his lips. You can play the bamboo flute only if your mind is relaxed and your breath is perfect. Each hole has the capacity to play notes in 3 different pitches and both the regular and flat notes. It is your control over your mind and breath, that creates the specific note you want to play. It is an extraordinary instrument (even keeping a bamboo flute in the house is brings auspiciousness.)

Sangeet derives from the Ved. The technical name is Gandharva ved and it is one of the 4 upa-ved, ie is is a supplement to the Ved. The Ved themselves are understood and experienced through the lens of Music, thus Sangeet has a very high value in our Dharma and our life. This term ‘Gandharva’ is the understanding which brings near the Eternal Auspiciousness, creates that relationship, perfumes with the eternal aroma etc. Music is sometimes called Gandharva vidya and just like any other vidya it has its Para and Apara versions, ie it can grant you realisation of the Self or it can grant you material and worldly successes. How to use a Vidya is as always your own choice.

Sound is conscious and intelligent. and has its own undeniable power. eg Once, my Guru told me to sing Raag Bhairav in the searing heat of the afternoon. Bhairav is an early morning raag which uses shuddha Madhyam Ma while the afternoon Raags use Teevra Madhyam Ma. As I sang naturally, the first Ma I sang was Teevra! I stopped and then with conscious control sang in the correct Raag Bhairav at a time where it does not flow naturally. Another eg, when I get back home, it is the time for the evening Raag Yaman, so if I play my flute without thinking anything, the fingers automatically play a melody with the Swars in Yaman as is suited to the time/ Kaal.

Sangeet is very intricately connected to the Kaal, ie conscious energies of Time and if you take efforts and excel in the Gandharva vidya, Kaal / Time too will flow favourably for you. 

Point being, Sangeet has its own power, it is a Vidya, an Upa Ved and a Sadhana. If you take one step in its direction, the Gandharva ved will pull you 100 steps onwards. Even if you think that singing a movie song daily is silly, do it. It is the first step towards the Para. And it is perhaps the most delightful route that you can think of.

So sing as you flow towards your Self.

82 thoughts on “Simple Sangeet Sadhana 

  1. Quotesofacrab July 5, 2022 / 4:41 pm

    Namaste mam, many astrology websites provide annual solar return chart on the basis of our to read them in conjunction with our dasha and prayantardashas?


    • astrologerbydefault July 5, 2022 / 6:05 pm

      Hi there
      if you want to use solar return charts then best learn the Tajika system for their interpretation.
      personally i do not use them.
      i get the info i need from the dasha systems, i use min 2 dasha systems to verify the predictions.
      in any case the predictions should be the same irrespective of the system you use. but u can always use one to cross check the other.


  2. Shala July 5, 2022 / 5:43 pm

    Hello maam, beautiful write up.
    I sing devi bhajans in sanskrit every day from many years simply because I enjoy it and it makes me happy.
    Personally I don’t know how much more simple you can make it for people to ‘ remedify’ their life.
    For someone who enjoys process of slow cooking, gardening of saplings which takes even several months to grow, labourious intricate artwork, the supposedly slow methods of years of dhyaan and jaap hold high appeal.. But it’s just a personal thing. To each their own.

    P. S the most karmic Antardashas that you have written an amazing article on and which many people have vouched for… Two of those antardashas i experienced before 4 to 5 of my planets matured. Still they thought me so much, weeded out the unnecessary from my life and drove my spiritual pursuits.. And i am grateful for that… There’s a lot of use in every thing if only we care to see in more than one way.


    • astrologerbydefault July 5, 2022 / 6:34 pm

      Hi there
      there are 8 billion humans so there are at least 8 billion thought processes.

      in my opinion, remedies should be simple, the simpler the better.
      one should not feel stress while performing the remedy. it should be an integrated part of life.

      one of my fav songs is ‘aage bhi jaane na tu’ from the movie Waqt. it is about being in the present moment. Our Guru says the very same thing. Someone might like the song. someone might like the pravachan of the Guru, someone might like the stotra. but someone else might realise that all this is all the same Bhav, emotion. and then he will equally enjoy the movie song, the pravachan, the stotra. this is the state that one should aspire for.

      always give more importance to the emotion,
      yes, following the correct technique can induce the emotion, thts why we have the vidya. and vidya requires sadhana.
      sadhana is just another name for savadhanta. ‘being careful’ savadh. eg if the rule in malkosh is that Ga is komal then while singing it you cannot ever vocalise a shuddha Ga.
      not everyone can be so careful, so sadhana or vidya is not for everyone.

      then the famous ‘man tarpat hari darshan’ based on the Raag Malkosh. If anyone sings it in the correct way and with the necessary Bhav in it, he will enter Samadhi. (the film version is technically superb but does not have that bhav).

      of the 800 Raag and additional 400 or so Ragini. a human can attempt only 4-5 Raag to perfection. It is a sadhana, years, in fact lifetimes or careful practice.
      If you hear someone singing with technique and pure Bhav in this life, then its coz his sadhana of 100s of lives behind this.

      Sangeet as a Sadhana is not the work of a year or one life. If anyone starts their sadhana in this vidya for the first time today, he/she will reach its apex after several lifetimes. it is the same for any other Vidya, Jyotish, Shri Vidya, it is a laborious process spanning lifetimes.
      there are no short cuts, ever.

      There are realised Gurus who have composed songs in hindi, marathi, gujrathi, tamil, malyalam, every language and obviously in our mother tongue the Devbhasha. they are all the same Bhav.
      unless one recognises the Bhav in the composition, he cannot realise the Eternal.

      Sanskrit compositions? Adi Guru has composed several, so very many as blessings for us.
      Has anyone really understood the emotions/ the Bhaav in eg Kanakdhara? or Kalyan Vrushti? i do not think so, it is not possible, unless you also read the Vedanta and understand it.
      these are written by an Atma jnyani Mahapurush, so they are not describing Devi Laxmi, she is the deity of the Satva gun. they are Atma jnyani.
      so what are they really talking about?
      first to understand this. and then to feel it. then to feel it standing in front of you. then to feel it within you. and finally to feel that you yourself at that. it is lifetimes.
      Sanskrit is the subtlest, the most beautiful. but Sanskrit requires Sadhana. Sanskrit is divine, it is the source it is everything. but not everyone can understand it, get into it, experience it. is is Light, perfection of Illumination.
      simple eg. Sanskrit ‘Aham’ has been corrupted to the English ‘Am’, did you ever notice this?

      just to conclude, this rambling comment.
      there r 5 Raag, the most difficult in technique, the most typical in Bhav.
      and each capable of giving Moksh.
      one is Malkosh obviously, can anyone guess the remaining 4?

