Jupiter retrograde analysis and predictions 

Jupiter goes retrograde for about 4 months every year and about 22% of us have a retrograde Jupiter in the birth chart (post here). In addition, all of us go through the transit effects of retrograde Jupiter every year. Retrograde planets in transit indicate that this is a time to review and redo things. So now, if you have made any mistakes or serious blunders or left things halfway in the recent past, Jupiter will help you revise all this stuff and complete things or at least bring them to a logical conclusion. If any negativity has happened in your life in the recent past, eg betrayal from others, losses, pain, restlessness, etc then now Jupiter will help you make sense of all this. You will either be able to give a befitting reply to these things, set them right from your point of view or wrap them up in a way which gives you some positive benefit.


At the present time, Jupiter will be going retrograde in transit in his own Pisces sign for 119 days from 29th Jul 2022 to 24th Nov 2022. He will be going retrograde at 1:26am Indian standard time, so technically the vaar/solar day is still Guruvar and the lunar day/ tithi is Ashadh Amavasya (amavasyant maas). The Ashadh month is the most secretive month of the year and this is one of the major Amavasyas. (we do pujas of Deepaks in the evening Sandhyakaal). The next tithi/lunar day is the start of the Shravan month, the Shukla pratipada. The Moon is in Pushya nakshatra so the auspicious Guru Pushyamrut yog is operating. Point being, Jupiter is going retrograde at a very significant time.

During this retrograde, Jupiter will be will be moving within the Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra which is linked to Saturn. This is one positive, he will neither be changing his sign nor his nakshatra during this retrograde. He will be aspected throughout this time by Saturn who is presently in Capricorn.

The other significant events are,

  • Saturn is retrograde from 5th Jun to 23rd Oct
  • Mars will be retrograde from 30th Oct till 13th Jan
  • Mercury will be retrograde between 10th Sep – 2nd Oct
  • Venus will be combust from 2nd Oct to 18th Nov
  • Malika yog for 3 days 22-24th Aug
  • Partial Solar eclipse on Deepavali Amavasya

The other planets, Saturn, Mercury and Mars going retrograde and forward will affect the results expected from Jupiter. Saturn retrograde can cause unforeseen delays in your work schedule, trigger karma and tire you out. Mars retrograde will add his flavour of repressed and misdirected aggression, overconfidence and failure. Mercury retrograde will encourage selfishness, miscommunication, illogical behaviour, block on creativity and financial losses. Venus combust will reduce auspiciousness and fairness, increase heartbreaks and cause financial losses. Overall this time requires all of us to revise, rethink, rework and redo things which have happened in the past few months. 

As per the standard Jyotish texts (post here), Jupiter’s transits are seen from the birth Moon sign. He is generally favourable in the 2nd 5th 7th 9th and 11th houses from the birth Moon sign. And unfavourable in the houses counted 1st 3rd 4th 6th 8th 10th and 12th from the birth Moon. If we analyse just this, Jupiter in Pisces, he is generally favourable for Aquarius, Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer and Taurus and not so favourable for the remaining signs. Karma and its unfolding is always more connected to the birth Moon (post here). However, if your ascendant sign is powerful, you can count from the ascendant sign to get additional information.

But now that he is retrograde, some of us who were suffering will gain some relief from the negativity. Especially those with their birth Moon in Uttarbhadrapada, Pushya or Anuradha nakshatra will see a positive change after the turbulence of these past few months. Overall all the signs will be able to make positive use of the retrograde, except Aries, Leo and Libra, who should be more careful during the retrograde as sudden unexpected events may cause stress.

  • Pisces who has been dealing with the subtle negativity of the Janma Guru will also gain in some way. Health, relationships etc will improve and it will be appreciated for all that it does. Significant amount of money will come in.
  • Aquarius can get some financial windfall or some sort of a legacy, but it needs to be careful about using this money. Chances of squandering this asset is a real possibility.
  • Capricorns will be able to take bold decisions and profit but do refrain from becoming overambitious and unpleasant else this will backfire after Jupiter becomes forward again.
  • Sagittarius will improve its finances but will make enemies on the home front as it becomes more arrogant.
  • Scorpio will become cruel and act in unethical or immoral ways which will land it in trouble later. 
  • Libra will gain strength to overcome its enemies and options may open up on the professional front.
  • Virgo will gain from partnerships but should careful not to get too emotionally involved, remain practical so as to retain the profits.
  • Leo will strongly move towards spirituality after at least one unpleasant event.
  • Cancer will gain knowledge and will be able to use this practically to promote itself in society.
  • Gemini will be able to confidently use its professional knowledge and skills in the office to make some significant improvement on the career front..
  • Taurus will network and communicate with long lost friends, pressure groups and important people thus gain both money and reputation during this period.
  • Aries will turn to mediative activities but there may be a couple of unpleasant events to go through first.

During this period, all of us can achieve significant spiritual goals. Especially if you have been doing pujas with specific intentions or specific anushthans or Daan or even your daily pujas sincerely, you will feel the difference now as Jupiter turns retrograde. You will get the actual physical positives on the material level.


If you have your birth Jupiter retrograde then you will see a positive change during this transit retrograde. You will be able to complete projects or pick up some long pending work and finish it or capitalise projects abandoned by others, etc. It is possible that you may be appreciated for the work that you do during this period, so keep an eye out for such projects which may come your way.

