Moon, Sun, Mercury in the 8th house

Planets placed in the 8th are quite the transformative agents in your life. The 8th is the house of catastrophic changes to the self and the environment that one is placed in. These changes are linked to the planets occupying the 8th house. As per the Vimshottari dasha system, the Mahadasha periods of these planets and their antardashas in other planet’s Mahadashas are especially transformative and ‘shocking’.

Moon, Sun, Mercury in the 8th house

Moon placed in the 8th house.

Chandra-ashtma is generally considered unfavourable. Moon is debilitated in the natural 8th sign Scorpio. In the 8th house too, generally he is not comfortable. Moon reflects and carries impressions from his surroundings. In the natural house of Mars, he is supposed to be competitive and innovative. And here in the 8th, he feels secure in strange environments of unexpected shocks, changes and catastrophic transformations.

As the Moon transits the entire zodiac in 28 days, the Moon transits are very frequent at 2.25days per sign. So it might be difficult to keep track of this. However the Mahadasha period of the Moon and his antardashas as per the Vimshottari system would be quite turbulent.

Moon is the agent of the mind, a benefic and it is placed in a Dushamsthan, a house of turmoil. So you can guess how this is going to work out.

The mild Moon now feels good when he is in an emotional crisis. He, who generally loves rhythms, emotional security, comforts and secure places is drawn towards upheavals! Thus if the situation is peaceful, he will feel uncomfortable and trigger the emotional crisis himself. But if an emotional crisis is erupting around him, he will act as a calming agent. He can absorb the influences of these traumas into his own self. The more terrible the better! Quite contrary behaviour from our regular rhythmic Moon. This continuous violence in the astral (sookshma sharir) and sub-conscious levels can impact his life-span (actually the flow of pran is affected) unless the ascendant lord/sign and other placements indicate a good longevity. Else a shorter but highly vigorous life is indicated.

The mother will have problems and the he may not have a very stable relationship with her. The childhood can thus become difficult as the mother may be changeable in nature and volatile in her affections. There will be a separation from the mother on the emotional/physical levels. In extreme cases he may not know who exactly is his birth mother, e.g adopted children. He may be hypersensitive and ‘odd’ as intuition might develop in the childhood itself. Unless there is someone to guide him in this age, these things will have a life-time effect. This relationship pattern may continue in the adulthood, he may have multiple affairs or marriages as a rhythm of sudden/shocking changes in relationships may set in. A tendency to have secret relationships may exist. And most importantly after the mother separates from him (especially after her death), he matures and asserts his personality/ gifts very rapidly.

There may be hidden problems in the medical conditions ruled by the Moon. Also the eye-sight can be affected. It happens several times that such children conceal their occult abilities for whatever reason. And as energies if concealed erupt out with more force, these occult abilities may erupt in the later life damaging the physical eyes.

This is a great placement for psychological counsellors, doctors, nurses, professions related to death, detectives and tantriks. If he can develop the Moon’s gift – intuition, he can see omens/visions etc which can be used to help others. He can sense unseen needs and can fulfil them. And he has unseen needs himself, so should try to introspect once in a while. If the energies can be channelised in this way he will gain both, Moon-intuition and 8th-occult. Else he will suffer on several levels.

This is the most difficult placement for the birth Moon.

The only exception is when Moon as the lord of the 12th (Leo ascendant) or as the lord of the 6th (Aquarius ascendant), is placed in the 8th house. In these cases, the negative effects of this placement is somewhat reduced. The second exception will be if the ascendant sign/lord is highly powerful and capable of giving good results.

Moon, Sun, Mercury in the 8th house

Sun placed in the 8th house.

Here it is a case of a natural malefic occupying a house of turmoil. The self-ego and creativity of the self tends towards the secret. A good detective, a surgeon or a tantrik or more likely linked to secret (or even criminal) finance. Can get legacies and inherit from dead relatives.

Sun never really likes rules and regulations and in this house of secrets if he decides to disregard them, he can actually be a successful criminal. He is quite good at using the energies of the 8th. Mars, the natural ruler of the 8th sign Scorpio, and the Sun get along quite well. So the innate nature of the 8th house welcomes the Sun. He does a lot of activities but these will not be visible in the general public. This Sun will prefer to be in the center of the activities of the 8th house, the internal, healing energies, tantric practices, occult, situations dealing with death, emergencies and disasters etc, confidential information/legal cases, the king-maker, in covert operations etc thus the society may indirectly benefit.

