Birth Moon in airy signs Gemini Libra or Aquarius

As you think, so you are. We are but thoughts, crystallised into human form. We think ourselves into existence by the power of the mind. And this is why the position of the birth Moon is very significant. He is the embodiment of the Mind, the Manas. The Moon determines your thought patterns and thus your very existence.

The 12 signs of the zodiac are divided into,

Vayu वायु in Sanskrit means air, Vaat, wind, pran, greed, desire, breath etc. It is also the name of the deity Vayu, which is a conscious intelligence.

This post is about the common characteristics of the three airy signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, the intellectual tycoons of the zodiac. If your birth Moon is in any of these three signs then maybe you can identify the following traits in yourself. Use your knowledge of Jyotish to become more aware of your own self. Learn to identify your strengths and weaknesses to leverage them intelligently in life, thus making the most of it.

As a Vayu rashi, you are first and foremost quite changeable. The refreshing playful zephyr on a summer morning or equally the furious hurricane, demolishing everything in your path, you are always in motion overtly or covertly. This activity can be physical ie you like travelling, seeing new places, meeting new people, taking in new experiences. New settings, stimulating conversations and exchange of ideas make you happy. Adaptive, flexible, accommodative, cooperative and broad minded, you are made welcome every in every social situation.

You sometimes subtly experiment with people, a well placed word here and there to move situations as per your desire. Setting things into motion with these light interventions and then observing the outcomes is something you do naturally. You are a good conversationalist as you have a strong grasp of language, you instinctively know which word should be used where. Genuinely curious about everything you want to know more, about people, the place or the situation. Information attracts you like nothing  does.

And you need company, your close friend circle, your partners or the infinitely expansive like minded groups. Your interactions with others are your life and soul. Cooperation with the other comes naturally to you. You are generally a transparent personality and do not bear malice or feel hatred in your heart for long. However you can sometimes be unstable and unpredictable. So if anyone crosses you there is no saying how you will react, you might blow the hurt away with the wind or equally keep it within as a grudge to be repaid in full later. This can make you seem flighty or sometimes vindictive.

You also love to physically touch others in the course of your interactions with them. So you engage in shaking hands, clapping others on the back or hugging etc as per the norms of your home culture. Perhaps you do this to reassure yourself of the physical reality of the person before you.

And this desire to be on the move is equally a mental exercise. So you often travel into the delightful environs of your own mind and think. Ideas, alternative scenarios, projections, playing with your thoughts. Even if you look outwardly relaxed, your mind is always running in the ten different directions and at full speed. Your mind is your favourite toy and your thoughts never stop. You imagine things and sometimes put them on paper, ie write prose and poetry. With such immense creative skills, if you choose, you can be an awesome writer. 

You have the capacity to visualise a situation in the mind’s eye, turn it round and round, gain new perspectives, bring in more information. And you are quite perceptive, you can easily capture different angles of the same situation which others cannot sense. Then you use your intelligence and analysis to logically reduce things to their building blocks. This often leads you to new and unexpected opportunities. You can project into the future and also perform root cause analyses using your judgment and analytical skills.

Your are capable of subjective as well as objective thought, individually and together. And this is a rare ability. Generally people focus on the specific situation before them, ie think only in context of the situation they are in, ie concrete thought patterns. But some are able to observe the concrete before them and extrapolate it to the abstract, and use both these ways to make more sense of the situation. Eg you tell your friend something accurately about his chart. He argues, asserts that you are wrong. You know your subject and are sure about the analysis. There are two overlapping scenarios here, the objective, ie the current argument, the actual question that is being discussed. And the subjective, you now use this event to revalue your friend’s personality. You analyse his reaction, his behaviour and revaluate his personality and fundamentally change your perception about him forever. Both these thought patterns always go on simultaneously in your mind. In fact your mind can think in several directions at once. And other people who cannot comprehend what your mind is capable of will call you egoistic.

These three signs are the Shudra rashis. This indicates that you have an infinite capacity for working, hard. Always in motion, active and tireless. Even before one project is complete, you have another one ready in your mind. You have the rare ability to multitask. You can communicate, talk, write and are the glue of human interactions, which is the real physical foundation on which this society exists. You produce ‘thought’ which is of immense value and essential. The ability to think is most important as it in turn creates everything else. The Mind is the real creator. And this is ‘work’ in the real sense. Thus the airy rashis are the real actual creators. And finally deep philosophy is not your forte, ie you do not subscribe to any ideological foundation, you are willing to experiment with several thought processes to achieve your goals.

This same theme is continued in the Kama trikon. These signs make up the 9/ 5 axis of creation/ foundation of the desires of the mind. You set your Will in a specific direction and this is the function of the Kama trikon. This trikon crystallises a set of desires in your Mind. You try to get those things which your Mind longs for. Once the mind conceptualises an idea, the rest of the body starts working to achieve it. You are successful at every profession which requires creative thinking and visualisation coupled with lots of diverse activities. 

If we check out the light and dark halves concept and the location of the signs in the natural zodiac. Gemini lies in the inward moving energy part and Aquarius are in the outwardly moving energy half. Libra can go either way (depending on the rest of the chart.)

All are odd signs so are male rashis. This means that your are more the instigator of action. You activate, inspire or provoke others into action. You provide the intellectual, technical etc backup which assures these others who lean on you for guidance. 

The signs opposite to the airy signs are the fiery signs. So your preferred partner is often someone who has a fiery sign in the ascendant sign or the Moon sign or significant planets in the Agni rashis. Though fire and air do not seem a very logical combination but you like interacting with such people. They are opposite to your nature but strangely provide you the fill in the blanks energy which you need. 

These airy signs are composed of Nakshatra connected to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. That means the 9 nakshatra quarters of each of these signs are composed of,

  • 2 quarters of Mars energy.
  • 4 quarters of Rahu energy
  • 3 quarters of Jupiter energy.

This combination is a very potent mix. Initiative, confidence, secrets, desire for change added to unlimited desires, infinite longings, superlative Will with kindness and luck. A well placed Moon in such an airy sign can create an extraordinary individual. 

If you observe the sequence of Chara, Sthira, Dvi-swabhavi rashis, ie moveable, stable, dual natured, then the signs progressively are dual, moveable and stable. This is the fundamental sequence where first the personality explores options, experiments with each one of them till it is satisfied and stabilises on one of them as the most suitable. All the airy signs will in some way follow this sequence in the life.


