Jupiter transit Aries 2023 predictions for signs part 2

This post is continued from Part 1 here.

The predictions for the Jupiter of 2023 – 24 combine the influences he is under in this time frame from 22nd Apr 2023 to 1st May 2024.  Rahu and Saturn influence him from Apr to Nov 2023 resulting in a curious mix of illusion, desires, hopes expansion, frustration and restriction. Then from Dec 2023 to 1st May 2024 he will be aspected by only Saturn, expansion trying to act under constriction. In the interim he will be aspected by the other planets as per their shorter transits. He will also be influenced by all the eclipses of Apr 2023 and Oct 2023. In short, throughout this time frame, he is ‘peedit’ – troubled. And a troubled Jupiter who withholds his blessings is practically a malefic force in the skies.

These following are in brief as per the birth Moon signs, but if you have a stronger ascendant sign (check the ashtakvarga scores) then you can read the following as per your ascendant sign too. In this Jupiter transit, the birth chart and its power is more important. And if you are undergoing a Dasha period of a benefic planet for your ascendant sign you will be better able to maintain yourself during this period.

In brief. Compared to their current situations,

  • Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius signs will see a change for the worse after Jupiter enters Aries.
  • Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces signs will see a change for the better after Jupiter enters Aries.
  • Taurus, Libra and Capricorn will get some relief after Rahu enters Pisces.
  • And Virgo, Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio and Gemini signs should be more careful regarding Rahu generated issues post his shift into Pisces.


Aries – The overall time will be bad to average. The 11th Saturn will offer limited help. You will be kept busy with work on the personal and professional levels. Increase in mental stress and your physical health will also suffer. You will start with some life time condition, eg BP, diabetes, gout, etc during this period. Avoid risky activities as there are chances of accidents. Avoid bad habits and addictive substances.

If you have a strong Rahu in your birth chart then he can give you significant money (possibly through illegal means.) Saving this money may be difficult as unexpected expenses will increase. Budgeting is always a sensible option.

Hidden enemies will conspire against you. Your boss, team, subordinates etc will be unsympathetic and cause you professional harm. You might be laid off or transferred to another post etc against your wish. Your projects will be delayed. People will be jealous, gossip about you and this back biting may cost you your image in the society/job/ family. New enemies will be generated in this time.

Family members will work against you. Your spouse, children, elders will not cooperate. Separations, temporary or permanent will happen. Auspicious events will not occur as planned.

Overall a period of dissatisfaction, disturbance and humiliation. You will have to learn to adapt to the changes and work with what you have. Put your skills to use and try to make the most of the situations that come up. Janma Guru has its own typical issues but still he will protect you from extreme situations. If you are able to pragmatically handle the issues he raises then this Jupiter transit can give you some growth at least. Be practical about things, do not take events emotionally.

Taurus – This will be a bad to average time, mixed results. Work related activities/ travel etc will increase. This will lead to tiredness, loneliness etc. In case of any suspicious change in your health, wealth, relationships etc take corrective measures immediately. Do spend time with your family members, this will help all of you. Marriages etc can be planned in this time, but these auspicious events will be very expensive to perform. Your money and assets may be blocked for random reasons. This is not a good time for new investments, job changes or life time decisions. You can invest in long term investments if your birth chart is strong. Budgeting is essential during this transit.

Students will have a difficult time and their parents/teachers need to be supportive. Professionals will need to work hard. Office politics and gossip will be against you. Enemies will be active and you will have to be alert. New hidden enemies will be created during this time. Loss of position and prestige is possible. Chances of adopting immoral activities or getting money from unethical sources are possible especially after Rahu enters Pisces.

The motif for this transit is loss, so the best option is to spend your money in Dana or travelling for pilgrimages or doing pujas. Give something willingly so that you are able to hold on to something at least. From 1st May 2024 your Janma Guru will begin which will be worse, so get things sorted out now.


Gemini – This will be a overall good to average time. You will get the position, wealth etc that you have been working for in the recent past. There will be new sources of money in your life. Your past investments will give their returns. Your physical health will improve and you will find mental peace. If you need to perform surgical procedures or panchakarma etc for maintaining your health this transit is a good time for these activities.

