Solar eclipse Oct 2022 astrological predictions

Eclipses act as trigger points for events which have personal and global implications. A partial solar eclipse is coming up on 25th Oct 2022 on Diwali Amavasya.  It will be visible in almost all of Europe, north Africa, Middle East and west Asia. It is visible all over Bharat/ India. The areas in the dark yellow colored zone will be more affected by the eclipse compared to the areas in the light yellow colored zone of this map. The light blue sea areas and the white colored land area will not be directly affected by the eclipse energies. The eclipse is visible for about 4hrs, so its effect will gradually fade over 4yrs. 

eclipse 1

eclipse 2A partial solar eclipse is coming up on 25th Oct 2022 on Diwali Amavasya. Eclipses act as trigger points for events which have personal and global implications.

(This map and data is from

First let’s note the configuration of the planets in the skies,

  • Libra – Svati nakshatra with Sun Moon Venus and Ketu who is doing the eclipse. Sun is completely debilitated in Svati, so is anyways not going to give auspicious results. The Amavasya Moon has almost zero strength, he is just a degree away from the Sun. Venus the sign lord being here would have helped ease the energies of the eclipse but he is completely burnt out, combust within a degree of the Sun. And all three are within 15deg of Ketu. In short, all four graha are supremely uncomfortable in Svati.
  • Virgo – Chitra nakshatra with Mercury. He is within 15deg from the Sun/ Moon energies in the neighbouring Svati so is associated with the eclipse energy.
  • Aries – Bharani nakshatra with Rahu participating in the eclipse. Rahu indicates the direction of desire and also the possible source of fascination, danger, deceit, illusion, smoke and mirrors.
  • Capricorn – Dhanishta nakshatra with a powerful Saturn who is aspecting the eclipse in Libra with his 10th aspect. 
  • Pisces – Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra with a retrograde Jupiter, he is not directly involved.
  • Gemini – Mruga nakshatra with a slowly moving Mars, he too is not directly involved. But Mars is aspecting Saturn from 16th Oct till 13th Nov. This is a very typical combination which is extremely suffocating for Saturn at the moment. This will act as a dangerous trigger in the overt and covert war that is raging in the world at present.

The eclipse is occurring in the Svati – Bharani nakshatra axis in the Libra – Aries signs. Whatever these signs/ nakshatra indicate in your life, they will trigger some significant change. Here are some possible generic astrological predictions. 

Svati nakshatra is ruled by the devata Marut is linked to Rahu and will host 4 planets during the eclipse. A huge burst of energy will be channeled through the Svati filter. The eclipse energies will cause severe turbulence as most of us will lose track of our purpose and our path. Imbalance will be evident everywhere. ‘Breaking up’ of various types is expected. This can be breakups in relationships in personal lives or breaking up of nations at the global levels. Whatever level this energy operates, it will be a cruel, ruthless and a destructive process. There will be a coldness, a lack of heat, all over, this can be expressed as oncoming physical cold weather or coldness in human relationships or a dip in the economy. Thought processes will be scattered, no point of focus, hazed out intellect. We all will try to put off taking decisive action. Diplomacy, socialisation and other hallmarks of a civilised society will vanish, crass and crude behaviour will predominate. Selfishness, greed, deceit and betrayals are possible. People will forget their strengths, their potential and not be able to actively use their resources. Their minds will be closed to new ideas and be unable to accept the other’s view points. Everyone will talk too much but there will be no cohesion in their words. Restlessness will be very high and there will be difficulty in concentrating on the important stuff. Long term planning will be marked by its absence. It will be easy to whip passions and create mass movements which will cause damage in the long term.

Bharani nakshatra is ruled by the devata Yam and linked to Venus. Only one graha, Rahu will be present here during the eclipse. So there will be a subtle desire to end things. But this ‘end’ will not be random event but a karmic end as per the law of balance. A phase of destruction coupled with a promise of reconstruction in the future. Extreme events accompanied by chaos and confusion are expected. Detailed planning is under process either in secret or on the subconscious levels now before the actual events become evident after the eclipse. But these actions will be taken without regard to the long term consequences. Recklessness and an explosive desire to break the society, established norms, culture, rules etc and act against common sense is going to be on a high.

