How to plan your day using Nakshatra

Newspapers have a section for daily astrological predictions which most of us read very avidly every morning. But have you wondered how these are calculated? Here is an easy method which you can use to gain an insight into your day today.

Vedic astrology is about the Nakshatra, the 27 lunar mansions. The lunar mansion in which your birth Moon was placed is quite important. This indicates your mind-set programmed at birth. Open any Vedic software and put in your birth details, check your Moon Nakshatra also called the Janma/birth Nakshatra and read on.

  • Suppose your birth Moon Nakshatra is Rohini.
  • Check the Nakshatra which the current Moon is transiting in today. Check it for the sunrise time. Suppose it is Chitra for today.
  • Count from Rohini to Chitra both inclusive, it comes to 11.
  • Use this formula: (Count) X 7 / 9
  • Here in our example it will be 11 X 7 / 9
  • The Quotient is 8, we are not bothered about the Quotient, discard it
  • The Remainder is 5, we use this figure further like this,

This remainder figure will give you the following indications,


Remainder = 1 Saturn will influence your day. You might be over worked. The day will be busy in a tiring way. You might miss your lunch-break. Emotionally disturbed with anxiety and nervousness is possible. Or you might need to take your parents to the doctor today. So plan your day properly and try to stick to your schedules. Saturn likes routine and work, so be prepared.

Remainder = 2 Jupiter will influence your day. There is a possibility of monetary gains. Your day will be busy but in a nice way. You might meet people you like talking to, or learn/read something new, or teach something interesting. Might go to a temple or do a good deed today. Good time spent with the family or spouse or elders or people whom you respect. Overall a nice day.

Remainder = 3 Mars will influence your day. You might end up arguing with someone. Be careful driving, you might see accidents on the road. Or get cut or injured while working. Interaction with the police or authorities is possible. You might argue with your siblings/brothers. Your temper may be at the tipping point today so be aware. If you can divert your Martian energy in some sensible way do it first thing in the morning, eg go to the gym.

Remainder = 4 Sun will influence your day. Some typical results will be conflicts created out of self-ego and selfish behaviour. Self-opinions will matter more than coming to a mutually favourable compromise. Can result in overheating or headaches, pitta can go out of balance. If you can put your self-ego aside and focus on the more creative and intelligent facets of the Sun, you can function better today. To unwind try spending time with your children today.

Remainder = 5 Rahu will influence your day. A disturbed schedule today. Arguments are possible, you might be bothered by cheats or persistent salesmen. Avoid taking decisions about major deals or finances today, avoid speculation. Do not try to misguide or cheat someone else too. Sleep might be disturbed and bad dreams are possible. So be on guard today. If you can light one sesame-oil lamp in front of your puja ghar/altar before leaving for the day it can balance out the Rahu-energy. You will be high on energy today, jus remember to use it after consulting your own conscience.

Remainder = 6 Venus will influence your day so a good day can be expected. Office work will be good. Pleasure in relationships. Either with your loved one or in your spiritual practices. You might go shopping, new clothes or cosmetics or on a date or a movie. Read a nice book or buy something which makes you happy even it its as simple as an ice-cream. You may gain in financial transactions and speculations. Try to make the most of your day.

Remainder = 7 Mercury will influence your day. Will be a good time to be creative or learn some skills. Reading or writing is possible. You might get some financial benefits, so can consider investing in stocks etc. May go out with siblings/friends or a short journey is possible. Avoid letting small issues become bigger, use your good humour and willingness to negotiate. Teamwork and communication will be good. Try to make the most of it.

Remainder = 8 Moon will influence your day. You might have good interactions with your mother or aunts. If your boss is a woman you can ask her for that raise today. New things can be initiated, new business or buying a new house or a car. You will have a good time with your family in your house. A good night’s rest and relaxation. Overall the day will be good use it constructively.

Remainder = 0 Ketu will influence your day today. Be careful about whom you meet with today, read your office papers before signing them. You might be absent minded at work today which can cause confusion and issues. There is less interest in materialistic things. But if you pay attention this day can go quite well with religious or spiritual overtones. If you can visit the temple or do some spiritual activity before you leave for office this Ketu energy will be balanced out.

Now sometimes your daily horoscope in the newspaper says that the day will be better after the evening. This is also easy to see. If the currently transiting Moon changes his Naksahtra in the evening, the calculation can be redone to get a new remainder. Eg if the remainder was 1 for the morning’s transit Nakshatra the dominant energy was Saturn. Suppose the Moon shifted to the next Nakshatra in the evening, and suppose the remainder became 2 ie Jupiter dominated. So the energy around you will shift from Saturn-dominant to Jupiter-dominant. Obviously your evening onwards time will be more relaxed than the morning time!

This is based on your birth Moon nakshatra and the transiting Moon’s nakshatra. This calculation will reflect your perceptions. If you are aware of how your emotional context changes, you can control your perceptions. This decides how you react to the issues which you face through out the day. Use Astrology as a tool in your hands to live a happier and more balanced life.



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  1. Anju November 10, 2019 / 1:23 pm

    Kindly predict about my marraige dob——————-


    • astrologerbydefault November 11, 2019 / 8:37 pm

      Hi there,
      I do not do readings anymore
      however if there are any issues with your marriage, reciting or even listening to the Shrisukta with intention will work


  2. Deepak July 21, 2020 / 9:03 pm

    Hi Mam,

    thanks for this interesting article. Given my limited knowledge, I will be very grateful if you can explain on how to piece this article guidance with Choghadiya & Muhurat (Chandrabal & Tarabal).


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