Rahu Ketu transit in Taurus Scorpio 2020-22

Rahu and Ketu transit through the signs at every 1yr 6mth intervals. They are permanently retrograde so will shift from Gemini – Sagittarius and enter Taurus – Scorpio respectively on 23rd Sep 2020. They will remain here till 12th Apr 2022. (These dates are from the Drik panchang app.)

While these two were in Gemini-Sagittarius, they wrecked havoc in the world, culminating with the COVID 19 crisis (post here). Now they are onward or rather backward with Taurus-Rahu and Scorpio-Ketu. Their perpetual retrograde motion means that they teach life lessons very thoroughly, revise, redo, reanalyse, repeat them again and again.  I have written on transits of Rahu/Ketu earlier (post here).

First try to remember what had happened in your life during their previous transit during Feb 2002- Sep 2003. Expect something on the same lines to happen again though their mode of operation will be slightly different.

If you remember the global events 18yrs ago. There was economic collapse coupled with joblessness, financial turmoil, industrial stagnation, bankruptcy of several big companies. Volcanic eruptions, wildfires, oil spills, earthquakes and tornadoes. The European Union expanded. Then expansion of NATO, invasion of Iraq etc. ENRON officers were indicted, euthanasia was approved etc. Terrorist attacks, hostage situations, communal riots. Human Genome project was successful. Columbia space shuttle disaster. China’s successful manned space flight. A happening time back with a mixed bag of events which had a lasting impact on the world mind. Economy, resources, technology, catastrophes, secrets etc were the keywords typical of Mars, Venus, Rahu and Ketu interactions.

Rahu Ketu transit in Taurus Scorpio 2020-22

Rahu’s transit in Taurus, will cover the lunar mansions, Mruga, Rohini and Krutika. The 2nd sign of the natural zodiac, Taurus is ruled by Venus. 

  • Rahu and Ketu are quite powerful in these two signs, practically exalted (post here). Whatever will happen to you during this period from Sept 2020 to Mar 2022 will be intense and will leave a lasting impression.
  • During this transit, Rahu in Taurus will be aspected by the debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn for some months, but this aspect does not help much as a powerful Saturn himself is occupying his own sign Capricorn. So expect Rahu to get busy in Taurus without effective supervision.
  • Taurus is an earthy sign, it is a trader, indicates the accumulated resources, stored wealth, good times with close family /friends, etc. Rahu in this sign ordinarily can bring in stability and an increase in things indicated by Taurus. For several of us, depending on the individual charts, this will bring stability, prosperity, marriage and increase.
  • But Rahu is the trickster so in the sign of stored resources, he needs to be controlled carefully. His illusions and overreach have to be understood. If you get carried away and act rashly under his influence, you can lose your money. You might be tempted to over-spend, invest in risky ventures, buy unnecessary luxury items, etc. So budgeting is necessary. Spend carefully and invest in safe projects. Do not cheat others and remain alert so that you don’t get cheated yourself. Avoid giving loans and taking loans unless the contract terms are clear.
  • You might feel more creative and versatile. If your job involves, banking, art, food, speaking, etc you will get opportunities to showcase yourself. 
  • Do not lie or use bad language as Rahu in the house of speech can make you go overboard with swear words etc. Better use this time to learn a new foreign language instead. Or learn to sing? The secret with remedies is to understand the energies and using them for your benefit.
  • Addictions like alcohol, drugs, even eating overly sweet stuff are quite possible. So keep control over the food you eat. Eat a sensible balanced diet and avoid intoxicants as you might fall ill later. Obesity, diabetes etc generally are a side-effect of this position.
  • Diseases to the organs indicated by Taurus are possible, ie the neck, shoulders, ears, throat, voice etc will be susceptible.
  • Families can get ‘unusual’. Relationships across religions, nations and ethnicities will find more acceptance initially. Later toward the end of the transit, these situations might end in negativity. So if you plan to get married in these few months, be very clear and not carried away by wishful thinking. You might face criticism by your family members.
  • Children who will be born during next 18 months might be short-tempered, unnecessarily emotional and might not be able to forge lasting relationships in their family/ friend circles.
  • On the global level, this Rahu will affect the economy in several ways. Financial crimes will increase as people take risks with their stored savings. Expect cyber-attacks on financial institutions, eg viruses which affect their systems. Both private and public wealth resources will seem to increase first but will later diminish. Governments will have to spend to save their economy which will conversely hit their treasuries. Unproductive spending will increase. Speculation will increase till the bubble bursts. The trick is to be aware and not take rash steps or believe in things ‘too good to be true’.

