Birth Moon in Taurus, an ode to beauty

Moon is exalted in Taurus/ Rhushabh, sign, specifically in the lunar mansion called Rohini. In the story-allegory, Moon has the 27 lunar mansions as his wives, Rohini being his favourite. Taurus is represented by the Bull. In Hinduism/Sanatan Dharm, the Bull, the vital masculine energy of the Rhushabh, occupies a very important place on both material and spiritual planes. Venus owns Taurus. Now Moon sees no other graha as his enemy, (even Rahu who literally drives him nuts with his unending demands for experience.) But Venus doesn’t quite like the Moon, despite both planets indicating ‘love’. Venus is self-love and Moon is need-love. But there is a deeper meaning here. Moon creates and nurtures you, your body and mind. In the spiritual sense, his energies maintain Maya, the illusion. Venus is the agent of liberation, he is the one who helps you find your real self and forges your deepest relationship with your higher self. (Venus dislikes the Sun too, who represents the self-ego. Self-ego is the biggest impediment to attaining self-realisation.)

But despite this, Moon is exalted in Taurus sign, ruled by Venus. This indicates that Moon-Taurus energies are fully used only when you realise that the ultimate treasure/hoard is the realisation of the Self. Once you realise this, this Moon will take you onward in your journey to yourself. If you can anchor yourself in the power of Taurus, an earthy sign and then let your potential for creation, nurturing and preservation free, you can be great. Love yourself first.


In the purely material sense too, Moon builds. He takes the energy from the Universe and builds a body/mind suitable for your individual soul. Your individual soul is the product of the Sun. The Moon reflects this Sun, to build the perfect casing. All of you, body, mind, astral, emotion, etc is a product of your Moon. In Taurus he gets all the resources he needs to build the best possible construct. For this he uses the assets from your birth family, culture, history, language, all the emotional things which connect you deeply with your family. Taurus is hoards of all types, resources just waiting to be utilized.

Birth Moon in Taurus, an ode to beauty

You, with your birth Moon in Taurus, are beautiful. The physical body is attractive, the face is pleasing with lovely expressive eyes. The voice is especially pleasant and you may be a good singer or a story-teller. Even if you have never learnt music formally you can sing well.

The mind-set is attractive. You are generally modest, artistic, well-mannered, conservative by nature, positive, loyal, steady. There is aggression but it is not the in-your-face variety. Stubborn at times, you have quite a temper, but it is rarely roused. You get along with your parents, elders and well-adjusted in your family circle, you enjoy life. But your personal family is always on your mind. A private person at heart, only those very close to you know the real you. You have a very wide social circle and are on good terms with everyone. Very communicative and knowledgable, you are at ease in any situation. You can be a professional host, a club-owner, a politician etc, you will be good at it. Willing to please and be pleased, you like eating well, dressing well and living well. These things are not just things, they are an emotional need.

You are capable of earning well and supporting yourself and your family. You can save money and create assets. You like work and are disciplined about it. Leadership comes naturally to you. You can subsume your personality for the greater good if necessary. You think before you act always. Decisive, you perform well in executive, corporate or governmental work. You nurturing nature helps you create stuff which endures. You might create factories, or social rules, or books, etc. But whatever you create will have a social aspect built-in. You will create for the society but keep the profits in the family. You have the strength to protect what you create. Sincere and just, you will not break rules or take unfair advantage. Emotionally linked to your work, you have an infinite stamina and an emotional desire for it.

Generally you are from a reasonably well-off family or marry into one. Your spouse tends to look after you. Your spouse is a wall-flower variety, might not enjoy going out to parties so much. He will be intense, more serious, more private. Your intimate relationship with your spouse will be extremely sensual. However there will be some thing out of the ordinary about your spouse in your private lives together. He may be into the occult or have very different ideas about life or might be psychologically controlling etc.

You love eating. You are the one who can eat one kilo of sweet stuff! Tasty food and drinks. But take care of your digestive system. You might suffer from problems here, eg indigestion, appendicitis, piles etc are quite possible if you do not control here.  You tend to over-eat later in life, so will put on weight after mid-life.

There is an emotional requirement for beauty. How you channelise this need depends on your horoscope. You might go to the gym and make your body more beautiful. You might buy beautiful furnishings for a beautiful home. You are the person who knows which restaurant sells the tastiest food. A secret, try tagging every action of yours with this need for beauty, eg look at your office work and tell yourself ‘I am making this work beautiful’. Silly as it sounds, it works!

