Navamsha and the important years in life

Navamsha is the D9 chart and it gives a lot of information if studied systematically. This post is on how to determine the significant and eventful years in your life using the D9 chart. The times in your life where some important event will occur. However, this event may be favourable or unfavourable depending on the planet triggering it.

This is a practical exercise, so open your birth chart and navamsha chart. As always, you will need the precise birth details in order to be able to use the divisional charts. Navamsha analysis is a vast subject, so do practice and tally your results with what actually happened in your or your subject’s life.


Let’s begin with this table. It gives, in sequence, all the nine amsha of each of the twelve signs. eg the nine amsha of Aries sign are in sequence, Aries to Sagittarius. eg the nine amsha of the Pisces sign are in sequence from Cancer to Pisces. The vargottam amsha are encircled in the chart for easy reference.

Try to locate the nav amsha of your chart’s ascendant degree and all the 9 planets in this table, it will make things easier later.


Now our example. This is the birth chart and navamsha chart for Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. He is dead and has a documented and rather happening life, (the wiki on him is quite an entertaining read), so is a good case study. 

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

Navamsha Aleister Crowley

1st Method

Count the number of nav amsha from the nav amsha of the planet to the nav amsha of the ascendant degree.

  • Eg In our example chart, his Moon is in Pisces in the birth chart and in Cancer nav amsha. His ascendant degree is in Cancer in birth chart and in the Scorpio nav amsha. So you can simply count the nav amsha in sequence from Pisces sign Cancer navamsha to the Cancer sign Scorpio nav amsha. The count is 41. Thus Crowley must have had some beneficial results in the 41st year of his life, especially related to the Moon and his function in the chart. Moon is his ascendant lord so this positive effect must have helped him on the physical as well as emotional levels as must have created an environment suitable for him in some way. As per his wiki, he worked as a double agent for Britain during this period, so its possible that he enjoyed every bit of it and had some critical successes. The ascendant lord is ultimately the personality in every way and Crowley chose to use this energy to become a spy for his motherland. Moon also represents the homeland and its security.  
  • Eg. Saturn in in the Capricorn sign and Virgo nava amsha. And the ascendant degree is in Cancer sign and in the Scorpio nav amsha. Saturn is a class one malefic for Cancer ascendant. Even if he is well placed in his own sign he cannot be counted on to give favourable results. Whatever results he gives will be linked in some way to the catastrophic transformational effects of the 8th house Aquarius which is also his mool trikon sign. So at the age of 60 yrs, Saturn must have given Crowley some misfortune which would have affected his standing in the society or financial status or caused some problems in his partnerships etc. In the wiki it says that he was declared bankrupt in Feb 1935. Money is also a function of the 7th house. 

Similarly you can calculate the eventful years for the other planets. Depending on the nature of the planet and the aspects of life that he controls you can anticipate the nature of the significant events and their impact on the personality. 

2nd Method 

Count the number of nav amsha from the nav amsha of the ascendant degree to the nav amsha of the planet.

  • Eg. Moon is in Pisces in the birth chart and in Cancer nav amsha. The ascendant degree is in Cancer in the birth chart and in Scorpio nav amsha. So the count is 69. Thus the 69th year of life must have given Crowley some beneficial results especially from the Moon. The ascendant lord being the triggering planet, this event must be related to personal growth, fame, etc. And at this age, as per the wiki, he published his Book of Thoth and the magnificent Thoth Tarot deck. (On a personal note, am very grateful that he created it) 
  • Eg. if you count for Saturn in the Capricorn sign and Virgo nav amsha, the count is 59yrs. So at this age, some misfortune related to Saturn must have affected Crowley. Now in the 1st method, we saw that Saturn was going to create a misfortune at the age of 60yrs. And now by the 2nd method the 59yrs age was also going to be impactful in a malefic way. So this period had court cases which went against him leading on to the bankruptcy. Court cases are a subject of the 7th house. So the eventful years triggered by the malefic being so close together caused a severely negative and inauspicious result.