I have already written detailed posts on the predictions for this year and the current situation with Jupiter retrograde, Saturn in Dhanishta, Venus combust, the upcoming Mars retrograde and now this eclipse. Rahu and Ketu both are subconscious urges, it is not easy to pinpoint their activities.

Some general predictions. As is common with every eclipse, weather disruptions will be evident. Heavy winds, more so as Svati is involved, cyclones, flooding etc will occur in hill and coastal areas. Electrical grid failures and power shortages are possible. Accidents and fires in the shipping/ aerospace industry or gas related industries or caused by water and liquids are possible. Agriculture will suffer.  Economy will see wild fluctuations. People with susceptible horoscopes should avoid going swimming etc as drowning type of deaths are possible. Diseases linked to Vaat and Kapha, ie the respiratory system are possible so if you are suffering from such a chronic condition be careful for a month or so after the eclipse. For the nations who will face the eclipse energies, the time will be especially turbulent. All the nations whose national capital will experience the eclipse will face political instability. Most nations in Europe and Central Asia will face political instability, and the extent of turbulence will depend on their ‘birth horoscopes’.  Eg for Russia the national capital and half the area is under the darker yellow belt but its ‘birth horoscope’ is quite strong. For Ukraine its birth chart is not as powerful, so it will suffer more. The Ukraine Russia war is obviously going to intensify. Ukraine will suffer more. Any strategy conceived during this period will not be of any help in ending the war. The sea areas at the north are in the darker yellow color so I anticipate something here that will reduce their use to use. Eg formation of more ice in these waters which stops the shipping routes. Or perhaps mines placed in the sea routes.

The planets involved are the usual four Sun, Moon, Rahu, Ketu and the additional Venus and Mercury, a total of six planetary energies. This eclipse is especially turbulent for the birth Moon signs/Janma rashi, Aries Gemini Cancer Virgo Libra Scorpio and Pisces. 

  • Aries are going to face issues from practically every aspect of life, but personal health, finances and relationships will be more stressful. Do some mantra/dana to help yourself in this time.
  • Taurus can get some opportunities to gain, use them well. Your enemies, diseases and debts will be under control but pay attention to your physical health as long as Venus is combust.
  • Gemini should keep their ego under control. Else this will impact your finances and love relationships. Children can suffer or cause you suffering, so pay attention to their issues.
  • Cancer will face unanticipated expenditure and financial losses. Your family members, mother, home or property can be a source of stress. 
  • Leos can use their personal courage and boldness to seize opportunities which come their way. Be ready for some unpleasant encounters in the near future. Teammates will cause stress in office.
  • Virgo will face opposition in everything it takes up. Unwonted criticism and gossip can cause you harm. Family members will be irritating and you might have unanticipated expenses.
  • Libra is going to face tough times in all aspects of life. 4 planets here, including Venus, who are all uncomfortable together and aspected by Saturn. Do some pujas and invoke the protection of your owner Venus and his friend Saturn to help you. 
  • Scorpio will face problems but you will not be able to pinpoint the sources nor arrive at a solid solution. Rest will be disturbed and your mind will not be able to concentrate. There will be losses which will drain your vitality.
  • Sagittarius can get unexpected gains from earlier investments. This eclipse can give you some positive results if you remain alert and act in time.
  • Capricorn will be able to positively use these energies. There will be some opportunities in the professional field but evaluate them carefully before committing yourself. But the father’s health may cause concern.
  • Aquarius may get some positive support from their elders/seniors in their endeavours. Doing pujas of the Kuldevata will be helpful in making full use of the eclipse energy.
  • Pisces will see sudden changes in their lives which will cause stress. If you have any underlying health condition then be alert in this time. Avoid unnecessary risks. Occult and unknown forces are at work in your life.

If you wish to see the result counted from your ascendant signs/ Lagna rashi then the effects will be more on the physical levels with lesser emotional involvement.

Eclipses give spiritual gains and can also be channelised to give material stuff. They act as trigger points as the subjective forces of Rahu and Ketu obscure the internal divinity ie the Sun or the nourishing divinity ie the Moon and release unbalanced karma on significant levels. After an eclipse some of us will experience unexpected losses and some will get unexpected gains depending on the individual charts. Positive effects are more likely if your birth horoscope is powerful enough to absorb this energy burst. If you live in a region where the eclipse is visible it is advisable to perform some sort of mantra or daan during the duration of the eclipse so that negative effects are reduced and positivity is generated in life. 