If you are born with your birth Jupiter retrograde then you are introspective, have a unique approach to education, religion, spirituality, culture etc. You are hard working, ethical, kind hearted, benevolent, helpful and philosophical. A powerful retrograde Jupiter can indicate an evolved soul who does not accept ‘modern philosophy’, but sticks to the proven systems. You have a different way of seeing things, perceptive, you can pick up hidden things and subtle cues, anticipate future issues in the future etc. You can be cheated by ‘gurus’, so choose your spiritual guides carefully. There will be a very strong urge to turn towards the spiritual during this time frame.


Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra is ruled by the deity Ahirbudhnya and linked to Saturn. It represents the two back legs of a cot, specifically a funeral cot. It is linked to deep knowledge, wisdom, trance like states, secrets, enlightenment through dissolution, etc. It is a versatile nakshatra and can perform competently in life. Outwardly flexible and internally rigid, it clear about its own self. It is a Kshatriya nakshatra and takes its Dharma seriously. 

Jupiter going retrograde in Uttarabhadrapada can lead to laziness or complacency, shyness, insecurity, over empathy, misplaced sympathy, over calculative nature, etc which leads to issues later. There will be an internal simmering righteous anger about the situations that you find yourself in. You will try to find reasonable solutions at first but most likely this anger may be released via a dispassionate sort of destructive behaviour. You will want to move towards the higher spiritual often at the cost of the immediate material. The middle 10days of the Bhadrapad month will see a greater release of this nakshatra’s energy. 

If we consider the attributes of the Nakshatra quarters, then Jupiter in the 4th quarter of Uttarabhadrapada, will create situations with intensity, violence, unexpected turns, a layer of cleverly created confusion hiding the reality. In the 3rd quarter, there will be an attempt to restore balance as things quieten down again. In the 2nd pad, there will be more detailed planning and strategic action but the focus will be on benefiting the individual rather than the collective. And in the 1st quarter, there will be clarity coupled with a sense of achievement.

The energies of this lunar mansion are best channelised into activities which are performed in solitude, eg meditation, research, planning, creative work etc. It does not favour actions which require instant reactions or immediate responses.

As a general rule, a strong birth chart can tide over all temporary events created by the transits. So if your birth Moon, ascendant lord, and ascendant sign are powerful, then you have an inherent capacity to convert negatives into positives. You will also have to read this transit in context of your individual charts. When analysing an individual chart, keep your eyes open for all sorts of patterns which the planets make, using the following points.

  • consider the power of the birth Jupiter, at least use the Ishta kashta phala values
  • the houses he controls – ie where does Pisces and Sagittarius lie in your chart,
  • his functional nature – is he a functional malefic or a functional benefic in your chart,
  • the planets he is aspected by or conjoint with or aspecting.
  • check which house Jupiter is transiting over (post here).
  • Or if Jupiter in transit crosses over any planet from your birth chart (post here).
  • eg If your Ascendant is Cancer and Moon is in your 9th Pisces. Now Jupiter transiting over Pisces will influence this Moon, but as he is transiting over your ascendant lord, this will be an auspicious transit for you, irrespective everything else.
  • Jupiter aspects the 5th 7th 9th houses from his position and enhances their positive and auspicious results. Jupiter in Pisces will increase the positive results of Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio, so you can expect some benefits from these areas of life.
  • Depending on your level of study you can check out the Ashtakvarga score of Jupiter in Pisces and the power of Pisces sign to give favourable results (post here).
  • The Janma Navtara table (post here) can also be used for quick analysis.
  • For subtle level analysis the Kota chakra (post here) can be used.
  • Also consider the Dasha periods that you are undergoing. Mahadasha and Antardasha of favourable planets will enhance positive results. But if you are in the Dasha periods of functional malefics then you should take adequate precautions. 

Remedies, as always, are only two, Daan (post here) and Mantra (post here). If you can do a regular spiritual practice or even a daily puja, any routine activity, it will help you increase your overall strength which will help you in all ways.


Jupiter going retrograde will also have his impact on the national and global events. 

Prices of food items, grains, ghee, medicines, essential supplies etc will increase. This will cause a resentment against the elected governments. Weather will remain erratic. In Bharat randomly excessive rains and floods and lack of rains are going to cause problems in agriculture. At least one severe earthquake expected in the Asian region. Expect a change in the political systems, governments, or at least the portfolios of the ministers. Horse trading, politicians changing their parties etc all is possible. In short there will be confusion and lack of coherent policy or philosophy at the political levels. Judicial interference in the functioning of the elected governments will lead to an eventual loss of face for the judicary. People will protest against it. (Combust Venus opposite retrograde Jupiter.) War like situations will continue and now more nations will get sucked into the conflict. Nations to the west of Bharat are now on the downward slope (have mentioned this in several posts). Economy will continue its collapse. Abhorrent and unnatural lifestyles will be promoted as strong foundations and the governments will take action against them as the common people will now start protesting against erosion of long held values. A Malika yog, where 8 planets are in 8 continuous signs is going to occur on 22-24th Aug, (from Pisces Jupiter to Libra Ketu) this will cause at least one significant event. This will be traumatic or positive depending on the nation’s birth chart. And the solar eclipse on the Deepavali Amavasya will also cause several changes with far reaching effects.

Jupiter is retrograde, but is neither changing his sign nor his nakshatra which makes him very powerful. It is his own sign and a Saturn linked lunar mansion. So he will force people to get into philosophy and spirituality, ie Dharma. Those who do so sincerely, will be able to manage their karmic pendency better. Those who fail to do so will face a severe karmic backlash. 