There will be new friends and contacts in your life. There will be pilgrimages or vacations, ie the useful sort of enjoyable travel. There will be gains on the material and spiritual levels. Marriage or birth of a child or meeting new influential people or meeting your extended family and relatives during auspicious functions or starting new projects is possible. Performing auspicious activities will increase the quantum of the gain you will receive. Students and people trying for jobs will get the success they desire.

However keep your common sense active and be reasonable about all things. This is the best position for the transit Jupiter and even if it is tainted by Rahu and Saturn, still, Gemini has a lot to look forward to. This Saturn is average, Rahu (in Aries) and Jupiter in Aries are favourable for you. Depending on the power of your personal birth chart, try to make the most it.

Cancer – It will be an overall bad to average time with overwork, tiredness and mental stress. Health needs care, do consult a medical professional if you suffer from chronic issues. Persistent diseases linked to kapha dosh like cough, obesity, or diabetes etc will get triggered and some new life time condition, eg BP, diabetes, cholesterol issues etc will start. You might have to leave your home town or your job etc. There will be at least one big negative change in this time. Unplanned, excessive expenditures, reduction in sources of income etc so budgeting is necessary. This is not a good time for investments or new projects and ongoing projects may stall or remain incomplete.

You will feel demotivated and your perspective might go negative, you might feel empty, helpless, tired etc. Your bitter words and behaviour will reflect negatively on your self, your family and also on your professional image. Trust others only after due care as your assets /image/ words/ abilities might be misused by others which will cause problems for you later. Keep your secrets to your self, avoid loose talk. You might become a victim of office politics.

Your family members will give you stress. Elders, spouse, children etc will oppose you. Taking decisions on your mother’s/father’s advice will cause you trouble later. There will be separations, temporary or permanent in this transit period. You will lose your genuine well wishers and untrustworthy people may enter your circle. Starting new relationships, a baby, projects, etc in this time is not advisable. Any auspicious functions planned now will be cancelled or delayed or may prove to be inauspicious in the long term.

For students, this is will be a tough transit. Parents should be aware of what their child is going through and offer support instead of scolding.

Leo – Overall it will be a good to average time, despite the Kantak Shani transit. You will recover some of your physical health and get mental peace with spiritual support. Your recent problems will be sorted out to some extent. If you were working on some project, you will get the rewards now. You will be respected and your efforts, appreciated. Your family, spouse, children, elders etc will be supportive, however there will be temporary separations from time to time. Marriage, birth of children, new projects, auspicious functions, etc are possible depending on the birth chart.

Your boss will acknowledge your efforts. You may get that post, pay, team etc which you want. Your stalled projects will take off, pending proposals will be completed and your work will be appreciated. You will have to work hard but you will get the due returns in this transit. Gossip, rumours, back biting and office politics against you will reduce. Legal issues will be settled in your favour. You will gain authority in some way, eg promotion, salary rise etc. Your social circle will improve, new and influential people come into your orbit. Your finances will be stable, a windfall is possible and you might get good long term investment options. Travelling for business will be useful.

In this time, you will help deserving people and generate significant good will and merit for your future. Doing systematic pujas, pilgrimages etc will add to the overall auspiciousness. Your past lives merit is active and will help you in this time. Luck is on your side.

Virgo – It will be a bad time, more so as you were having the best possible time for the past 4-5 months. Things will become worse when Ketu shifts to Virgo. These results cannot be avoided completely, but if you have a Yogkarak Shani or if your birth chart is strong then the intensity may be reduced.

Be careful as illness, sorrow, hardship is possible. Lack of rest, unnecessary travelling and overall stress. Accidents are possible if you indulge in risky activities. If Jupiter is a marak for your chart or if the judged longevity is at an end then be careful. Health of family members will cause stress. Medical expenses will increase. A financial crash is likely. If you have money saved, you will need it now, or you might need to sell ancestral property or other assets. Budgeting is essential

You will feel constrained, overloaded with commitments. Overwork will make you irritable and your efforts will not give desired returns. Jealousy, family/office politics, humiliation, rejection and disagreements will cause you anxiety. Legal disputes will go against you and there will be obstacles in your projects. Professional setback is possible. Secrets, scandals, scams from your past will come into the open spoiling your public image.