30 thoughts on “Solar eclipse Oct 2022 astrological predictions

  1. Ron October 19, 2022 / 5:06 am

    I was born on the same Libra Eclipse. Should be a new begining for me.
    Om Pashupataye Namaha x108


  2. Makarand October 19, 2022 / 3:10 pm

    Why do astrologers always scare people? Objective is not clear. Whether one is afraid or carefree what has to happen would take place! In my humble opinion 🙏👍


    • astrologerbydefault October 19, 2022 / 3:39 pm

      Hi there

      Unscrupulous astrologers scare people because Jyotish has become a source of income. They will get more money if you go to them again and again. And you will go there repeatedly if you are scared!
      non deserving people, ie Non Adhikari people have started practicing astrology, it is not ‘Jyotish’, they are charging ‘rates/question’. charging ‘fees’ for teaching Jyotish. putting ads in their ‘youtube channels’. ‘monetising their content’ ..

      Jyotish is a Vidya not a ‘content’ ..

      thus Jyotish is also becoming Lupt.

      What has to happen will definitely happen.
      Prarabhda karma has been chosen at birth. it is now an arrow released from the bow, it cannot be stopped.

      but you can make slight changes, small deviations are possible because you have some free will.

      eg if you were going to fall down and fracture your knee, you can reduce the damage to a sprain.
      if you think that this reduction is useful to you then you should do the remedies dana/mantra.
      but if you think that this reduction in pain is not worth it then absolutely… do not go to an astrologer, do not get your chart read and do not do any mantra/dana.

      you have to strengthen your mind.
      as i repeat endlessly, you live your life inside your mind. You are inside your Mind. if your mind is strong the events will not disturb you.

      eg you fall and tear your ACL, it is not going to be repaired, so you accept the damage implement the necessary lifestyle changes and live a balanced life. the pain does not go away but you have not let it affect your life.
      but your friend who has sprained his wrist is unable to bear the pain, cries and goes to 10 different doctors plus does 15 different treatments. is worried, gets nightmares.

      it is all within the Mind. if your Mind is strong you can deal with problems in a more sensible manner.
      we do remedies for the Mind.

      i do not scare people.
      i prefer if they never come to me in the first place…
      so i write again and again about daily pujas..
      do your regular 10mins morning/evening puja and the pujas on special days like Diwali Navratri Holi …. etc.
      thus you will never ever need to go to an astrologer…

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      • Gratitude October 19, 2022 / 9:06 pm

        Sorry for coming with a second comment today mam..

        Astrologers are scaring people..

        Yes there is nothing wrong with this feeling as everywhere this is only happening.. Through so many YouTube channels and TV channels so called astrologers (money makers) spread fear just to cash.. and unfortunately normal people are only one of the main reasons behind this as until they listen to the desired favourable opinion from astrologers they keep changing them with ease..

        I was told from my gurus (70+, 90+) that in olden days used to visit astrologers(only one) with so much faith and dedication towards sasra, mainly on Ugadi day and ask about Jupiter and Saturn Transit maily how they were going to give results to them.. and next for any major events that’s it.. and they don’t take money but dakshin itself..

        Now the desires of people have increased so do fake astrologers too..

        But for real genuine people still astrology itself helps to find real astrology and astrologers..

        Live example THIS BLOG ITSELF..🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

        Yes mam, we are so lost in vast information and fake world but you are our TORCH BEARER.. 🌄 your name itself revealing this.. 🤷🏼‍♀️🙏🏻

        You never sacred us.. you never take money from anyone.. Even after earning crores of money, there are some people still taking money from clients but here even people ask you please allow me to do something for you, you just say it’s all your 9th house credit and nothing to do with me..

        Astrology is a conscious Vidya so it knows very well to choose whom and when and perfectly that divine knowledge chose you to help us..🔥

        Whenever I hear from people something like all Astrologers are fake and it’s all wrong.. I’m just showing you by sending this blog link.. you are our live witness and PRIDE MAM..🙏🏻🙏🏻

        and I’m going to end this by revealing one top secret which was taught by my gurus..

        If incase one came to know that through chart reading his life is going to end soon before 3 years itself, which means by apa-mrthya dosha (based on 2,7 houses) or kala-mruthya dosha(8th house) that person can extend his life upto 11 years.. by doing SHIV-PRADAKSHINA IN brahma muhurth for 3 complete years.. here brahma muhurth means between 2 30 AM to 4 30 AM here..