These airy signs are composed of Nakshatra connected to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. That means the 9 nakshatra quarters of each of these signs are composed of,

  • 2 quarters of Mars energy.
  • 4 quarters of Rahu energy
  • 3 quarters of Jupiter energy.

This combination is a very potent mix. Initiative, confidence, secrets, desire for change added to unlimited desires, infinite longings, superlative Will with kindness and luck. A well placed Moon in such an airy sign can create an extraordinary individual.

If you observe the sequence of Chara, Sthira, Dvi-swabhavi rashis, ie moveable, stable, dual natured, then the signs progressively are dual, moveable and stable. This is the fundamental sequence where first the personality explores options, experiments with each one of them till it is satisfied and stabilises on one of them as the most suitable. All the airy signs will in some way follow this sequence in the life.

For those on the spiritual path, these Moon signs are connected to air, Vayu, Mind, Pran. So if you have some grounding influences in your chart which help you focus then you can easily achieve control over your breath and pran. But to get on the spiritual path you will need to have a powerful watery sign in your chart as airy signs are neither philosophical nor emotional. And to trigger spirituality, you need to have that emotional connect with your adored deity or a deep understanding of philosophy.


One negative here is that you love the thinking process by itself. So when think of a project and arrive at a conclusion in your mind, this in itself is so highly satisfying that you do not even bother to put your project into actual practice. This can make you unreliable in life.

Another is that you cannot emotionally connect with others on a one to one level and this can affect your relationships with your loved ones. Especially in emotionally charged contexts, such remote behaviour can traumatise your loved ones. Your inability to express emotions in depth can sometimes be a problem in personal relations. This can lead to irresponsible, immature or flighty behaviour.

If this Moon in Vayu rashi is unable to perform optimally he will first create an inflated ego. You will talk illogically, gossip, boast a lot, have an opinion on everything, be impractical and suffer from a lack of grounding. Only talk and zero action. Or you may be cold, calculative, aloof and unapproachable.

This airy Moon can sometimes cause imbalances of the mind, psychiatric problems as general sensitivity is exaggerated. Sometimes this constant thinking can also be a source of stress as the mind gets tired and literally melts. Also medical issues with the physical nerves, allergies and skin related problems.

If you of the Airy Mind, are suffering from such negatives then you should analyse yourself, develop coping mechanisms and try to leverage your positives so that you can live a better adjusted life.

You live your life in your mind. 

47 thoughts on “Birth Moon in airy signs Gemini Libra or Aquarius

  1. Dr.shradh June 15, 2022 / 11:30 am

    To a large extent it is correct but I have observed given traits relate differently to these three signs like Gemini is very superficial and exhibit most negative traits but other two are emotional and sensitive.inflated ego is a problem with geminis.
    Any way superb observation and analysis of airy sign.


    • astrologerbydefault June 15, 2022 / 12:44 pm

      Hi there
      ego is an issue with all 3 airy signs, observe at least 10 charts/people with these three signs each. Similarly unemotional behaviour. you will see how their these traits are expressed in life.
      but if you see an airy moon sign person being sensitive/emotional then do check the position of the moon in the navamsha, most likely it will be in a watery sign. or the asc sign will be watery, or several other planets will be in watery signs, esp the asc lord in a watery sign.
      pure airy sign charts are not emotional nor sensitive, but are highly logical, intellectually motivated.

      and for the birth moon sign analysis i first write a general post on the tattva and then detailed posts on each sign. This helps cover the topic comprehensively.
      fr the general posts on the earthy signs and watery signs and the separate posts on these 6 signs ref the index page.

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  2. Shala June 15, 2022 / 1:13 pm

    Hello maam. We see charts of famous personalities of esp last two centuries, some whose name and fame increased tremendously post death. Some others extremely famous when alive are totally condemned in the years following their death.
    What placement in those charts might indicate this? Both the fall and rise after death ? Pls guide


    • astrologerbydefault June 15, 2022 / 6:41 pm

      Hi there
      to gauge if a preson will be remembered after death by a large group of people and for an extended period of time

      – Powerful asc lord/sign, birth Moon, yogkarak. And powerful Yog in the chart. the Dharma trikon and the kendra have to be strong.
      Coz to be really charismatic world leaders or spiritual leaders, you need to have an exceptionally powerful chart in the first place.
      look for the Bala, ashtak varga etc parameters

      – the 8th house has to be strong –
      we are looking for fame after the death event, so to initiate this fame, the 8th house has to be strong in itself.

      – the 11th house has to be strong as it is the primary indicator of fame.

      – Rahu and Ketu have to be strong yogkarak ,
      esp Rahu, as he is the one who gives material fame. check if they are with the asc lord/sign, or influencing major planets but this has to be without them spoiling their significations,

      now for positive fame, Venus and Jupiter both have to support the basic combinations.

      and for infamy, these powerful charts will be subtly poisoned by combinations of cruel planets, ie Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Sun etc will vitiate the ‘purity’ of the basic combination. these will be the people who are remembered with disgust and as negative examples.

      and if you can get the right birth details, you will have to go through at least their D3 D9 D10 D20 D60 .
      the more you delve into the DC the more accurate your prediction will be regarding this typical Q.

      I think Shri Ram and Shri Krishna’s charts are the best examples of such combinations. when they were alive, neither claimed to be an avtar. but after their physical deaths, they were and are still revered as Shri Vishnu himself.

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  3. Gayatri R June 15, 2022 / 1:26 pm

    ” So when think of a project and arrive at a conclusion in your mind, this in itself is so highly satisfying that you do not even bother to put your project into actual practice. ”

    That’s bang on , literally made me laugh :).


  4. Keshav June 15, 2022 / 7:48 pm

    Hello Ma’am,

    Shukracharya is the guru of Asuras. But I find it commonly misunderstood that he goads the asuras into greater power in this world.

    He is still guru…. spiritually speaking. The strictest teacher as you pointed out in your post. Moksha Karaka too.

    So my understanding is that he will eventually whip the asuras/asuric energies into shape… into evolving.