One good thing is that as Rahu/Ketu shift backwards, Jupiter will be occupying his own Sagittarius in forward motion. Saturn too will become forward in his own Capricorn. This will give a burst of energy in everyone’s life till about the end of Nov. So use this time, as Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu all are very powerful. You might get unexpected opportunities to really jump upwards spectacularly. This will be a crucial time for many of us.

Snakes and the Nakshatra yoni animals

Now Scorpio ruled by Mars is Ketu’s favoured environment, but it can get dangerous. The agent of separation in the house of catastrophic changes. Here the Nakshatra involved are Jeyshtha, Anuradha and Vishakha.

  • Ketu is very comfortable in Scorpio because its keywords, the occult, separation, death, inner worlds, secrets, nadi-pran networks, the psychological, mystery, research, exploration, loneliness, depth, complexity, trauma and revenge are suitable to his fiery dissociative nature.
  • Ketu in Scorpio is exceptional for people who are into these typical aspects of life. So if you are a surgeon, researcher, a student of pure science, theoretical scientist, working in a lab with viruses, into the occult, a spiritual aspirant, tantrik, explorer, someone who resolves conflicts, psychologist, spy, soldier etc then you will be offered opportunities to advance. Ketu’s rare incisive intelligence will help you find hidden meanings, ancient secrets and help you work in trauma-filled environments.
  • This placement will generally give everyone determination to succeed in their goals. Ketu is tenacious in a disinterested, egoless way. So he gives a different type of confidence coupled with fearlessness. You work on your instinct and know that you are right.
  • 8th house represents the family of the spouse. Ketu in Scorpio can cause separation from the in-laws.
  • For most of us, past life karma will be triggered and there will be several sudden changes in the inner world. These changes will be converted to the material depending on the personal horoscope and the transiting planets who will be aspecting/ conjunct this Ketu in Scorpio. (Saturn and Jupiter are not aspecting Ketu this time, but Mars Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon will from time to time.)
  • For children being born with Ketu in Scorpio, these typical keywords will be reflected in their natures. They will have a mysterious complex nature, often loners and into secret stuff. They will be able to hide their real natures and can be deceptive. If you have children during this period, give them some spiritual foundation else life can get difficult for them.


For analysing Rahu/ Ketu,  the effects of the other planets conjunct or aspecting in transit must be evaluated as they gain power by association and trigger effects linked to those planets other too. Events linked to them are characterised by suddenness and unpredictability. Eg you might meet someone randomly who causes deep change in your life. Or some unexpected incident changes you forever. Keep an eye on the other planets who will periodically aspect them in transit. Rahu and Ketu do not directly give material stuff but trigger events from the astral, the sub-conscious, the psychological and the unseen parts of yourself. 

Rahu will be aspected from Capricorn by a debilitated Jupiter who is conjunct a powerful Saturn. So moral wrongs are possible which will have some sort of a karmic link. Things which go against the conscience will happen in personal life as well at global levels. 