58 thoughts on “Jupiter retrograde analysis and predictions 

  1. Quotesofacrab July 27, 2022 / 10:45 pm

    Namaste mam, 3 generations of a family with sun+ketu or either one of them in 12th house, is this a case of Pitru Dosha?
    If yes, somewhere read about rituals for the same.. what could those be.. for the ishta- devtas temple at native village or the rishi that represents the gotra of the family? Kindly guide..


    • astrologerbydefault July 28, 2022 / 8:50 am

      Hi there
      There are several combinations fr this.
      The one u mentioned does not seem to b one of those.
      However if ur family is seeing the malefic effects of this dosh, ref to ur astrologer.
      And fr tarpans/pujas ask ur family Brahmin.


  2. Jinesh k July 28, 2022 / 4:07 am


    Can we expect results as if jupiter is in aquarius as it is turning backwards?
    Likewise mam you mentioned when jupiter is retrogrde in your chart you can cheated by gurus.Is it applicable in normal academic level as well.?


    • astrologerbydefault July 28, 2022 / 8:46 am

      Hi there
      Results will b as per Jupiter in Pisces not Aquarius.

      Tht was fr people with birth Jupiter retrograde.

      And school teachers are 4th house. University professors are 9th house. They r allAdhyapak.

      Information – Adhyapak
      knowledge and Information – Upadhyay
      skill – Acharya
      deep insights – Pandit
      visionary who helps you realise that same vision- Drashta
      Paramtattava – Guru


  3. Sandeep July 28, 2022 / 9:23 am


    Thank you for your valuable post. Could you please comment on effects for Aquarius ascendant, Taurus moon with Jupiter retrograde in 10th house at 3:12 deg with Mars retrograde at 28:13 deg conjunct Rahu at 21:13 deg in 12th house of Capricorn where Saturn is currently retrograde? Current MD Jupiter AD Moon PD Sun. Thank you.


    • Sandeep August 3, 2022 / 12:23 pm


      I see a lot of endings…do you concur?


  4. Sujith July 28, 2022 / 11:53 am

    Namaste Ma’am..
    Thank you very much for very informative post..
    I have some question unrelated to post.

    Why Different Jivan mukta souls Behaves differently after attaining same goal..?
    Somewhere I read in Guru charitra of Dattatreya swamy..

    It says there is different types of jivan mukta..
    One Behaves joyfully in worldly matters yet untouched by anything..(Consider as 1st class noble type)
    2nd is often influenced illusion but regain his state in samadhi state(madhyama jnani)..
    Another 3rd type also..I didn’t remember..

    And..Narayan and Shiva both said as one..and creators,protectors,annihilators..

    Why Narayan not shown with third Eye like Shiva..?
    He is also plays role as destroyer in his avatars..
    After all He can also acceble to His ajnya chakra..
    And situated in supreme Brahmn..


    • astrologerbydefault July 28, 2022 / 11:08 pm

      Hi there
      There are 4 possible states in which the Jivanmukt is seen. The ‘highest’ one is the जडवत, ie Moksh.
      The goal is the same, but the prarabdha karma of each body is different. Prarabdha karma has to be completed by the physical body as it is like an arrow which has already been released from the bow. This is applicable even to those who are Jivatmukt.

      There is a vast difference between Mukti and Moksh.
      Mukti is an avastha. Moksh is a vyavastha.
      Avastha cannot be dharmanirapeksh, ie it is dependant on Dharma.
      Vyavastha is dharmanirapeksh. The genuine aspirant always has Moksh as his goal.
      I cannot find words in English to explain these terms.
      In terms of the body chakras Mukti is when the kundalini reaches the Shri Bindu.
      I will not tell where it should reach in order to achieve Moksh. You will have to ask your Guru this. And anyways this is not very relevant for you at the present moment.

      Shiv, ‘the highest auspicious’, is the Advaita, it is represented by the Shivlingam. It is Nirgun, does not have any lakshan/attributes.
      Technically we are all the same Shiv, but right now seen as different souls/jivatma for the Game/Lila that we are all playing. We are all rays from that same Advaita.
      Bhagwan Shankar, ‘happiness’, is the deity, a ray from the Advaita, ie the embodiment of Tamogun who is represented by a human figure with a wife, two sons etc. it is Sagun, it has Lakshan.
      (Vishuddha tamogun is very precious. if you can use its energy, it will consume Rajogun and leave only Satvagun, which will then dissolve by itself.)
      Narayan is a compound word, which roughly means the travel of the individual soul/jivatma. Again it represents a process, a ray.
      There is no difference between the ray and the source. Or is there any? Do think fr yourself.
      Upasana is always Sagun. Upasya is always Nirgun.

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      • ANAND July 28, 2022 / 11:28 pm

        Pranaam Madam,
        Thanks for this overwhelmingly beautiful reply. Each time I read a word on this knowledge portal, I “realize” something, cant describe it in words, as it is not a “thought”. In fact, each realization reduces the thought quantity in my mind.

        Each reply is as precious as your post, Madam. How can we simply say “thanks”? How can we express our gratitude when it is beyond words?

        Sincere regards, wishes, prayers and heartfelt gratitude as always,


  5. giii July 28, 2022 / 6:03 pm

    Excellent reading.


  6. Sujith July 29, 2022 / 8:38 am

    Thank you Very much for Very precious and Kind reply Ma’am..

    I can’t say I understand it completely..
    But..It can remove my illusions and confusions upto some level..

