Sun in 4th or 10th, birth at midday or midnight

I was going through some horoscopes from my collection and thought of writing on the Sun. I have not written many posts on the Sun exclusively because he is rather difficult to understand. Unless one has gone through several study charts and followed several people’s lives one cannot understand the true impact of the luminaries of the zodiac, the Sun and the Moon. These two need to be analysed on the inner levels not the outer material levels.

The following analysis will hold if the Sun is powerful, eg exalted-Aries, or in his own sign-Leo, or has very high Ashtakvarga score in the sign he is placed in, or very high shad-bala or has exchanged houses or has combusted other planets etc, ie in some way has gained significant power in the horoscope. If your Sun is not powerful then these results may not manifest in their full intensity, just bubble inside. Or may occur only in the relevant dasha/ transit periods. This is dependant on your own horoscope and its unique combinations.

The Sun is the individual soul. He is linked with the Sahasrara chakra at the very highest level where the individual soul has the opportunity to merge with the Infinite. The entire lower creation occurs outward from the Sahasrara to the Mooladhar, he is the spiritual center. Once you reach this spiritual centre he will guide you even deeper inside him/you till you attain Moksh. Also he is the physical center around which the entire solar system revolves.

The Sun owns only one sign, Leo, ie he is a whole singular being, no active/ passive type signs for him. His Mooltrikon is also in Leo. He energises the whole system, he is the support on which the other planets base their effects. He does not give anything as such, this ‘giving’ is a function of the lower 5 chakras ie 5 the tara-graha. He is the trigger for your inner qualities and he works differently from the 5 non-luminaries and the 2 astral graha. He grants the inner strength to face up to your own karmic bindings and gives clarity of purpose. You use the tools provided by the 5 tara-graha and the power of the Sun to attain your life purpose.

The Sun is aware that he is the singular focal point. If your personality is dominated by the Sun you are primarily self-centred (not selfish! unless the Sun is afflicted). The Sun does not give results directly, but through the houses/ signs/ planets he is connected with. So analyse any combust planets in depth. Also planets in mutual aspect with the Sun. Planets in the 5/9 axis from the Sun (trikon concept).

Mercury’s special case. He is always around the Sun, at max 28deg away. This is very significant. The Sun most commonly uses Mercury’s abilities to express his power (Budh-Aditya yog). Also Mercury gets combust more frequently, in about 25% horoscopes, so also he is the most usual channel for the Sun’s power. And significantly Mercury + Sun holds back the Sun’s maturity. The Sun, who should have matured at the age of 22yrs, will now give his most sensible expression after another decade, after 32yrs. This has drastic effects as the personality changes with the Sun’s maturity. Most people get married in their 20-s, so this Sun-Mercury thingie can have typical effects, especially for the married life later, it generally grants dissatisfaction as the illusions are often torn away.

If this Sun is in any of the kendra houses, 1st 4th 7th 10th his self-focus will be obviously expressed through one of the pillars of your life. These four houses are more concerned with the actual physical stuff of your life, ie the overall personality/environment, security/comforts, one-one relationships and work/social status are the basic minimum that one needs to survive. If the Sun occupies any of these houses, he gives rather unexpected effects. He is subjective conscious fire sitting in houses concerned with objective results. The Sun here will show you your internal divinity and adversely affect the satisfaction that you would expect from the kendra house’s material stuff.

Sun in 4th or 10th, birth at midday or midnight

Let’s analyse the Sun in the 4th house ie if you were born at midnight.

The 4th house is at the nadir, below your feet, anchoring you to this Earth. The deepest link between the current you and the sum of all your existences. The 4th house secures the foundations of this current life, binds you to this present existence, materialises. It is the solidification of your this current incarnation from the watery depths of Moksh trikon (do read about the Moksh trikon to understand this concept). The Mother, nutrition, nurture, residence, safety, traditions, early learning, comforts, needs. The natural 4th house is Cancer ruled by the Moon.

If a powerful Sun occupies the 4th house, he burns bright at the very depths of your personality. He energises the link between your current persona and your entire sum. You are constantly aware of your real link to the deepest Parabrahma. He does not allow the soul to feel comfortable in the incarnation. The desire to experience Reality is very intense and burns at the very core of the being. You are not bothered with the external show of the 4th house. The power of the impulse of materialisation is hijacked by the Sun. You desire renunciation from the material aspects of the 4th house and merger with the spiritual.