Look out when Mars will aspect Ketu-Scorpio in transit. It will cause increased crime rates, threats, sudden deaths, violence, simmering situations which can explode spectacularly, suicides, civil riots, war-like situations, communal violence, suicide bombing, volcanoes, earthquakes etc. Mars in Aries, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio will influence Ketu for the worse. (Retrograde Mars in Aries, post here). Also look out for when Mars will influence Rahu. This would cause similar violence. Mars will be influencing Rahu and Ketu both during Jan-Apr 2021 (Mars in Taurus) and Dec 2021-Jan 2022 (Mars in Scorpio), so these will be the most sensitive times. This will be reflected in personal lives as increased aggression, arguments, physical violence, road rage etc. Children born during these times can become radicals, terrorists and inclined towards violence.

While evaluating results on the global levels, remember that we had two energy-heavy total solar eclipses 26th Dec 2019 and 21st Jun 2020. So the nations which witnessed these eclipses will face a crunch in resources, recession, their global level image will go down, they will lose any conflicts that they get into, internal rebellion and unrest is also possible. Food and water supplies will be impacted. The negative readings of this Taurus-Scorpio transit will be felt more intensely by them. 

Among the signs, Virgo and Pisces will benefit from the Rahu-Ketu in Taurus-Scorpio. Especially so if you have these as your birth Moon sign. This will be seen as support from your dead ancestors or living elders, your peers in society, the past lives auspicious benefits will help, your Sat-guru or internal life philosophy will be with you in mysterious ways. This internal back-up will be translated into material results as per your individual charts planets influence on Rahu/Ketu. Capricorn, Cancer, Leo and Aquarius should have a reasonably good time. Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra, Aries have a mix of good and bad results, overall average. Obviously Taurus and Scorpio birth Moon signs will be the most affected signs. 

Now about the Corona COVID 19 crisis. I had predicted in my post on ‘Rahu-Ketu in Gemini-Sagittarius’ that there were be “Increase diseases related chest, heart and lungs. Also incurable and strange diseases will increase. Faulty diagnosis will increase and inappropriate medication given.” This is now the past. In the future upcoming transit, Ketu in Scorpio specifically, will help the necessary research for vaccines, medicines, etc needed to successfully combat the virus. Things will improve on global health front. However one should be careful while the upcoming Mars retrograde is on. The economic impacts of the lockdowns will continue till Rahu remains in Taurus. (Only when Saturn shifts to Aquarius, will the financial situation stabilise.)


You have to analyse your own horoscope, so you can use the Ashtapadmadala chart, the Janma-navtara chart, the Ashtakvarga chart etc as per your level of study. In addition, try to think of the following and how it will affect you on the individual levels.

  • In your birth chart, locate where Rahu is placed, the house/ sign/ planets linked to him. The keywords connected to these are the desires you wish to experience in this life. Then Ketu’s location will similarly indicate your deepest disinterest and simultaneously your instinct and deepest learnings. First try to know what they mean in your chart.
  • If your birth chart has a complete or a partial kaal sarpa combination, then the effects of Rahu/ Ketu are intensified. 
  • If Rahu/Ketu are conjunct several planets in your chart then naturally their effects are going to be more evident.
  • Check out which Mahadasha/Main period and antardasha/sub-period you are undergoing as per the Vimshottari system. This will give the general background of your life at the moment. If you are undergoing periods of Ketu or Rahu then be careful.
  • Which houses in your chart will Rahu/ Ketu occupying during their transit now? i.e Where are Taurus and Scorpio in your birth chart? This will tell you which karma you are going to be pulled towards/ Rahu, and which aspects of life you are going to be separated from/ Ketu. (Refer this post.)
  • If your age is the multiples of 18 yrs, this is Rahu/ Ketu return as they will occupy the same position as your birth chart. Extremely karmic events will unfold while they are doing their ‘return’.
  • The other planets will also transit over Rahu/Ketu for shorter periods modifying their results accordingly.

I have written several posts on Rahu/Ketu, their nature and real nature also on remedies, Mantra, Homa, donating stuff, etc (do use the index page to locate these posts). The easiest remedy is a 1/3/108 repeat of the beej mantras of Rahu/ Ketu on Tuesdays/Saturdays to help balance out their energies. And the best one is to understand how their energies work and use them intelligently to benefit.