Mirror mirror, use it for Scrying

Reflections are energies. Most commonly we see our reflections in the mirror, in water, or in someone’s eyes.

Mirror mirror, use it for Scrying

You can use mirrors or the still surface of water for divination.

Easier is the water surface. For this you need to prepare your scrying bowl. Buy an earthen bowl like in this picture below. Paint the inner surface evenly black with oil paint. Let it dry out completely. Then on a full-moon, Purnima night, take clean water and keep it in a copper kumbh/pot for an hour or so (If you really do not have this kumbh then you can skip this step, but most Indian houses will have this copper pot). Then fill your scrying bowl with water, also pour this copper pot water too in it. Keep it in a place where it will be exposed to the moon and the night sky. Put your hands around it, close your eyes, focus on the bowl and intend strongly that it will be used as a tool for energy work and scrying. Leave it overnight under the moon and the sky. In the morning you can pour off the water under a tree or somewhere. Store the the bowl after covering it with a cloth.

Then 15days later on the next no moon night, Amavasya repeat this process so that the bowl absorbs the energies of the dark night too. The next morning onwards you can use your scrying bowl. Whenever you want to scry, carefully take your bowl out, remove the covering, fill it with clean water (with copper kumbh/pot water too if you can), and in a room which has very low lighting or at night, scry. Place your both hands around the outside of the bowl, do not shake it. Think of the person or whatever question that you want to know about, relax your mind, keep just that one question in your mind. You will see the images on the water. When you are done you should dispose the water under a tree and cover the bowl again and store it. You can recharge it on Amayasya and Pournima nights again as above if you want to.

Mirror mirror, use it for Scrying

People whose ketu and moon are conjunct or opposite or any of them in 12th, 8th, 6th, houses, or the Ascendent sign or lord conjunct or opposite ketu are rather good at divination. Have a go at it!

And though looking directly into someones eyes is considered to be a honest and confident thing to do it may also be dangerous. Like if you are doing your spiritual practice regularly, you will have definitely gained positive energies. If you stare too long into the eyes of someone on lower energy levels than you, you may end up hypnotising him or sharing a part of your energy with him without even realising it.

So with my family members I still look into their eyes, but with others I have trained myself to look at the mouth of the person whom I am talking to rather than look into his eyes. And if looking into the eyes is unavoidable I try to break eye contact every few seconds rather than stare continuously.

There are so many stories where “godmen” sort of hypnotize women into leaving everything and going to live with them. This is a perfect example of unwilling hypnosis. However you women can protect yourself by wearing a diamond nose pin in your right nostril. It looks really pretty winking away and distracting whoever is looking into your eyes trying to get their hooks into you.

Someone I knew was quite into experimenting when he was younger, once he requested a simple spirit to help him and kept it trapped in a mirror. He would get it to do small-small energy works, but in return it would demand a tiny drop of his blood. It was a short phase he had, playing mirrors and spirits. Later he had enough and broke the mirror to release the spirit. But even though brief, this energy exchange had to be purged from his system which he promptly did by immediately falling ill.

There are unscrupulous persons, “tantriks”, practitioners of “black magic” who on purpose trap spirits in mirrors or even better keep them in gemstones. Everything pretty has a pretty black side too!

Remember anything you do in terms of energy is an exchange. If you try to become aware of something, remember that thing is also becoming aware of you!

So if you are on the road to spirituality, try to see the Ultimate in your ajnya chakra, so that the Ultimate also looks back at you, in a flash of silver/gold lightening!

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