    Yet the only story I know is of him warning Mahabali that the innocent child Brahmin is none other than Lord Vishnu in disguise.

    Protective, perhaps? But why deny the lord his due respect which Mahabali accords even after knowing this?

    Fascinating to look to our Puranas and Itihas for contemplation…


    • astrologerbydefault June 15, 2022 / 9:11 pm

      Hi there
      An Atma jnyani Guru will never take away your power to choose. The choice is always yours. No one can take away this fundamental ‘choice’ from you and certainly not the Atma jnyani Guru.
      I have seen so very many examples where my Guru was requested to give blessings for getting children, for getting married, for getting a better job, and even for buying a new car! No one ever requested him for granting him that ultimate Krupa of Moksh.
      The attractions of Prakruti are just too alluring for regular humans to even think of leaving it all behind.
      If you do sufficient sadhana, ie recite the mantra, follow the scheduled routine, do austerities like fasting, go for pilgrimages, etc then the Guru will say ‘Tathastu’.
      So be very careful about what you ask for, you just might get it. This concept is equally applicable for humans, asurs and devatas.
      Daityaguru Shukracharya does not ‘goad’ the Asurs into anything. A Guru will not goad his disciples into anything at all. It is their basic Asuri nature, Tamogun, they are like that by default. He has to say ‘tathastu’ if his disciples perform the necessary sadhana, this is the basic rule of this creation. But then he is still the Atma jnyani Guru and with the worst sort of Tamoguni disciples. So he does the next best thing. He ensures that they die at the hands of a Shri Vishnu avtar.

      A Guru does not interfere in the lives of humans. A jivatma has to reach the Vishuddhi chakra on his own before he can even see a genuine Atma jnyani Satguru. And then among these there are very rare sadhaks who have done sufficient sadhana with the intention of Moksh. Only then does he take this Jivatma into his sharan. Then teaches him Vedanta, makes him understand its subtleties which lead him to Moksh.

      All these topics are very subtle.
      If you are interested, try to read Vivek Chudamani.

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      • Keshav June 16, 2022 / 9:10 am

        Thank you for this illuminating reply.

        I’m slowly reading our scriptures. It’s my heritage!


  5. ANAND June 15, 2022 / 8:37 pm

    Pranaam Madam,
    Thanks for this precious piece of knowledge, and we run short of words to describe the brilliance of your writing. Thanks again for this post.

    Sincere regards, best wishes and gratitude as always,


  6. Vishakha June 15, 2022 / 8:43 pm

    Dear Tejaswini,

    Hari Om!

    There’s a lot of talk about Hindu unity at the moment… this constant criticism that Hindus are not united.

    I thought about it long and hard. Wanted to share my views and seek yours too.

    I feel the strength of Hindu dharma is in its diversity. Heterogeneity. Ancient, enduring heterogeneity.

    Unity is today’s world is an egalitarian homogeneity which is very temporary and self-serving, politically. This constant call for Hindu unity (to my ears) translates into a call for homogeneous fraternity… and this goes against the very fabric of heterogeneous multi-layered Hindu world.

    Instead, shouldn’t the focus be something like : be whoever you are in the vast multiplicity, but focus on personal sadhana which grooms the dharma within us.

    Because under the mighty umbrella of dharma, of course we are united, always have been, always will be… regardless of which corner or level of Hindu world we come from.

    I don’t buy this narrative that we are not united. It’s a psychological gimmick played on Hindus by those who know how to needle insecurities into people.

    This is the oldest living religion in the world.

    Hindu unity was probably partially activated every now and then as per the need of the hour. But Hindu dharma transgressing time was not because of this “unity” but “unifying sense of dharma”. Unity is one of the by products of sadhana and dharma. It was dharma, not “unity” that had ensured the survival of this religion, against all odds.

    I wish there were more calls everywhere else for Hindus to do more sadhana as I often find in your replies and posts. Instead of this harping on Hindu unity without this grounding in sadhana or dharma.

    In my life and my struggles for these causes, it was not unity that propelled me. I didn’t even look for it. It was always sadhana. Mantra. Scripture. And then after that, I would find unity, same wavelengths etc.

    Pardon my rambling.

    I’d like to hear your views, when time permits.

    Warm regards,


    • astrologerbydefault June 16, 2022 / 11:44 am

      Hi there
      Sanatan Dharma seems to be very diverse but this is only at the superficial layer. At its core is the Vedanta and the Advaita.

      Every deity, philosophy, Shastra, Vidya etc is eventually a road to the Self. Your own Self. I hope you can appreciate the grandness of this reality that we all strive towards.

      We are not heterogenous, never were, never will be. We are not dual, we cannot be. If anyone says that we are dual then he does not follow Sanatan Dharma. We are essentially Advaita, which by definition is non-dual.

      If this thought is too overwhelming for you then you can think that every follower of Sanatan Dharma worships Om, albeit in various forms. (And Om is the moorti of the Advaita.)

      Everything is allowed in Sanatan Dharma but only Non-duality is accepted.
      Everything is ’Swikar’ in Sanatan Dharma but everything is not ‘Grahya’. I am using the Sanskrit words to emphasise this point.

      True strength comes only from mantra shakti, this line I will repeat and repeat and repeat ad infinitum. Everyone must do their regular personal sadhana.

      But as we live in this world, we all also have to follow the duties of Gruhast-ashram. These are broadly,
      1. To protect and maintain the self, ie the personal body.
      2. To protect the family, expand it etc.
      3. To protect the society and maintain it as per Dharma.
      All Gruhastashrami people are obligated to perform this Karma.

      And for these objectives to be fulfilled all those who follow Dharma must be together. and this is possible only when we have the ‘glue’, ie mantra shakti. This ‘glue’ is the personal conviction that we are following Dharma, this starts at the individual level but it has to percolate into the society too else it is of no use.
      This is seen in the forms of Sampradays, Matths. And there are regular pravachans and kirtans in local temples, Bhajan mandalis, cohesive pilgrimages like the Pandharpur Wari. all this is more prevalent in the Dakshin than in the Uttar.

      Today most of us are not convinced about the power of Dharma because we do not do any pujas whatsoever. And this is a slippery slope.

      I have written several times, that everyone at the bare minimum must give Surya Arghya, do Gayatri jaap and pujas of the Kuldevata/Ishtadevta (if you do not know who is your devata then worship Shri Ganapati, the Vighnaharta himself).

