Exalted planets analysis, Birth chart and Navamsha

I always insist that you should analyse your birth chart D1 and the D9, 9th divisional chart Navamsha, for a complete analysis. If you do not see these two together, your analysis will be skewed. It won’t be wrong but it will be about only 50% of the complete picture. The Birth horoscope D1 is your physical reality and the navamsha is the total sub-conscious potential. Your birth chart is a sub-set of the the D9.

So to begin with, find out what your planets signify for you. Every planet is an agent of something in your chart.

Natural agents are fixed, eg Moon is for mother, Venus for relationships etc. This is a standard list. If you find this list difficult to remember just remember the sequence of signs and their planetary owners. These will always subtly affect your this part of life. Eg Jupiter 9th and 12th, Sagittarius and Pisces, will always have a say on your philosophy, mediation, also wife/ husband, Dharm pati/ patni. This is how you know the natural agents/karak.

Chart-specific agents will vary as per the ascendant sign. Eg for Pisces ascendant, Gemini is placed in the 4th house, so the Mercury will also indicate the mother. This is an addition to whatever he is the natural agent of. In analysis, always give more weightage to chart-specific agents. Eg such a person’s mother will have Mercury-like qualities, eg be skilful, analytical skills, a good conversationalist, an instructor at work, one of a large group of siblings, a friend more than a mother, etc. So before you start analysing your planet, first get into details what it stands for in your chart. Only after this can you think of consciously modulating its results.


So to analyse the D1 vis-a-vis the D9, this is something like a ‘reference to context’ question. Let’s focus on the exalted planets in this post ( I have written separately about the debilitated planets and pushkar navamsha analysis)

If a planet is exalted in your birth chart, it means that its energies are most suited to the environment of the sign it occupies. It will give good results in the physical life. These results will be linked to the sign the planet occupies in the D9, but still the results will be auspicious. The context background will be the D9 sign and the actual physical effect the D1 sign.

Whichever sign the planet is placed in the D1, if it gets allocated to the navamsha of its exalted sign, it will still offer you all the potential possible. However to use this, you will have to actively and intentionally change your behaviour and actions. Eg If your Jupiter in Aries in D1, gets allocated to a Navamsha owned by Cancer in your D9. You can actively use his energies to initiate something physical, related to your homeland, in a wider perspective helpful, teaching, yet commanding. Eg if you are an Indian, you start a Yog-teaching studio, a mix of exercise, pran, teaching/learning, homeland, ancient science etc keywords.

If the planet is placed in the D1 in its exalted sign and in the D9 also it gets allocated to the same sign. This would be a ‘vargottam’ situation, same sign in both charts. The energies of the sign are reinforced, the planet is extra-comfortable so will give very auspicious results. Only thing you should guard against is going into things without cross-checking everything first, over-optimism can backfire sometimes. Use your common-sense and all will be very good.

Now if the planet is exalted in the birth chart at the highest degree. The Param-uccha. Now you are in for a surprise, check out this table. (This table is so beautiful, I could write an entire book on it.)



Sign D1

Sign D9


10th deg of zodiac

10 deg Aries



33rd deg of zodiac

3 deg Taurus



165th deg of zodiac

15 deg Virgo



357th deg of zodiac

27 deg Pisces



298th deg of zodiac

28 deg Capricorn



95th deg of zodiac

5 deg Cancer



200th deg of zodiac

20 deg Libra



50th deg of zodiac

20 deg Taurus



230th deg of zodiac

20 deg Scorpio


(I follow B.V. Raman/Parashara)

Here are some points to help you trigger your own thought process.

The degree of highest exaltation ie in different signs in D1 and D 9, except for Venus.

Sun is the creative intelligence which works best if supported by the skilful analysis of options in the background Navamsha. Gemini is the sign which allows a choice in thought processes and actions, and the confidence to carry out both. This is not just ‘duality’. So the background provides choices, options, analysis which is manifested as the best possible thought/action executed with boldness, courage, genius, intelligence, self-awareness. This is also a reason why a combust/ caizmi Mercury with the Sun doesn’t cause serious problems, both work very well together. (Mercury is nearest to the Sun so gets combust more frequently compared to the others.)