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      • Shala July 5, 2022 / 7:07 pm

        I am replying purely from my personal ecstasy meter on listening to a raag so i am going to be totally wrong in my answer.
        But i will go with raag kalyan. Raag bhairav , raag bhairavi, raag hamsadhwani, raag bhoopali and raag kedar…..


      • astrologerbydefault July 5, 2022 / 8:54 pm

        Hi there
        Technically every Raag in its perfection can grant the ultimate. Anything tht elevates the soul has tht capacity. And it can vary frm person to person.

        Yet these are not the ones.


      • ANAND July 5, 2022 / 8:54 pm

        Pranaam Madam,
        Had goosebumps when I read the post and the reply (almost all of your posts have the goosebump effect) . This post is a revelation, like all of your posts. and only after reading this post did I get the true sense of “sangeet” Madam.

        Heartfelt gratitude with folded hands, dont have words to thank you Madam, the knowledge is that precious.

        I will try guessing one Raga Madam, Ananda bhairavi? Please forgive my humble attempt.

        Sincere regards, gratitude and heartfelt namaskars and prayers as always,


      • astrologerbydefault July 5, 2022 / 9:10 pm

        Hi there
        i have noticed that you always ask for forgiveness in your comments.
        why should you feel that you are doing something wrong or feel guilty like this?
        try to come out of this mindset.
        Guilt is the worst, the most debilitating emotion that one can have.
        do introspect.

        it is encouraging to read the names of the various Raag in the comments.
        but no.
        if one of them is Malkosh, then the other 4 also will also be of this same level.

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      • ANAND July 6, 2022 / 8:57 pm

        Pranaam Madam,
        Thanks so very much for this very accurate observation about my personality. It is only now, after reading so many of your posts, I have started making conscious efforts to avoid guilt. Thanks Madam.

        Two parts to my introspection :

        When I am writing on your knowledge portal, I dont consider myself just a reader typing comments, because it is with immense respect as an Abhimani of this knowledge portal. In other words, reading your reply, I consider myself immensely fortunate that you replied to me Madam. Thus, every word that you type here is precious to us readers, not only me. We receive this knowledge and as I type here, I visualize myself receiving this knowledge with folded hands. So, all the more reason for me to make sure that I cleanse my mind of any ego when I type here. When I am in this mode, I become even more conscious that I should not be typing anything wrong or not ask you anything which has already been answered, nor should I be frivolous in my question. But, in spite of this, I am also aware that I might make some inadvertent mistakes, hence I tend to apologize.

        With regards to the guilt,

        So, a large part of my life was emotional suppression, I was never allowed to express my emotions, even the valid ones, where we are supposed to act. Say if I was bullied in school, I was not allowed to speak up, as I never felt powerful, and I was easily frightened. Between fight and flight, I always chose flight. It has happened to me in workplaces, with terrible social anxiety, and I have made myself vulnerable to bullying. And I kept running from one place to another. It is now that I am slowly beginning to come out of this pattern. I have saturn in my 3rd house aspecting my birth moon :).

        The side effect of suppressing even just anger is that this anger finds an outlet later in life and it manifests as traumatic anger. I was amazed reading your posts on Mars and Rahu, as Mars is aspecting Rahu (7th aspect on 8th house), with a mrit avastha Mars, so much of my anger is internalized, I understood this only after I read your post.

        Any advice for me would greatly help me Madam :), as I really dont know how to channelize this direction less Mars energy. My spiritual practice is more or less regular now, but even then I would call it very small considering the levels of Sadhna that I read about here.
        Your knowledge portal is a life saver for so many of us.

        Thanks is a small word,

        Sincere regards, gratitude, prayers and heartfelt Namaskars,


      • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2022 / 9:24 pm

        Hi there
        Being aware of the issue and resolving to address it is in your hands. now you are ready to fight. The outcome of this fight is in Shri Krishna’s hands but at least you are wiling to try. This is appreciable.

        But just sitting with your head in your hands means that you have lost the fight even before you have begun. This is not acceptable.

        I do not judge you, who am I to do so? You yourself judge your own words. So if possible, be a little easier on your own self. Be kind to your own self.

        You are already working out things for yourself. Continue thinking about your own personality, analyse your actions, reactions. this is also a very good way of resolving emotional trauma.

        Don’t belittle your practice by calling it ‘small’. There are no comparisons. You are doing exactly what you should be doing.
        Always hold on to your adored deity. The want only ‘bhav’ the deep emotion, nothing else.
        And this has allowed you to analyse this much about yourself. it is quite an achievement.
        Keep doing it and it will open up more stuff.
        If you have more time, there are several options for Mars, wrote about them in those posts on manglik energies I think.
        Eg Gym, dancing, trekking, learning sports, light a deepak daily, even singing, choose one which you can easily do, and which makes you happy on the inside.
        give time to your self.
        Find out what makes you really happy and do it, confidently.

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      • ANAND July 7, 2022 / 6:23 pm

        Pranaam Madam,
        When one is overwhelmed with gratitude beyond what words could describe , how can one simply say “thanks”.

        I am only writing to let you know I am speechless with gratitude.

        Sincere regards, gratitude, prayers and heartfelt namaskars as always,


  3. DV July 5, 2022 / 6:01 pm

    Thank you Ma’am
    Such a knowledgeable post.
    Tamils, Bengalis I have seen take their music sadhana very seriously.

    Just a query, during Sade sati, does one feel no motivation towards spiritual practices? There is no concentration/devotion when one sits for the practice.

    Any advice will be very helpful.


