Tips for new Astrologers

During my time reading horoscopes, cards, runes, auras, basically reading energy, there have been a few clients who ultimately got interested and learnt to Read themselves. You also can and should learn to Read, at least for yourself. The tool can be anything, you can read from grains of rice to cowrie shells or dust or whatever catches your fancy. But there are a few things that newbie Readers need to be aware of. Thus this post!

Tips for new Astrologers

  • Sometimes I think that I write only about problems, but then the subject is just that. No one goes to an astrologer to know why he is happy! Only when his wishes are thwarted and he feels out of control, hopeless, miserable and lost, does he go to a Reader. It is just like being a doctor, we get to see only those in trauma. It is a toxic environment, where we have to listen to people being sad, angry, depressed, deserted, cheated and negative all the time.
  • Try to think of yourself as a doctor, listen, think, correlate the patterns, diagnose and then prescribe. If the patient wants to get well he will follow the prescriptions, the doctor does not force the medicines. And the doctor is not responsible if the patients refuses to take them. So do not feel responsible for the troubles of your clients.
  • In the excitement of reading, you get involved emotionally, become a ’empath’ and think about your clients and share your energy with them. Even after the session is over, you go over in your mind what you have said and worry if you could have done it better. This happens to all Readers at the beginning. This is not good as it drains your energy. Actual energy cords are created and as the client is in trouble himself, he sub-consciously draws energy and because you have become an ‘empath’ you sub-consciously give. Feeling overly emotional is not going to help either you or your client. Remember you are a professional!
  • Later as you continue reading more charts, you will either get immune to their problems and start thinking of them as a source of income or you get so emotional that your personal life and family will suffer. Either way, this is also not good. You have to develop a non-attached frame of mind if you really want to Read for others without getting a backlash on yourself. Learn to be kind and non-attached at the same time!
  • You will also get those atheist type of clients sometimes who will ‘challenge’ you to prove astrology is a science! I personally do not take such challenges, I do not wish to waste my time and energy on persons who are not willing to learn new perspectives. It is not my job either. Life is all about learning about one’s own self, some do it with astrology, tarot, runes and some do not.
  • I get clients who use the charts to justify their problems. They refuse to accept their role in the situation. ‘My marriage is on the rocks because my Venus is combust!’. The client will cling on to this statement, blaming the Venus and refusing to take corrective steps which you will prescribe. In fact he will expect sympathy from you for being mis-treated by the Venus! Be very clear about this at the very start of your Reading for others. The chart does not control you. It simply is the diagram which tells you what you have chosen at the moment of birth. It describes energy. It cannot be used to justify whatever is happening to you. The chart is a tool. Use it to identify the imbalances and follow the prescriptions to set the balances right.

Tips for new Astrologers

And then the diciest question of them all, how much to charge or even, should you charge?

  1. If you consider this your profession you should charge money. Depending on your skill level, set up a reasonable hourly charge. At my level I would feel justified at charging a reasonable Rs 2000/- per hour.
  2. If you have a good enough source of money for your life-style and do not feel the need to charge money for yourself, set up a charitable trust and use the money to help others who are in genuine need.
  3. You can also ask your clients to bring flowers or sweets for your altar/Puja. In fact as per the ancient rules, when someone had to see an astrologer he was supposed to take this and some money as much as he felt appropriate.
  4. If you do not want to do either of the above, there is another way. I do this, if the client is satisfied with my reading his self sends an energy packet of gratitude, (he does not do it consciously). It reaches me and I take it. That is my payment and it works for me as I am highly aware of the astral and energy realms.
  5. But never over-charge or put the client in a loop of complicated rituals or gemstones for fleecing him. The client pays but the intention changes, he thinks, ‘take this money and take my troubles too’. When you touch this money, the negativity will invariably affect you.

And finally there is a thought process that you have to understand and if possible make the client also understand. You are the soul, the fragment of the Ultimate Consciousness which has decided to come and play this Game of Life/Leela. While enjoying all the treats designed by Mahamaya/the creative power of the Ultimate, you forgot your true nature. And you have picked on excess baggage, karma. Now you have to get rid of this baggage, work it off and again realise your true identity, the Ultimate.

Now this unbalanced karma of so many lives cannot be balanced back in one go, so you choose. You choose the exact time, location, family and situation where you are born. The exact moment and the exact horoscope associated with it is your choice. Your higher self has chosen it as the best possible option. So some lives you choose to balance the happy karma, live as a king and some lives you choose to balance the hurt you have given others and thus live the life of a beggar. Your conscience has judged you, you have accepted and now in the process of re-balancing.

Accept your choices you made at your birth moment, but also remember you have the same choice at every moment of your life. Choose wisely and Intend Happiness!


Tips for new Astrologers


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  1. Anne June 30, 2020 / 8:12 am


    Your articles are truly excellent. They do a give perspective to look at life’s trouble nonchalantly and to accept both happiness and griefs. Your posts are truly wise. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with rest of us 🙏🙏


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