      There are tests always, and a big one is coming up.
      So be prepared on all levels in all ways to defend your personal conviction in Dharma. At the individual, family and society levels there are huge challenges coming up. Just praying will not do now. The Collective will have to Act.

      To summarise, Bhagwan Krishna and Bhagwan Ram are the ideals that one must strive to emulate in all ways. They were humans (Bhagwan Vishnu took human births to give us examples to follow)
      Read the Ramayan and the Mahabharat and try to follow in their footsteps.

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      • Vishakha June 16, 2022 / 1:46 pm

        Thank you for the valuable insights as always

        Never doubted the core of Advaita in the ‘heterogeneous’ layers of Hindu world. Maybe now more than ever, this core will rise up to offset decays here and there.

        May Shri Krishna/Shri Ram energise our Sadhana and bless our Dharma!

        Connecting with seekers like you is what I call Hindu unity.

        And for that, my pranams to our Gurus…🙏

        May our Gurus protect us and guide us! 🙏

        I have 100% faith in Sanatana Dharma to tide over this decade of turbulence.

        Dharmakshetre Kurukshetre…


  7. niha June 15, 2022 / 8:59 pm

    Hello Ma’am,

    You have written after a good weekly break. I was honestly waiting to be able to interact with you via comments on a confusion via going through 3-4 charts basis lot of your articles from index

    its confusing to interpret. Please help as possible for you;

    BG- Chart A is leo asc. Mars in shadbala (610) vargottama in atleast 5 DC. In the main chart however, ashtakvarga is low (26) in ashwini nakshatra. Ketu is on cusp of 9/10th house.

    Now, venus is in mars nakshatra in 11th house with average shadbala(480) being aspected by jupiter from 3rd house (r). Ashtakvarga, again is beyond low of venus (23) though its mooltrikon has 30 points and in navamsa it sits in 3rd house libra.

    Sun (10), ketu(cusp), mars (9),venus(11) are all very close degreewise (weak) or in enemy sign.

    Q1. Is the sun, ruler afflicted in this case. If we do not take drishti of rahu…since its in venus’s sign in 10th house (not conjunct but sitting with weak mercury), close to mars and ketu

    Gets even worse in navamsa….goes to 6th house of saturn. How to read such ruler and its effect? Sun mahadasha will be seen by this person in 40s

    My fellow reader says it will give fame, struggle at work but the individual will come out of it since sun is strong in shadbala and not sitting alone. Saturn might curb royal living, restriction in ego, lower level work during its dasha. Is this correct way to interpret since association of ruler is with karma house. Can you guide if this interpretation is correct? Any hints

    Q2. Mercury is important for leo governing both wealth houses. In this case, its weak and sitting 12th to the 11th house…..hence it will displace 11th house -earnings + mars has weak ashtakvarga being dispositor, venus in 11th has weak ashtakvarga. Will this native ever be able earn decent? 2nd house is decent has 30 points but that only indicate what born family has, or what you save which can sometimes be more than expenses. But what if the money doesn’t come only? No progress? Is this correct

    Shadbala and ashtakvarga conflict… creating issues to read chart mam. Read many articles before coming to you. These days astrologers just read houses and signs without understanding ‘what specification’ of which house gets impacted ….not everything would be denied related to that house.


    • astrologerbydefault June 16, 2022 / 12:53 pm

      Hi there
      I had mentioned in March that i do not have the time to write regularly anymore.
      but still i try to make time for answering genuine comments.
      the comment section of the forum page is always open.

      If this is your test subject come to your own conclusions and then observe what happens when he hits the relevant dasha.
      If this is your or your loved one’s chart then refer to a genuine astrologer who still reads charts.

      Some points,
      I have written posts on navamsha analysis. CS Patel is the reference author.
      If you are going to use several techniques then first be clear on what each technique is going to indicate.
      If Ketu is less than 15deg away then maturity of the ascendant lord is going to be delayed.
      Sun in 10th in Taurus is good. Dispositor Venus in 11th is also helpful.
      I do not consider Rahu Ketu to have Drishti in the technical sense.
      Mahadasha of ascendant lord is generally good, as he is the primary benefic of the chart. Wrote on vimshottari dashes.
      Professional successes are possible if he curtails personal ego and follows rules and structure.
      Asc lord in 10th house should give a reasonably good salary type of income. but he may not be able to accumulate it. Solution is to give a small fixed amount as dana to Kuldevata temple, this can be done monthly/yearly.


      • niha June 17, 2022 / 3:47 pm

        Thank you Ma’am for the guidance. This is a test chart but since I know the person and you asked to observe life of cancer and leo ascendants, I collected charts of those around me.

        Ma’am, this chart is very confusing per se in a lot of things. Others are still straight.

        1. More planets are in the bright half (free will, conscious changes more than bhog of past … per your article). Ma’am is it true for every house? Like this chart has almost 6 planets

        – 7th (half bright half dark) saturn (strong)
        – 9th (mars) shadbala strong, ashtakvarga poor but vargotamma and yogkarka
        – ketu at cusp of 9th and 10th (degree is weak)
        – sun, mercury in 10th
        – venus in 11th (like i stated)
        – moon in 12th (malefic but in own dusht house)

        So, ma’am no breathing space at all. So much going on in the bright half interrelated with nakshatra. Only rahu and retro jupiter in the bright but for female chart even retro jupiter is not good…..say for a marriage. Good for spirituality, innovation but gives health issues being 8th lord (read bits from multiple articles of yours and BPHS)

        Ma’am in the two leo charts that I am reading

        1. One has moon (weak in shadbala (353, kashta and ishta are equal) so its neutral as a malefic is what I read. Nothing is aspecting this planet in 12th. Sade sati will be bad as saturn gave only 1 point in sarvashtak.

        – but isn’t it good in a way that the malefic is not powerful to not give malefic results also. In this case, does reading moon chart even make sense for any happenings??? Isn’t the ascendant lord sun more strong to be read or lagna……pls guide. For sure, the person is very sensitive, intuitive cus we speak often don’t know if its right intuition also due to moon being weak

        2. This leo has moon the malefic with 425 shadbala and surprisingly more ishta phala than any other planets (74) and zero kashta sitting in 9th house of aries….shifts to taurus in D9 in 11th house. His moon dasha is coming next year. Since you did mention, 12th house MD will be fluctuating, ups and down, physical death……how do we judge this moon? Mars the lord is exalted in D9 and is decent in 7th house.