    I think I need more Experience to understand to know these concepts..
    I try to work on it by regular practice..

    Thank you for Guidance..🙏


  7. G July 29, 2022 / 8:57 am

    Thank you for your guidance in the form of these articles. Also, the accompanying pictures in your articles are always beautiful and unique 🙂


  8. Vats July 29, 2022 / 12:06 pm

    Ma’am, with the retrogrades – Guru in the last sign known for moksha and completion, Saturn being in the 10th sign known for ego, status, society and structural reforms. Rest planets as you mentioned will be fuelling the events, more.

    1. Is it correct that India holding a taurus rising….will undergo bad times starting 2023 with respect to societal reforms, structure, nature all at once like how western countries have been majorly facing things that they aren’t prepared for?

    Heatwaves, severe impact of COVID-19 on population, floods, melts, drought and UK PM etc even Biden for that matter

    Next year, Saturn will sit in the 10th, Jupiter will push towards 12th house of Aries after Pisces. The friends India might have gained during last 2.5 years, importance can go for a toss even our govt?

    2. I am sure you know it pretty well and have mentioned it with subtlety, politely in comments and posts……what is happening in schools of Uttrakhand some district names bageshwar. Dehradun and other villages they are known to experience such issues rampantly.

    – you say child and women are always, mostly susceptible to evil or differently intended energies. Does that make schools a sweet spot?

    – You also mentioned that these areas are cursed to live happily or nurture families……Himalayan range……but what about purity of our rivers. Alongside which all these cities breathe and worship. Energy is everywhere. Are these incidents happening at higher frequency an onset of something in India as well?

    * News of death, unexplained issues, violence abuse… Everyday its happening or is in focus compared to maybe mass death, events as previously we use to read.

    Really appreciate your thoughts here since you know what, how much to say and conceal. It’s a weird loop of energy affecting people at individual, family level. Not regular…..have been consuming news daily


    • astrologerbydefault July 29, 2022 / 1:27 pm

      Hi there
      The entire world is going to go through a turbulent time.



      Bharat too will see its own share of issues.
      But Taurus rising means Saturn as a yogkarak.
      And Jupiter as a functional malefic. If you really think our problems are typical of Jupiter behaving badly. Reflect on the keywords of Jupiter, Sagittarius and Pisces, and you will understand what I mean here.

      Philosophy of the majority of the people who live in a nation determine its foundation as Dharma or Adharma. Now am sure you can deduce which nations of the present times are going to support our interests.
      A nation does not have ‘friends’.
      A nation has interests and at present Bharat can count on Russia and, as unbelievable as it may seem, China (this will be evident in the long run.)

      I do not know what you mean by ‘things happening in schools of Uttarakhand’.

      As parents we have to always make sure that our children are safe. Not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually.
      And parents living in the hills, villages are very aware of this. Traditions and culture is still strong here. (It is destroyed in the cities)
      Children in the hills wear amulets, put a Kajal dot for protection against evil eye, wear kalava, tie black thread, go to temples, etc their parents/grandparents do not let them out alone in the evening etc.
      here people do regular pujas of their Kuldevata etc.
      they understand the energy dynamics better than city people.

      Children and women are always more susceptible to energy, any sort of energy.

      The Himalay are the Devbhoomi, right from JK to Arunachal.
      The energy is ideal for sadhus and sadhaks. Not so ideal for gruhast people.
      I do not understand why this concept is so difficult to grasp.
      Use your common sense and do not overthink. I have always put the word ‘cursed’ in quotes!

      People are not supposed to live right on the river banks either. This is primarily coz the danger of the river flooding. Also the floodplains are precious, these lands give very good agri output.
      And on the astral levels there are other things on the river and its banks which do not appreciate human presence.
      We are not supposed to build huge dams or huge reservoirs on rivers either. Water, if it stops flowing becomes a very huge source of negativity and danger. Stagnant water does not have good energy.
      Our ancient water projects had smaller sized dams and a network of canals.
      And now I don’t want to start discussing how we are mismanaging our water resources on this blog.

      The world is not so bad as the news makes it out.
      The sensation seeking media always focuses on the negative news. They are adding to the miasma of negativity and personally I think that they are acting in a non-Dharmic manner.

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  9. Seeker July 29, 2022 / 3:32 pm

    Hi Ma’am,

    I too love the visuals that you insert right next to the thoughts. It makes an impact.

    I wanted to ask/share my observations about my niece’s chart. She has Sun Moon in 8th house, with a loaded 9th house..Saturn, Venus, Mars.

    With my student-level astrology, I can see the traumatic childhood she had with both her parents. She is a special child. Somehow always positive and independent…must be her 9th house divine blessings. She has a special bond with me…a spiritual connection…in fact, I met her for the first time in front of Mother Lakshmi in a temple when she was visiting me as a very young child.

    I have taken her under my wing to groom her spiritually, within boundaries, of course. And she does follow my advice her own spirituality. My promise to her is that I will watch over her till she is 25. This will give me enough time to empower her spiritually as I don’t believe that she or anyone for that matter should be spiritually dependant on any one else, after a point. She’s 18 now. I will take her to our astrologer but I want her to be there and engage in the session herself…so I may have to wait a bit for that.

    She was not born on Amavasya…it was a hours after that (prithamai). But Sun and Moon both in 8th house alarmed me a bit.

    I have tried to glean info about this from your posts…have not seen anything with both Sun and Moon together in 8th..Have I missed a post somewhere. My apologies if I have. Would love to hear from you about this.

