Venus Jupiter exact conjunction in Pisces

At the current moment, today, 2nd Mar 2023, we can see the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on the western horizon. They should be getting together in Pisces like this once every 12yrs (but curiously last year they were exactly conjunct at 3deg Pisces on 30th Apr. So in this Jovian 12 yr cycle we had this conjunction for two years in succession. And the last time they were exactly conjunct in Pisces in Feb 1963). The two brightest planets in the skies are together in a brilliant conjunction, visible for a couple of hours after sunset. Today they are both on the 18 deg of Pisces, practically in the center of the rashi and exactly conjunct. Pisces belongs to Jupiter and Venus is exalted in Pisces. I always view Jupiter Venus conjunction/opposition either in the birth chart or in transit or in the Dashas critically. They have great potential to mess up things when together. This happens on a subtle level and not everyone is aware of it. And stuff on the subtle levels manifests on the physical levels in max 6 months.

If either of them were allowed to work here in Pisces alone it would have been wonderful but both together here at once is not an ideal situation. Jupiter knows that it is his house and wants to relax and get his stuff done. And Venus is annoyed that he is not allowed to work freely in his house of exaltation. He knows that he can be comfortable here and get a lot of stuff done, except that Jupiter is also around. And both being in the paap kartari, cruel scissor of Saturn and Rahu, is not helping things. In fact, in my opinion, Saturn – Venus is an intensely cruel combination and Saturn – Rahu is the classic Shapit dosh.

Devguru Jupiter and Daityaguru Venus are both saumya graha, gentle planets. Both are Gurus, but of opposing factions, their disciples Dev and Asurs are continually waging war on each other. In fact Venus is Guru to Jupiter’s son too. But both are technically enemies, but on the philosophical levels. Now, both being in power at the same time, is creating stress as both Dev – gentleness and Asur – cruelty are equally powerful. A deep pull and push is being felt inside the mind and for some of us on the body and the physical environment too.

Pisces Moon borns and Pisces ascendants will be feeling this energy quite strongly. In fact they must have started feeling strangely restless from about 2 weeks ago. If the birth Moon or the ascendant degree is in the middle of Pisces then the effects would be even more pronounced. For the birth Moons and ascendants of the other signs, whenever Pisces falls in your chart, this conjunction must have started giving you some subtle trouble since mid Feb. Or if you have any birth planet in Pisces then its keywords must have started causing issues. At the very least, ‘philosophical confusion’ about things would have made its presence felt in your mind. This typical thing will resolve once Venus exits Pisces and is more than 15deg away from Jupiter. (But then he will get conjunct Rahu and both will be aspected by Saturn which is another issue altogether).

But (to answer a question I received), just because they are together right now does not make this a generally good time to start new ventures. Both are saumya graha, gentle planets. They are generally auspicious but their real benefic/ malefic nature will depend on the ascendant signs/Lagna of the individual charts. Jupiter is a class 1 malefic for the Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn (and possibly Libra) ascendants and Venus is a class 1 malefic for Scorpio and Pisces ascendants (post here).

However if you have to start your new project in this time frame then you must be pragmatic about things. Recheck everything that can go wrong. Do not be hopeful or feel that luck is on your side, it is not. Most things go wrong when we ‘trust our luck’ and fail to take the most common sense precautions. Ensure that you have the necessary capital, permissions, resource, etc for starting the project and also operating it for a least some time till you make profit. Do not trust anyone unnecessarily or take random advice. Decision making will be difficult, you will feel conflicted about how to go about things. Support from the business partner or the ‘patrons’, eg banks, advisers, seniors will not be reliable. Overreaching or speculating or ‘gambling on luck’ is not a good idea right now. Decide things with all facts in your hands and keep your projections realistic.

In this post I have written more about the strangeness that Jupiter and Venus together are.

11 thoughts on “Venus Jupiter exact conjunction in Pisces

  1. Sneha March 2, 2023 / 5:45 pm

    Amazing post on transit. Thank you … 🙂

    I would like to know if or to what degree is it transformational when there are more than one graha changing signs within a day of each other, especially when they are majorly somewhat fast grahas ?
    In March, coming two weeks, Mars will finally move to Gemini after quite some time and retrograding in Taurus, Venus will go to Aries, Mercury will move and so will Sun. All happening from 12th to 16th. Can we expect some major shifts globally (perhaps even on individual levels depending on other factors) around this time/days/ week?


    • astrologerbydefault March 2, 2023 / 7:27 pm

      Hi there
      yes, all this will trigger a lot of change and all these events will be close together.
      and it will cause significant confusion for most of us.

      in the past few days, exact conjunction of
      sun saturn.
      venus jupiter
      moon mars
      its been quite a happening time these past 2 weeks or so..