    • astrologerbydefault July 5, 2022 / 6:40 pm

      Hi there
      Do not categorise between states like this. it is not good.
      I have seen Bhajan mandali ladies practically in every state who very sincerely do bhajans in local temples every week, do jagrans in their homes regularly, compose beautiful bhajans in praise of the Devi etc. They are also equally doing their Sangeet sadhana.
      Their Bhav is not less than those who sing classical music.

      one must never forget the example of Shabari.
      her emotions, her Bhav, her samarpan, dedication! Shri Ram ate the fruits which she had tasted first, can you even understand the magnitude of her devotion?
      and history has not even recorded her personal name. ‘shabari’ is simply a woman of the Shabar tribe.

      Naturally the mind is disturbed by the close proximity of the karmic pendancy.
      but you have to take corrective measures for Saturn else it will cause even more stress to the mind.

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      • DV July 5, 2022 / 10:17 pm

        Thank you Ma’am,

        Sorry Ma’am just had friends from there who were very enthusiastic, no other judgement.

        I will try to follow the remedies that you had mentioned in your earlier post.


  4. Vishakha July 5, 2022 / 9:29 pm

    Darbari, Revati, Neelambari, Shri?



      • Reader July 5, 2022 / 10:44 pm

        Bhimpalash,bilaskhani todi?
        actually know about these 2 only and discovered them after listening to old hindi song (tu mile dil khile) : P


      • astrologerbydefault July 5, 2022 / 10:46 pm

        Hi there

        but it is good that you are trying to learn the names of the Raags on which old movie songs are based.

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    • Reader July 5, 2022 / 11:03 pm

      Bhairav, Malkauns, Hindol, Deepak, Shri and Megh


      • astrologerbydefault July 5, 2022 / 11:37 pm

        Hi there
        Bhairav has its own value,

        but the other 5 are on a different level altogether.
        they are the most difficult ones to sing and also the most difficult to bring the Bhav into.

        so someone did manage to search and find their names on the internet.
        better would be to listen to them.
        Deepak is not sung anymore but the other 4 still are. try to find audios of the old masters from the past century who may have sung them.

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      • reader July 5, 2022 / 11:58 pm

        Hi Madam,

        yes, feels good to be the someone who managed to search them. some user on quora was knowledgeable and kind enough to list them all in a single line. 😀

        will listen to these Raaga

        Sorry, but i took it as a challenge, same like your birthdate 😛

        Actually all of us readers have interacted with you over this blog only, but I think all of us have the same view that you are really unique human being. I mean you are perfect in all aspects. Like if we were to live hundreds of lives then we might make it to the level of your astrology knowledge, then some hundred lives and then Sangeet and so on. You are light years ahead and still share the same space and time.

        We readers will be fortunate if we could be in your presence some day.
        Atleast it is in my bucket list

        काही शब्द कमी जास्त झाले असल्यास क्षमा असावी 🙏


      • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2022 / 12:24 am

        Hi there
        why do you apologise?

        it is good that the Q made such an impression on u and several others who spent a few hrs of their time searching for the information.

        if this Q and its A inspires a few more to actually listen to the old masters/ teachers /sangeet Gurus of the past century, it will be an additional positive.

        everyone is unique in their own way..

        and if someone starts thinking that he/she is special then its a very slippery slope down into personal self ego.

        A Guru however is special.
        so if you really want to wish for something ,
        wish for being in that Guru’s presence.
        it will be a better use of that intention energy.

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      • Reader July 6, 2022 / 12:40 am

        Yes Madam,

        that’s what I wished for, to be in your presence someday

        I am not bothered about the jargon and all technicalities of what a Guru is and how one should choose Guru etc
        If I look at the people who I have seen/interacted throughout my life, and who I would want to be like some day then the answer would be, like you.. you are like role model, so you are a Guru
        isn’t it?A modern age Guru for current generation.

        Fortunate are the people who have the opportunity to work with you, hope they make the most of it.



      • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2022 / 9:09 am

        Hi there
        Thank you 🙂

        However there is only one Guru and eventually you will find this within you.
        Or the Atma jnyani mahapurush who is the Eternal in a human form.

        Others are all in the category of upa-Guru. these are people whom you meet and learn something from which helps you on your way.

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  5. Vishakha July 5, 2022 / 9:38 pm


    Ravana melted Lord Shiva’s heart with Kambhoji… so maybe this raga??

    You have rekindled an old love in my heart. My music was my best friend… but had to shelf it for a while.

    God bless you…💐


  6. Vishakha July 5, 2022 / 9:53 pm



  7. Vishakha July 5, 2022 / 10:01 pm

    I know there is a Saraswati Raga…I don’t know it myself, but it makes sense that it could possibly be one…


  8. Vishakha July 5, 2022 / 10:14 pm



  9. Vishakha July 5, 2022 / 10:29 pm

    Brindavani Saranga?

    I think as Shalaji pointed out….I may be listing my favourites…😉


    • astrologerbydefault July 5, 2022 / 10:45 pm

      Hi there

      will give a hint, and now guessing their names is very simple.
      Malkosh was created by Devi Parvati
      Shri by Bhagwan Shankar
      so the remaining ones?


  10. Vishakha July 5, 2022 / 10:55 pm


    I didn’t know Malkauns and Shri were created by Ma Parvati and Lord Shankar…thank you..


  11. Vishakha July 5, 2022 / 10:59 pm



  12. Vishakha July 6, 2022 / 12:19 am

    I’ve heard that Raga Deepak (Agni) can only be sung by one who has controlled the pranas…it heats up the system…

    Once my (spiritual) Pujya Guru was asked by a music student… researching the impact of ragas on moods and depression, neuroscience brainwaves etc…to which my Guru plainly said..Raga Yeman Kalyan is most impactful..sampurna raga…it lifts the vibrations upwards..instant anti-depressant.

    Conversely, I remember Raga Todi would always induce melancholy…

    Sangeet is such a vast ocean of self-awareness and philosophy…not to mention bhakti.


    • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2022 / 12:43 am

      Hi there
      no one can sing the original Deepak anymore, as it is lost.
      singing it would heat up the body and cause diseases related to heat.

      Yaman kalyan is my favourite for playing on the bansuri. when i come back home it is the time for Yaman and the notes naturally flow. it is a delightful raag.

