Planets friendships and stelliums

You know a person by the company he keeps, it is the same thing for the planets. Here is a table where the planets friends, enemies and neutral planets are listed out. This is their permanent or natural relationship with each other.

Planet Friends Enemies Neutrals
Sun Moon Mars Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Mercury Ketu
Moon Sun Mercury Mars Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu
Mercury Sun Venus Moon Ketu Mars Jupiter Saturn Rahu
Venus Mercury Saturn Rahu Sun Moon Mars Jupiter Ketu
Mars Sun Moon Jupiter Mercury Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu
Jupiter Sun Moon Mars Mercury Venus Rahu Saturn Ketu
Saturn Mercury Venus Rahu Sun Moon Mars Jupiter Ketu
Rahu Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Ketu
Ketu Sun Mars Venus Saturn Mercury Jupiter Moon Rahu

If you observe one planet may consider another to be his friend but the other may not necessarily reciprocate. Eg Saturn considers Mercury to be his friend but Mercury considers Saturn to be neutral. Moon considers Mercury as a friend but for Mercury, Moon is an enemy!

There is another concept called ‘temporary’ or chart specific friends/enemies. If you have any planet if placed 2nd 3rd 4th 10th 11th or 12th from another planet then these planets can cooperate with each other. The planets placed in the remaining houses generally behave as temporary enemies for the specific house/sign specific situations.

So when we add the permanent and temporary relationships, the final chart specific relationships have to be understood as,

  • Friend + Friend = Great Friend
  • Friend + Neutral = Friend
  • Friend + Enemy = Neutral
  • Enemy + Neutral = Enemy
  • Enemy + Enemy = Great Enemy

This concept is very useful in understanding the ability of a planet to give auspicious results in the chart ie the planet should consider the owner of the sign which he is placed in as a neutral, friend or great friend.

Eg if we open our example chart. This is Aleister Crowley the famous occultist, birth details, 12th Oct 1875, 11:43 pm Leamington UK and analyse the chart specific planetary friendships/ enmities using the above concept.

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

  • Ketu is in Virgo and here considers Mercury as a friend.
  • Sun is placed in Virgo and will consider Mercury as a friend.
  • Jupiter is in Libra, he will consider Venus as his great enemy
  • Mercury is in Libra and he considers Venus as his neutral
  • Venus is placed in his own sign. But he is with Mercury and Jupiter. And Venus considers Mercury to be neutral and Jupiter as a great enemy.
  • Mars is placed in Capricorn and considers Saturn enemy
  • Saturn is placed in his own sign Capricorn with Mars and he now considers Mars as a great enemy.
  • Rahu is in Pisces and he considers Jupiter as enemy.
  • Moon is in Pisces and he considers Jupiter to be enemy.

A planet who is placed in a sign owned by a planet whom he considers to be a friend or great friend will be capable of giving favourable results. If in neutral relationship then average results and if in enemy or great enemy owned houses then the planet will be quite hampered and unable to give auspicious results. Though this concept is very basic, I have seen it work in so many charts often giving startlingly good results or typically bad results.

(No one comes to an astrologer to know why good things are happening to him. Or if the client is anticipating something good, he will want to confirm that nothing wrong will go with it. Professional hazard is, over the years you tend to see possible problems clearly and also their solutions. So you proactively try to avoid unfavourable situations by nipping them in the bud. Eg If I see a chart and I am convinced what the client is proposing is going to end very badly and there is no remedy, I tell him to change his plan. But if he does not listen and goes ahead, I don’t talk to him again, as he is going to get into a mess and come back after 2yrs for a solution. Which to me is a waste of my energy and his potential.)

Back to planetary friendships, always the temporary relationships are more serious and of immediate concern than the permanent ones. Eg you and your friend are life-time mates, but you both are rivals for a debate prize. You are temporary rivals and this sets the tone for your immediate interactions. You might be friends ultimately and go for a movie later, but your current interactions will be inimical. The other way round example is, if you and your permanent rival are required to cooperate for an immediate project. You both might not talk civilly with each other but you will cooperate at the instant moment. Sometimes interactions of the instant moment are more significant than the long term relationships.

Now ‘Stelliums’. If you have noticed in the temporary friends list, it is the 2nd 3rd 4th 10th 11th or 12th houses, ie all the houses in the planets half of the zodiac except the one he is in! This is very significant, that if two planets are together, they behave more as temporary enemies. On Facebook and other astrology discussion forums ‘stelliums’ are discussed with rapt wonder. But it is really not a good thing to happen. If there are more planets in one house, it disturbs the balance of the chart to begin with, as so many planets are focussed on one area of life and the other areas of life are comparatively less happening. And then if you have 3-4 different powerful forces in one tiny room of your house and everyone has to work from there, its going to be uncomfortable for everyone including you. eg in our example chart, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in the same Libra 4th house, Mercury wants a dorm room plus pizza, Venus prefers a 7 star resort room with a 5 course meal and Jupiter wants a very large yellow room and highly nutritious food covered with ghee! One will dominate the other depending on the planetary strength/ dasha/ transit etc, but still it is highly uncomfortable. If you have ‘stelliums’ in your chart, analyse the chart in depth including the houses these planets own. Take some proactive action so that you make use of the excess energy flowing into this house. eg one of my nephews has 4 planets in his 6th house, so looking at the chart, I have suggested that he either becomes a lawyer or a judge. So many conflicts around him, better that he completes that quota outside the house rather than fighting with his family later!

So when you analyse charts, do look at the friendships and enmities, you might get valuable pointers to help deciphering the personality.