        And it would be very nice if that person finds that Shiv temple
        Is sadyo-jathi swayambu lingam
        Maharshi prathishta lingam

        Here 👆🏻is the possibility of getting sheegra phal or Purna phal..

        There were people who did this and extended their lives.. not only this there were few cases who got relief from incurable diseases because of few satvik sadhana for 3 years..

        One should deserve or be meant for that then only they came to know real solutions for their problems and actually utilise the power of Astrology..

        The real astrologers or skilled persons never come to YouTubes or Television channels.. They silently do things.. one has to find them with effort..

        I really don’t care if people believe this or not.. as i saw persons who are spending lakhs money for homas and saying that i spent this much so I’m going to get results if not, they are saying i didn’t get desired results so astrology is fake..

        Haha why does God need your expensive homans ??

        I knew a person who did a small homa for 41 days daily for sun with just a 10 rupees cow ghee packet at home itself.. she can afford that much only.. you know what happened to her ? She got her father back in her life again who abandoned her when she was child.. even in her chart father house afflicted very badly..
        And people really are not ready to leave their laziness and do something continuously daily.. ? They are hiring Brahmins for Japas and paying money..

        They don’t like or follow Shiv pradakshina kind of remedies as they find it easy or they cannot do it for 3 years as people want immediate results..


        God left humans with mind, brains and intelligence not like ROBOTS..

        We have to know what god’s wants from us or what we have to do to change our fate with effort..


        And Tejaswini Mam whether you accept it or not.. you are our TORCH BEARER.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 and who found this blog, all are the luckiest guys in this world.. I mean it.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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      • Makarand October 19, 2022 / 10:11 pm

        Hello Tejaswini Ji,

        You are right. However few good persons like you unable to help and 1000 bad persons are happy to fill the void and make money. End of the day needy persons suffer financially, spiritually and psychologically. More importantly the science itself gets bad reputation.
        So sadly the circus shall continue…


      • astrologerbydefault October 19, 2022 / 11:32 pm

        Hi there
        this is not a logical conclusion.

        every gruhast who follows the ved/ sanatan dharma has to compulsorily perform their regular pujas
        these are technically called the panchamahayajnya
        1. Rishi yajnya – reading a shlok from the BG or some shastric book regularly
        2. Dev yajnya – doing puja of kuldevata, agnihotra, gayatri puja etc.
        3. Pitru yajnya – offering a food gras to the pitru before having your own food. and obviously pitru tarpan as per custom, the yearly one is compulsory.
        4. Manushya yajnya – doing something for other humans without expectation of return
        5. Bhoota yajnya – offering go gras to cows, or food to animals, or watering trees etc.

        if you do these regularly and sincerely, you will never ever need to consult an astrologer. try it for yourself.
        if you are not doing these, you are not following the vedic requirement of a Gruhast-ashrami person. Jyotish is a veg-anga, it will be of use to only those who follow a vedic life style.

        Bhagwan Krishna too empathetically refers to such people who do not do their dharmic duties as ‘thieves’.
        read the BG. and if you have sufficient level of understanding only then read the Shankar Bhashya.. else just read the BG sanskrit shloks.

        those who do not do their nitya-karma/ these yajnyas should not expect to find a proper jyotishi to guide them. these people do not have sufficiently powerful 9th house. they will never get that guidance.

        i never ‘help’ anyone. i cannot, no one can ‘help’.
        each one has to help themselves. and the first step is the daily puja routine.

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      • Makarand October 20, 2022 / 7:43 am

        Good morning Tejaswini Ji,

        Thank you for your super reply. Agree 100% with you. You are a solution provider and not problem creator. Not saying anything against you. I am trying to pose the bigger problem for all of us/coming generations etc.
        Does Saturn in 9th house indicate weakness or strength? This person is a karmayogi not a lazy or fatalist person. However he was duped under guise of xyz dosh/grah shanti puja to be done at Nashik/Tryambkeshwar temple for thousands of rupees by fake astrologers/pandits! Zero improvement! However an office colleague took him to Shani Shingnapur temple and all is great!! Office colleague is not an astrologer!

        The above example just proves ur points. If Indians had followed BG we would not be a third world nation.