        It is being aspected in rashi chart by retro jupiter (3rd) and saturn (7th house). What can be the theme of this MD for this person, Ma’am?

        Higher Studies, out of country? Father’s health, maternal side in issue…..also sade sati will kick in the next 3 years when saturn goes to pisces. Since its 12th from 10th…..job loss? Displacement? His tenth house has ketu which sits in 10th house, moon is in ketu nakshatra (ashwini 2)

        I so much wish you start taking astro classes even if very small niche batches picked properly. I guess we are only lucky to be able to read your knowledge and put to right use after years….will you never read charts or teach mam? Or only cus of work and family life?


      • astrologerbydefault June 17, 2022 / 4:29 pm

        Hi there
        if this is a test chart then observe him and tally your predictions. this is self study.
        patience is also one of the characteristics for a Jyotishi. we predict things which can sometimes happen years in the future.

        i have recommended that serious students take up a degree course at a university. there are several options for certificate, diploma and online classes.

        i simply do not have that much time free at this point of time.
        my own practice requires at least 2hrs daily
        then i read books mostly vedanta and some other typical books – i read them in sanskrit, so a shlok can take 1-2days as i cross reference and then think over it.
        and some projects that i am working on.
        plus home and office.
        i try to answer genuine Q but fr that too i keep only 1-2 comment boxes open. (i dont want too many Q).

        my time is valuable to me.

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  8. Sri June 15, 2022 / 9:27 pm

    Pranaam Tejaswini ji

    I was waiting for a post from you , so that I can ask a question that has been a source of anxiety and depression since a month when my dad passed away a month ago.

    The question is …was it pre destined?

    In general, is death happens as chosen by the soul before it comes to life, the date , time and type of death?

    If yes, how to justify death by any negligence towards taking care of health, not taking medicines properly thinking that the person is healthy, and a spike in sugar levels will be controlled without taking insulin but just medicines.

    Also, we as a family are living with a guilt that we could not sense that the situation is critical and might require immediate medical care , we should have forced him to the hospital at the very sign of his discomfort ( even though he was saying he feels it will be ok and it’s not critical).

    Please enlighten us , so that we can come to some conclusion and find a way going forward.

    Thanks and regards
    Sri 🙏


    • astrologerbydefault June 16, 2022 / 12:04 pm

      Hi there
      Physical death, time/location/method etc is chosen by the soul at the time of birth itself.
      We come here to work out a portion of our karmic baggage and then when our quota is done we go back to the pitrulok to rest.

      I wrote quite a few posts on longevity, 8th house, marak sthan, what happens at the moment of death etc. use the index page to read them if you wish.
      I wrote a post on forgiving yourself too. Maybe you can read it.
      You cannot judge your past actions now.

      At that past point of time, you took the best possible decision based on the data before you.
      And if you had no negligence, malice, ill will or negative feeling in your heart at that time then you should not create this sort of guilt for yourself.
      Guilt is the worst negative feeling you can create for yourself as it eats you up on the inside.

      You cannot change the past by using the information you have at the present time.

      Now the fact is that your loved father’s soul is in the pitrulok. Your family is now required to perform the regular tarpan vidhis as per schedule.

      Most importantly you should reflect on the positive memories that you have of him. Hold on to your past happiness with him. Try to bring sanskars that he must have given you etc into your life.
      But live your life to the fullest as your father would have wanted the best for you.
      If you keep on thinking of him all the time, his soul will feel the discomfort too.
      You can think of Bhagwan Vishnu or your Kuldevata as your father if it makes things easy for you.
      Sit in front of your puja ghar and talk to your devata as you would talk to your father. tell him everything that you feel, cry if you feel like it. let it all out, put it at the feet of the deity and then let him handle it.
      this letting go if done with shraddha works perfectly.

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      • Hemangini June 17, 2022 / 6:30 pm

        Thank you so much Tejaswini Ma’m for this detailed answer !


  9. Parry Kumar June 16, 2022 / 5:33 am

    Can you please post for the other 9 zodiac signs i.e. Prithvi tattva, Agni tattva and Jal Tattva?. Thanks


    • astrologerbydefault June 16, 2022 / 12:04 pm

      Hi there
      wrote on the watery and earthy signs,
      use the index page


  10. Srikanth June 16, 2022 / 10:15 am

    Hello Tejaswini Ji,

    Please answer this query of mine.

    Is death pre destined?

    If I am correct, I read that there are three situations in life when the soul can leave the body due to no interest in life anymore during childhood/youth/old age.

    So does that mean , the disinterest can trigger the death at these stages and it’s not actually predestined exactly with respect to date time and mode of death?

    Does medical help actually surpasses this destined death?
    Are sudden deaths like suicides and accidents also destined.?

    Request you to help me understand this as I m going through the loss of my father.

    Thanks and Regards


    • astrologerbydefault June 16, 2022 / 12:29 pm

      Hi there
      Physical death is chosen at the time of birth itself. That is why we can estimate longevity etc as per the charts.
      But as we have lost a significant portion of the Jyotish texts no astrologer will make a prediction of death dates in public. One can estimate the time of death esp in critically ill patients. Prashna is useful in these cases.
      We can gauge the longevity of the person using the chart and also the mode, location and type of exit that the person has chosen. possiblity for exit via medical issues, murders, accidents, suicides, old age etc can be predicted.
      But no genuine astrologer will give out this information to the client, as it generally creates fear, which spoils the quality of life.
      Do not worry so much about the exit from matryalok. Just do your daily pujas and try to live your life as per your conscience.
      We have been conditioned to think of the death event as a especially traumatic episode in life.
      But for souls who have been doing sat-karma during their lives it is not so. It is then just like opening the door to another room and simply walking through.
      (In fact being born, ie sitting in the womb for 9 months and being born is more tedious.)

      I have not heard of this ‘3 situations’ theory. Disinterest cannot trigger the death event unless the longevity is at an end. Tendency to commit suicide can be predicted to some extent. again this action will be possible only if the longevity is at an end. Medical help will be successful only if the longevity is still continuing.