    All said and done, I can see that every chart, is “overseen” by God, and that we as caregivers sometimes want to step in and do a bit more.

    Much gratitude to you as always.


    • astrologerbydefault July 29, 2022 / 4:01 pm

      Hi there



      it is encouraging to see that you are interested in your niece’s wellbeing.
      this is our real culture where the elders take care of the kids in their family.

      if you can give her a routine to follow, as a life-time thing?
      it can be something very simple,
      eg morning 2mins surya arghya
      5- 10mins kuldevata puja in the household puja ghar and some mantra/sukta/stotra of choice
      Evening tulasi deepak
      5-10 mins kuldevata puja and mantra/sukta/stotra.
      if she is travelling or in her college/class at the evening twilight time then she can do this mentally, visualise the tulasi/ deepak, the household puja ghar and recite her mantra in her mind.

      for children, Shri Ganpati Atharvasheersha is one of the best options. this will help in education, wisdom and is also highly protective in nature.
      or any bhajan, arti or paath, or stuti of your kuldevata which you do.

      9th house is always supportive so whatever planets r placed here will support her eventually in life. but she should always hold her Kuldevata in her heart. (after marriage it will be of her husband’s family.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Seeker July 29, 2022 / 4:27 pm

        Thank you for your kind reply. I have read the posts you have added in the reply. I don’t think she will know who her kuldevata is as her father’s side is not into these things. She does her Gayatri Mantra…and listens to the chants and stutis that I send her.

        My wish is to eventually teach her Shri Suktam. Mother Lakshmi connected me to her, and I think I need to connect her back to Mother Lakshmi.

        Thank you again.


  10. DV July 29, 2022 / 3:46 pm

    Thank you for the post.
    Had a question relating to Gurus.

    There are a few well known Gurus who give out a meditation or breathing technique without even meeting the student.
    How does it work?
    Because in those foundations there is like first this course and then advanced course and more advanced ones etc.
    Can one following such breathing techniques attain mukti?

    Many thanks.


    • astrologerbydefault July 29, 2022 / 4:17 pm

      Hi there
      these are the ‘modern masters’ not the Guru.

      i would not follow such a technique, esp if its connected to breathing.

      one very popular sampradaya gives diksha by courier!
      the procedure for the breathing technique etc arrives written on a paper. and what they teach is very wrong. but still this group has a huge following. i know this because one of my collegues was getting initiated into this activity.
      i advised her against doing this and her response was to immediately stop talking to me.

      a Vedic mantra has its own power so it will work to some extent depending on the shraddha of the person who is doing it. something is better than nothing.

      one of my friends got initiated into Sangeet recently. she is going to learn the Veena formally. it was a half-day puja of Devi Sarasvati and the Veena vadya.
      she and her Sangeet guru and 2 brahmins were doing all the pujas etc will full sincerity.

      when the Guru gives a Dhyan mantra or any other mantra/ stotra/ paath/ sookta/ puja vidhi anything, he adds his intention to it. and the intention is something that the disciple himself has requested.
      eg he may give a Kavach and say that this will protect.
      or give a Mantra and say that it will grant Moksh
      or give a puja vidhi and say that this will bring samruddhi
      or give some water/prasad/teertham and say that it will restore health.
      (he may or not express the intention in words, but the disciple will understand it in some way as it is as per his prayers to his Guru.)
      this sort of mantra diksha gives very fast results. in this very lifetime sort of results.


      • DV July 29, 2022 / 4:30 pm

        Very true. I found it more odd because they do Guru puja of these Masters and Mystics whom they haven’t met.

        It is so difficult to find a Guru who can give this Mantra Diksha.

        I do my best to follow the simple rituals that you have said in the previous posts.
        I am very grateful to you for bringing such a change.

        What else can I do so that I get the guidance of a Guru?

        My husbands family do not have a Kul Guru. My husband is supportive of getting Mantra diksha but he is sceptical about the nature of Gurus these days.


      • astrologerbydefault July 29, 2022 / 9:18 pm

        Hi there
        the rule is that when the disciple is ready the Guru has to appear,
        so keep doing your daily pujas, etc with full intention.
        do not over burden yourself, whatever you do should bring you happiness not feel like a task/burden
        as you are still in the Gruhastashram stage, fulfill your duties here while holding on to your Dharma.
        if you want, read the Vivek chudamani. it will help clear so many things on the intellectual levels.


      • DV July 29, 2022 / 9:46 pm

        Many thanks for your reply.
        We will continue with our practices.


  11. Sujith July 30, 2022 / 4:06 pm

    Namaste Ma’am..

    1) It says some Experienced Jyotish able to see persons future without using any birth charts..
    They consider as Divajna..

    How they managed to achieve that state..?
    If a Divajna consider as highest in jyotishya..
    What will be his further sadhana to achieve moksha..

    2) What are limitations of Jyotish vidya to take a sadhak to moksha…?
    Can it give Moksha…or It bring us near to moksha..?
    How it different than Brahma vidya..?

    Sorry..if any mistake in my question..
    Hope my question is clear..


    • astrologerbydefault July 30, 2022 / 6:29 pm

      Hi there
      this is by the power of the sadhana that they do.
      eg. if you know someone above 27yrs who has done his Gayatri mantra, his Trikaal Sandhya puja sincerely from the age of 6yrs, then he too will be able to tell you your future even if he has not formally studied Jyotish.