        My bigger point is – if some great doctor(s) is unable to treat patients due to time/other constraints and the patient ends up with less qualified and in most cases money making doctors we cant blame the patient! We should not say – u dont follow healthy lifestyle so you are meant to fall sick! Follow exercise, diet norms and there is no need for any doctor!
        This is a defeatist logic when experts start blaming common folks. Educated persons everywhere(also in India) have this terrible ego against less educated and simple minded persons. Nothing wrong with education but with the persons themselves.
        Thank you for your patient guidance 🙏👍


      • astrologerbydefault October 20, 2022 / 3:01 pm

        Hi there
        Every planet in the 9th house is capable of giving auspicious results. But naturally it will be as per their intrinsic natures.

        ‘Karmayogi’ is someone who does all his Nitya karma but with the intention of Lok kalyan. He does not intend anything for himself or his family/children etc, even if he gets into stressful situations he will not ask anything for himself. these are very rare people. A karmayogi will not spend money or even his thought energy on kamya karma. ‘Jo prapt hai wo paryapt hai’ will be his mindset in every situation.
        Do not use this word loosely.

        Even if the astrologer / brahmin is fake the puja /mantra etc offered to the deity will give results if the person doing it is sincere.
        If he thinks that he has spent so much money so he must get results, then he is a fool.

        We have numerous lakshan stories which give this concept. the intention is always most important.
        You can offer even a drop of water and it will also give results if your intention is sincere.
        ‘Bhaav’ is everything.

        Again faulty logic.
        Use the Darshan shastra to fine tune yr logic. Poorvamimansa in ur case.

        Root cause analysis..
        Why did the person fall ill in the first place?
        He neglected the directions of the best doctors.
        If you have all the great Drs (eg Bhagwan himself and other Atmajnyani Mahapurush) giving you the same prescription (do your nityakarma, avoid paapkarma/ nishiddhakarma). and if you do not follow these clear directions then you are responsible fr the illness that you will generate within yourself.

        Eg. Dr tells you that eating sugar daily will cause diabetes and you do not listen then you are responsible for your own disease.
        Eg Dr tells you that you should drink 5 lits water daily but you do not drink even 1 drop. then when you fall ill, it is your own responsibility.
        Eg. a common lakshan story. the mahavat tells you that there is an enraged elephant there but you still go there and the elephant attacks you. who is responsible fr the pain that you have received? Not the mahavat and not the elephant.. it is only you.
        Eg the Dr also says that do not ignore the first symptom.. but you ignore them and the disease blows up. If you do not make up ie do prayaschitta karmas fr doing nishiddha or paapa karma in this life itself, you are going to develop a bigger form of the disease in your next life.

        Do not blame the Dr. And do not expect preferential treatment coz you have not followed his prescription. Just coz you have money does not mean that you will get treatment.

        And you are offering money, is it? This Dr does not want money.. so if you are offering money then you have to go to someone who wants money. so go to all the quacks/ pretend Drs.

        Only when you are able to offer ‘bhaav’ will you be allowed to go near the real ‘Dr’ who will accept your bhaav and cure you.
        Level of bhaav = level of cure.
        Full and final Bhaav = permanent cure = moksh

        You keep blaming the Dr nurses pharmacists and the wardboys fr your problems. This mindset will take you to quacks who will take your time money energy and give you even more pain. This cycle will continue till you change your mindset.

        so first acknowledge tht whatever is happening to you, every single event, is a result of your own karma and your own vasana.
        Only after you acknowledge this fact, is real permanent cure possible.
        A spiritual student cannot blame others fr his Sansarik problems. This is the basic rule (ref BG)
        Your own Kaam Indriya Manas Buddhi, in short your own expectations are the reason fr yr own problems.

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      • Makarand October 20, 2022 / 9:14 pm

        Thank you Mam for your patient response.

        Not getting into semantics of karmayogi – just wanted to convey idea of a person who works hard. Please don’t compare with Sri Krishna and other avatars.
        If bhaav is important how greedy priests can help convey prayers to deity?

        Person like former PM Indira Gandhi did Mahamrutnjay Homa (with all correct bhaav and help from top line priests) and yet it did not protect her! If great leaders fail how do common persons(like me) succeed in overcoming karma!