Moon though enjoying the luxuries of Taurus, is best when linked to the practicality, structure and work of Capricorn. The hoarding and resource building behaviour is made practical use of in improving social reputation and creating regular sources of income and also the other way round. Always remember the D1 is derived from the energies of the D9. Capricorn is the practical. Only of you have the potential to work practically can you really make profit! A full treasury is a reflection of the hard work that has gone on the background. The creation of the work-Capricorn is wealth-Taurus (5/9 axis, Arth trikon) and Taurus-wealth in turn acts as a foundation for more work-Capricorn.

Why is Venus the real Moksh-karak, agent of Realisation? He gives his perfect expression in the physical world when he is in Pisces/D1 and again in Pisces/D9. He represents the complete disintegration of the manifested at every level and complete awareness of the undifferentiated energy. Pisces is awareness of the Other. This sign is abstract, in solitude, but expanded out infinitely in the other-dimensions. Its primary role is to be a ‘bridge’. If Pisces is strongly placed in your chart, you will be absent-minded in waking life, but drawn to the meditative states, contemplation, you know how to use your secret energies /pran etc to move consciously into the other realms. Venus uses these ‘bridging’ energies to help you reach Self-realization.

Mars works best in the disciplined work environment of rules in Capricorn. And if backed by the understanding of Karma, system and pragmatic plainness of Virgo, it is his best expression. Virgo and Capricorn are the components of the Arth trikon, the things which give meaning to life. In the deepest sense, life is created because of karma. It is Karma which actually gives meaning to Life. Mars is the energies of life and death together. So if you use your vitality in understanding and rebalancing karma, that is the best possible use of this energy.

Jupiter loves expansion that Cancer gives in all possible dimensions but works best when linked to the genius, self-identity and divine connection that Leo affords from the Navamsha. Cancer and Leo represent the Ajnya chakra. This chakra is where your individual soul/ jiv-atma resides. The Sun is the individual soul, the Moon reflects his light in the best possible way so that it can build the body/mind most suited for the individual soul. So with Leo in the D9, the Cancer in the D1, no wonder this is the best possible combination for Jupiter to give you the highest knowledge of this manifested creation, ie upto the Sagun Brahma you achieve Krama-Mukti. (To attain Moksh ie Nirgun Brahma and Sadyo mukti, you will need your Venus to support.)

Saturn wants precise fairness, one-to-one balance, crisp understanding. Libra, the sign who is bound to balance is his favourite. And this works best if he has the self-less, abstract, infinite energies of Pisces backing him. Pisces is understanding of the Reality. To understand this, you have to give away your limited view of the self. Saturn’s rigidness in Pisces is channelized to the sub-conscious, the residual karmic baggage is available for resolution. Also Pisces also offers no resistance to Saturn. If you observe, resistance to an uncomfortable situation increases the discomfort. Then the D-1 Libra gets the full advantage of this, highly intellectual, it uses all possible means for re-balancing the karma. The energies of the 6/8 axis operate here so its very good for karma resolution. It goes both ways, you can also understand this as, the potential energy of Saturn in D9 Pisces finds its perfect physical expression in the D1 Libra.


There is always a dispute among astrologers, are Rahu /Ketu exalted in Taurus/Scorpio or in Gemini/Sagittarius. This table is the answer.

Rahu works best hoarding luxuries and treasures, if he has the options, skills and analysis of Gemini at his command. Rahu is desire for experience, this energy is the reason we are alive on this earth. As an individual soul we experience, that is all we do. We are here just for the experience, nothing else. To satisfy Rahu with all possible treasuries of experience, it has to be Taurus in the foreground D1 and the choice of experience afforded by Gemini in the background. Gemini is where you initially create your karma, you think and choose with a sense of self. So karma in the background and the treasury of experience in the D1 works beautifully for the degree of Rahu’s exaltation.