This in real life, creates a regal nature, radiant, solitary splendour types, outwardly emotionally detached, internally searching for real satisfaction. You feel genuine good will for all, but intensely love anyone very rarely. If by chance you love intensely then this is from the core of your soul and such deep feelings cannot be expressed outwardly. You feel deep personal loneliness as not many understand the extent of your good-will/ love. Your external behaviour is so out of reach, that others on lower maturity levels think you to be emotionless, over-smart, curt, rude, stand-off-ish and unbending. You are well off, have property, a good job etc, on the material front there are no complaints. You are confident about your intuition, intelligence and the deep link with your soul. You do not ‘need’ an outer emotional connect with others. This ‘need’ aspect of the 4th house is turned inwards. The mother is often estranged, father may not be available, interaction with family stilted. Typically married life is fails to satisfy, there are some very intense shocks. Emotional turmoil in social relationships. Material comforts become irrelevant. The desire for sensual satisfaction is not deep. Disillusionment with the world leads you inwards.

The core of the individual self is burnt and all the potential of all the lives is brought out in one go. The deepest power of the Parabrahma can also be unveiled if the rest of the horoscope allows. But till maturity sets in, life is a collection of emotionally-hitting tests. The unfinished karmic tests from the past lives are presented in quick succession. If you can pass these, you are slowly made aware of the illusionary nature of life itself. The Eternal shows itself slowly. As you grow older, you become more subjective in your approach, you are more selective about your actions, you detach from the material. You remain well mannered, polite but aloof from other people’s concerns. You are no longer an equal partner in any relationship as your personal identity has started dematerialising. You have entered your own depth which this Sun has illuminated.

Sun in 4th or 10th, birth at midday or midnight

If you were born at midday, your Sun at birth would be in the 10th house. The 10th house is at the zenith, directly above your head helping your consciousness to rise ever higher. The natural 10th is Capricorn ruled by Saturn. This sign is known for its excessive materialistic tendencies but in its heart, it is a mystic.

The 10th is the purpose of your current incarnation. The stuff you gain in this life by your own work. Social status, office promotions, self-earned money, social mobility and interactions, material successes. The limits on your work potential are defined by the planets and in the 10th you actively use your potential. You externalise your energy, create new karma. It is called the Karma-sthan. If it creates karma, it can also destroy the concept of karma. In the spiritual context, the 10th house represents your actions which can destroy karma and also destroy the very possibility of creating new karma, ie achieve Moksh. Here spiritual mobility, occult power, power born from the spiritual practices of the pervious incarnations is possible. You are aware that the purpose of your birth is to merge with the Infinite and that you will dissolve your individual soul in the process.

If you have a powerful Sun in the 10th house, then you shine in society, successful, intelligent, materially well off, famous by your actions/ karmic work and official power. This Sun is fiery and so are you, the clear direct radiance of the midday. Others consider you to be impersonal, unemotional, cruel, unkind, strict, callous, out-spoken, dominating, fiercely aggressive, especially in your early years. You are popular outside the house. Relationship with the birth father and/or mother may not grant satisfaction. Married life is unhappy, the spouse may separate or divorce, even the children do not give satisfaction. But on the personal side, creative opportunities of using your potential, ie the power of the 10th house is huge and the Sun uses it to the full. A business tycoon perhaps, personal greatness to the max. Whatever potential your chart has to offer, this Sun makes you use it to the max so that you are highly successful in your karmic work activities. Whatever level of awareness you exist on, there is a a constant radiance about you.

The 10th house initially looks outwards away from the self, material achievements beckon. After the Sun matures, he grants the vision and objectivity to look within, then you change.  You realise what a resource you have inside you. The outer world is nothing compared to the internal. A powerful Sun operating from the 10th house will destroy the material impulse and generate pure spirituality. Material, sensual activities, the achievements of the world can go meaningless.

(If Sun+Mercury then he will mature at the age of 32yrs. Some charts with this combination in my study sample got married before this age of maturity and the spiritual potential of this glorious Sun didn’t materialise. Then you can see issues created on the family front as both the spouse and the children can be sources of exceptional dissatisfaction. This can result in separation or divorce from the spouse. The children too can be overtly disrespectful, estranged or there may be legal cases with them. The trials of the personal life can then turn the personality to the spiritual or make it bitter depending on the rest of the horoscope.)

