All clients are the same

Throughout the years spent with interacting with people, listening to their questions and answering them, I have realised that though everyone of us thinks that we are very unique, we are all really the same, very same.

The questions I get can be divided into

  1. Relationships
  2. Money and business
  3. Health

And after they listen to what I have to say, their reactions are again just of three types

  1. Satisfaction and acceptance
  2. Dejection and resignation
  3. Rebellion (second opinion!)

And rarely have I met a client who asked a different question or gave a different reaction.

So the entire human experience basically revolves around a limited set of events and situations. The mind then takes up the event and starts playing with it, in all the possible permutations and combinations. This takes up considerable mental and spiritual energy. The mind plays with itself, imagining sadness, happiness, anger, regret etc over and over as if stuck in a loop. This loop is based on the past experiences and future aspirations of each individual mind. After the mind has exhausted itself in this loop then it comes to a conclusion. And strangely the types of conclusions possible are also extremely limited.

Thus the entirety of the human experience lies in this game that the mind plays. Now is this possible that this world that we are seeing is a constructed by the mind? Our waking state is a dream? Our dreams are our realities? Could the Matrix, in fact, be the real story? We cannot trust our minds, it is the reflection of the Moon, ever changing.

So now tell me, who are we really? Are we then just our mind? Or are we different from the mind?

There are examples where a person with an amputated limb still “feels” the presence of the limb in his mind, “phantom limb syndrome”. The mind sort of “fills in the blanks”. But he knows that the limb does not exist, just feels it to be so, thus is misguided by his mind. Then in this case who is “the one who feels” and who is “the one who knows”? They must be two separate entities as there are 2 distinct experiences. The doctor tells him that “the one who knows” is the correct as the limb has been amputated and “the one who feels” is a false experience. And the person trusts his doctor and accepts his words.

Now put this example in a spiritual context. Our Sanatan Dharma is the Doctor here. The Doctor says, Remember “you – the Conscious” is separate from “you – the mind”. The “conscious you” is being misguided by your mind. See the feelings being created by the mind for the illusion that they are. See the reality that is the Ultimate. The “conscious you” is the Parabrahma and the “mind you” is the Mahamaya/creative power of the Ultimate. The Mahamaya puts up a wonderful dance, a drama that the Parabrahma observes. Mahamaya is an agent of the Parabrahma, which It has created for Lila /Play.

The instant the Mahamaya has performed all that is possible, the Lila comes to an end, and the dancer stops. “I have shown all that is possible”. And at that instant the “conscious you” stops observing, “I have seen it all!”. The performer, the stage, the play all vanishes like it was never there and there remains only eternal consciousness, the Parabrahma.

So how do we regain the real Us and experience our real pure consciousness? The only answer is, to stop believing the illusions shown by the mind to be real. But this is quite difficult as we have been believing the phantom limb to be real for so long that we are now quite scared of believing otherwise. We are using all our energies to firmly cling to the illusions when we should be in fact trying to shake them loose. We have been feeding our spiritual energy to “the mind” and not “the consciousness” within us. Our consciousness has become quite dim with the passage of so many lives, but Now is the time to shake it awake!

Regaining the real self is a long process, but well worth it. Start with simple steps, a simple affirmation which you can re, “I will find the Real Me and the Universe will help me do it”.


Shashtyamsha the D60 divisional chart

3 thoughts on “All clients are the same

  1. Deepak Kumar July 3, 2020 / 2:19 pm

    Hi Mam,

    thanks for this lucid explanation. Is there a way to become ABHAY?

    I do agree that disconnecting oneself from mind helps one to reduce energy leak and madness but my fear is the biggest trigger that gives power to Mind to enslave consciousness in certain cases.

    One example is that when I read articles on your blog, every remedy/mantra triggers salivation from the mind to try it as a way to improve life but then buddhi says that isn’t it more dropping into the illusion of trying to game life and not accepting it as it (classic DUALITY).

    How to become ABHAY and courageous? I have 200% faith in conscious breathing with SOHAM per your guidance but also want to get out of this greed/fear of improving life more. Probably why I don’t get an answer from my consciousness coz I am still blinded by quick fixes


    • astrologerbydefault July 3, 2020 / 5:02 pm

      Hi there
      There are no instant fixes..
      if u think you can do soham fr a day and get mukti tomorrow it doesn’t happen like tht..
      your karma are spanning several thousands of lives..
      so just do ur mantra with every breath and leave the rest to ur Inner Self
      The time will come when it will come
      If u worry about it you will not b able to do ur mantra with full intensity

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  2. Deepak Kumar July 4, 2020 / 8:35 pm

    Thank you Mam, although I wasn’t able to word my question 100% correctly but you have given me the answer I needed.


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