        Appreciate your guidance and knowledge 🙏


      • astrologerbydefault October 20, 2022 / 10:03 pm

        Hi there
        read the BG.
        and do whatever helps your mind.

        if you use of words which have a specific definition in Vedant, then first check wht they mean.
        ref to Bhagwan Krishna’s definition of Karmayogi, he explains it in depth in the BG.
        He was not a karmayogi! .. he was the Paramatma!

        you dont need a priest to convey your prayers, you can do it yourself. tht is why the daily 10min puja done over a lifetime gives more assured results than a one time puja with a priest.

        but do think .. how did this person become a priest in such a temple?
        he must have done some pujas over his past lives with this intention so he has got the fruit now. he is a Brahmin in a major temple. now he has to work for the society, discharge his karma in the right manner so that his future lives are assured.
        but he is not doing this. rather he is accumulating paap-karma..

        so stop thinking what that person is doing, forget what your neighbour is doing and do not bother about what spiritual practice your brothers are doing. focus on your own thing.

        a person who works hard may not be doing it with the necessary sankalp of lok-kalyan.
        it is not what you do, it is how you do it, for what purpose and with what intention

        all politicians do pujas of various devatas and that is the reason that they get success in their political sphere.
        but the nishiddha/paap karma that they do, eventually the price has to be paid. and they do pay it, observe their lives.

        you can never overcome karma.
        but you can change your perception about it
        it is all a game in the mind.

        read the Bhagwat Gita at least..

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      • Makarand October 20, 2022 / 10:52 pm

        Dear Madam,

        I shall read BG if you post on your blog – 10 verses daily (700 total verses – 574 by Sri Krsna)! English translation please for the uninitiated!

        Thank you in advance 🙏


      • astrologerbydefault October 21, 2022 / 10:32 am

        Hi there
        if you want to read it or not, makes no difference to me.

        i do not have that much time to write a blog on the BG now!
        i did write a few posts on the BG.

        read the Pranav Gita as it is the somewhat easier analysis. but it is again it not for the very beginners
        if you are an advanced student then it is only Shankarbhashya.
        and if you are a complete beginner then just read the Sanskrit shloks and request Bhagwan to send you to the teacher appropriate for you.

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      • Makarand October 21, 2022 / 12:23 pm

        Bhagwan sent me to this blog creator 🙏

        Last year you advised to read Valmiki Ramayan original version I could do it.

        BG needs your assistance. If you start today it would finish by Dec 30. Hopefully 🙏


      • Makarand October 21, 2022 / 12:32 pm


        Sorry for the delay in replying. I was not sure how to reply to your comment.

        Thank you for your valuable insights.
        In chalit Saturn remains in 9th house to answer your question.

        Appreciate your time and patience 🙏


      • Santhosh October 21, 2022 / 6:00 pm

        Gratitude Sir/Madam,

        I’m here just to express what I felt after reading your comments,
        First of all i enjoyed ur conversation with your buddy 😅🤞🏻
        And ur representation of the emotions of planets 👌🏻 it makes sense and I found it catchy to remember quickly.
        I found vedant topics a bit hard for my level. So no comments on it.

        And your perception on human nature is really correct, who are really ready to change themselves by continuous efforts ? Who has time and willingness first sir/madam?? We all are stuck in this rat race. So no time for self love and loving others wholeheartedly too. Max people are so lost including me.😅

        Btw Sir the way u stood 4 Astrology with ur homa examples n 11 years longevity extension were really astonishing. Very interesting 2 know more about these.

        I have a few genuine doubts. Can I ask u here, will u say it to me too,like how u said it to others ? If and when u have time please please…………

        By the way Tejaswini mam, I too don’t know typing in uppercase is rude. New thing I came to know.

        And thank you both.🙏🏻


  3. Vaishnavi October 19, 2022 / 4:30 pm

    Sharing an experience about an eclipse a few decades ago…

    I was studying in the UK…and word went around that there was going to be a ‘spectacular’ total eclipse that off we went in groups..we were all students, sitting by the lake in the campus when the eclipse occured..everyone staring at the skies except me…(the hindu background somehow kicked in and I refused to look up).

    Then I noticed a strange phenomena..the swans in the lake…during the eclipse duration…in precise timing… they ducked their heads under their wings as if in sleep mode, and when the eclipse was over, they reverted to normal.

