Waking up a crystal

A bit of background, for the past 20 odd years, I have been travelling frequently to Delhi and have had to stay there overnight too. And we all know Delhi has a rather blood stained history. For the past 1000 years this piece of land has been under continuous attacks from the Muslims to the British. And lakhs and lakhs of people have been horrifically killed on this piece of land. Thus this Delhi resonates with immense negative energy and there are several ghosts still chained to that land.

I have never been able to sleep in Delhi ever, even when I was younger and did not understand much of energy and stuff. And in case I did manage to sleep, the nightmares that would follow were unbelievable.

So someone I knew, a Reiki teacher himself, did this cute thing to help me.

He got a perfect clear quartz crystal pyramid for me and initiated it to a Reiki grandmaster level. The crystal pyramid became conscious and even gave himself a name. He was awakened with the intention of helping me exclusively, so I now take him with me when I travel and request him to change the energy structures around my bed so that I can sleep and he does it. When I am too tired to do healing on myself again my crystal pyramid comes to my rescue. In return I keep him in my puja near my Meru and allow him to pick up on the mantras I chant and pujas I do. It is gratitude from me, to my crystal, for helping me.

How was this possible?

Crystals are living beings in the sense that they have life force (prana) though at lower vibration states. A clear quartz is a natural stone with a highly ordered lattice structure and this then cut precisely into a highly ordered pyramidal structure increased its basic energy. And when the Reiki attunement was added to this pyramid it became self aware enough to give itself a name. And because this person cared about me with a clear heart and his intention was to protect me, his intention was strong and pure enough to be transmitted to the newly awakened crystal pyramid thus orienting it.

I have not come across another example of this happening using Reiki on the Internet as yet.

But using crystals for healing and as power sources is not new. In astrology we have always used gemstones (just more expensive crystals) for healing and as powerbanks for ages and ages. Reiki was just another way of using them.

But a note of caution, because here we are requesting another life form to help us, the intention and sense of gratitude must be very deep and pure else it will not work and we may actually end up harming that life form.

Everything is alive from the specks of dust to the huge stars themselves and they all have the capacity to help us. We need to just develop that single pointed intention and deep sense of gratitude for towards that single Universal energy.

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