Jupiter transit Aries 2023 predictions for signs part 1

Currently Jupiter is in his own Pisces (post here) and he will be entering Aries on 22nd Apr 2023. When in Pisces, he spent most of his time, 10months, in Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra (linked to Saturn) and was aspected by Saturn’s 3rd aspect from Capricorn. And when Saturn entered Aquarius in Jan 2023, he and Rahu jointly held Jupiter in a paapkartari yog. Then he had an exact conjunction with Venus. Thus despite being in his own sign he was unable to deliver much auspiciousness during 2022 – 23.

Jupiter will be exiting Pisces and entering Aries on 22nd Apr 2023 and will be here till 1st May 2024. He is going to be retrograde in Aries from 4th Sept to 31st Dec 2023. In the past, Jupiter would reverse back into the previous sign but since his Pisces transit and till his Taurus transit is complete, he will not be doing this. Jupiter continuing in the same sign for his entire sign transit of avg 12 months allows more stability and opportunities for us. The time when Jupiter is stationary will be intense. He is going to be stationary during for avg 5 days as he changes direction in 21deg Aries and again during in 11deg Aries. If you have any birth planets or your ascendant degree in these degrees of the zodiac then you may find intense events occurring in your life then. If this transit is favourable/ unfavourable for you so will this event be.


Jupiter, since his Sagittarius transit in 2019 and for the next few years (post here and here) is continually under severe malefic influences. The four slow moving planets, ie Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter have aligned themselves in a way that Jupiter is constantly under cruel conjunctions/ aspects. Jupiter is the jiv-karak, the Dev Guru, the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, ie the 9th and 12th natural houses and also involved in the functioning of the 2nd 4th 5th 9th and 11th houses. His being under such continuous cruel influences is denying us all that we need for a peaceful, productive, happy life. So in a way, Jupiter himself has become inauspicious, malefic, cruel, unable to support humanity as he is forced to withhold his blessings.

Aries is the natural first house of the zodiac. Ruled by Mars it governs boldness, initiative, courage, invasions, competitions and the will to live. Jupiter maintains life on Earth, ensures peace, prosperity, health, Dharma, etc ensures all the things which make life worth living. And Jupiter and Mars get along well. Aries with its innovative, competitive, active, etc energies suits Jupiter. Limitless hope, expansion, benevolence etc in the house of limitless energy, positivity and action is a good thing. But now his usual kindly, benevolent and expansive nature will either be diverted into the illusions of Rahu or be constricted by Saturn or both. In any case it will be an uncomfortable time. You will initially feel encouraged to take bold and decisive steps on the matters indicated by your chart’s Aries sign but later constraints, frustrations and delays will sap your will. Post Apr 2023, all those signs flying high on Jupiter fuelled hopes will be brought back to reality and rudely so. This will be an unbearable crash for several of us.

Rahu is already in Aries and will shift to Pisces on 29th Nov 2023 (true Rahu). So as soon as Jupiter also enters Aries, the Guru chandal yog will formally start. Fame, reputation, character, morals, ethics, health, relationship with the spouse, child birth and children, happiness in the family, wellbeing of elders/ parents/ grandparents, education, exams, interviews, money, investments, social standing, jobs, spirituality, etc are all going to be affected. Secret affairs, unwanted exposure of past mistakes and secrets, spiritual, emotional and physical disturbance, legal issues, fear, disagreements etc are going to be triggered. Rahu being aspected by a strong Saturn from Aquarius (his mool trikon sign) is creating a Shapit dosh. And now Saturn will be aspecting Jupiter too, throughout his stay in Pisces, restricting him on so many levels.


In this Jupiter transit, the strength of the birth chart positions are going to be critical. So open your birth chart, gauge the strength of your personality and also check the power of Jupiter in Aries. (one of the easier way is to check the Ashtakvarga chart as the numbers make it easy to judge the auspiciousness of the planets/signs.)