      Once my Guru gave me a direct order to sing the ‘man tarpat hari darshan’ song. i had not learnt music formally before this. so it took me about 15days to get the entire song right, it is typical Malkosh with its alaps and the high/low notes. Malkosh is thus very dear to my heart and i like singing in it.

      However for formal learning, Bhairav was the first raag that i got from my Guru.

      Afternoon raags are a bit melancholic, the oppressive heat of the afternoon generates that mood.

      if you can let ur mind flow as per the time and then sing, your throat will spontaneously produce the swars of the raag at that time.
      but immersing yourself to this level requires sadhana.

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  13. madhurialita July 6, 2022 / 1:54 am

    Hello Mam..

    Lots of love to you.

    This writeup was absolutely fascinating to me. Especially gaining touch of the Eternal consciousness through sangeet sadhana.

    And additionally , 365 audio-clips in my voice seems wow in itself 🙂

    In Venus MD AD , sangeet sadhana could be more meaningfully rewarding na mam ??

    Thank you so much 🙂


    • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2022 / 9:11 am

      Hi there
      Start and keep going one day at a time.
      10mins per day is very doable 🙂
      Sangeet sadhana is always meaningful and very highly rewarding.
      Yes, Venus will help bring more Rasa, essence, pure emotion etc into your voice.

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  14. Gayatri R July 6, 2022 / 2:00 am

    Taking a stab at thus question.

    Raag dhanashri and variants , puriya dhanashri etc? I have heard some bhajans and kirtans ( many Sikh Shabads) composed in this raag.


    • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2022 / 9:21 am

      Hi there

      Someone had already answered this Q


      These are just their names, each one of them is tremendous. Two high, two low and one oscillatory. Malkosh is the ‘head’ and Shri is its counterpart ‘creation’

      Try to sing in the higher pitches. But to be able to do that you have to first be able to sing in the lowest pitch.
      The deeper you go the higher you will be able to reach, in so many ways.
      The harmonium is not a good instrument to learn vocal singing. (Ideally use the tambora).
      One target is to be able to vocalise the lowest key to the highest key on this board. And the throat is very much capable of doing this. Just that you have to practice systematically. That is why it is a Vidya and a proper teacher or Guru is needed.

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  15. Gayatri R July 6, 2022 / 4:27 am

    Hi Tejaswiniji ,

    Lovely post as usual :). Is it true that most of us ( who are not doing any intense sadhana ) predominantly realise only Vaikhari and cannot understand or experience the rest ?


    Para, Pashchanti, Madhyama, Vaikhari

    have any remote links with scientific concepts on sound ( higher frequency, above human hearing range etc ).

    bhavatah lekha mama pathitum ichAmi.

    (Hopefully that translates to ‘I like reading your posts’ 🙂 )

    Bahava DhanyavAdAhA


    • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2022 / 9:42 am

      Hi there
      Yes, 99.99% people will never go beyond the Vaikhari.

      No – i have a very dim opinion on the ‘scientific concepts on sound’

      You said that you wish to read my posts 🙂

      keep writing/speaking small sentences in sanskrit.
      i think one new sentence a day is doable ?

      it is very encouraging that some readers are trying to learn Sanskrit.

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  16. Tanya July 6, 2022 / 9:24 am

    Thank you mam , mjaa agyaa 🙂 💚✨🤩🌻


  17. Vats July 6, 2022 / 12:37 pm

    Ma’am, nice post about the importance of sould music and devotion towards sadhna or sending right frequencies via notes.

    I have something unrelated to this though. I was reading many of your articles where you have explicitly emphasized on ‘body decides way of birth, which family etc and you get deserving families as per deeds or karmic reflex you have decided to settle’

    While my mind can accept logical base of the 5th and 6th dimension, deja-vu, intuition and some cases where people remember their past to connect dots…..since I am not spiritually evolved enough…..cannot see aura, wrap my head around regressions or some beings from other world living comfortably in Himalayas and ain’t affecting our normal societies or people on border maybe. How do they live daily? Why don’t they connect if they are physically in our world just like all of us

    Also, why would anybody decide at the time of birth to be part of poverty, pain or leaving the world via electrocution or painful violent unexpected end for people left behind.

    Oldies get to know. I have seen a lot. That they gonna die. Its time. But they lived for so long cus their karma wasn’t over, in a way. So why, younger ones don’t feel that incoming of death to prepare others around them

    Why do some people… my dadi…..she died in her 70s peacefully one night before i could even interact with her or know of her life (in my teens). Painless without troubling anyone, healthy just one day gone……she had very stable or simple life…..what karma she even came to settle – kids? Marriage? Work at home?


    • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2022 / 2:50 pm

      Hi there
      Then try to evolve yourself so that you can sense the energy around you.
      That is the solution to all the problems of this life.

      Why should you think its weird that there are people from other dimensions?
      Our books mention these all the time, right from Yaksha, Gandharva, Naag, Kinnar, to the Devata, Asur, Rakshasa, Danav, to the Vetal, Pishachya and others whose names should not be unnecessarily spoken.
      Then ‘modern science’ too has established that there are 11 dimensions, I think or is it 10? So isn’t it logical to deduce that has to be some sort of a consciousness which inhabits these dimensions?

      Unfortunately 90% of the human race is cut off from nature so you can never realise what it means to live in natural places, that too in the most enigmatic one, ie the Himalaya.
      This region is technically ‘cursed’, the Kashmir part by, I think, Devi Laxmi, the Uttarakhand part by Durvasa Muni etc. Thus it is not fit for human inhabitations ie Gruhast people should not live here. Householder level people cannot prosper here. The energy of this land is perfect is for doing sadhana, it is for the Muni and the sadhaks. And in these natural areas, all the dimensions are easily accessible. These other people are in contact with these Muni etc who have the capability of interacting with them.
      Why would they want to talk to average humans? They are deeply disgusted with our behaviour. Just look at what we have done to all the natural places on in this earth, including the Himalay. We, ie the average human, is a highly degraded level of consciousness.
      I have said this several times, that it is good that most of us cannot register anything beyond the regular XYZ axis+time. Our minds are not capable of absorbing that much information or that intense an experience. There are several examples where people go out alone at typical times and then come back insane.
      So first stabilise your Mind, then see what all comes before you. If you dare.