And Ketu’s energies find an apt outlet in the mysterious depths of Scorpio if he has the philosophy, inclusiveness and hope of Sagittarius at his back. (Some astrologers are fond of quoting ’Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like Mars, Shanivat Rahu Kujawat Ketu. This statement irritates me to no end. They are not like Saturn/Mars! If there were, why would we have them as separate energies?) Ketu is the agent of dissociation. If he makes a good combination with Jupiter and Venus, this can give Moksh. He is the headless one, no ego, no sense of self. When he is in the Sagittarius navamsha he has the accumulated merit/‘punya’ of your entire self, past/ present/ future/ parallel at his disposal. This sign is expansion of the things of the manifested, humanity, philosophy, external component of spirituality, all life forms, benevolence, higher learning etc. This is the background. From this Scorpio targets the things personal to the self, digs down deep into the individual self. Scorpio eventually destroys everything around it and also itself. (This is a deep statement). Ketu is by nature fiery, he can cause movement he is movement! The nebulous moving like a flapping banner in the wind. So now the ‘wind’ is created by the luck of Sagittarius and the force of Scorpio. The indifferent ego-less dispersive energies of Ketu dig deep into the occult mysteries of personal against the background of the manifested multitude of all living selves. This is the ultimate environment to manifest Moksh.

The horoscope is like layers within layers, a fractal geometry. This was just a very basic analysis of how exalted planets really work. So if you have exalted planets in your birth chart D1 you should checkout which sign’s navamsha part they go to in the D9. This will give you more pin-point information on where your planet’s energies can be more effectively directed. No chart analysis is complete if you forget the D9. (If you think its too much trouble for clients, that is upto you. Anyways some clients are not aware of their exact birth time, it is better to check out the prashna kundali for more pointers in this case.) Always remember that the D9 is the context and the D1 is the outer layer. You cannot really understand the external unless you also look at the internal.



5 thoughts on “Exalted planets analysis, Birth chart and Navamsha

  1. P June 3, 2020 / 1:17 pm

    Namaste mam. I am just getting to learn how to interpret planets energies according to sign and houses. But Little desperate here to know so if you could help me out by your comments on few planets positions!


    sun in aries(10th house d1) goes to scorpio in d9(2nd house)

    Venus in pisces(9th house) goes to pisces(6th house), here its both vargottam and exalted digree 27.12

    Mars in taurus(11th house) goes to virgo in d9(12th)

    Moon in virgo (3rd house) goes to aries(7th).

    Saturn in scorpio(5th house) goes to aquarius(5th).

    Rahu-ketu from pisces-virgo(9/3 axis) goes to scorpio-taurus(2/8 axis).

    Also If you could give some insight on those positions, especially how is Venus energy can be directed being in vargottam n exalted! In d-9 it is ascendant lord in 6th house. Request your suggestions here mam.

    I have read you advising in some comment box that in d9 house positions is not so important at the same time in other examples giving interpretation according to the house position of planets in in d9 with sign. So how important this planets position in d9 interms of houses? I have mentioned planets positions in d9 as per houses, so if you could give some comments on that! Always Grateful.


    • astrologerbydefault June 4, 2020 / 12:43 pm

      hi there
      i have written a summary post on this analysis


      there are three ways a navamsha chart is analysed,

      1. is the way the planets are affected by the navamsha sign that they shift to, how the two layers of the navamsha sign and the birth chart sign interact.. this is the most important way of looking at the navamsha chart, i would give this part about 70% weightage.