3rd Method

Simply counting the nav amsha occupied by the planet starting from the first nav amsha in Ashwini nakshatra.

  • eg. Moon is in Pisces in birth chart and in Cancer nav amsha. This is the 100th nav amsha in sequence. So if Crowley had lived to a 100yrs, this year would have been favourable for him, especially for the results possible from the Moon.
  • Eg. Counting for Saturn, this comes to 90yrs. So at the age of 90yrs, some sort of displeasing result could have occurred in case he would have lived till this age.
  • Eg. Ketu is in Virgo sign and Taurus nav amsha. So the count comes to 50yrs. As per his wiki, he wrote a book on some visions he experienced. And his lover miscarried his child. Virgo is the 3rd sign so writing a book is logical, plus the vision explains Ketu’s influence. And the miscarriage is a classic effect of Ketu. 
  • Similarly the time indicated by his Sun is 54yrs. He wrote more books including a part of his autobiography. Sun is the reason that he attempted to write an autobiography this time. 

4th Method

You have to count from the nav amsha the planet is placed in to the lord of the nav amsha in which the planet is placed in.

  • Eg. Moon is in Pisces in Cancer nav amsha. The owner of Cancer is Moon himself. So the count is 109. Obviously he did not live for so long, but if he would have, this year would have given him some good results from the Moon.
  • Eg. Jupiter is in Libra sign and Aquarius nav amsha. Saturn the owner of Aquarius is in Capricorn sign Virgo nav amsha. So the count is 44. So Crowley must have gone through some eventful happening connected to Jupiter at the age of 44yrs. As per his wiki, he received financial assistance from patrons for publishing his books. He was engaged in translating philosophical works from other cultures during this time. Classic results attributable to the position of his Jupiter, owner of the 9th, with Venus and Mercury in the 4th house in Libra. As the ruler of the 6th he ensured that this shaped Crowley’s mind and actions in such a way that he was ultimately rejected by others of British origin and also the Christian faith. And more immediately, made him destitute, lonely, ill and got him addicted to heroin.

5th Method

This is a relatively simple count. Count from the nav amsha occupied by the planet concerned to the nav amsha occupied by the Moon.

Eg. Moon is in Pisces in Cancer nav amsha. Jupiter is in Libra sign and Aquarius nav amsha. So counting will give you 42yrs. This would be the time where Jupiter must have given some significant event in Crowley’ s life. As per his wiki, he had a relaxing time promoting his new religion. Jupiter as the lord of the 9th and 6th house giving his classic result, seemingly pleasant but ultimately malefic.


So now you can calculate the eventful years in your life using all these methods.

Note the years you arrive at separately for every planet. Some of the planets will be functional malefics and some will be functional benefics. And some will be natural malefics and natural benefics. You will have to reconcile them in a subjective manner to understand the nature of the event and its effect on you.

Eg for Cancer ascendant, Mars is the biggest benefic, yogkarak, but technically he is a natural malefic. So though he will act in his typical aggressive, invasive, courageous, cruel, dominating etc manner and also create events of severe and disruptive energies, still these Martian energy will propel the native, Crowley in our example, to sure-shot successes, gains and fame. Then again for Cancer ascendant, I consider Jupiter more of a malefic as he is incharge of the 6th and 9th houses, additionally the 6th Sagittarius is his mooltrikon. So the natural tendencies of Jupiter, kindness, benevolence, traditional learning, philosophy, support from patrons, etc will more likely than not land the native, here Crowley, in trouble, which is quite evident from the life that this typical man lead.

Next, you will see that a particular year might repeat as per the various counts. eg you might have two benefics giving a positive event eg at the age of 42yrs. So this year becomes more significant in your life and has the capacity to propel you upwards even more rapidly. But if you see two malefics giving their effect at the same age, then you must be doubly careful during this time as there will be added misfortune. eg, was the example related to Saturn granting Crowley bankruptcy in the years 59-60, it was just one Saturn affecting two successive years so the trouble was just his doing. But if there are two different planets then expect trouble from different directions in life.

