Obsessively Ambitious Kaal Sarpa

Kaal Sarpa Yoga is when the 7 graha, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu, this combination provides avenues for social mobility and ambitions. Kaal Amrita Yoga is the other variant when the 7 graha, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are hemmed between Ketu and Rahu, this position generates apathy towards desires. A text-book, pure kaal sarpa yog is when there are no graha in the houses containing Rahu/Ketu and the ascendant sign is also hemmed in between them.

The Kaal sarpa is another bogey, like ‘Saturn‘ where the astrologer will make you feel guilty or scared and get you to perform expensive remedies/pujas etc. But remember Jyotish is an empowering tool. Let us first try to understand how this combination is actually not a problem but an opportunity. How can you divert this energy to something constructive for yourself and the society.

If you have this yog in your chart, you should understand that your personal lifestyle will be ignored for some greater purpose. You are seen by others to be obsessive, desire-driven, impatient, sometimes indifferent, strangely focussed yet unfocussed. Your energies are unique and sub-consciously affect those who are in contact with you. You sacrifice yourself for the greater good, you use all your resources to satisfy your one over-riding ambition. You are so focussed on one single aspect of your life that you are detached from the rest. This focus can be on any sort of physical, religious cult, spiritual, public, private or social or any thing. The goal of the kaal sarpa is to be seen from the position of Rahu, the sign/house, the planets conjoint/aspecting and also the owner of this sign.

Obsessively Ambitious Kaal Sarpa

Rahu takes over the entire resources of the personality to advance to his one goal. So this results is strain on the emotional, spiritual and physical body as well. To gain one, you will psychically sacrifice everything else. Often you are in pain, which has no clear reason. A doctor might wave it away as being ‘psychological issue, take a vacation!’, this non-unerstanding will hurt you even more. But your pain is real, and the doctor is incapable of doing anything about it. There may be issues with the spine as the chakras will have issues in un-balanced prana movement. This will be seen as undiagnosable nerve issues. Hormonal imbalances can occur. Especially if you are a woman you will have body-weight problems. There may be sexual problems too, if the Rahu/Ketu is aspected by Mars, or in Mar’s house/sign. You can be a perpetrator or a victim of unnatural (remember no boundaries!) sexual/physical/etc activities.

You are strangely open to others energies, Rahu does not respect boundaries. So you yourself should consciously take care of yourself. You will need to do regular shielding of the aura, i.e. creating a pearly silver/gold protection layer on your aura and linking it the Universal Source. This will protect against astral/aura attacks. You will also have to start a regular spiritual practice not just contemplative meditation, you will have to do proper Dhyan. This will ensure that you are comfortable with yourself and carry out the chart’s indications without destroying yourself in the process.

The transits of Rahu/Ketu will enhance these traits periodically. Be very aware during every Rahu/Ketu transit and keep your mind-set and energies ready for a new identity challenge every 1.5years. Learn to consciously manipulate energy through tiny regular baby steps. And remember this is Rahu at work, so a pure Kaal Sarpa will give this as a final result, you will over-reach and fall at the moment of achievement. But if the horoscope has beneficial placements this trend can be diverted to a more intelligent outcome. Strong planets, especially the Moon and Mercury will protect from the destructive energies of this combination by stabilizing the mind/emotions and the thinking processes. Benefics placed in good signs and houses will help. Kaal sarpa is very rarely a psychotic individual.

Obsessively Ambitious Kaal Sarpa

The drive is to utterly experience something, to utterly possess something, to utterly devour something! Rahu will sacrifice everything else to attain his goal. He harnesses the energies of all the 7 planets who are between himself and Ketu. If the aspirations are socially acceptable you will reach the heights of glory, but if this goal is criminal you will sink to the depths of notoriety. These obsessions last a life-time! Rahu does not respect boundaries, so you will want to break through everything, your own self, others personal lives, rules, law, anything.

If you have Kaal sarpa in your chart, either mild or full blown, remember that you are hyper-sensitive to psychic energy. When the society lashes at you for being strange you can and will use these psychic means to get back. This will cause you problems of energy-drain and will result in even more socially erratic behaviour. But if you are aware and can chanelise your this talent you can be a super-healer and renown gifted energy worker. A safe and socially useful way of using your Kaal sarpa.

A parent who sacrifices every aspect of his life for his children and lives his life through them. A husband utterly devoted to his wife, who literally dies rather than being apart from her. Or a teacher who teaches in a small school, but ignites his student’s minds and lives his aspirations through their successes. Or if aspects permit it, the Kaal sarpa yog can create a human who sacrifices his very existence for the sake of the entire humanity.

This tendency of self-sacrifice was a part of ancient culture where humans were actually sacrificed for the greater good of the tribe. Even in today’s world people in high public positions or soldiers also sacrifice their families, time, health, privacy, safety, security for the sake of the nation, their people. This is also a Kaal sarpa energy. If you are in such a profession then you have chosen a good outlet for yourself. But everyone cannot do this, so you will need to examine your deepest motivations and come to terms with yourself to live a better adjusted life in society. Do not ignore your own self! Remember Rahu’s fall at the end? You will regret it in the end of your life when you cannot do anything about it. ‘I should have got that degree.’, ‘I should have saved for my retirement’, ‘I should have made more friends’, ‘I should have got medical check-ups on time’. This is how the Kaal Sarpa will defeat you in the end. Toxic regrets!

The key to Kaal sarpa is awareness. If you are aware of yourself and consciously choose to sacrifice your life, taking adequate precautions, you will be happy. You will then gain vitality, charisma, a useful role in the society, validation and most importantly satisfaction. The reality is, that at every moment, all of us are being sacrificed and because of this we all are constantly evolving. Only when we sacrifice our personal Ego, will we gain the Divine. The Kaal sarpa energies are the maximum possible inclination towards this.

So for those channelising Kaal Sarpa in your this life, just focus on your mind, will and intention for yourself.


Obsessively Ambitious Kaal Sarpa




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  1. sdfasdf May 6, 2019 / 3:52 pm

    What if Chandra(19° 23′ 23″) is in same sign as Rahu(17° 32′ 36″) in Gemini 9th house and rest planets hemmed between Rahu and Ketu . Is it partial or full kaal sarpa.


    • astrologerbydefault May 6, 2019 / 9:42 pm

      Hi there,
      Rahu is obviously conjoint with Moon in Gemini so this conjunction will give its own results.
      But the Moon is out of the Rahu-Ketu axis so I would consider this as a partial kaal sarpa.

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      • SDFASDF May 7, 2019 / 10:00 am

        That is some relief for me 😀


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