The 33 koti devata – Rudra

The 33 koti devata are 33 classes of energies linked to the Brahmanadi running along your spine. You, your body/mind, the microcosm, is created by the interaction of these 33 classes of energies. And we pray to the 33 Koti deities in the Universe/macrocosm and this resonates with their energies in the microcosm too. These are Indra, Prajapati, the 8 types of Vasu, the 11 Rudra and the 12 Aditya. Rudra is a Sanskrit word with several meanings  including – sound, terrible, roaring, vibrations, producing energy. It is also linked to – pain, crying, red color etc. And every one of the eleven Rudra have different and distinct attributes which are indicated by their names. They are the eleven forms of Shiv.

The 33 koti devata - Rudra

The defination of Rudra in the Jyotish context is from Maharishi Jaimini. There are 12 houses in your horoscope and there are 11 Rudra. 11 houses are allocated one to each type of Rudra – the 8th house counted from every house is ruled by a Rudra, except the one which is occupied by Jupiter in your chart. Their names are Raivat, Aja, Bhava, Bhima, Vamadev, Ugra, Vrushakapi, Aja-eka-paad, Ahirbudhnya, Bahuroopa and Mahan.

The 8th house is the mysterious house of catastrophic transformations. It indicates death, occult, the movement of praan flowing in your energy channels, deep mediations and the changes brought about by these etc. Each of these Rudra are the conscious energy/vibration which cause catastrophic changes for each one of the houses of your chart. These are generally painful for the mind and the body because these are complete transformations of identity. The identity connected to that house changes via a traumatic shocking event and for that instant there is pain and grief to the self. E.g. the eighth house counted from the 4th house will indicate catastrophic changes to your physical security, emotional comforts, or the physical death of the mother. The deepest changes are those which involve traumatic transformations are indicated by the 8th house counted from it. And the eight house counted from the ascendant/1st house indicates how the physical death will occur, the most catastrophic change.

Nothing is steady and everything changes. This rate of change can be fast, slow, peaceful, turbulent etc. Every aspect of your life goes through its own sequence of change, some of which are not pleasant but are very necessary. On the material side thus the eleven Rudra bring about pain and grief.

The divisional chart D-11 is called the Rudramsha or the Ekadashamsha, this is used to determine the destruction, death and similarly painful events in your life.

The energies of Rudra end. They end a ‘kalp’, i.e. they end ideas, thought processes, desires, manifestations and ultimately end the Creation itself. Shiv, the energy of the Hindu/Sanatan Dharm triad, is the One who Ends. But this is not a mindless ending. It is with full consciousness and grants complete and pure knowledge. e.g. In school, you pass out from one class and enter the next higher class, you change your text-books, your time-table, your classroom, you have learnt it all so you discard the physical objects. This is the same. The 11 Rudra are embodiments of Time/Kaal which ‘cuts’. And since things are in a never ending spiral, they do not stop, but continue their evolution on a different higher energy spiral.

Together the 11 types of Rudra and the 12 classes of Aditya are used to indicate change and the timing of the change. This is the predictive section of Jyotish, the timing and the transits.

But if you analyse the other side of the 11 Rudra, they are give great gains on the spiritual, they use extreme conscious force to transform you. This transformation removes transient and temporary structures associated with you so that you can more intelligently reshape yourself. Resisting these forces is not possible, it would be better if you learnt more about them and go with their flow. Participate consciously and dispassionately with the transformations so that you can experience the deepest secrets of every aspect of your chart, and thus yourself.

From the astrological point of view the ascendants Aries and Libra are the signs who have birth – death – rebirth inbuilt in their personality and their environment. Their ascendant sign lord and the lord of the 8th house sign is the same, Mars and Venus. Their undergo through a series of rapid and ever changing transformations. Natives of these two ascendants should worship the Rudra-s or any form of Shiv which appeals to them, or if they are more drawn to feminine energies then Shiv’s wife, Parvati preferably in her Kali form.

Destruction carries with itself the seeds of the new. The opposite of ‘birth‘ is not ‘death‘, it is ‘rebirth’. To be free from this cycle, knowledge is essential. And when the stakes are so high it does not come easily. This is the energy of the Eleven Terrible Vibrations, the Ekadash Rudra.


The 33 koti devata - Rudra