      There are several routes to achieve Moksh but they will all converge at the Vedanta. every vidya will converge as the final step is the Vedanta, ie the Brahma vidya.


  12. Sujith July 30, 2022 / 7:03 pm

    Thank you for kind reply Ma’am..

    But..How can a person able to tell future like a jyotish without studying Jyotish vidya..?
    I.e From where does he get that info..
    Does He get info from Auras or Jivatma or Just Physical form&attributes of other person..?

    Many astrologers keep on reads many charts..
    For many years..
    But..How person called Divajna able to do it without depending on these horoscope details..
    Who don’t know about planetary placement of any Yogas..
    How can they predict it..?


    • astrologerbydefault July 30, 2022 / 9:25 pm

      Hi there
      Daivedjnya simply means someone ‘who knows fate/destiny’.
      so a regular Jyotishi can be called a daivedjnya. this term is more commonly used in Dakshin.

      everyone can at some level access the future. that ‘gut feel’ that you sometimes get is your sub-conscious mind doing it.

      A Jyotishi simply uses the combinations of the planets coupled with his own mantra puja, the purva-punya of the client etc to access the future.

      and there are so many other ways of accessing the past/future!
      do your own mantra pujas and see for yourself.


  13. Sujith July 30, 2022 / 7:10 pm

    Here in our place many Astrologer claims themselves as Divajna..
    and themselves writes as Divajna before their Name in Name plates…
    But..they dont say anything without reading charts..
    I often wonder is really persons called Divajna exists nowadays..

    Thank You very Much guidance and clarification about Vedanta and Jyotishy vidya..


  14. bhaskar July 31, 2022 / 1:36 am

    Namaste Ma’m. Thank you very much for your wonderful insights on Dhyan and other spiritual practices. Your blog continue to be a treasure. Ever since I started practicing Soham and a bit of regular Jap (missed some times due to travel) of my favorite deities after reading you blog, I have experienced that the restlessness (which I had for many years) around new and full moon phases has nearly disappeared. I am not sure if I am progressing in the correct direction as I think (may be wrong) the restlessness is a connection with cosmos that is now going away? Could you advise please?


    • astrologerbydefault July 31, 2022 / 9:02 am

      Hi there
      So u think that being restless is a connection with the ‘cosmos’? Then the solution is to stop doing all mantra/puja etc and continue being restless.
      And what do u mean by ‘cosmos’?

      If u think that having a restful and peaceful mind is better fr u, then continue yr mantra etc.

      Read the Bhagwat Gita or Vivek Chudamani if u want to get ur concepts/ theory/ Siddhant right.

      As in all else choice is urs and urs alone.


  15. Bhaskar July 31, 2022 / 10:37 am

    Thank you very much for the quick response Ma’am and apologies for the naivity as I am still a beginner and that I couldn’t convey the message very well. In the past I’ve read that when the thoughts of an individual are affected by lunar cycle it means there is a prospect for spritual progress. Now that I have started without an initiation from a Guru and starting to see the reduced affect of the cycle, not sure if I am progressing the right direction and how to correct if not. In summary a confusion due to ignorance. I will endeavor to get my concepts right. However, from your response can I deduce that calming the mind and breaking this cycle is also a step in the right direction and being perturbed by lunar cycle isn’t significant? Please. I’ve referred to cosmos in the sense of connection with the universe/nature, not a great choice to describe in English.


    • astrologerbydefault July 31, 2022 / 1:52 pm

      Hi there
      if you think that you have started this mantra/puja etc without ‘initiation from a Guru’ then you will never succeed/achieve whatever you have intended to achieve with this mantra.

      i have repeatedly said this several times that the real Guru is right inside you.
      the easiest way of understanding this at this point of time is that the Guru is your own Antaratma/ conscience.

      you have to find your own spiritual path with your own Conscience/Antaratma as your guide.
      no one else can guide you.

      even of you see a Atmajnyani before you, will you be able to recognise Him?
      A Guru could be just sitting on the road in front of a temple or a bus stand.. recognising that Eternal sitting in the form of a human also requires sadhana.
      i have seen examples where humans have hit, tormented, physically murdered etc Atmajnyani Mahapurush because they could not recognise the Advaita that they were.

      i suggest Soham as the only mantra to be done with the breath, as it is the Ajapa mantra. you are already reciting it with every breath you take, the idea is to become aware of it.

      and i have mentioned several times that you can think of your Kuldevata, Ishtadevata etc as a Guru.
      give some name, a form to this title.
      Even Surya devata can be a Guru, he is the prateksha devata, the energy you see with your eyes, he is the only visible deity.

      very rarely and generally at the very climax of your sadhana, a Sat-Guru, ie an Atma Jnyani Mahapurush may appear in person before you to ‘give initiation’
      but this too may not happen. eg Mata Anandamayi had no physical person as a Guru in sitting front of her. she would get guidance in dreams or just as random suggestions etc. And she achieved Atmajnyan, ie Moksh and remained as a Jivan mukt, as a Guru to her shishyas.

      i do not know where you read this sort of stuff!
      if you are becoming restless, are being affected by the lunar cycle or any other cycle of Kaal/time, then this is an indication that your mind is unstable. your karma are overwhelming your Mind.
      learn Sanskrit and understand the sandhi vicched of the word ‘Mantra’

      Stabilising or rather centering /focussing the mind/ Manas is the reason we do sadhana.
      if you do not agree with this statement then you should search for someone who thinks the way you think.
      this blog is not for you.


  16. Sujith July 31, 2022 / 4:54 pm

    Namaste Ma’am..

