Pendulums as energy tools. Dowsing!

A pendulum is an essential component of your energy healing kit. So what all can you can do with your pendulum. Read on.I use a purple amethyst or a rose quartz crystal pendulum for my work. I prefer using living crystals and not metal. And I have on occasion used a rudraksh seed which I wear on a chain around my neck or in a pinch used a ruby pendant which I use as a jewellery at times.

A effective pendulum  should be

  1. Your own. How to do this? Hold the crystal/rudraksh/gemstone in your palm and with all possible pure intention and gratitude tell it that it is yours and that you want its help. Keep it in your pocket and take it about with you for some time or alternatively keep it under your pillow once in a while as you sleep.
  2. High on life energy (prana) – A perfectly cut crystal with no cracks and no obvious discolouration. Or a really pretty one which appeals to you. You hold it in your hand close your eyes and it feels just right.

What can you use this pendulum for?

  1. Some use it for answering questions. Somehow this really did not work so well for me may be it will work for you, do try it.
  2. I always use pendulums to create protective shields around myself, around my loved ones, my house and even my car. I always combine a mantra which I play on the speaker and keep my mind on my intention of protection. I have observed that the pendulum swings in different ways for different mantras. The most spectacular swinging was when I played the Devi Khadgamala stotra. The pendulum actually described the SriYantra. I do this regularly and every time the power of the mantra and the geometry that the pendulum swings in amazes me.
  3. To locate grey spots in your house. The space that we live in, our house, is also dynamic and over time energy changes may take place creating patches of negative energy inside your house. In presence of positive energy if the pendulum swings clockwise, it will swing anticlockwise in presence of negative energies. Use the pendulum to locate and cleanse such grey spots in your house.
  4. To release negative energy trapped in your body. Pain can be relieved by pendulums very easily and if you use a mantra in the background the healing will be faster. I have found Dhanvantari mantras linked to pendulums to give the best results for healing.

So experiment with your pendulums and mantras and heal yourself.

If you are not well, you are the best judge of what is happening to you because you are going through it, experiencing it.

Your higher self knows what is required to heal you and a pendulum, a mantra and your subconscious is most likely the best possible healing available to you.

Pendulums as energy tools. Dowsing

3 thoughts on “Pendulums as energy tools. Dowsing!

  1. radha November 18, 2019 / 8:32 am

    Can we charge water with mantra and pendulum linking? How can we use it for effective healing?


    • astrologerbydefault November 18, 2019 / 9:58 am

      Hi there
      Pendulums can be used for linking mantras very easily
      try this experiment play the Devi Khadgamala stotra on your speaker and ask your pendulum to move as per its energy. if you pay attention, its motion describes the Shri chakra
      Take water in a copper, silver or glass bowl. You can recite or play the mantra/stotra in the background and keep your pendulum above the water. intend that the energy gets into the water, The pendulum will move as per the mantra’s energies and the water will be charged, Drink it or use it as you want now
      I have done this several times, works beautifully

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  2. Radha November 18, 2019 / 1:12 pm

    Thankyou Tejaswini.


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