      I have explained this earlier, try to think deeply on this. Keep your own prejudices aside. Finally, read the Brahma sutra.
      Before we are put into this body, we are much more, we are aware of all our pending karma and the overriding drive is to balance it. So the higher self chooses.
      Our Manas chooses our body. Understand this line.
      But the process of birth, ie the actual process of coming out from the womb and the first push of prana into the body, animating the karmas as decided, is so traumatic, ie the first breath is so traumatic that the higher self ‘faints’, ie the Manas is unable to retain its consciousness. And in this brief instant the horoscope of birth takes hold and the higher self is locked in for the duration of this lifetime on this Lok.
      The instant of physical birth and the instant of physical death, are two very critical points where one has to try to maintain conscious control. For 99.99% people this does not happen.
      About karmic choices,
      eg if X murdered Y and enjoyed it, and Y was terrified and emotional then it is a karmic imbalance for both. so now both X and Y choose to balance it. If X or Y manages to do this without enjoying it, ie without participating emotionally in the process then X or Y will not attract further karma. Eg Y can be a hangman and executing X can be a part of this office duty. if Y is dispassionate while doing it then he will not attract further karma. But if X blames Y for killing him now then X will be caught in the loop. But here the other Y is free. So X will have to do pujas to get out of this one-sided karma.
      There are just so many permutations and combinations.
      So rather than thinking on the karmic balance and choices of others, it would be more productive to think of your own choices and how you are going about them.

      Most ‘oldies’ as you call them, have generally lived a more Satvik life. Their minds are more stable. Our older generation has done more pujas, more daily routine, pilgrimages, anushthans, paths, ate better food, took in better quality air, etc than us. So do not compare them with us, we are worse off. They are more connected to Dharma, so they get these hints and they know what to do with them.

      Why should u wonder about your grandmother’s karmic choices, debts etc? It is her personal thing.
      You analyse your own.

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      • Vats July 6, 2022 / 7:33 pm

        Wow! Sometimes you go so deep and phrase it in a simple sentence. Maybe, that’s what happens when average people like me interact with evolved ones like you:)

        I do not think about my dadi but its very weird that for the past few months, out of the blue, she is just there on the top of my mind. Like always amongst all seniors. You did mention in your articles…..we shouldn’t call them and it should only be with respect during few days kept for ancestors.

        But idk she comes a lot in my talks these days. I have no idea why or is it like aliens sending signals. But that’s me. Not in dreams so far. Its from the time we have shifted to this new house. I don’t know vaastu but it ends on ’11’ and hence ‘2’ (1208). Mild accidents, family fights, discontentment is being commonly seen.

        I will think over what you say. Our parents brought us very close to nature and I, personally hate concrete jungles myself. I get what you feel when you say so. But himalayas being cursed is new. Everything began around tamil region, old vedic era if I am recalling correctly. Our bhasha sanskrutam.

        How can a cursed place by devtas be fruitful to sadhna and achieving higher consciousness? Its like we are going backward cus gruhust jeevan was never really anyone’s cup of tea and is down the line. On the contrary, where we live should be cursed especially Delhi NCR, i feel weird energies.

        I love your writing so keep sharing your views. Its like having intellectual conversations (not one sided) without a cup of coffee:) sometimes I also feel via your words, you scold :p


      • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2022 / 8:50 pm

        Hi there
        I am certainly not ‘evolved’.
        But yes, I prefer to remove the emotional overtones and try to get to the core issue. My mind is programmed like that.
        Your grandmom is a part of you and if you need, you can call on her experiences. And its quite ok to miss the departed loved ones. And as an ancestor she too can come to help you if she thinks it is needed. But if it is too much you can feed a go-gras to a cow.
        I used the ‘cursed’ in quotes. Do think fr a minute what I have written. I will repeat it again. there is something called as ‘samadhist bhasha’. there are layers to a spiritual discussion.
        The Himalay is not suitable for Gruhast people. no material success is possible here. Only spiritual growth is possible in this land. Only sadhu, sadhak, sant, muni and the other beings thrive here. This land belongs to them. It is only for the sadhaks, who have complete control over their body/mind. ie sexual activity or even going to the toilet in certain sections of the the Himalay is not advisable. It causes negative karma.
        Analyse the condition of the householder people who live in the Himalay. They are all subtly deeply unhappy, ‘cursed’ because of their interference, the destruction that they have caused, the astral negativity that they have generated. I can write so much on these hills but there is no point. I will not write more on this topic. Read from the internet elsewhere.
        Everyone understands as per their level of intelligence and ability to grasp things.

        Tamil region! Tamils will read only Tamil books and similarly every state will read books in its own language and remain stuck in their own narrow mindsets. Tamil is also derived from Sanskrit and unfortunately people here hate Sanskrit. It is discouraging. There will be no progress in this area unless they accept Sanskrit back into their hearts.

        However the power center of this earth is the Kailas mountain in the Himalay.

        Life on this earth began in the waters of the Narmada river.

        She is the purest river as she was born from the tear of Bhagwan Shankar.
        We humans can experience only 3 types of tears. The tear drop which falls from the center of the eye is very very rare and happens only when the person is experiencing the purest emotion linked to the Eternal. It can happen when one is in front of the Guru, adored deity and the emotion triggered by his presence is converted to a single tear.
        Devi Narmada is this tear drop of the Bhagwan, when he was deeply experiencing the Advaita, She is extraordinarily pure.
        Everything started on her banks. That is why we do Narmada Parikrama around her, we revere her.
        Himalay and the Narmada river are the purest energies on this earth.

        and i am not ‘sharing my views’.
        i am not here for anyone else.
        i am here only for myself.

        i do not scold. why should i? i have nothing to do with you or anyone else, esp on these topics. each one is on his/her solo journey.
        i simply state what my Guru has told me, or what i have understood or experienced.
        if you think its a scolding, then you should analyse your own mind/views on why it is so.

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  18. Nisha July 6, 2022 / 7:19 pm

    Hello Tejasvini Ma’am,

    I am a female adult aged 27. Can I ask you a question to make peace with happenings around me?