You will become mean minded, quarrelsome. Your speech will become cruel creating new enemies and alienating those who have helped you in the past. Your loved ones, close friends, well wishers etc will keep away from you because of this change in you. Separation, temporary or permanent will happen. Control your words and behaviour, do not become your own enemy. New people who enter your life now may use you or cause you trouble. Auspicious events, marriage, planning for a new baby, new projects etc may be cancelled or face hurdles.

Students will face issues and parents need to be there for them to help tide over this phase. Avoid addictive behaviour and choose your friends sensibly.


Libra – It will be a good time and a relief from the unbearable pain of the past few months (things will improve more after Ketu exits Libra). Now, give attention to yourself, recover your health, physical and mental. Some time for personal meditation etc will help. Jupiter is favourable and you will receive the positive fruits of your past actions.

You will feel energetic, active and happy. There will be new people in your life, new business, new projects etc are possible. Your income will improve and you can plan some long term investments. Speculation may be risky. Your past investments will give you some returns. First pay of your debts and then sensibly invest the rest.

There are good chances of marriage, child birth and other auspicious functions during this time. Your spouse, children, elders will support you. You will get to spend quality family time together. Travelling for business will be fruitful and travel for pleasure is possible.

If you have gone through a separation or break-up in the past 4-5 months then you will either patch up or start a new stable relationship with someone better. This time is good for students especially after the disappointments of the past few months. For professionals, you will get a good job, promotion, salary etc of your choice and your boss, team, subordinates will be supportive in this transit.

Your spouse, business partners, boss, elders etc may try to dominate you during this period as you might feel disinterested internally. Try to keep this tendency under control as others might try to take advantage of you. This part will get resolved after Ketu exits Libra.

Scorpio – This will be a bad time and will get worse when Rahu/Ketu enter Pisces/Virgo, your 5/11 axis. Health will suffer and if there are any chronic complaints they will constantly trouble you. Overwork, unnecessary travelling, lack of rest will cause new life time issues linked to diabetes, BP, cholesterol etc. Health of the family members too may be affected. Overall, medical expenses will increase in this transit.

New enemies will be created. Especially the boss, elders, past supporters will stop helping and actively work against you. Your subordinates will try to harm you in some way or the other. you will not get credit for your team’s work but will be blamed for the failures. Office politics will be against you.

You may have to leave your residence, or post or job against your wishes. Loss of image in the society/family is possible. You will be irritable, feel depressed and and lose your confidence. Family life will be disturbed. There will be separation from the spouse and children. Arguments and misunderstanding with the spouse may lead to permanent break-ups. Any new people entering your life in this period are more likely to create issues in your life. So think before trusting others.

There will be a financial crunch as your past debtors will come calling. Investments will not perform as expected and there will be losses. You may have to sell your assets. Budgeting is a must in this transit. This is not a good time for new projects or auspicious events. Marriage, planning a baby, new projects may be delayed. Students will find it difficult to score well in their competitive exams. Their parents must support them and motivate them in this time.


Sagittarius – This will be a good time overall, after Rahu leaves Aries it will get better. Saturn and Jupiter both are favourable. If you can control Rahu’s desires to what is practical and ethical then this will be an exceptionally good period for you. You have been through a rough few years, Sade sati and now you can progress and enjoy your success.

You will regain your health and be physically fit. Your creativity will be on a high. Practical ideas and projects will be successful. You will gain financially and there will be all round satisfaction. New assets, gold purchases, long term investments etc will be profitable. You will have good relations with the people around you and new connections will enter your life. This is a good time for new projects, partnerships, marriages, planning a child, auspicious events etc. Your spouse, children, elders etc all will support you.

Students especially, will be successful in their exams etc and get their desired colleges etc. you will be popular in class. You might get some award or win competitions in this time. In your profession, your boss, team and juniors will be cooperative and your work will be appreciated. You will get the post, salary etc that you want. You will feel energetic and capable of doing a lot. You might feel overworked especially when Jupiter goes retrograde but you will be able to manage.