    I thought how amazing that the animals are instinctively tuned into nature and all its phenomenas and only the stupid humans were there gazing with their telescopes and cut outs…


  4. Sujith October 19, 2022 / 7:12 pm

    Yes Ma’am..

    Some so called astrologers(I dont know whether they are real) nowadays are worst..
    Very scary to listen to them..

    In my local telangana area..
    Few astrologers in YouTube tries to predict next day/week daily routine, based on rashi,nakshatra..
    Like..Next day at 3PM you feel like 6PM you will feel like this..etc..
    It seems…Now they decides person’s future decisions..

    Is it possible…
    One can predict like that..?
    Even..if they can they should use it in positive way..

    Like..original item lost its identity because its jumbled with duplicate items..
    People questions glory of jyotish vidya because of some fake astrologers..


  5. Hari Sharanam October 20, 2022 / 8:18 am

    Sharing my experience of astrologers and some random thoughts also.

    My family used to consult astrologers all the time, but I found it over-dependence so never took it up. Recently, I went through difficulties (Saturn-Ketu in 8th house, Aquarius) and everything went into sixes and sevens. My sadhana however, had intensified. Ashtami Shani was completed and I wanted guidance.

    But I waited. I could have jumped into the information highway with all the ‘gurus’ and ‘astrologers’. I waited until I completed lots of sadhana first.

    Here is my experience of the astrologer’s visit.

    I called him up and requested an appointment. He was busy so told me to call back in a few weeks. So I did. Second phone call, I told him, I have my chart with me already (thanks to my parents) but he refused.

    Do you know what he said? “I have to put your chart together only after prayers…” Only after prayers!!!!

    The day came, I went with a friend who was also consulting him.

    What he did before he started was truly amazing. He dipped his fingers into Vibhooti and ran them through the 12 houses. He spoke so accurately but very firmly.

    About the date of the visit to astrologer : it was Navaratri! I was deep in sadhana mode but squeezed time for this session, feeling that Mother’s blessings are sure to be there. When I went to the astrologer, I brought thambulam of fruit/flowers for his Navaratri altar also.

    Seeing my chart and the sadhana inclinations, he told me “why are you wasting your money with astrology sessions, I wanted to tell you not to come but felt bad so allowed you.”

    When my brother had gone to see him a few years back, he had told my brother…”keep your dakshina, I have just seen your chart and know how bad your financial situation is.”

    In the south, there are called Gurukkal. They are Gurusthanam.

    Like other spiritual gurus, you will not get a genuine astrologer (I dislike this term ‘astrologer’, it’s devoid of the ‘guru’ element in it) unless it is ordained by Ishwar. Only sadhana can invoke these blessings from Ishwar. (9th house facilitating these things…to me it is still sadhana fructifying as blessings)

    I too, like others, feel blessed to discover this blog, but I never forget that it came to my life as a prasad by Ishwar/Guru.

    Another example about sadhanas and anugraha: one sadhaka living in the himalayas shared this….said she did a vrata for 6 months just to get a guru …the promise/vow to herself that the guru will come during this vrata period itself. He did. Now she is deep in her sadhana, guided by her guru, undistubed.

    In cities we are losing this sadhana, patience, tuning in to nature, tuning in to the Universe etc. “Everything” is available online, on facebook, youtube etc. But not truth. Truth still belongs to pathways of sadhana, shraddha etc.

    If you want a gurukkal who is genuine, meaning, a sadhaka, then you must be a sadhaka in sadhana mode too. This is the principle of the Universe…it is an echo.

    On this blog too, I see many visitors too quickly posting their questions…I hope you don’t mind me sharing this last point.

    When I study or learn, I used to keep the last portion of the page for my questions…unarticulated. I used to churn the questions myself first….sometimes, the universe would answer me through various channels….sometimes, the questions itself used to disappear as faulty…only rare occasions, I would actually ask them. I have kept this habit for decades. It never fails.

    The Universe is always listening. It is your own Atma. It will respond and guide, through the pathways of your own sadhana.

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    • sunny October 21, 2022 / 12:27 am

      Thanks for sharing.


  6. Hegde October 20, 2022 / 11:58 am

    Namaskara Madam,
    Good morning
    I am a regular follower of your blogs and made changes in my life to follow your guidance.

    I need a small help,
    Please give me some ref, from where I can buy authentic Shree yantra?
    I do chant Shreesukta daily.