    You brought me closer to Shri Suktam, praying, calming my mind and observe. Trying to do my part Ma’am. Its liberating when you can control your mind and be at ease. For a brief period that I can hold my meditation effects, its numbing to other etc. Relaxing. So thank you for intentionally or unintentionally motivating many humans like us.

    Coming to my genuine questions

    1. Is marriage decided at birth?
    2. If its decided, why do we look around through matrimonial sites or wait. Since, this is the longest karmic balance after family in a way. Isn’t the person…..that one soul decided at the time or birth?

    3. If you answer yes and elaborate on the above, please tell me why when I seek counselling from astrologers and seniors…..they always Match the chart and say ‘possibility’ ‘this looks like your husband’

    Doesn’t my chart give away everything such as

    – Timing of marriage or any event (marriage is social obligation)
    – its sustenance
    – receiving these charts in this month or year hence all the more sure its for this

    Why there is always an air of confusion when such karmic set-offs are written, projecting itself. You just have to see timing and predict its onset. Like, this wheel begins

    Or is there any other theory to it?
    I have my 7th lord in 7th house only in aquarius being a leo ♌. They say…..he will just walk to you….you don’t have to lookout. You will just meet this person when time comes 🙂


    • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2022 / 8:14 pm

      Hi there

      If you feel like this then it is your own sincerity Shraddha being reflected back to you by the Shri Sukta.

      There are at least 2-3 options for marriage in every chart. There are at least 2-3 planets involved in the process and each will bring someone who will suit you.

      They will come to you in some way or the other, ie arranged match, matrimonials, love connection etc. this depends on the trigger dashes. You must choose which one you want to go with. if you delay too long then the chart’s energies run out and then getting married becomes difficult. Most people these days are brainwashed with unrealistic expectations and overtly sexual images so they forget that Vivah is a Sankar and is deeply linked to Dharma. So they fail to choose the option in time.
      Ideally one should start looking for a match at the legal age of 21yrs. If u like someone and are still studying then at least get engaged and marry after the education part is over.
      (Unless it is a rare sanyasi sort of chart then this person will show his devotion to the sanyas route and choose his adored deity. In this too he will exercise his option of the adored deity/partner.)

      Vivah is a part of Dharma, so earlier we used to perform the routine from Surya Arghya to Tulsi puja. Today this is lost. So naturally there are increasing problems in performing all sanskars including vivah.

      I do not advocate just sitting and expecting that the other person will just walk into your life. Something is required to trigger the energy. To give a signal to this person that he has to walk into your life.
      It is good that you are requesting Devi Shri to help you in this matter. If done sincerely, the Sukta will change your internal energy, steady your mind, and as you wish for marriage it will also covert you into Gruh-Laxmi.


      • Nisha July 7, 2022 / 1:07 am

        I can only hope and believe that thinking of god, gratitude and requesting positivity via Shri Suktam, Vishnu Saharasnam, Ganpati or Krishna aarti……keeping in mind what they were all about, helps 🙂

        I went through a very tragic experience with a male, last year. I am sure Saturn brought it into my life, being a leo. It was as if we knew each other from ages, instant connect, blooming romance which suddenly ended. Like an open and shut case before being officially engaged. Made me felt weird energies around. Nature indicating a karmic, deep balance. Cannot express it in words. It felt unjustified.

        I reached to several astrologers who were of an opinion my marriage will take place exactly when this relationship ended. It was a bling. Unfortunately, I didn’t get his chart read before. The onset of spirituality, energy shift, ignoring red flags were realized when not a single astrologer told me good about this unison. And I honestly asked them about my shortcomings (not be in guilt like you say). They said he was not the right guy. And saturn in 7th, being 6th lord indicates seperation, break etc.

        Anyway, it took me an year as we speak to even let go and accept the reality. Coping from this was difficult. I still cannot comprehend why and what it was (not that I am in love or filmy stuff) the lesson, the energy, the sight of 150 crows, hanuman chalisa to even feel my breathe while trying to find answers in astrology, maybe)

        One of the astrologer told me around june and he is quite old, so knows a lot of combinations and remedies. Believing that some part of astro is actually like medical field – cases, experience to handle in this lifetime is rare until your sadhna is strong or you are gifted to channelize for others.

        This man has entered into my life out of nowhere post the haldi remedy. This astrologer asked me to keep two haldi ganth under banana tree wrapped in orange/turmeric cloth and pray for the marriage on a thursday. Take out one of them and wear it on your left hand till I meet the guy or marriage……Still don’t know if this worked…..I did it religious with faith and just flow with what my omens are bringing to me in that state

        He is caring, humble and we get along really well but not sure if he fits the husband in my chart. I am always confused if he is the one in this search.dont know what to do. How to resolve this confusion and bring clarity to me for solidifying things

        Can you suggest something ma’am from your experience. It kills inside when you cannot trust the goings. I don’t want to lose a good person or if he is the one….. like you said (do not let the chart lose out energies)


      • astrologerbydefault July 7, 2022 / 10:16 am

        Hi there
        you are already consulting someone who is reading your charts and giving your advice.

        my only advice reg marriage is that you are not perfect and neither will the other person be. this is always an adjustment, a partnership, give and take, compromise etc. and it is not difficult either.
        no one, no Jyotishi, will outrightly say that get married to this or that person.
        this is the decision of the two involved, it is their life.


  19. Chandini July 7, 2022 / 12:18 am

    Hello Mam,

    I have been reading your articles from past 10 months and they are brilliant. I also read each and every comment. You are doing a great Job. I have a question if possible please enlighten me.

    1. Is there a limit on giving donations to charities? I remember from Mahabharatha that Yudhistir says that ” If you give donation may be in next life you will beg from the same people” (its a loose translation in English)

    2. If there is a limit how much can one give for donation. I live in USA and do donate to food charities every month. I can’t make sure that it goes to the needy people. But I trust those charities.



  20. Sujith July 7, 2022 / 6:00 pm

    Namaste Ma’am

    I have a doubt irrelevant to this post..
    I did read your post about Lord Indra..

    It says Karma happens only in this mortal world..but why Indra king of heavens does various karmas(both wrong and valorious) and also suffers results and enjoys praises..