He has access to secret knowledge and knows how to use it creatively. However if the personality does not honor the society or its requirements then this placement allows secret breaking of rules and gains thereof. This can cause infamy or disappearance from the society. There may be secret bad habits and eventually a sudden death. Longevity will be slightly lesser than average as the level of activity during the life time is very high. The ‘heat’ within the body will be high and there may be hidden problems with the heart, lungs and eyesight.

The personality does not agree with his Teacher-Father. He does not like or agree with formal religion and philosophies at all. (The 8th is counted twelfth from the 9th house) However can be great in the occult and the spiritual.

This is a rather typical placement and should be navigated sensibly. There may be periods of infamy, loss of leadership, damage to self-ego and loss of public image. The Sun means light and the 8th is the house of mystery. Avoiding the ‘strange’ will cause more problems. Accept that there will be continuous unpredictable changes related to the keywords of the Sun and adapt.

The only exception is when Sun is the lord of the 12th or lord of the 6th (Virgo and Pisces ascendants), is placed in the 8th house. In these cases, the negative effects of this placement is somewhat reduced. The second exception will be if the ascendant sign/lord is highly powerful and capable of giving good results.

Moon, Sun, Mercury in the 8th house

Mercury placed in the 8th house.

This can be a very good placement depending on the rest of the chart. In a good chart, this will create an extraordinary individual. Mercury is clear action, no deep philosophical fluff here. He will use his skills, with courage, intelligence, logic and surety and act with his voice and hands. Talk and Trade.

He can dive deep into the limitless database of the 8th and organise it. Retrieve relevant actionable information and then act on it. Depending on the rest of the chart this placement can grant wealth, wealth-making behaviour, good communication skills, mental strength, the deepest reserves of courage and a thirst for exploration. And he can earn, manage and increase the gifts offered by this mysterious house. Mercury in the 8th house will add to the powers represented by the occult, tantra and other mysteries, he has the physical skills to work here and the mental fortitude to sustain.

The house 3rd from the birth Mercury is the house in which thoughts and deepest wishes loop and linger. Thus the 10th house and its keywords of profession, work ethic, social standing, career, social mobility, personal father, responsibilities, social law and social image are given a thought to. If the rest of the chart is favourable this placement can boost all behaviour promoting these activities.

Mercury is ultimately the natural lord of the 6th house, the maha-dushansthan. So in the 8th, his negative qualities get reduced and he can give relatively beneficial results. There may be a few diseases (a regular routine check-up after mid-life is advisable) but over all a reasonably long life. Physical death is not traumatic either. Mercury is also the lord of the natural 3rd house. This is a rather typical house can be the worst of the lot given a free rein. As the lord of the 3rd too, Mercury finds the 8th to be a suitable environment.

Adapt and change is the catchword of the 8th house and the planets placed here, add their flavour to this mysterious house of deepest change. Remain aware of the potential transforming agents in your life and be prepared to face situations created by their energies.


5 thoughts on “Moon, Sun, Mercury in the 8th house

  1. Anonymous July 22, 2019 / 10:52 am

    Very nicely written! I have sun, mer (retro and combust) and Venus in 8th. It’s hasn’t been easy. I’ll wait and see what life has in store. Astrology has given a little perspective though..


    • astrologerbydefault July 23, 2019 / 10:30 pm

      Hi there, thank you.. am glad tht the post was of some help.
      It always helps if you channelise the potential such a powerful 8th house into mediation. Breathing 108 times with a mantra (soham/om/hamsa), will take 20 mins of your time daily and divert all this energy into the internal self where it properly belongs. The simplest practices if done regularly work wonders.


  2. Sunny May 15, 2020 / 12:57 am

    Now understood why I have unusual thinking pattern. I have moon in 8th.


  3. Rohith May 26, 2020 / 2:47 am

    Thank you for all you are doing through your blog! Unable to stop binge-reading all your posts!

    Can you share your thoughts on Moon, Sun, Mer(combust) in 8th scorpio and Ketu alone in 4th cancer in an emotional/spiritual context?


    • astrologerbydefault May 26, 2020 / 2:25 pm

      Hi there

      Ketu alone in Cancer 4th house generally denies affection in the home and in relationships. There may be some emotional issues. But he grants a philosophical outlook esp more after the 40s.
      Moon Sun Mercury in 8th Scorpio. There is an underlying sadness, desire to remain alone and do ones work. Interested in occult etc. Achievements may be late or denied. Might not be able to know why problems exist, the real reason behind them, so resolving them can be difficult. Mind is restless. Should take care of health.
      these are general readings


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