    Thank you and God bless you always.


    • astrologerbydefault October 20, 2022 / 2:48 pm

      Hi there
      any reputed jeweller will sell the yantra in 2D drawn in silver or gold plate
      or perhaps a spahtik 3D yantra

      you will have to check for yourself
      the central equilateral triangle should be perfect
      and the vertices/ lines should match

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  7. Tanushree October 20, 2022 / 3:55 pm

    Namaste Ma’am,
    Considering the navtara chakra, can we say that the eclipse in Swati will not be as bad for Vishakha nakshatra natives ?

    Thanks and regards


  8. Viknesh Mahendiran October 21, 2022 / 12:56 am

    Hi Mam,

    Is it bad to kill snakes? We had two instances two small snakes entering our house in past few days as it is raining here. As the snakes were small, It is not going to do any harm. But, my father killed both of them. I thought of letting it out, but I’m unable to do it. They make us feel creepy and moves in every possible way. no other option.

    Morally, Killing a life is bad as we all know unless it is not harmful. Is it bad as humans butcher millions of lives for food? Or Is it their karma to be butchered? why do souls take such births and end their lives like that?

    Thank you.


    • astrologerbydefault October 21, 2022 / 10:44 am

      Hi there
      never kill other living beings, however dirty/problematic, unless you really have no choice in the matter.
      eg you can put a cage for mice and set them free somewhere outside.

      but snakes! never ever kill snakes.

      why do you think we as a collective humanity are suffering?

      personally i cannot eat non veg food.
      but i do understand thta killing animals for food is sometimes inevitable.
      how you do it is more important that what you do..

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  9. Viju October 21, 2022 / 12:44 pm


    I wish to say something to everyone reading this blog. Animals are killed brutally in slaughterhouses. The people who work in slaughterhouses are very cruel, they inflict a lot of pain on the animals killed. Their death is not quick and they die after suffering a lot of pain. Very often animals are killed in front of live animals creating a lot of fear and distress among them. Often these animals are fed hormones/chemicals to fatten them up. There are videos on Youtube that show the terrible cruelty these animals are subjected to. Like humans, animals generate a lot of stress hormones in their bodies when they are traumatized. On an energy level, these emotions get stored in their bodies. So what meat-eaters consume is not just meat, they are taking in these chemicals, stress hormones as well as fear, pain and such negative energies. It is no wonder that meat-eaters go through difficult health issues in the long run. There are people who are vegetarians and vegans even in western countries with their cold climates. So there are options available, unless you are living in Antartica.

    You have a choice whether you want to support an industry that practices cruelty or not. As individuals we have a choice to never buy products that are tested on animals. Testing products on animals is another cruel industry. Be a conscious consumer. These choices we make contribute to a Sattvic lifestyle. And it is not difficult.

    Snake should never ever be killed. Many years back we did a big Sarpa pooja in my native place. The priest who did this pooja (and he did it beautifully) told us that we must never kill a snake. He mentioned the same results of killing snakes that Tejaswini ji has spoken about in this blog. Interestingly someone had sent me a video on Whatsapp about people in a village in North India who live with a lot of snakes and they never had cases of snake-bite there. It looks like these people do not fear snakes. In my dad’s ancestral home a golden snake would appear whenever there was a problem in the family. They would do a Prashna and then do the required remedies. My maternal ancestral house has many snakes- both poisonous and non-poisonous ones in their area. Unfortunately in my maternal side, some family members have killed snakes in the past and because of this we have problems even now. This inspite of doing Sarpa poojas every year. Karma can’t be avoided.

    If you have an interest in developing your spiritual side, abstain from eating meat, fish and eggs. The advantages are too numerous.

    Best regards

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  10. Peter October 21, 2022 / 8:00 pm


    Could you do a post on what kind of practices should be done (or bring the most benefits) during special times like eclipses? Should one do dhyan or could this time be better spent doing other things? (I see that for aquarius you mention doing pujas of the Kuldevata)

    Thanks in advance

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    • astrologerbydefault October 21, 2022 / 8:25 pm

      Hi there
      you can do whatever you like,
      1. read a book, eg Bhagwat Gita or the Upanishads etc
      2. do any mantra which your Guru has give you
      3. any graha mantra if you know the correct ones
      4. or simply Soham with the breathing.
      5. anything else which gives strength to your mind

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