      I wrote quite a few posts on longevity, 8th house, marak sthan, what happens at the moment of death etc. use the index page to read them if you wish.


  11. Viju June 17, 2022 / 12:19 am

    Dearest Tejaswiniji,

    Many, many thanks for this much awaited post on Moon in air signs 🙏🏻♥️ I had been thinking of this topic for some weeks now. Like your numerous readers, I very much look forward to your new posts. Much appreciate this post knowing how very busy you are🙏🏻Whenever you can manage the time, please do write on moon in fiery signs – like the detailed posts you wrote on moon in earth and water signs.

    I had been using the individual sign traits and matching it to the moon. And air moon signs do prefer mental compatibility as compared to an earth moon sign, for example. And they are logical, rational with a dislike for emotional expression.

    What you wrote about sequence followed by air signs is so true! Thanks a lot🙏🏻

    Lots of love and gratitude


  12. Viju June 17, 2022 / 1:08 am

    Namaste Tejaswiniji,

    My question is triggered by your response to a query on death. You wrote “Physical death is chosen at the time of birth itself.”. My dad used to say this too Awhen he was alive.

    Many years ago I read about a belief among Polynesians that suicide is not wrong because the person has consciously chosen to end his life in a particular way – which is not different from a person (although not consciously) choosing an illness to die. What I cannot understand is why sometimes a soul chooses to die by murder or suicide. A death by murder could be very traumatic if there was torture and the death was long drawn out and painful. You have mentioned in another post about how a suicide could make a soul regress backward, which does not help it evolve. Given that a soul’s goal is to evolve, why would a soul choose a traumatic/difficult death by murder or suicide?

    Thanks in advance.

    Lots of love and gratitude


    • astrologerbydefault June 17, 2022 / 8:18 am

      Hi there
      there is no ‘right or wrong’.
      the way that a soul chooses to exit martyalok ie illness, accident, murder, old age, lingering diseases, suicides etc exit are all chosen by the soul itself even before it is born. it chalks out its path while still in pitrulok. and why does it choose this path? to balance something from its own karmic account. that is the only reason.

      that is why i always write that karma is to be enjoyed/endured.
      in some lives you enjoy karmic fruits and in some you have to endure them. Untimely it is all averaged out.

      and if you are thinking on this, why stop at the exit method?
      eg why does someone prefer to live a life as an insane person? or as a seriously ill or handicapped individual ? this is technically worse, a lifetime of trauma which has to be endured.
      or a very mundane eg. 90% of the people living in Mumbai, travel to work for at least 4-5 hrs daily. but do not give even 4-5mins for doing some personal pujas. would you call this a ‘life’?
      eg the Ambani family lives a very lavish lifestyle, but has lakhs of crores of debt which they/their companies owe to banks. would you call them ‘rich’?
      Or compare with a Yogi who keeps no physical object with him (except his langot, his danda, his rudraksha mala and his kamandalu) he is technically the richest person. so what do you think is being a Yogi better or is being an Ambani better?

      every action you take helps you evolve.
      suicide does not make a soul regress backwards, it simply is a choice which the soul will repeat for a few more lives.
      a soul regresses into the timir andha when one behaves against the personal conscience. once you reach this level of darkness, there is no option for you, no more births are possible, you wait here till creation is dissolved.

      so there is no point to these sort of questions linked to karma and the choice that other jivatmas around you make.
      better would be to think on your own motivations and the life you lead.

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  13. DV June 17, 2022 / 9:49 am

    Hello Ma’am

    Thank you very much for your posts.
    In such turbulent times, when I think that what madness is happening, I get consoled that time of Mahakaal is coming. You have already talked about such internal conflicts erupting.

    Ma’am I want to know about Surya arghya.
    How to do it properly since we live in a flat, no East Side seen.
    I actually want to teach my son hence want to know the correct way and the mantras.

    Many thanks
    Kind regards


    • astrologerbydefault June 17, 2022 / 10:49 am

      Hi there
      Wrote on it in some post on the Sun.
      Use the index page or search bar

      Go down to the ground or the terrace.


  14. niha June 17, 2022 / 4:00 pm

    Namaste Ma’am,

    Gratitude that you are very ably guiding generations via this karma.

    I have so many questions but let’s put this up:)

    Why is Sun, the great malefic? Are we cursing or cribbing on the existence of everything (possible due to sun) – the planets, magnetic pull, endless life to pitrulok journey, karma setting. Is this cage?

    We call it fiery…..agni…..purification…..leo whose ruler is this luminary suffer in a lot of respect. If this planet has strength to absorb and end anything…..also has power to create something ‘new’

    How can the center of everything be malefic for astrology as a system?


    • astrologerbydefault June 17, 2022 / 4:50 pm

      Hi there
      I wrote a few posts on the Sun, covered this point.
      Index page or search bar


  15. jinesh k June 19, 2022 / 9:24 pm


    which is give n more importance while predicting .pratyandardasha or transits


    • astrologerbydefault June 20, 2022 / 3:50 pm

      Hi there
      Use the pratyantar dasha only if you have an accurate birth time and have sufficient experience in dasha analysis.
      For the longer Mahadasha, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Rahu, Moon it is ideal if you can analyse the pratyantar dasha.
      For the shorter ones, Ketu, Sun, Mars the prayatantar dasha will be ranging for a few months. Unless you have an accurate birth time and enough experience there is no point in going in so deep.

      Transits are very important as they help pinpoint the event you predict.
      Eg in a favourable dasha/antardasha if a shubh-graha crosses over sensitive points in the chart he can trigger the event you desire.
      And in an unfavourable dasha period a kronor-graha can trigger traumatic events by his transits.


  16. Aumi June 20, 2022 / 4:48 am

    Hello Ma’am,

    I have been following your blog for a while now and it’s good to see your new post after a long wait … 😃.
    Your posts positively stimulate to think about the depth of our universe and our existence in it.

    I completely agree with the point of loving the process of thinking itself but I tend to struggle with communication at times despite being quite emotional person myself.

    I am having moon in Aquarius (Shatabhisha 16.40 degrees) and I am a Leo ascendant with Sun at 28.44 degrees and Mercury at 12 degrees in Cancer.