    I read about Jambasura killed by tripura sundari..
    At that time Indra meditates on tripura sundari..
    Why a soul reaches that high level consciousness
    Again limited low status like ruling heavens..?

    Is there any possibility indra attains moksha..
    Is He a soul who gets status as gods king by his merits lower than moksha..on the way to attain moksha..?
    Or..Is He a soul already experienced samadhi but rules heavens as his duty..?

    Hoping my question is clear..


    • astrologerbydefault July 7, 2022 / 11:01 pm

      Hi there

      There are always several ways of understanding things.
      Sanskrit is a palimpsest or more correctly a samadhist bhasha समाधिस्त भाषा

      for those who think that the Purana are the real thing then for them Devraj Indra is the ruler of the Swargalok, capital at Amravati etc.
      A individual soul who wishes (not duty, its a choice) to be the Indra has to perform 100 ashvamedh yajnyas to gain that much punya to become one. Then he will become the Indra and rule amravati etc for as long as his punya lasts, ie fr 1 manvantar.
      then that jivatma has to again come to this lok as a human and again work for its moksh etc.

      Devraj Indra is the individual soul. this is real for the one who thinks that the Ved are the reality.
      this sadhak has now entered the universe within himself.

      And for those who know that the Vedant is the real thing, there is no such entity named Devraj Indra at all. it is all the Advaita.

      perception is everything.

      our Dharma is very subtle yet very vast.
      read Vivek Chudamani,
      if you can identify the qualities of the sadhak as mentioned in it within you, then maybe you can understand what i am trying to say here.


  21. Sujith July 7, 2022 / 6:16 pm

    It also says Indra as mastery of controlling senses..
    Does he controls 6th sense also which related to ajna chakra..?

    I have heard shaktis of nakshatras in astrology is about..The way of pran moving upwards(kundalini)..
    Is it true..?


    • astrologerbydefault July 7, 2022 / 11:04 pm

      Hi there
      the Ajnya chakra does not control just the ‘6th sense’, it controls all the senses.
      Indra resides in the ashtapadmadala chakra at the hrudaya.

      i do not understand the Q.


  22. Vartika July 8, 2022 / 3:27 pm

    Ma’am, can I ask you two things about two different posts on your blog site

    – Why are people born under some rising? For ex. I keep reading so much about this field…..why is anyone born in ♌ Leo.
    Its a dharmic sign (trikon) but they all write and say saggi, leo and aries are difficult in their own ways.

    – If I am born as a leo rising, does it mean I have crossed four signs before and their doabilities in previous life? Like you take pairing of 4….4…..4(12 signs)…….in the dark half I travelled and completed karma related previous 4 hence leo? Is it given that people born in dharma trikon rising which is vargottama…..will be dharmic – believing and inculcating strong morale, principle, philosophy and strong headed stubborn ones?

    – what happens when 6th lord sits in the 7th? I am not able to make sense of this with the real life of the person.
    Leo rising, cancer rising in D9….this person has a stellium in 7th house of rashi chart

    Mercury, Mars, Saturn
    Mars being a yogakarka, I don’t think will do bad or bring separation. Infact, there might be karma related to 4th and 9th house to rise up in career.
    Problem is both mars and sat are combust. Here, saturn might be sitting in its own house, mars exalted in Capricorn in D9, still sitting with combust saturn…..what to make of it?

    If general malefics are yogakarka and maraka or 6th house planet sits weak …..this means it should be weak to give results of even 6th house

    4. Will India be at visible war with China? This year, the east countries will change? It has already started with Japanese PM being shot at and critical, UK PM forced to resign, Indian rulers behaving visibily as extremists and irking loads of countries, China and Pakistan agression… have written in saturn and jupiter transit posts as per nakshatra…..but will 2022 redefine India’s existence in a good or bad way?

    This is once I
    Have read all your post concerning these topics). I am reading nakshtras from classics now a days.


  23. Sujith July 8, 2022 / 8:46 pm

    Thank you for valuable explanation ma’am..
    Sorry for my unclear question..

    What is ashtapadmadala chakra at hrudaya..
    Is it anahata chakra?
    I have heard anahata chakra consist 12 petals..


  24. Jinesh k July 8, 2022 / 10:52 pm


    will kantakshani,sade sati will be back for some zodiac signs during when saturn retrograde back to capricorn.


  25. Observer July 9, 2022 / 9:20 am

    Reading this post is a delight, several months ago I have asked a question in comments, what are the astrological combinations for producing the likes of tyagaraja swami…you answered saying Sangeet as a vidya brings one close to bhav, highlighted the fact that indian music and dance are more than a performing art.

    Previously in your older posts you have written the importance of sound and how ragas impact our emotions. I felt a resonance with them as I did with this one.

    It doesn’t come as a surprise that, there are mangala vadya like nadaswaram mrudangam that are played during auspicious occasions like when the groom and bride go through mangala sutra dharana, Griha pravesh and on special occasions in temples. It changes the whole mood of the gathering.


  26. Sujith July 9, 2022 / 10:07 am

    I searched it..
    It says its little bellow anahata chakra..8 petals chakra..
    Thank you for guidance ma’am..


  27. Vishakha July 9, 2022 / 2:17 pm

    Dear Tejaswini,
    Hari Om!

    Finally managed to read this post properly at leisure as opposed to scanning it when you posted it…

    I used to be fascinated by the science/philosophy of swaras and ragas when I was younger. The Rishis, it is said, intuited shadjam (sa), rishabham (ri), gandharam (ga),etc from the pure frequencies emitted by the animals..The swaras were already in existence as frequencies but they were codified into the sapta swaras for us by the Rishis…🙏

    I used to love always coming back to Sa, when singing….and staying there restfully as long as I could. It was the abode of Aum and naturally it used to give me tonnes of peace…🙏

    I wondered if these seven swaras corresponded with our seven chakras?

