A tiny dose of ‘black’ magic

A lot of people want short-cuts in love and in life. So “Vashikaran specialist” and black magic astrologers are more popular these days because they promise that the one you love will be in your control, your boss will be in your control or maybe your neighbours’s wife will be in your control.  It is a cheap trick and the only reason I am penning this post is to make you aware that this is possible and this does happen. If this is happening to you, look out and take corrective action. Be safe from other’s evil intentions.

Lets start with the easiest and least harmful magic, to make others generally like you and support you. Take the following in a glass bowl, 100gm green elaichi/cardamon, 100gm laung/cloves, and 100gm misri/khadi sakhar/candy sugar. This mix is used as a mouth freshener in India and as a habit if someone offers this we almost unthinkingly accept it.

Now to make your “like me” spell. If you have learnt how to make a chi ball of energy make it and put your intention, “Whoever eats this likes me and supports me” in that ball of energy. Concentrate and intensify your this thought. When you feel the energy is strong enough, carefully place this chi ball in the bowl of the spices. By that I mean simply dip all your 10 fingers and palms in the material. Move your fingers in the spice mix for a few minutes reinforcing your intention so that every piece of spice and sugar has touched your fingers absorbing your intention. Thats it, store it in a glass jar with a tiny glass or porcelain spoon if you want. Do not let anyone else touch the stored stuff, serve it with the spoon. You can give this charged spice and sugar mix to your boss, colleagues, friends, family as a mouth freshener. Whoever eats this charged spice will like you.

If you have not yet learnt how to make a chi-ball, please try its quite easy. Or if you’d rather not, simply make your intention and run your fingers and play with the spices in the bowl for 10 minutes. Keep your thought strong.

You can charge the sugar and spice with other intentions too, for healing for energy but please be responsible, use only positive intentions. Your Conscience is watching you.

Charging food with intentions is the easiest way to work “magic”. Especially food which involves touching the stuff, maybe kneading dough, or shifting rice, or stirring tea or soup. You can similarly charge clothes with intention so that whoever wears them will be influenced. You can charge your nightclothes or bedsheets for a good night’s sleep too.

But back to the real reason for this post, the next time someone offers you a sugar and spice mouth freshener do be careful about accepting it.


A tiny dose of 'black' magic


2 thoughts on “A tiny dose of ‘black’ magic

  1. Daniel October 4, 2019 / 7:16 pm

    Dear Lady,

    I would like to kindly ask you Miss, if could help me (or someone you know/trust.., Pandit, Pujari, Brahmi, Holy men?), that I could talk with and help me find a solution to the problem I have facing all this years?
    Unfortunately, some years ago a girlfriend of mine “requested” a black magic to me. And since then I am going to spell for them 16 years.

    Thank you so much for time and attention.


    • astrologerbydefault October 4, 2019 / 8:39 pm

      Hi there,
      I am unable to understand your message.
      Do you mean to say that your girlfriend has put a black magic spell on you a few years ago?
      And that the ill-luck of the black magic will last for 16yrs?


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