Also, if you have your eventful years coinciding with the ages of the maturity of the houses or the maturity of the planets then should be more aware of what is happening around you during this time. Try to proactively use the opportunities presented to you by this double surge of energy.

Finally, there will always be several events going on around you but the events indicated by these planets in these times will have the maximum impact on you. You will feel the ripples of these events more deeply within your being and they will change the course of your life. These five methods will give you the most important years in life which will have the most significant events, but to find out what exactly these events will be, do use your own logic, common sense, analyse the texts and practice.

(These methods are directly from C S Patel’s books, I have added just a few minor observations. His books are invaluable for serious student of Jyotish as he gives important insights which are not available elsewhere.)


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  1. Puneet July 18, 2021 / 5:11 pm

    Tejawini ji Namaskar,
    Unrelated to above post but if you could kindly answer one of my query.
    Can out of one rahu or Ketu be malefic and other benefic in same chart or
    are they both benefic/malefic.
    Example rahu in Taurus 6th house Sagittarius ascendent with ruler Venus placed in 1st house (malefic)
    Ketu in scorpio 12 th house with ruler mars in second house. Ketu conjunction sun and Mercury.
    Thank you so much. 🙏

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    • astrologerbydefault July 18, 2021 / 5:32 pm

      Hi there
      yes, they give their results by position, conjunction, aspects etc. so one can be benefic and the other malefic.

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  2. Dew July 18, 2021 / 5:46 pm

    Hi madam,

    You have mentioned for matchmaking, if 7th lord goes in the 12th house, the person marrying that chart will have health problems.
    Can we say the same if 7th lord goes into 6th (the partner’s debt,diseases,fights increase) 8th (probability of physical death/accidents) ?
    Because if we have one of these combinations ( asc lord in 6/8/12th) it will worsen the situation?

    Thank you

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    • astrologerbydefault July 18, 2021 / 7:07 pm

      Hi there
      you count from the 7th house fr this, the 12th is the 6th from the 7th, thus health problems.
      7th lord in 6th can lead to disagreements and if severely afflicted can lead to separations or legal divorces.

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      • Dew July 19, 2021 / 2:26 pm


        So, 7th lord in 8th is a good sign ( as it is 2nd house for 7th lord, and give financial gains etc)


      • astrologerbydefault July 19, 2021 / 4:53 pm

        Hi there
        if he is capable of auspicious results then he will give gains from the spouse’ family
        if he is not capable of pleasing results then the spouse’s family will drain your own resources.

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  3. Gayatri R July 19, 2021 / 11:52 am

    Hi Tejaswiniji

    Where can I find calculators for all DCs. Most of the calculators do not have for example D5 or DCs above D27.



  4. avangartkadin July 19, 2021 / 1:40 pm

    Thank you. My astrology teacher has made me burn his Traot deck as he was openning channels to bad doors in subconcious ming.


    • astrologerbydefault July 19, 2021 / 2:36 pm

      Hi there
      there is a lot of negativity spread by people around Crowley and the Thoth deck.
      mostly coz the energies contained in this deck are not for entertainment purposes. they are very powerful so use this deck only if you are a genuine student of the Tarot.
      i have been using this deck for years now and it is the only deck i use. it gives information which no other deck can.
      a comparable deck in terms of sheer power is the new orleans voodoo deck. its the pure energy of the African gods. use it with due caution and respect else do not ever touch it.
      or if you really want to get into the essence of Tarot, the tarot de Marseille is the one. its cryptic but very powerful. use if only if you can handle the energy.
      its unfortunate that casual people pick up powerful decks and think that divination is child’s play. its not. if you cannot handle it, do not get into it. and do not defame the decks you cannot handle.
      the decks are tools, you should be powerful enough to use their energy.
      else stick to the RWS. its good for casual type of readings.