    Also I am generally told I do not change my opinions easily without empirical evidence. (I tend to take time to form them too).

    Overthinking has been my biggest Con although I do tend to enjoy it at times , it’s as you said, it exhausts the mind.

    I am currently undergoing my Saturn – Venus Dasha as well as Sadesati and last 3 years have been by far most difficult and negative period of my life. (Have caused health issues despite being vigilant).

    It also lead me towards astrology as during the first year I was not aware of the Sadesati I was undergoing. And now it seems I was meant to find it…

    Is it because of sade sati or because of Venus antardasha?

    My Venus is conjunct with Jupiter in Purvaphalguni pada 1 and 4 respectively. About 6 months of Venus Dasha are remaining which will be followed by Saturn-Sun Dasha.

    My Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn at 20. 48 degrees having opposition to Sun.

    I am really concerned about Sun antardasha as it is in Gandanta and my ascendant lord and atmakaraka. Will the period be better than the Venus antardasha?

    Any remedies or advices you can kindly offer me to prepare myself and utilise the good parts of the remaining Venus Dasha and the upcoming Sun antardasha ?

    Kindly suggest if I can do any upaays for improving mental and physical well-being.

    Pardon me for writing a long comment. This was my first comment as the topic is closely relatable to me…

    Will wait for your reply as per your convenience…

    Thank you for passing down this knowledge which is helping people like me to gain better direction in life…

    Sending gratitude and regards,



    • astrologerbydefault June 20, 2022 / 4:05 pm

      Hi there

      I have written several posts which will give you more insights into yourself, if you read them.
      Leo ascendant,
      the Sun
      12th house
      Saturn mahadasha
      Sade sati
      Saturn transits

      Saturn Venus dasha is one of the most karmically loaded ones.

      Wrote on Jupiter and Venus conjunct. It is a very typical combination.

      You are going through several turbulent events linked to dasha and Sade sati both.

      Wrote on using the Sun’s energies.
      The easiest remedy is the Surya Arghya. In fact every one must do this daily as it resolves several things.
      The best Upay, is to do pujas of your Kuldevata/ ishtadevata. (if you do not know either then worship Shri Ganpati.). and light a deepak/agarbatti to tulsi plant every evening.

      Use the index page or search bar to find the post you would like to read.

      For personalised readings you should refer to your regular astrologer.


      • Sujith June 21, 2022 / 6:19 am

        Namaste Ma’am,

        I did read many of your posts..I feel amazing and find it as really divine information..
        I feel discomfort to share about me with anyone..but I feel it need to ask you for some guidance..

        As far I know..

        I have moon in jyeshta 4th pada..Somehow my parents didn’t perform any shanti puja after my Birth..

        Gemini Ascendant with Mercury Ketu Sun in First House..
        Sun in Ardra 2nd pada..

        From My Moon Chart 10th lord Sun in 8th House..
        Venus,mars,jupiter in 9th House..

        I find Lord Krishna as my favourite God..
        Sometimes it turns as Kali..
        But why I can’t show much interest to Shiva etc like them..?
        I didn’t get marriege..and unstable career..

        What if a person can’t do shanti puja for nakshatra in childhood..?
        Plz any suggestions about my issue…


      • astrologerbydefault June 21, 2022 / 3:45 pm
      • Aumi June 21, 2022 / 12:35 pm

        Thank you Ma’am for the guidance.

        I am going through the articles you listed for better understanding also I will follow given advice and will cultivate more positivity… 😊


      • astrologerbydefault June 21, 2022 / 3:46 pm

        Hi there
        it is your choice to live a more fulfilling life, so you have to choose and make an effort in that direction.


      • Sujith June 21, 2022 / 12:46 pm

        Namaste Ma’am,

        It’s very knowledgeable to read your posts about spirituality..
        I have some doubts from my childhood..

        Why it says Shiva,Vishnu are same..?
        Why names mentioned like Shiva,Mahadeva,rudra in Vishnu sahasranama?
        And what makes them both separate..?
        And Why rudra popularly associated with Shiva..and not with Vishnu..?

        It says Rudra and Indra are same..
        And..What makes them popular separately..?


      • astrologerbydefault June 21, 2022 / 4:01 pm

        Hi there
        Everything you see around you including you is the Advaita, ie the Nirgun but to visualise this immensity you need to have a very fine sense of Vivek and its complementary Vairagya, ie a complete understanding of the Vedant. and this not possible until the Mind is read to accept it.
        At the core everything not just Rudra, Indra, etc are all the same Advaita, just like you.
        but to reach this level of experience requires several lifetimes of sadhana.

        if i confine myself to the ved karma kanda part then Rudra and Indra are certainly not the same.
        Indra is the individual soul
        Rudra is the conscious vibration of time /space.

        i have written several posts on Spiritual practice, evolution of the soul, real nature of the deities, consciousness, ved, indra, surya, moksh, spiritual practice etc concepts from our Sanatan Dharma.
        use the index page to find the post you want to read.

        Shivah is the ultimate Advaita, it is the Lingam that we worship, it is the ‘mark’ of the Advaita which has no attributes. Shivah is not just Bhagwan Shankar.

        learn Sanskrit, the meanings of these names/titles will be clear to you.
        our names are not the ‘proper nouns’ like those in English. they are words with meanings.
        eg Tejaswini is a Sanskrit word for someone who has the Tejas within. iti s my legal name. but anyone who has the tejas glowing within is also a ‘Tejaswini’.
        our names are also used as titles.
        this is why learning sanskrit is critical. no one can understand anything of deep philosophy unless he knows sansrit.

        the final authority is the Vedant, Ved, Brahmana and the Aranyak. but not everyone has the mental capacity to absorb them. They contain 5-10 lakh concepts on which this creation is based.
        Next would be the Itihas, Ramayan and Mahabharat – absorbing these is also very difficult for regular people. (Shiva sahastranama and Vishnu Sahastranama are from the Mahabharat.)
        then come the Puran – regular people read these stories. but most puran have been distorted with time and invasions.

        read more…
        and more importantly start some simple daily pujas to be able to assimilate what you read.
        its no use reading stuff unless you experience at least something from it. and this will happen only when you do some regular pujas

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  17. Sujith June 21, 2022 / 4:44 pm

    Thank you ma’am for valuable information..
    I try to understand it with regular spiritual practice..
    I hope I understand concepts in Sanatana Dharma in true sense..