Overall, Sagittarius is one sign which has positivity going on for it and you should make the most of it.

Capricorn – It will be an average to bad time. You are in the last phase of your Sade sati and this Jupiter in Aries will support you and help you recover and give you some relief, you have completed the worst parts of your Sade sati (later in Taurus too, he will remain favourable). Rahu, when he shifts to Pisces, will be favourable for you and add to your confidence.

You will gradually sort out your pending issues so that by the end of this transit you will see a significant change. But still, you will be burdened with responsibility on the family front which can lead to overwork/ health issues. The pending issues of the Sade sati period will create mental restlessness in this phase. Financial issues will still take time but you are in a better shape in this transit.

Though this is not a very favourable period, if you have a strong birth chart then you can cautiously consider marriage proposals, new projects, long term investments, plan a new baby etc. For students, if you prepare for your exams etc well you will do good and get the admissions etc that you have worked for. You will be required to leave your home and travel for work.  Sale of ancestral property or separation from the mother is possible. Accidents while driving are possible. Avoid speculation and risky investments, do not trust people unnecessarily.

You must be alert in your work. Especially if you work for a salary then it is possible that you might miss important projects or promotions because of lack of interest. Ensure that you get credit for the work that you do and that you do not get blamed for the mistakes of others.


Aquarius – this will be a challenging time for you. The 3rd is the worst position for Jupiter to be in transit (in the birth chart too this is the Maran karak sthan for Jupiter.) And Janma Shani, ie middle phase of Sade sati is stressful. Rahu in Aries is somewhat supportive but once he enters Pisces he too will cause issues.

You will feel swamped by circumstances and unable to choose the correct course of action. Lack of courage after Nov 2023 will make you miserable. On the health front you will be hit both physically and emotionally. Chronic conditions will erupt and new life time conditions will also start. Medical expenses will increase.

Wealth will reduce. You might need to use your savings or sell your assets in this time. On the professional level you will be overworked and under pressure. Lay off, demotion or pay cut is possible. For businessmen there will be failure and losses. You might be deceived or cheated by people you think trustworthy. Ongoing projects will be interrupted or canceled. Travelling for work will not give the desired gains and you will not get any vacation time this year.

This is not a good time for new ventures, marriage and other auspicious activities. Your family and relatives will cause trouble in your life. Death of, separation from close family members is possible. New people entering your life now may cheat you and cause emotional trauma. Students will find it difficult this year, make bad friends, etc, the parents must support them during this transit.

Pisces – Overall good time and recovery from the issues which you have suffered silently during the Janma Guru. Also Sade sati has started from Jan 2023. The period from Nov 2022 to Apr 2023 must have been quite unbearable. Now Jupiter in Aries will help you get your pending stuff in shape.

Now you will recover both your health and wealth to some extent. Your health issues will be sorted out with the right medicines.  Your finances will get stronger and your past investments will give good returns. Blocked sources of money will open up. You will be able to accumulate wealth in this time. Try to spend quality time with your family, your children, spouse etc. You can plan auspicious events, marriages, a child, new projects, new job, long term investments, stock markets etc. You must have gone through a break up or a separation during the past few months. During this transit, there may be a reconciliation with your ex or you may meet someone better and start a new relationship.

Your enemies will be powerless, legal issues will be decided in your favour. After a long time, you will get some peace of mind. Your mind will become sharper as you learn new things. Knowledge, wisdom, thinking , logic and intellect etc will be on your side. Your ideas will be appreciated and they will work. You will be recognised in society. Promotions, new jobs etc all will be as per your desires.

Try to spend some money on daan and do your mantra pujas etc regularly to ensure positivity. This is a good time for you so make sure that you use it well. (The next Jupiter transit in Taurus will be a very challenging time combining first and second phases of Sade sati, Janma Shani, Janma Rahu, Rahu – Saturn exact conjunction in Pisces and Jupiter in the 3rd.)


Remedies are as always only the two, Daan and Mantra (index page). Or if you are a student of Jyotish and perform your daily puja routine then you can also intelligently modulate your behaviour to minimise the damage / maximise the gain during the transit.

This post is continued from Part 1 here.