    I’m just Beginner in studying Astrology and engage in spirituality..
    And..I’m trying my best to practice regularly..

    I know know some astrologers..they read charts Dispassionately without any struggle..
    They even look at their own charts with such dispassionate manner..
    But…Why I can’t do like that..
    I sometimes feels surprised,Happy,sad etc when reading other charts..
    I know Jyotish gives indications and it’s not destiny…

    But..Why they can read those stuff with such a maturity..
    And..why I can’t do like that..?


    • astrologerbydefault July 31, 2022 / 9:04 pm

      Hi there
      that is why you are compulsorily required to do your mantra puja. no exceptions.
      unless you do your own mantras, you will drown in the karma of your clients.
      i have seen this happen to several over-smart people in Delhi and Mumbai who read tarot or ‘do jyotish’ for money, without doing personal pujas or even understanding what they are doing on the energy levels.
      empaths, sympaths and all such terms are indications of a mind under stress, by reading charts/cards/etc ie interpreting/ interfering into the karma of others.

      This is the job of Brahmins (by nakshatra varna never by birth) and they are required to wear the Yajnopavit, the Shikha and do the Tri kaal sandhya for a lifetime from the age of 6yrs.

      do you think that this dispassion or perspective is so easy?
      no! it is a hard earned achievement.

      the poor budding Jyotishis are required to study study and study for a lifetime.
      and every minute is a test.
      they cannot put a rate on their services, they cannot accumulate money.
      they have to accept dakshina and in return they are required to burn the negative karma of their clients by the power of their mantra shakti.

      people today have a very messed up idea on brahmins these days. (root cause is that our books were burnt, mistranslated on purpose etc and all the brahmins killed)
      every panchatantra story begins with ‘there was a poor brahmin’. ever thought what this means?


      • Avinash July 31, 2022 / 9:44 pm

        Namaste Mam,

        Does it also mean that if we are unable to do our regular mantra puja due to any reason including due to sutak period, etc. then it is best to stay away from reading charts for that duration?

        Thank you!


  17. Bhaskar July 31, 2022 / 8:24 pm

    Thank you very much Ma’am. That helps and clarifies a lot and I agree with your statement on stabilising the mind with Sadhana. In fact until now I have been struggling to understand my problem and your explanation has put an end to it. Without your blog I would have been lost long searching the unknown. Can’t thank you enough, Pranaam.


  18. Sujith July 31, 2022 / 9:54 pm

    Yes Ma’am..
    I have heard in Every story its starts like that..”There was a Poor Brahmin”.
    Later I came to know How hard their life…
    I realize that a real Brahmin is like Fire among men..Who can digest other’s sins with their Anustaan..

    Brahmin by Nakshatra Varna..
    Is it means Varna of Janma Nakshatra..?

    I like Krishna Paramatma as my Ishta Devata..
    Can I continue with Mantra related to Krishna..?


    • astrologerbydefault July 31, 2022 / 11:59 pm

      Hi there
      Yes, janma nakshatra varna was the real rule which was followed in the past.

      You can choose your own adored deity and any mantra which you are attracted to.
      Just ensure that the mantra is a standard vedic mantra


  19. Sujith August 2, 2022 / 8:28 pm

    Namaste Ma’am..

    I recently read about 8th House related Post in this Blog..

    One thing I’m unable to analyze clearly..

    Scorpio said as Natural 8th House..
    And..Gemini becomes 8th House from Scorpio..

    Since 8th House is a problematic house..
    How can Light hearted Gemini problematic to scorpio..?


    • astrologerbydefault August 2, 2022 / 9:50 pm

      Hi there
      What r the keywords of Gemini ? And scorpio?

      If u r a scorpio person with its typical nature (wrote several posts on scorpio) what sort of behaviour or environment etc would b most distasteful to you?
      Most difficult fr you to adjust to?
      Or .. to adjust to what sort of environment would you have to make the most changes to your nature?

      Also read the post on the bhavat bhavam concept.


  20. Sujith August 2, 2022 / 10:24 pm

    Ok Ma’am..

    I read almost Every post in this blog..
    I will check once again..

    What I’m understand about Scorpio is about Depth,Determination,Daring etc..
    Those are Generally not related to Gemini sign..
    I think Gemini’s undepth surface matters don’t appreciated by scorpio..

    Thank you for Guidance Ma’am..


    • astrologerbydefault August 3, 2022 / 8:07 am

      Hi there
      I get this several times tht someone has read all the posts in this blog.
      It is over 10lakh words in over 600 posts. Loads of information and so many concepts.
      and naturally there will b questions etc.

      So if you can share the links with your friends, start your own study group or something.
      A few readers have done this and shared their experience with discussing the blog with their like minded friends and it has helped.


  21. B August 3, 2022 / 3:13 am

    Namste mam. Alway grateful for ur insightful writing. In a sense it’s blessing for me i would say to understand this divine knowledge better.

    I have a query mam which is not related to ur current piece of writing n i had no other way to reach u except putting my query here so please forgive me.

    Actually u have already answered my query in the past in the topic related to shakti yoga…you clarified that for this yoga both the 5th and 9th house has to be involved.

    But Again Recently i came across a piece of writing regarding the topic(Shakti yoga) which again reminded me about your answer to my query! In that writing there are 2 examples (Sri Rama Krishna paramhamsa n adolf hitler) related to this yoga.

