Food has psychic energy

For the longest time we eat food prepared by our mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters at home. Or for the more unluckier ones food prepared by a chef or a cook in a hotel or a mess or a canteen. So we rarely get to eat food prepared by our own hands, and what a lot we miss out because of this!

Food is not just the carbohydrates, fats and proteins and assorted micronutrients. Food is energy, in every sense of the word the food we eat and the water we put into our bodies becomes a part of Us. So be very very careful on what you are putting inside you.

Indian food is predominantly vegetarian, and every vegetable is a medicine. eg turmeric, garlic etc have documented medicinal properties. So when we add turmeric to food we are actually taking a small dose of medicine with every bite.

The person who is making the food and his mindset at the time of cooking it has a very deep impact on how the food is. The mother or the wife when cooking the food for her family generally has love at the back of her mind. She knows that she is cooking for her loved ones and she understands her responsibility so her emotions of love also enter the food. Call it the aura of the food.

But perhaps an overworked cook in a commercial kitchen may be cursing his boss or the fact that he has not got a raise and these negative emotions also enter the food. Some of you may have felt this. You went to an expensive restaurant, ordered a nice dish, it even looked good but it failed to satisfy. The energy of the food was all wrong.

This is the concept behind “prasadam” which is given to devotees in temples. The food placed before the God’s moorthi during puja picks up the energy of the mantras chanted. This food even in minute quantities nourishes our souls.

In Indian kitchens even today there is a small moorthi of Goddess Annapurna so that the person cooking it remembers the Goddess while he/she works. Annapurna literally means the “one who completely satisfies the Universe with food”

But the best food that you will ever eat is the food that you cook with your own hands. It is your own energy and you know that you yourself are going to eat it. So your higher self residing within you ensures that the food prepared is the best possible for your soul. And in this world of frozen food and microwave ready food and tv dinners we are missing this privilege, of eating the food prepared with our own hands.

So do start, try to prepare at least something every day, maybe as simple as a salad or boiled rice or even tea. And to add more energy to it, listen to something that uplifts your soul. Classical music to mantras what ever makes you happy. So that your positive emotions add to the quality of your food.

(In my family dinner means a minimum of 2 vegetable dishes, one dal/curry, rice and chapatis with curd, pickles, salads etc. which I cook. One evening, I was high on Veerbhadra Dhandakam, a stotra which describes how Shiv destroyed the Yadnya of Daksh Prajapati and how Devi Sati destroyed her physical manifestation and returned to Her energy form. The energy was so intense that, every single thing I cooked that evening burnt! Since then I stick to very soothing Annapurna stotra or Vishnu Sahastranama!)

Do eat something that you yourself have prepared everyday and you will be well on your way to self healing.


food has psychic energy