      2. next is the Rashi-tulya navamsha concept, how each rashi behaves in the birth chart and the navamsha,. i would give this about 20% weightage.

      what you are asking about is the Navamsha tulya rashi concept.. the simplest concept to understand. here you consider the D9 to be same as the birth chart and interpret it as you would interpret the birth chart..
      i would give this only a 10% weightage in a general analysis.
      but this concept is especially useful for transit analysis., esp for Saturn or Rahu/ketu transits..

      you have a cancer ascendant, venus exalted in both D1 and D9 is very good, all qualities of venus from the refinement, love, spirituality etc are all very good, you feel it inside and also outside in your regular life.. gains in life are assured, positivity, blessings etc are all assured, its an excellent position.. you can direct venus energy in any way you want to , profession to home or spirituality, its ur wish..
      asc lord moon-venus mutual aspect is also very good,
      ketu with moon as asc lord will give leanings towards the occult and all ..i have written a post on this too do use the index or search bar..
      rahu is with venus, so there might be a typical mindset, but any planet in the 9th house works well, so he too should not cause much disturbances..

      its a good chart, why are you worried?
      let things unfold..


  2. P June 6, 2020 / 4:04 pm

    Namaste mam. Thank u so so much. As always i feel, can’t thank u enough. Was little hesitant to ask questions haphazardly, being very naive. But thanks a lot for being patiently replying to my impatient queries. Everytime i go through your post, thing become more n more clear. As you said, why am i worried! It was not just being worried, i was mostly confused through out this rahu dasa, infact aimless i would say; which i perceive to some extent now. Trying to figure out things with the help of jyotish on my own but too naive for this now so looking forward to see an astrologer soon. Hopefully get some better understanding, otherwise things from gross materialistic perspective, i am going anchorless. And when i read about you saying, in case of rahu ketu axis conjunction with ascendant lord; life goes in haze untill rahu-ketu matures. So things here confuse me having Jupiter n venus also conjuct in my situation. Hope I will get better understanding but currently i m confused, adding to that no material aim or grounding. Hopeful but sailing confused at such a late state of life.

    Coming to some of my queries, i realized I wanted to know about rasi-tulya navamasa. I didn’t even know which context i was asking then. Now i get little more clarity. Forgive mam, may be i am asking too much with too little knowledge, being little desperate here.

    So my question is: in rashi tulya navamasa concept, how to interpret things like shifting of signs in d-1 to different houses ind-9 ? I mean how houses in d-9 work. Like if ascendant sign goes to 10th house! I know you have given some examples but need some more clarity. Like i mentioned few positions of signs and planets in d-1 going to different house in d-9 in my previous query. So if you could give some comments on those scenarios. For example: sun in aries in 10th d-1 goes to scorpio 2nd house d-9. Now here i understand the first concept i.e change of planets’s sign to d-9, which you give more weightage in interpretation. But in rashi tulya as you say:

    2. Note the signs placed in each house of the D-1 and see how these signs shift, ie check to which house they shift to in the D-9. This will give the potential of each sign v/s the actual expressed. Here you analyse houses/ signs. This potential v/s actual energy of the signs will naturally affect their owner and resident planets energies also. So you add more layers of meanings to your analysis. This is called the Rashi-tulya navamsha concept.

    So i request if you could give some comments on planets/sign position in d-9 with respect to d-1. Few positions i mentioned in the previous post.

    sun in aries(10th house d1) goes to scorpio in d9(2nd house)

    Venus in pisces(9th house) goes to pisces(6th house), here its both vargottam and exalted digree 27.12

    Mars in taurus(11th house) goes to virgo in d9(12th)

    Moon in virgo (3rd house) goes to aries(7th).

    Saturn in scorpio(5th house) goes to aquarius(5th).

    Rahu-ketu from pisces-virgo(9/3 axis) goes to scorpio-taurus(2/8 axis).

    Jupiter in Pisces(9th house) goes to capricorn 4th house d-9


    • astrologerbydefault June 7, 2020 / 1:40 pm

      Hi there
      i do not do readings anymore, do check with your regular astrologer!


  3. P July 7, 2020 / 4:58 am

    A request mam, to delete those unnecessary things n chart details of mine i mentioned over here or anywhere else in the comment box if you come across, only if u dont mind! Sorry to bother u again. My apology.


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