But things don’t stop here. You have made your beautiful things, and now you want to be appreciated. You want to be pampered, loved, for making this beautiful thing. And you want everyone around you to appreciate you! If you do not get this appreciation, you will become moody and unreasonable. If you are a Taurus-moon yourself, do try self-love and self-appreciation, it is more enduring and real than praise from others. So now the challenge that Taurus-Moon faces. Interaction with others is an emotional necessity.  You feel comforted in some indefinable way when you interact with others. So you are never alone. But solitude is necessary for self-growth. Not isolation, that is not healthy. But solitude and self-introspection is essential. Try to give yourself 10mins of self-love and self-introspection. Rather than waiting for others to appreciate you, pamper yourself. If you can do this you will realise what an exalted Moon really means.

Now if your loved one or your boss has his birth Moon in Taurus, you can keep them happy by getting tasty food and drink,  nice perfumes, coffee table books, beautiful artefacts etc for them. If your children are Taurus-Moon tell them they are cute, smart and intelligent, pick up and cuddle them and don’t forget to buy them lovely clothes!

Birth Moon in Taurus, an ode to beauty

This 30 degree span of the Taurus zodiac is composed of 3 lunar mansions. The Nakshatra named Krutika, Rohini and Mruga.

Krutika nakshatra – This lunar mansion is ruled by the Sun and lies partly in Aries and partly in Taurus. If your Moon lies in the Taurus part of Krutika this is how you would be. There is a need to use the qualities of the Sun, you need the recognition, the brilliance, the self-entitlement. You are quite intelligent, creative, confident, able to project your personality on others. You are able to build on the qualities given to you by your Sun in your chart. You desire to  improve your material situation always but be careful about not hurting in the process. Your Sun-nature will make you rather indifferent to others in this sense. But Venus and Sun are not friendly so there may be cyclic mood changes. You have the skill of balancing things with a desire to shine alone. Both these opposite things are ‘needs’. If you can grasp this point about your personality you will be more well-adjusted in life. If you feel like taking up a hobby try learning cooking!

Rohini nakshatra – This is ruled by Moon himself and he is exalted in this specific lunar mansion. The energy of this nakshatra is perfectly suitable for expressing the Moon’s energy. You are exceptionally sensitive, intuitive, emotionally available, beautiful, loving, etc. You require luxury, beauty, gentleness and peace around you. You attract everyone and everything. You have an aptitude for rearing children, farming, business, etc. anything that needs to be value-added, protected, reared, nurtured, conserved. You need emotional security, you need to be adored! and all your actions are beautifully oriented to this purpose. However if you ever contemplate about ‘Who is the real me?’, this placement has the potential to help you on your spiritual path.

Mruga nakshatra – This lunar mansion is ruled by Mars. You have a dynamic personality which tends to first pursue and then protect. Moon, Mars and Venus all get along quite well, so you are well balanced internally. You are excellent in social interactions, but can be a emotionally invasive. You need to travel, meet others, talk, find out stuff. You want to be always in the forefront of everything, you can sniff out secrets! You have that combination of soft but irresistible power. You seem chatty and approachable but you have an instinct for investigation. You need information. Curious and suspicious at times, you can be an excellent journalist! Just be careful about not overdoing it.

The Moon mahadasha as per the Vimshottari system is a very fruitful period. For Krutika-born this will come in your childhood, you will be building your body mainly during this period. For Rohini-borns you will be born in this Mahdasha. (And for Mruga-born, this will come at the very end of life, if you live to be exceptionally old! Most likely you will not experience it.) This period will be a period of intensive building. You will be building your body and your chakra-system will develop very fast during this time. You will be connecting with others on very deep levels. The cycles of growth and stability where you consolidate your growth will be seen markedly here.

Taurus is a still/ Sthir sign ruled by Venus. There is endurance, patience and stability built in here. It is a Rajasic sign, this means that the tendency of the planets placed here is to work, to create change. This is combination of ‘still’ with ‘Raja’ sounds a bit odd perhaps but it is not. The Moon always moves in rhythms, there is always a cycle. When you make a change, you still yourself to consolidate that change. This rhythm moves endlessly. This is the power of the Moon here. You have skill, the endurance the capacity to change and to change again. You evolve. Now Taurus is a Vaishya, ie trader sign. The power to make profits to make the best bargains, to consolidate and profit. It is the first sign of the natural Artha-trikon, the signs which give meaning to life. All this makes Taurus quite the powerhouse, but more directed to the material. You forget the other aspects of the Moon, the gifts he can bestow. After you turn 48yrs old your life will be more dominated by your moon horoscope, so look it over if you have crossed this milestone in life.

You have chosen a beautiful path in life, make the most of it! Moon in Taurus, you have strength power and the ability to use it. The personality is dominating without being over-powering. And people gather around you because they love you. If you can ever get out of this need for other’s love and try to find your own inner love, this placement will give its true result.


Birth Moon in Taurus, an ode to beauty