Cancer ascendant deserves special mention as exalted Sun in Aries occupies the 10th house. This ascendant is very typical (post here). The personality is passive, needs support, initiatives/ bold actions are avoided as you are internally wary of creating new karma. The 10th Sun can grant the rarest opportunity for Moksh. If the chart has the potential to offer, this Sun will burn it all and convert it to the highest spiritual gold. He will burn the concept of karma, dissolve the Jivatma in the Parabrahma. After this you externalise the highest possible, you become a Jivan-mukt, a channel for the Divine, you are no longer of the material world. A Sat-Guru.

So for both these types of people, who have a powerful Sun in the 4th or 10th house, you have the most direct connect to your deepest Self available. So choose your actions in life with care. One advise is to wait till the Sun matures before taking important life decisions. spiritual progress/ gaining Sadyo-mukti/  becoming a Sat-guru is the rarest achievement. Think deeply on your available options and on how you plan to lead your life. What do you really want? Listen to your internal conscience and act accordingly.

Sun in 4th or 10th, birth at midday or midnight

(In my/ my Dad’s collection there are several charts with such a Sun. My Sat-Guru’s was exalted in 10th. If you wish to study, do analyse horoscopes of enlightened Gurus, you will invariably find the Sun in a Kendra house or exalted or in his own sign. The rest of the horoscope has to support his placement, but in any case he grant very significant spiritual progress.)

8 thoughts on “Sun in 4th or 10th, birth at midday or midnight

  1. Dhanya k February 6, 2020 / 4:11 pm

    Hi Tejaswini,

    Happy to know about the Sun. He is My aatmakarak.

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  2. Radha February 9, 2020 / 6:38 pm

    Hi Tejaswini,

    Thankyou for this article.
    Can you please explain the conjunction of Lagna lord Sun with Atmakarak Mercury in 4th house scorpio signify? What possibilities this conjunction creates or demands in life both spiritually and materialistically?


    • astrologerbydefault February 10, 2020 / 4:55 pm

      Hi there,
      a leo ascendant has the ability to intensely focus, get totally involved, intensely, wants to reach the top of whatever he is doing, can take sudden unpredictable actions, he likes material stuff, in later age may get spiritually inclined if the chart allows it..
      scorpio in the 4th grants a lot of opportunities, there are several possibilities of growth in the material aspects, house property, profession, security etc may be very good.
      You might feel that the housework household duties are a burden, but aggression here will not help. if someone has helped you in the past it would be better to acknowledge it..

      intellignce is high, calculative and analytical you make a good life for yourself.
      personally you may be quite happy with your achievements but you will always strive for more..
      try to see the issues in life in the right perspective so tht you can make the most of this placement

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      • Radha February 10, 2020 / 5:02 pm

        Thankyou Tejaswini.


  3. charandas108 March 1, 2020 / 10:59 am

    Hi Tejaswini,

    Will Sun at 0 degrees some minutes in 11th have any similarities with Sun in 10th?

    Or you also go by the Sandhi definition on this matter?


    • astrologerbydefault March 1, 2020 / 4:03 pm

      Hi there,
      if the planet is at the very ends of the signs, do check the ascendant degree.

      if you know how to use the Bhav-chalit system?

      eg if your ascendant degree is at
      eg 25deg Aries,
      then the first house will extend from 10deg Aries to 10deg Taurus.
      so if your Sun is at eg 0deg and 30mins Aquarius he will be analysed as being in Aquarius sign but in the 10th house

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  4. R K Arora July 12, 2020 / 12:19 am

    Madam, Very informative article and insightful indeed. Wish to have your opinion if highest Sadbal Sun is in Lagna, I mean in 1st house with Mecury.


    • astrologerbydefault July 13, 2020 / 3:52 pm

      Hi there
      it generally is a good position, this combination gives power and the ability to use the power too, intelligence, logical reasoning and confidence is very high.
      the behaviour is ‘selfish’, in the sense the personality is not bothered about the feelings or priorities of others, this can cause issues in family/personal relationships.. personal happiness can be less, but the person will be well for something,
      eg may be a good lawyer if its in Libra, as this sun gives good results even if debilitated. or if its in capricorn can make one a union leader, if in sagi can be a respected teacher etc..


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