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  5. Dew July 19, 2021 / 2:29 pm

    Hi madam

    Is it true that once a person is born as a human, he is free from 84 laksh type of life forms which are generally cited, and wont be born in them again?



    • astrologerbydefault July 19, 2021 / 4:51 pm

      Hi there
      not necessarily, depending on the karmas you wish to enjoy/endure in your next life you can be born as anything. this u will decide at the moment of your physical exit.

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  6. Punnu Singh July 19, 2021 / 3:48 pm

    Thanks alot mam. Mein kafi time se apki post read kerti hun. Bohat bohat hi ache tarike se samhjhatti hain app. Mera ik ques. Hai mera library lagna hai with Jupiter in 1 house or atmakarka venus retro with ketu in 3 house in uttarashada pada 1 or amatyakarka satrun retro with Mars in 12 house hai. Main bohat pareshan hun kyonki m apne soul jo yahan kerne aya hai usko lekar jana na chahti hun or m unmarried hun in d9 Jupiter in 12 and retro venus in 10 plzz mam aap se request hai meri help ker dijiye🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤.

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  7. ANAND July 19, 2021 / 6:43 pm

    Pranaam Madam,
    I am really very grateful for this precious post. Sincere thanks Madam.
    Best regards,


  8. seekerisme July 19, 2021 / 7:51 pm

    Dear Tejaswini ji please accept my heartfelt gratitude for again showering us with so much knowledge.

    Mam can you please write about


  9. Jinesh k July 20, 2021 / 6:03 pm


    Likewise, in an earlier post I read that the events will reoccur for every 18 years as ketu -rahu moves each house for every 1.5 years.I am having some experiences of re-occurences but not precisely for 18 years.variations in years are there.will it happen like that or is it my illusion only?

    please give some insight regarding this?


    • astrologerbydefault July 20, 2021 / 7:54 pm

      Hi there
      that will also depend on the transit aspects of rahu ketu and their interactions in transit with the other planets.
      eg birth rahu in leo, rahu transiting over leo, or rahu transiting over birth sun, or sun transiting over birth rahu, or sun and rahu conjunct in transit, etc all will give somewhat similar results.


  10. Shruti July 21, 2021 / 10:58 pm

    Hi Mam,

    I love CS patel sir’s work and your way of presentation.

    Tejaswini Mam I want to ask you a very personal question (it’s not for reading but astrology community is very closed and naive people like us are either conned or can’t believe; you see as Mr. Rao says hardly 1/20000 can predict. Rest use statistical techniques based on experience, charts and books.

    I only know you who might not read but comes from a legacy and blessed soul.

    – I am not able to get over a guy with whom my marriage was fixed. Now, I know it’s a psychological issue but astrologically our charts are very similar and matching. Fits the glove almost. But since it was called off I know on human level nobody comes back…… and I have been praying to God sincerely like a kid thinking only he can make it happen. For a miracle…….

    It’s funny but when humans can’t do anything you only have God.

    Does God really listen to what we ask for from real heart? I have been told by many astrologer that from my chart I seem to be quite dharmic, spiritual. My conscience knows I have never hurt or done bad to anyone.

    Can we really see who will be our husband from charts or is it just indicative?

    Is it really written in the stars and decided/ cannot be changed through prayers or intention? I will only get what’s written cus clearly god isn’t listening for 6 months but all my darshan have been very positive/ successful.

    Sorry but there are few things question that nobody can answer. I am losing hope and the breakdowns and wait of God’s answer is affecting my system.

    I keep reading our charts madly…… Just to find answer. Keep the hope alive. It’s stupid I know.

    Just for your reference; remarkable similarities in chart are making me crazy;

    -His and mine 7th lord is saturn. His is retrograde. Mine is mooltrikon aspected by jupiter.