Of the two signs that Jupiter owns, Pisces is caught in the paap kartari of Saturn and Rahu. And later Rahu will be transiting into Pisces. Sagittarius has a favourable Saturn in its 3rd house, a favourable Jupiter in the 5th but also has the Guru chandal in its 5th till Nov end. (Whenever the 5th house is damaged either at birth or in transit, the capacity to take ethical, proper, considered decisions gets compromised.) So the signs which will feel the maximum effect of this Jupiter are Sagittarius, Pisces and Aries – Libra. If you have your ascendant, birth Moon, birth Rahu or birth Jupiter in these do remain alert.

Those ascendant signs for whom Jupiter is a functional malefic must be extra careful. Depending on your birth chart, this afflicted Jupiter in transit will either add to your dushamsthan troubles or may reduce them, giving you some unique opportunities during this time.

Saturn is the Yogkarak for Taurus and Libra ascendants and Jupiter is a functional malefic. So these two ascendant signs will be able to manage the Saturn impact reasonably well and get themselves out of the negative results that Jupiter or Rahu indicate in their physical environments. You will be required to work hard, be pragmatic, logical and use Saturn to remove the deadweight and negativity from your life. It will not be a pleasant process and you might feel distraught emotionally (this will depend on your birth Moon), but if you are able to practically do so, you will experience the blessings of Yogkarak Shanidev during this period. He is in a position to control both Jupiter and channelise Rahu thus giving you some benefit at least.

Saturn is the ascendant lord for Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants so hopefully he will manage to give some good results for these two ascendant signs. Some material growth will be possible but the emotional context will again depend on the birth Moon sign.

Rarely, Rahu and Ketu can function as Yogkarak graha (post here). In case you have these combinations in your birth chart then the malefic effects of Guruchandal will be reduced and you will be able to make positive use of the energy.

If you have a birth Guru chandal or Shapit dosh or if your birth Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu Ketu are linked in any way or if you are undergoing a dasha period combination of Jupiter, Rahu or Ketu then this period will be more troublesome.

There is a high possibility of being cheated by others. You might be under an illusion that everything is alright when in fact it is not. Being overconfident, or taking unnecessary risks, trying to be over smart will backfire during this time. And it is equally possible that you might cheat or misguide others for your own benefit. Do not take advantage of or use others for your benefit. There will also be a tendency to meddle in others’ affairs, to give unsolicited advice etc. Avoid poking your nose in other’s lives as this will harm both of you.

If you have cheated others, hidden important information from others, induced others to behave as per your wishes by false pretences or by giving them incomplete information on purpose, taken advantage of others, misguided anyone, given false promises, taken unwonted risks etc, all this will come back to haunt you.

If you have taken calculated risks, systematically worked hard, tried to be sincere even under trying circumstances, not given in to inappropriate desires, not bowed down to unwonted pressure from others, resisted harming others etc, then during this period you will see your hard work finally giving you returns. It will be a slow but a gradual process. Especially if you have been doing your daily pujas, doing Daan or Mantra puja, followed Dharma, etc then the returns will be faster.


Remedies as always are only the two, Daana or Mantra. You can give away the items related to Jupiter on the day he transits into Aries. Or you can do a weekly daan at your nearby Navgraha temple or in the river or the sea. Or you can do your regular daily puja where you also recite a small Navgraha mantra or Guru mantra for Jupiter. Or you can do a small personal weekly or monthly Shanti homa for Jupiter. Or you can recite any mantra of your choice, Gayatri mantra, Mahamrytuynjai mantra, or take up the Soham ajapa mantra or recite the Shri Sukta etc. Or you can go for pilgrimages to your Kuldevata and Ishtadevata temples, give daan there or recite their mantra regularly. Or if you understand your own horoscope then you can also adapt your behaviour intelligently to reduce the malefic impacts on you. The choice is yours, but do something regularly so that you can navigate through safely.

As with every transit there are some positives and some negatives so that the overall time is averaged out. But this time, the negatives are a bit more than the positives, so I will be listing out those aspects of life where you are required to be more careful in my next post on Jupiter’s 2023 transit into Aries.

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