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  2. Sneha March 2, 2023 / 5:47 pm

    forgot to add, but Saturn comes out of combustion too on 14th.. Energy wise its confusing as its too near each other.


  3. Tushar March 2, 2023 / 8:18 pm

    Hi Madam,

    was reading the other post on Ju/Ve

    seems like the old rishees (anginras here) also can’t get over the personal inclinations and behave in fair manner. the same theme was seen with guru drona favouring arjuna and unjustly “defeating” eklavya..

    is it possible that they have afflicted venus/saturn. funny.

    also, very interesting fact that status of Jupiter , venus in chart wrt the evolution of a person. below analysis is correct?

    e.g. 1 . A person with good (exalted/mooltrikon/placed in friendly sign) jupiter + avg Venus => a person just turning into the outwardly spititual path. like the people visiting temples rarely, doing ashadhi/kartiki upwas etc just so that god shouldnt get angry with them.

    2. A person with good jupier + Better Venus ( this i think is 8th house which implies curiosity of occult or the 12 th house, where venus is naturally exalted). surprisingly venus works well in trik houses. =>
    so, this is a person who is satvic by nature but now wants to know how the things work/behind the curtains. all the domain of occult/tantra.

    3. A person with good Jupiter + exalted Venus => a person ready for the jump. here, i think mars+ ketu will play significant role too. As, mars will show if the person has enough courage to follow the full time tantrik path + ketu will show how much the boundaries a person is ready to cross.

    But in a rare combination of Jupiter and Venus both exalted, Jupiter aspects venus again, so this is the peak point of this step( as it will again imply tough material life)? not sure.

    4. good jupiter + best venus + good moon => next step

    5. good jupiter + best venus + good moon+ good sun=> last step

    my other query is, as the person progresses in above manner, do the initial planets have to be at least avg for the next ones to work? meaning lets say if a person has exalted venus, then can he work with even debillited jupiter?



  4. PSA March 2, 2023 / 8:20 pm

    I am a Pisces ascendant with ascendant at 18 degrees and Guru Chandal in Pisces. I got a piece of really good news last night which made me feel my problems were solved which was immediately followed by bad news a few hours later, which negated good news and was a fallout of unfortunate karmic events that happened over last couple of years under Ashtam Shani.

    I can right now relate to this post about confusion and mental stress, and thinking about the futility of making plans and expecting good news materially, but which never comes to fruition. And been spending whole day questioning myself over and again where I am going wrong spiritually, and why my life feels like a big karmic pushback and what can I really do to overcome this?

    Reading this post now has given me perspective on why I have felt like this today.

    There has to be some solution spiritually to all this, I just don’t know what it is or who to ask. So just revisiting your blogs for answers and remembering God to steady my Manas.


  5. Sunny March 3, 2023 / 12:43 pm

    Hello Ma’am,

    I apologize for this question but I genuinely need your help. Hanuman has gotten so many Vardaan (blessings) and that too effortlessly. In fact, no other god has received this many vardaans. Only Ashtasiddhi he learned/earned from Sun because of his efforts. The major objective of Hanuman’s inception was to support Ram. (And the same goes for Balram, to support Krushna.) If the supreme personality itself needs help, then how should a common man believe only in his efforts? Why is it wrong for a common man to expect some help (which may be from luck)? I never doubted God or supreme energy, but this thing has stuck in my mind. That’s why I need your guidance to restore my faith in Hanuman.

    Please feel free to hide this question if it is inappropriate for online forum as I am not quite sure about asking it openly.


    • astrologerbydefault March 3, 2023 / 3:34 pm

      Hi there
      Why stop at just Hanuman? All the apasra, gandharva, yaksh, Naag, kinnar and the devatas had to create Vanars to support Shri Ram.

      Shri Ram was not a god. He was a human just like you and me. Shri Krishna too was a human. Never once in the entire Mahabharat does he say that he is a ‘god’.
      They were humans they lived like humans, worked like humans. While they lived no one thought that they were ‘gods’. in fact they were harassed and persecuted in several ways while they lived.
      We now look at them as sources of inspiration. As the embodiment of Dharma, a ray of Divine light. But never forget they were humans and never once did they perform ‘miracles’. We do not have ‘miracles’ in Sanatan Dharma.
      If Shri Vishnu wanted to kill Ravana or the Kauravs he could have just taken his Sudarshan chakra and it would have taken just one instant.
      But no.. the lesson is that he wanted to show by example. He had to create an ‘avtar’, ie a human with Satvik qualities, who would teach the other humans how to overcome impossible situations, using only the resources available to humans.