    -He is cancerian in D-1 and aquarius rising in D9. I am leo in D1 and D9

    – Jupiter sits in my 7th house of navamsha. Aspected by venus

    – His seventh lord of navamsha is sun which is exalted in 3rd house of aries.

    – His uppada lord is sun in leo. Mine is Mars.

    I am sun framework person totally. Our 7th lord are same. I will get a saturn type spouse which is his navamsha lagna. I am cancer moon he is pisces.

    Even nakshatra of uppada lord are same. Ashwini (both of us).

    I am just lost:) Now I feel few answers even astrology cannot give.

    His natal saturn return is due this year so hopefully he will get married where as I keep lurking and waiting for mine with no hope from God.

    I am sorry I wrote all this on your blog. Sometimes you just don’t know where to go.


    • astrologerbydefault July 22, 2021 / 11:09 am

      Hi there
      recite the Shri sukta and request help from Devi Laxmi. best leave it to her for all marriage related issues.
      and in my experience there are at least 3-4 events and persons where one can get married. as always there is a choice in this matter too.
      if you feel that astrology does not have the answers you want, stop looking for them and wasting your time. do something else which gives your mind strength.

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  11. Vigneshwari M July 22, 2021 / 6:26 pm

    In gratitude to the guru kripa within these lines of your blog on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima tomorrow…🙏


    • astrologerbydefault July 22, 2021 / 9:21 pm

      Hi there
      Yes, u r right 🙂
      Its all Gurukrupa
      May everyone find the Sat Guru within ..


  12. Gayatri R July 23, 2021 / 1:58 am

    Hi Tejaswiniji

    I had a question on the last rites performed. The typical vedic style of rituals performed by most pundits have a duration is 10 days of mourning and 4 days of rituals until 13th day.

    The Arya samaj way of last rites only lasts for 2 or 3 days immediately after the cremation.

    Will adopting these seemingly evolutionary practices have any setback on the journey of the soul ?

    I am asking because we recently deviated from the standard norms, to perform the rites of a couple of relatives, the Arya samaj way , during intense covid 2nd wave and lockdown, as it was not possible to conduct any elaborate rituals.

    Infact we could not even light a funeral pyre the traditional way, since the corpse was directly transported by hospital to cremation ghat, and cremated electrically.

    How does such circumstances affect the existing family , and the soul of the person departed.



    • astrologerbydefault July 23, 2021 / 9:35 am

      Hi there
      Its necessary to give the discarded body to fire thts the Anteyshti.
      And later the asti to running water, ie river or sea. Asti visarjan.
      the sutak period starts the day the person dies till the pinda daan is performed.
      Time frames can vary as per the home culture, but ideally sutak is fr 10 -13 days.
      In any case, its essential tht these 3 steps b performed by the heirs of the person. Time frames can b somewhat flexible.
      Eg if a good muhurt comes along the pinda daan can b made earlier too.

      Personally i feel the energy of the electric cremation to b far less than an proper anteyshti. But at least some form of fire consumed the body.

      If fr some reason these 3 steps are missed the soul will not get the energy it needs.

      And there are ways to fulfill this obligation.
      if anteyshti and asti visarjan has been missed coz missing person or death in disaster etc then a ‘body’ is made using darbha grass and the process done in this.
      If pinda dan has been missed then it can b done too.

      Eg if u remember when the politician jayalalita died she was buried. This was against her Dharma as she was a hindu. So her brother who is her heir as per Dharma performed this rite so tht the soul gets its energy and the heir is free frm his obligation.
      Eg several families i know esp in karnatak in this covid attack are facing similar extreme trauma. Their family members bodies were buried which is against dharma. when the situation normalised they all did this form of anteyshti fr the departed souls.

      ask a local pandit, he will guide you.


