The Soul’s Journey

The soul’s journey, each one’s journey is the same. The intelligent life force which animates the multiverse, the Brahman in Sanskrit meaning “the all-knowing”,  separates small parts of itself, the souls and sends them to play the game of life. These souls, me and you, then take numerous lives and are born and die again and again. This seems quite pointless doesn’t it? But no, each of our these lives are full of interactions, learnings, experiences all fueled by the desire to know and know more…

Your and my journey is to Know .. to Know that Brahman again..

The Vedas give prime importance to the ‘One who Experiences’. Even if the situation is same, your and my experience of it will be very different. So open your mind and heart to the experience that is Life and you will find yourself singing along with it. There is no judge at the end of it, and there is no rule book for right and wrong. Your own conscience is your own judge and your conscience observes everything that you do. This is nothing but karma.

The universe is singing a song. This is the music of the stars and of the planets to which we were born. The song that the earth, the sun, the stars and the planets were singing at the moment of our birth is gets imprinted as the reference point in the new born baby. The moment of birth thus describes the life that the person will lead, thus we have our horoscope.

Traditionally the birth horoscope is used to predict events that happen during a life. The most common questions that I have been asked were regarding education, finances, health, marriage, children, property and inheritance and perhaps for locating lost objects. All these questions are concerned with the material aspects of living. But then we are so caught up in the business of living the day to day life, the grind, that we forget who we are. The soul needs emotional and spiritual support and if deprived it feels discomfort. This deep subconscious discomfort manifests itself as psychological issues. What should be a dance to the music of the universe becomes the daily grind.

In my long years of interacting with people and trying to find their answers I never came across anyone who was interested in exploring spiritual practice or in their emotional development. In several horoscopes I saw deep subconscious tendencies which were manifesting themselves as problems and discontent in the material life. But the client was not interested in resolving these issues and just wanted a practical 1+1=2 type of solutions. I do realise that working on one’s own internal subconscious tendencies is extremely difficult. But the truth is that unless the internal discordance is not set right, its external manifestation in terms of problems with finances, health, marriage etc will not go away.

So on this journey let’s keep an open mind. We already have some baggage with us, the accumulated karma of our several past lives. Rather than burdening ourselves with more baggage let’s work on resolving what we have and moving on happier and free.

the souls journey