    As per one of the rules(if i m correct): if one of rahu/moon placed in 9th house n it is aspected(jaimini aspect) by the other one then it s considered as shakti yoga.

    So Here in case of Hitler it is formed in 9th house where rahu is in Gemini aspected(jaimini sign aspect) by moon in 3rd house sagitarius.

    Isn’t this Shakti yoga in case of Adolf hitler?
    wherein 9th house rahu is aspected by 3rd house moon which again is in conjuct with Jupiter!

    Forgive me mam for i remained confused n repeating thi query again inspite of ur explanation in that piece of writing. Hope this time i will get some clarity! Alway grateful for ur insight


      • B August 3, 2022 / 10:09 am

        Thanks mam🙏

        If it’s shakti yog then, shouldn’t moon in 3rd house Virgo aspecting(jaimini spect) rahu in 9th house Pisces be satisfying this condition of shakti yoga?

        Even without the jaimini aspect, moon’s 7th aspect also a reason here! Isn’t the condition for the Yog?

        Because that was the instance of planetary position (moon-ketu cnjtn in 3rd house Virgo n Jupiter-rahu-venus cnjctn in 9th house Pisces) i asked you about to get confirmation whether that’s forming Shakti yoga or not!

        m just trying to get d clarity mam n get confirmation because m really confused as you mentioned for that combination, it doesn’t exist as such and u gave me some reference to few more posts n as well as some advises to do some daily sadhna considering d Jupiter -rahu-venus cnjct in 9th!

        Request if u could bring some more clarity here n end my confusion!
        And i seek some advises to progress if thats the case(if that yog is getting formed in any manner)!


  22. B August 3, 2022 / 3:41 am

    A little modification for 5th paragraph of my query (one of the combinations regarding shakti yoga!)

    As per the rules(if i m correct): if either of rahu/moon is placed in 5th/9th house and the other one aspects(jaimini aspect) the 5th/9th house then also this yoga is formed!


      • B August 3, 2022 / 5:52 pm

        Namaste mam🙏. I did read it again but m still confused n missing something. Forgive me for my repeated query

        One thing i get that, 5th house is not involved like u said, “both 5th n 9th has to be involved”… but then mam in case of Adolf hitler’s chart it’s d same : i mean rahu in 9th aspected by moon in 3rd by jaimini aspect which too doesn’t involve 5th house but satisfies the condition of: ” one of them is placed in 5th or 9th house and the other aspects the 5th or 9th house by jaimini aspect”

        So please help me mam where i m missing 🙏..n please forgive me if m annoying out of ignorance! It’s just m desperate to know where m getting this wrong n on what condition! m not able to go further…always grateful🙏


      • astrologerbydefault August 4, 2022 / 6:13 am

        Hi there
        I have said ‘yes you r right’ fr ur past 4 or 5 comments.
        U had asked fr solutions fr better managing the combination which are in the post.
        Being aware of the energy is the first step fr being able to use it .


  23. Sujith August 3, 2022 / 9:39 am

    Yes Ma’am..
    I share my Experiences in this blog mostly with my sister and two of other friends..
    Its comfortable to me discuss with them as I can talk in my native language..
    They are interesred in this subject..
    But..not very active aspirants of occult&spirituality..

    And..As you suggested I try to find more same minded & active aspirants of spirituality to share&discuss..

    Thank you for advice Ma’am..


    • astrologerbydefault August 3, 2022 / 11:46 am

      Hi there
      Teach ur family members, siblings, spouse children first to do some daily pujas of kuldevata/ household deity. Extended family friends and ur nieces and nephews too if u can inspire. This 5-10 mins as per Dharma will help them in their lives too.
      Spirituality / religion/ occult r all modern words which generate very little emotional connect fr us.
      Instead use words like puja dharma etc. these are words with inherent energy.

      First the individual then the family then the society.. that’s how we have to try to revive Sanatan Dharma.


  24. Sujith August 3, 2022 / 6:04 pm

    Definitely Ma’am..
    I feel more interested in Activities about reviving Sanatana Dharma..

    And..My family&close relatives regularly do daily pujas and also for Kuladevata(Mother Durga for our family)..
    My mother do pujas to both Krishna & Mother Goddess..sometimes Shiva.

    But…My Father does puja to Shiva&Saibaba..
    When I see his puja…I feel like his worship is Nivrutti type of path..
    I feel like it’s not that much necessary to worship that hard..with that effort.
    Then..I thought it’s his taste..

    Is it Possible a person in samsara having Nivrutti type Nature..
    And..also a person living Nivrutti type of life having Pravrutti Nature..?

    Anyway…I wants to participate..atleast do something helpful in social Dharmic activities..

    Thank you for precious Guidance Ma’am..


    • astrologerbydefault August 4, 2022 / 6:01 am

      Hi there
      It is quite possible tht a gruhast person is trying fr moksh.

      But someone who is very firmly on the nivrutti path will rarely turn towards pravritti again.


  25. sampath amin August 4, 2022 / 10:51 am

    Namaste Mam,
    Firstly,Almost every article written by you has been is great and superb,its little disappointing to see that that very few well learned astrologers having real astrology knowledge have stopped practising,and in todays time u find astrologer in every corner,but to no effect.
    Mam,could you share your valuable thoughts and remedies for taurus moon sign natives,currently going through jupiter mahadasha and ketu antardasha,as facing lot of career(Job related issues)since last 3 years,have consulted so called astrologers too,who advise to wear expensive blue sapphire and emerald gemstone,some,advsing for making some sort oy yantra for getting job,


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