      • Sakshi July 23, 2021 / 5:49 pm

        Madam ji

        Who are all suppose to observe sutak period? Any guidelines in any of the dharma texts? Since we could not enter pooja room those days and visit temple etc…
        For eg. If our great grand mothers sisters daughter died, are we suppose to observe full sutak period,its very confusing, since some says there is no need to observe sutak for paternal side relations, …cultural variations may be there..but there should be some basic guidelines somewhere rt? Sorry the question itself is of no relevance since its only ur conscience to observe these things.


      • astrologerbydefault July 23, 2021 / 6:54 pm

        Hi there
        Fr all this refer Garud puran.

        Fr men, parents and all paternal relatives. Obviously if wife children die then too.

        Fr unmarried women. Parents. Paternal side only.

        Fr married women. Same as whts is applicable to husband.

        In the case u mentioned, u don’t need to.


  13. Shweta July 23, 2021 / 9:55 pm

    Guruve namo namah 🙏🏻

    Guru purnima blessings to you


  14. Viju July 23, 2021 / 10:39 pm

    Namaste Tejaswiniji,

    Thank you for another great post🙏🏻♥️

    Shubh Guru Poornima to you, one of my favourite teachers🙏🏻 I have learnt priceless treasures in your blog and I am forever and ever grateful to you🙏🏻अनुगृहितास्मि ♥️

    Also very grateful to your revered Gurudev who has indirectly helped me🙏🏻 And deepest gratitude to Supreme Parabrahma for all learning, love and never leaving me alone🙏🏻❤

    🙏🏻 गुरु साक्षात परब्रह्म, तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः 🙏🏻

    Lots of love and gratitude


    • astrologerbydefault July 24, 2021 / 12:48 am

      Hi there
      It is kind of you to say so 🙂 Thank you
      But whatever the universe is bringing to u is by ur own power to attract it, choose it.
      Be thankful to ur own self for choosing the Sanatan Dharma, the eternal foundation, thru ur own 9th house
      Its the Sat Guru who does everything, he is the force behind all actions. He is the awareness the intelligence the consciousness.
      Guru Sakshat Parabrahma indeed 🙏🏻


  15. ANAND July 23, 2021 / 10:59 pm

    Pranaam Madam,
    My sincere most best wishes and regards to you on Guru poornima. Thanks again for all the valuable posts.
    Sincere regards,


    • astrologerbydefault July 24, 2021 / 12:42 am

      Hi there
      You are welcome 🙂
      It is all the Sat Gurus doing as he sits inside each one of us..


  16. S July 24, 2021 / 12:22 am

    Namaste Respected Madam,

    Eternal gratitude to whatever that is that steered me towards your blog.

    May everyone find their own internal Sat Guru.


    • astrologerbydefault July 24, 2021 / 12:40 am

      Hi there
      It is ur own 9th house which steers you 😊
      Being grateful to ones own higher self is a very auspicious feeling. Everyone has that Eternal Guru within, always guiding towards itself

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  17. premhimal July 24, 2021 / 6:38 am

    in the occasion of Gurupurnima I wish to thank you Tejaswiniji,
    Just to know that our there in this world exists a soul like yours, it fills my heart with happiness….
    To know that in the middle of all, there is still someone walking in the depth of consciousness….


    • astrologerbydefault July 24, 2021 / 10:13 am

      Hi there
      All souls are the exact same Eternal.. just that we take on different levels of awareness to play this Game..
      May the internal Sat Guru do everyone’s Kalyan


  18. Chaitali July 24, 2021 / 12:45 pm

    Pranams Tejaswini ji, on this occasion of Guru Purnima just wanted to say how grateful I am for all that you share. Exactly a year back I came across your blog and it has been the guiding light in so many aspects and can feel the grace of the masters flowing through your words. Thank you🙏.


    • astrologerbydefault July 24, 2021 / 1:45 pm

      Hi there
      May the Sat Guru do everyone’s Kalyan.
      Whatevr is, its all his doing 🙂


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