    (Not sure if you have already written about this elsewhere…)

    Warm regards,


    • astrologerbydefault July 9, 2022 / 4:29 pm

      Hi there
      i don’t think that the rishis observed animals to arrive at the sapta-swar!
      they would have just looked inside and seen them within their own chakras.

      if you can do sadhana on Re, all 3 pitches and fr both komal/ shuddha, it will show you what Gandharva vidya really is. but it is not easy. you need a proper Guru to tell you how to do it.

      but you can try to increase your voice range. most of us use only a few, max 3-4 frequencies/ swar/ notes in our daily speech, thus live a very limited life.
      ideally one should be able vocalise the frequencies from the lowest key of the harmonium to the last key.
      ie mandra saptak re, to ati-taar pa. singing at these extreme frequencies is obviously not possible but vocalising at these frequencies is possible.

      (Harmonium is not a good instrument for learning vocal music. learn to sing with a tanpura/ tambora.
      harmonium is a modified german instrument and it does not evoke bhaav.)

      our journey is from lower Sa to upper Sa,
      nivrutti and pravrutti in opposite directions.
      its an entire upa-ved, a vidya, takes lifetimes, but is very satisfying, Moksh-karak. so start with something.

      it has been 4 days since i wrote that post.
      so have you got your own 4 audio clips?
      if yes, then you have started your journey.
      if no, then there is no point in just asking Q.


      • Vishakha July 9, 2022 / 5:21 pm

        “…..our journey is from lower Sa to upper Sa,
        nivrutti and pravrutti in opposite directions.
        its an entire upa-ved, a vidya, takes lifetimes, but is very satisfying, Moksh-karak. so start with something.”

        ………Loved this point…🙏

        “i don’t think that the rishis observed animals to arrive at the sapta-swar!
        they would have just looked inside and seen them within their own chakras.”

        ………..You are absolutely right.

        “Harmonium is not a good instrument for learning vocal music. learn to sing with a tanpura/ tambora. harmonium is a modified german instrument and it does not evoke bhaav.”

        ……….I am not too fond of the harmonium myself…I inherited a tanpura from my grandfather and also bought another one…so yes…to this glorious instrument of nada brahman!

        “it has been 4 days since i wrote that post.
        so have you got your own 4 audio clips?
        if yes, then you have started your journey.
        if no, then there is no point in just asking Q.”

        ……..🤣🤣🤣…thanks for the gentle nudging!
        I had a series of sankalpas to complete and swara sadhana was up soon…My Guru had instructed me a long time ago to develop my music…somehow it has not happened to my satisfaction. (I think Ketu was eclipsing some things…🤣) I am looking forward to it soooo much……Guru’s sankalpa…Ishwar smaranam!

        I’ll end my comment with an experience with my tanpura…which I am sure you would know too…
        There were times….when out of practice, I have picked up the tanpura and simply played it for a long while without singing….and then when I opened my mouth….the notes would be absolutely sharp, crystal clear….not “thick voiced”…It was amazing to experience the direct tuning from the tanpura to the swaras within me….Resonance took another meaning altogether.

        Thank your for this sharing of sangeet vidya….🙏

        May this Guru Purnima bless your musical soul..🙏🙏🙏


  28. Sujith July 9, 2022 / 10:39 pm

    Namaste Ma’am..

    It says Buddhi adhistan above Manas..
    Then..why vishuddi chakra of Mercury bellow than Ajna chakra of Moon..?


    • astrologerbydefault July 9, 2022 / 10:48 pm

      Hi there
      do not understand the Q.

      the 5 are Tara graha, so linked to the lower 5 chakra.
      Sun Moon are different from these 5.


  29. Sujith July 10, 2022 / 6:57 am

    I mean..Buddhi(Mercury) said as more refined and rules over Manas(moon)..
    We controls our manas with Buddhi..
    But..why that mercury chakra bellow than ajna chakra..


    • astrologerbydefault July 10, 2022 / 12:25 pm

      Hi there

      Buddhi does not reside at the vishuddhi chakra.
      all ‘organs of sense, perception’ etc reside at the Ajnya.

      the sahasrara is the seat of the Paramatma
      ajnya is the seat of the Jivatma
      and the journey is of the ‘dasha-angula’ which all of us has to attempt at some point of time in order to realise Moksh.

      next the jivatma, because of its belief in duality and individuality creates an ‘organ’ called the ‘antahkarna’.
      this ‘organ’ has within it all the stuff which we use to create our ‘reality’, ie the body, the world that we see around us etc.

      try to think on this.
      is your mind within your body?
      is your body within your mind?

      the answer is that your body is inside your mind.

      you create your own reality, specifically your antahkaran creates the reality that you then hypnotise yourself to believe in.
      all this happens at the Ajnya chakra.
      ajnya is the site of the hruday, the kuthastha, the jivatama, etc. buddhi, manas, etc everything resides here.

      sahasrara is the light,
      ajnya is its reflection
      and the lower 5 are projections of the ajnya.
      parts of the ajnya are projected ‘downwards’ and progressively become the 5 lower chakras.

      that is why we always focus on the ajnya when we meditate.

      (i am reducing the concept to the simplest possible. there is so much more to be said on this. this is all deep philosophy, if you feel capable, then read vivek chudamani.)

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  30. Sujith July 10, 2022 / 6:28 pm

    Ok..I understand Buddhi,Manas etc all senses,perceptions contained in ajnya chakra..
    Then..these are systematically projected downward 5 chakras..

    What we have at vishuddi chakra is also contained in ajnya chakra..coz it’s all started from upper chakra to lower chakras.

    Thank you very much for valuable eaxplaination ma’am..🙏🙏


  31. Vishakha July 13, 2022 / 6:25 am

    Dear Tejaswini,
    Hari Om!

    Happy Guru Purnima to you and your readers!

    Salutations to our Guru Parampara! 🙏

    Warm regards,


    • astrologerbydefault July 13, 2022 / 7:24 am

      Hi there

      Auspicious wishes on Guru Purmina. May the Guru guide everyone.



  32. Pathfinder July 13, 2022 / 9:04 am

    Dear Tejaswini Ma’am,

    Happy Guru pournima !! You are the source of knowledge to our souls . Eager to keep on seeking knowledge in such a wonderful way!!


    • astrologerbydefault July 13, 2022 / 3:58 pm

      Hi there
      Auspicious wishes on Guru Purmina. May the Guru guide everyone.


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