Travel and your horoscope

Travel is an essential part of our lives. We travel for business or pleasure but we do move from one place to another at some point of our life. Some people travel continuously while some travel maybe once a year. So here is a quick post on how to analyse your travel tendency from your horoscope. Check out these houses,

The ascendant sign is the environment around you. And the 4th house is the traditional home that you are comfortable and familiar with. The permanent place of residence and your interaction with it, is a mix of these two houses. If these two houses are powerful, with benefic influences, the person remains stable in one place for longer lengths of time. If these two houses are afflicted by malefics the home tends to shift often, there is frequent dislocation. These ‘homes’ can be your temporary homes, or hotel rooms or vacation camp tents.

Then here are the houses involved in travel and journeys.

The 3rd house indicates travelling for regular work or routine profession related  journeys. Eg a commercial traveller, pilot, bus driver, or the daily commute that you do for getting to and from work. Here the journey may be thousands of km/ pilot or a few km/ getting to office, yet it is covered under the 3rd house.

The 4th house, apart from the comforts of the home, also signifies the comforts and security that one has when he travels. This house especially governs the vehicles you own and the vehicles you use when you travel. If you have a few good influences here, you might buy a nice car or a cool bike and go travelling.

The 8th house signifies compulsory travel which can be so extreme that is can cause a change in residence. You have no option. This might be short travel or long or a temporary or a permanent shift. But you are forced to move. (This house on the spiritual side also decides the journeys into the inner self. So dreamers, spiritual aspirants and astral travellers can be seen from here)

The 9th house signifies long journeys, tourism, pilgrimages, holiday, vacations etc. You may have a specific objective in mind or be excited about it or feel the spiritual pressure, but you know why you are doing this. Aimless travelling or backpacking also is covered here, as you desire to experience the journey in a different way. You know why you are moving.

The 12th house shows travel to distant places often after stress and strain. You are often cut off from familiar culture and are required to adopt new customs alien to your regular life style. (Also journeys into the other dimensions, so astral travel, dreams and spiritual aspirants also need a strong but auspicious 12th house)

Travel and your horoscope

Journeys are of two types, short and long. There is nothing called ‘foreign’ travel as political boundaries are entirely artificial. Eg for someone living in Chennai, Colombo may be a foreign country with somewhat similar culture. But if he is travelling to Mizoram it might seem to him to be a foreign culture but it is definitely a part of his home nation.

The potential for the travels will be seen from the birth horoscope and the actual timing from the Dasha and the transits.

Now a quick look at the planets involved.

Moon is the natural agent for travelling. He likes change, cyclic motions, new-ness, voyages and long journeys are his thing. If he is in charge of any of the houses we have seen above he will create a desire to travel, a need for change. If you are required to predict a journey for someone, the Moon is the first planet you need to look for.

Mercury if benefic for the horoscope will also prefer a comfortable travelling experience with every ticket bought in advance and every hotel room reviewed before booking it. You might be made to travel if he is linked to any house, Dasha or transit linked to movement. He likes change and would like going with his siblings, same age group or teammates group, office picnics  perhaps. He also likes to trade, he runs those small shops with lots bargaining. So small tours for buying or selling are his. And then those frenzied tourists who want to ‘cover every sight’, these highly excited ones are expressing their Mercury-energy!

If Jupiter or Venus are involved in any way they tend to discourage random travelling. They will want luxuries and a relaxed programme. If they do venture out of their comfort zones they will want the same food and routines that they follow at home to be available to them on the tour. They stand for comfortable lavish or expansive living and generally do not bear well in travel unless the objective is a spa, resort or a pilgrimage. Venus sometimes encourages business travel, but only the executive class types.

Mars, if linked to any of the above houses and capable of directing your travels, is rather abrupt. You will be made to travel suddenly, on short notice, often without a clear direction. Wandering type of unproductive journeys are possible. Mars is a natural malefic. You might face resistances or conflicts during your journey and it will be tiring overall. Horoscopes of soldiers often show this influence. I have seen medical doctors who attend emergencies or accident trauma type of work also show this. (Maybe it is linked to their going to the hospital at all odd hours dealing with life and death.)

Saturn can also get you involved in travels. But being a natural malefic, he will ensure that you are subdued, alone, isolated during your journey. There might be some serious or somber objective at the end of your travel which saps you of all excitement and turns the entire experience into a dull duty. Eg one client travelled back from his residence in the USA for the medical emergency and eventual death of his father. This was his Saturn in transit’s doing.

Sun is a natural malefic and also makes one travel if he is linked to the above houses or the Dasha/ transits connected to journeys. I have seen this in the charts of tour guides, those who are a part of the group but are away from them, organising and directing the group. Or in government or executive level officers who travel for important work. Rarely does he give tours for pleasure and company.

Rahu is excitement and sudden surprises. If Rahu is directing your journeys you will be the one person in the group always excited about everything. The beauty of every sunset, the waters of the lakes, the flight of birds, you will feel the excitement of every sight and you want more. Rahu will make you want to experience the food, culture and everything about the place you are visiting. You are the one who is taking photographs and posing for more. And you won’t delete them, you will look back on them with pleasure. You are willing to be happy in the tour and are a good companion to go along.

Ketu also can at times cause you to move. He is primarily the force of separation and detachment. So any journeys directed by Ketu will be because you are to be separated from something in your current situation. And often with force. If this journey is undertaken with a spiritual undercurrent then you might benefit, else Ketu is often an inauspicious reason to travel.

And a quick test. You know that the signs are divided into Moveable/ Chara (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), Stable/ Sthira (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), Dual-natured/ Dwiswabhavi (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces ). Check out the planets placed in your chart, especially the Ascendant sign, Ascendant lord and the Moon. If most of your planetary forces are placed in stable signs, chances of travel will be reduced, if in moveable signs then you will travel more. Dual natured signs go either way.

So if you find yourself always travelling, look up the planets/ houses involved you might get more insights on why you are on the move so often. What experience are you after? What objective have you in your mind. If you find that you have been travelling more in certain periods, look up the Dasha/transit during that period.

And finally our travels are not always in the physical realms, we also travel when we dream, ie our astral body travels or our dreams are so vivid that they grant us the experience of ‘travel’. If the planets are not strong enough to cause physical travel they will cause you to travel in your dreams or grant vivid dreams. In this context too, the same above houses and planets will be involved. The intensity and the context of the experience will be different. If you feel that you have been travelling astrally or dreaming too vividly about same topics, do go through your charts, especially your birth Moon chart, you might find interesting influences.


Travel and your horoscope