    Thank you for guidance..


  18. Sujith June 21, 2022 / 5:53 pm

    Namaste Ma’am,

    While I’m reading some spiritual concepts..
    I found Pancha Brahma or Five Faces of Shiva
    And Pancha kritya..
    It is very fascinating..

    4 vyuhas of Vishnu’s Vasudeva,pradyumna,sankarshana,Aniruddha..
    Is there any interlink between both..?

    I hope I find a detailed post on it in your future posts…
    I’m asking more information coz I find very few people like you genuinely answers to this type of doubts in religious concepts..

    Thank you Ma’am,


    • astrologerbydefault June 22, 2022 / 8:49 am

      Hi there
      these are not ‘religious concepts’
      we do not follow a religion, we follow Dharma.

      If if you think spirit = Chaitanya = Advaita then these ‘spiritual concepts’ can take you to the Ultimate शिवः which is your own Self.
      or if you think spirit = Jivatma then the ‘spiritual concepts’ = Devi Lalitatripursundari = Prakruti.

      There are several ways of approaching the Self.
      Sanatan Dharma allows every route, the only condition being that your conscience should approve of it.
      The Vaishnava route talks about the Vyuha avtars. Here you worship Bhagwan Vishnu the embodiment of Satvagun in all his grandeur. So you have this manifested creation explained in the terms of the Vyuha avtars.
      The Shaiva route, (ie those who worship the Bhagwan Shankar, the embodiment of Tamogun) has expressed this same creation in terms of the five faces of Sadhyojat, Vamadev, Aghor, Tatpurush, Ishan.
      And then you come to Shri Vidya which has the same Pancha Brahma concept but the deities are now named Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Mahadev and Sadashiv. With Shri Vidya you worship Devi Prakruti, the Mahamaya itself. This is the best way of analysing these created worlds but it requires serious preparation oner several lives.
      Do not attempt something which you cannot absorb safely into yourself, you can damage yourself.
      Choose whichever route appeals to you, which seems easy and doable. Every route is equally valid so do not mix and confuse their concepts.
      If you can follow your chosen route to the very end, you will reach your adored deity. If you are satisfied by the darshan, you will achieve krama-mukti.
      But if you are not satisfied and your internal Guru guides you, you might be inspired take up Shri Vidya Upasana. This route ends at the feet of Devi Lalitatripursundari, if you are satisfied here then it is again krama-mukti.
      But if you are not satisfied with this experience and wish to transcend Mahamaya herself then the Vedanta, the final route starts from here. If you can experience the reality described in the Vedanta, then you will achieve Moksh. Ie realise yourself as the Advaita itself.

      I will not write more this as these are highly subtle concepts which my Gruhast readers may not be able to understand. And then it will create more confusion which would be even worse.
      These concepts are part of Guru-mukhi Vidya.

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  19. Sujith June 22, 2022 / 11:15 am

    Thank you so much for Valuable information ma’am..

    It is true I try to absorb Everything into me..
    And..want to mix and discriminate again..
    Previously I’m not like this hurry..and confusing..
    When I observe my thoughts carefully..
    I noticed previously my thoughts were centered in my heart area… centered in my head region..

    Recently I came to know my horoscope Entered into Sun Mahadasha..which is in Gemini sign,Ardra nakshatra..
    I though may be its effect of that change..

    Thank you for valuable advice ma’am.


  20. S June 22, 2022 / 7:07 pm

    Loving Tejaswini ji ,

    My humblest gratitude and pranam to you and then your guru maharaj .

    Just a few questions.

    1- in an article it was mentioned by you that krishna is also the black spot in the middle of dhyan we see . It occurred to me that when krishna plays his flute, the go matas listen. Now another interpretation of go is also senses. Is there an esoteric hidden interpretation there ? And if yes, what is this song krishna sings that attracts us (is it the bhagawat geeta – geet being song)? Or am i wrong ?

    2- does the durga kavacham help form a shield of protection around you against ill energies?

    3 – please write more on stories from deities , a lot of your posts have given a new perspective to understand the inside world. I’m sure we would like to hear a about lord shiva, lord ganesh, Sri lakshmi , lord narasimah ,mata parvati and her avatars. How these are interconnected.

    4- if there are any clarifications about how to proceed with navarna mantra Pooja as prescribed by you, where can we ask questions?


    • astrologerbydefault June 23, 2022 / 8:58 am

      Hi there
      1. Krishna is the Kshetrajnya,
      ‘Go’ has over 50 meanings at least, see which ones makes sense to you.
      ‘Krishna’ too has numerous meanings.
      If u want to progress in your spiritual quest, you have to learn Sanskrit, no option on that.
      Bhagwat Geeta is equivalent to the Vedant as it is the essence of all the Upanishad. it is an extremely important text but to understand it you must read Adi Shankaracharya’s Bhashya on it.

      2. yes

      3. I have written on the Prakruti, 3 Gun, the Om and the ‘deities’ from the Ved. the Devi Lalita, three Bhagwan’s – Brahmadev, Vishnu, Shankar and their wives. Also on Indra, Agni, Shri Ganapati, Devi Chamunda etc. and mentioned a bit about Soma, Surya etc somewhere.

      Again, I am stressing this, शिव: Shivah is not technically Bhagwan Shankar. He is the embodiment of Tamogun, he is the Bhagwan. to burn out the excess Rajogun we need the power of Tamogun. only after this can Satvagun do its job.
      The Lingam, the शिव: however is the Advaita.
      i do not prefer discussing the Puranic deities much as they can be confusing. in my opinion the Purans have been tampered with through the past 1000yrs.

      the invaders hit the foundations of our society by killing all the Brahmins. thus we lost our history, our books, teachers, gurukuls, our vidyas, our scholarship, our philosophy and most importantly we lost our language, Sanskrit.
      so start by learning Sanskrit, the rest will automatically come to you.
      think on what are the meanings of the word ‘Laxmi’ and you will have all information on this deity.

      4. you can ask in the comment section here.
      but do it only and only if you can absorb its energy. it is pure fire.
      i have mentioned this in that post too.

      use the index page or the search bar.


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