      I wrote this briefly summarising the major planetary changes which will precipitate this.

      Warm up? We are in the ‘warm up’ for quite some time now.. I would say for at least a 1000yrs.

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      • Sujith March 3, 2023 / 9:08 pm

        Namaste Ma’am…🙏

        But we says..
        Bhagwan Krishna was Purna Avatar of Mahavishnu..
        How can anyone say he is just human..?

        If He is a human like us..
        That means.. He was also had Jivatma which carries burden of karmas of many births..?

        Then..What difference between Krishna and us normal humans?

        I feel you are saying it on some higher level understanding..
        People like us may not able to understand it now🙏


      • astrologerbydefault March 3, 2023 / 11:24 pm

        Hi there
        do not apply my answers / comments randomly. they are specific to the question.

        ref BG. chapter 4 – 5
        just pointing out the highlights.
        you will have to read the BG or its bhasyam.

        bhagwan takes avtar when people stop following the Jnyan yog

        but Bhagwan does not really take birth, its only coz Maya that it seems that he is born .

        jivatma have 6 types of dosh – ajnyan, sanshay, viparyay, pramaad, apatu karanatvam, vipralambha.
        we take birth because of punya paap,
        both avarana and vikshep shakti operates.
        the body is Bhoutik, made of 5 mahabhoot etc. an intermediate process.

        Jiva falls down..
        Avtar descends..

        Bhagwan / avtars do not have these defects he has perfect jnyan, no duality, perfect knowledge of satya and mithya, etc.
        there is no punya – paap. ie the avarana shakti of maya does not operate here.
        but Ishwar does take a human sharir, so yes we can also refer to the body as a human.
        He takes on a human body for Sthiti, dharma sthapana.. not for punya-paap.
        his compassion to protect the world.
        for the avtar only vikshep shakti is operative.
        he is aware of his Self at all times.
        his body is directly produced by Maya, there are no intermediate stages of the panchamahabhoot etc.

        there is a difference in the cause there, in the nature and in the purpose.

        read chapter 4 till the 11 th shlok. its very clearly discussed in depth.

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    • Aham Sakshi March 3, 2023 / 11:17 pm

      He had to create an ‘avtar’, ie a human with Satvik qualities, who would teach the other humans how to overcome impossible situations, using only the resources available to humans..

      Thank you for telling us how to understand daily life activities through your above logical sayings mam.. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

      Why stop at just Hanuman? All the apasra, gandharva, yaksh, Naag, kinnar and the devatas had to create Vanars to support Shri Ram.

      And these words triggered me to understand ramayanam more deeper…🔥🔥🔥🔥

      “”””If the supreme personality itself needs help, then how should a common man believe only in his efforts? Why is it wrong for a common man to expect some help (which may be from luck)?””””

      For the above questions, my answer as per my basic level knowledge is…

      When Rama was living in the forest and was bound to certain rules like he could not take the help of his army(synyam) to fight against another king Ravana, to prove that if and when one’s ambition is righteous(dharma-baddham) Nature (Prakriti) itself will help him like..

      1 jatayuvu was a ‘bird’ informed to Rama that Ravana kidnapped Seeta mata..

      2 when seeta mata threw jewellery from pushpak veeman (flying Machine) in the skies it was collected by ‘vaanaras’ and showed to Rama..

      3 ‘Rocks’ that have a natural weight quality as its property are released from their natural state and floated above the water to make a way to Lanka..

      So as said above birds,vaanaras,rocks i.e Nature itself helps the person who follows dharma and he is not alone at all…

      When Seeta mata was in Lanka, one day she thought, “Did Rama abandon Purushartha(self efforts) without searching for me and leave this issue completely to God, because of shokam?? Or is he looking for me with purushartha only ( believing his own efforts only) and completely leaving God, because of anger??

      So based on above seeta mata’s perception to achieve something balancing both self efforts and faith in God is important.. 🙂


  6. Gayatri R March 4, 2023 / 1:20 am

    Namaskaram Tejaswiniji

    “he is aware of his Self at all times.
    his body is directly produced by Maya, there are no intermediate stages of the panchamahabhoot etc.”

    Is this also why a young Krishna bhagwan is depicted as someone who was aware of himself as the Supreme ( example, the incident where he opens the mouth to reveal his Vishwaroopam to Yashoda or Arjun in Kurukshetra ) ?

    A counter example of someone who has taken an human birth, although exceptional, because of their prarabdha, could be Adi Shankara? The child realizes his purpose only when under attack by the crocodile.



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