Assisted reproductive technology and Adoptions

Having children, raising them, nurturing them, giving them Sanskar/the right foundations in life and then taking joy in their achievements is a very deep need for most of us. Well raised children are an asset to the society and are a way of giving back to the society. We benefit from our society; our safety, security, cultural activities, financial transactions, human inter-personal relationships, religious and spiritual activities etc are all based on the society we live in. So when we raise our children well we are contributing to the continuance of such an enabling society.

Assisted reproductive technology and Adoptions

Children are also our support as we age. As we have cared for them when they were babies, they have the responsibility/Dharm to take care of us in our old age/second childhood. Our children carry our DNA, our genes, our culture, our traditions, our life values and are our way to immortality. Our genes live forever with our children and their children. And thus we also are similarly our ancestors, their blood flows in our veins.

Astrologically, a child is the ultimate expression of your creativity. You first physically create your baby with your husband/wife, then emotionally create, as you nurture your baby with your love, and you are also laying down the emotional context of his lifetime. As you perform the Sanskars/rituals from Garbhadharan/preconception to Vivah/marriage for your child you are laying down the spiritual foundations of his life too. Thus you create your child. The adult he will grow into will be based in the intelligence and spirit you have given him. Thus having a child is primarily the domain of the 5th house of the horoscope.

To have good healthy children the 5th house needs to be examined in detail,

  • The nature of the sign placed here, – e.g. if fiery less number of children, dual signs = more children, watery = more children etc.
  • The planets placed here and aspecting – nature of the planet, male/female planets, several or few planets, malefic/benefic, debilitated/exalted, retrograde, combusted etc. also the signs/houses they own, eg, the lord of 12th house placed in 5th will not give good results.
  • The owner planet of this sign, his placement and comfort levels. This placement is important, if he goes into the 6th, 8th, 12th houses its not good. Aspects on him also matter a lot, also the planets he is conjunct with. If conjunct with Jupiter several progeny, if with Saturn restrictions, Ketu might cause miscarriage, abortions etc.
  • To get the emotional context and sense of attachment. Also how will your children respond to you on the emotional level and will you feel stability and security from them. For all this analyse the 5th house from the birth Moon sign.
  • And for the total creative potential of the 5th house available to you in this life, analyse the 5th house of your Navamsha/ 9th divisional/ D-9 chart.
  • The 5th sign of the zodiac is Leo ruled by the Sun, so the sign Leo and Sun wherever placed in the horoscope will also have its tiny influence here.
  • To do a complete analysis of this house or if it is empty, or without aspects read this post.

Then the reproductive organs of your body are controlled by the 8th house. So to check the health and proper function of these analyse the 8th house also. Again Scorpio and Mars wherever placed will subtly influence the matters of this house.

Then the auspiciousness of this process of having and raising children a a whole, is your luck with you? Do you have the blessings of your ancestors to carry forward their and your DNA? This is the domain of the 9th house. This house has to be well placed in order to have good, auspicious and lucky children.

Assisted reproductive technology and Adoptions

Now if there is a problem in any of these houses, there will be a problem with reproduction, progeny may be delayed, denied, may fail, may result in handicapped children, early death of children, no male children (extinguishing the Y chromosome of that family) or children who are a disappointment to the parents and a disgrace in the society.

In cases where natural reproduction fails, people turn to ‘test-tube’ babies and assisted reproductive technologies (ART). There is a proliferation of ART clinics, practically every street has one! From an astrological point of view this is not the correct way to go about having progeny. A failure in natural reproduction means the chart is unbalanced. Now if you go and create a baby in a lab, you might think you have got what you wanted. But you have still not addressed the problem in your chart, so do not expect this child to be the child of your dreams! When a couple goes for ART, they are not in the best of emotional conditions, knowing that you are infertile causes intense anguish, frustration, a sense of inferiority etc. Then during the entire pregnancy these feelings and added to the sense of fear about the pregnancy/complications, dread, continuous monitoring by the hospital etc add to the mental turmoil. Now imagine this pressure/negativity on the developing child in the womb!

Whenever I get horoscopes for matching and if the couple comes over to discuss their charts, I always advise them to have a child as soon as possible, within a year or two of the marriage. There is an astral reason for this, within a month of the marriage for Hindus (Sanatan Dharm), there is a Sanskar/ritual called Garbhdharan/conception where the couple is powered with mantras and intentions to have happy healthy babies. Also during this Sanskar the astral self/souls of their babies are invited. They come and wait near the parents. If they are forced to wait for too long they sense the rejection and move away. Then conception can get difficult.

However, now if you do not have an option and are trying ART for having your baby, there are a few things which must be done by both you and your spouse, consider it as an ‘astrological remedy’. Start these mantras at least 1 month before you start your ART, continue it as long as you can even after the child is born. This should be started on any Friday, morning or evening twilight in the bright half of the month/Shukla paksha. (Twilight/Sandhyakaal is 45 minutes before and after sun-rise and sun-set). I know that life is very busy and it may be difficult for both parents to manage this time together. So at least the first day you start, do this together, this will take about 10 mins. And after that listen to the mantras as per the time convenient to you.

This mantra puja will balance out the charts, so that you are able to get the best possible energies in your bodies/ mind/ spirit and also in your baby.

  1. The couple should invoke Santan-Laxmi – This is the aspect of the Mahamaya Shri, who is responsible for preservation and continuation of the manifested world, by granting progeny. You want to be a father/ mother, this is not just a physical activity, it has emotional and spiritual aspects too. If your doctor is taking care of the physical aspects, so you should mindfully take care of these deeper aspects yourself.
    • अहिखग वाहिनि मोहिनि चक्रिणि, रागविवर्धिनि ज्ञानमये । गुणगणवारिधि लोकहितैषिणि स्वरसप्त भूषित गाननुते ॥ सकल सुरासुर देवमुनीश्वर मानववन्दित पादयुते । जयजय हे मधुसूदन कामिनि सन्तानलक्ष्मि त्वं पालय माम् ॥
    • Om ayikhaga vāhini mohini cakriṇi, rāgavivardhini ṅñānamaye guṇagaṇavāradhi lokahitaiṣiṇi, saptasvara bhūṣita gānanute | sakala surāsura deva munīśvara, mānava vandita pādayute jaya jayahe madhusūdana kāmini, santānalakṣmī twm pālaya mām ||
  2. Then the husband should recite the Purush Sukta. If you cannot recite it, listen to this recitation with pure intention.
  3. And the wife to recite the Shri sukta or alternatively listen to this with full intention, focus on your desire to have a happy, healthy child.

You can also, if possible, be compassionate and do some charity at the local orphanage, by distributing sweets /fruits /toys /books etc to the children there. This will accelerate your personal healing process.

Now the second option that the couple has in this situation is adoption. Here though the child will not carry your DNA, it will still carry your name, traditions, culture and life values/ Sanskar. It will still be an expression of your creativity and intelligence and be governed by your charts. So before adopting a baby also do fortify your charts with energy using the same mantras as above.

Third option is surrogacy. Here the child is your biological child, but given in the care of another woman for the first 9 months of its life. Technically this child has 3 parents. All three should recite or at least listen to these mantras for the child to get the best possible start in its life.

And I have seen another effect of these Mantras, when you get your first child by ART/ surrogacy/ adoption and you accept him with all your heart and soul, the mantras can work so well that your second child may even be born naturally. If this happens do not reject your first child, both children are yours, the first one more so because your soul accepted him and his coming changed you at every level.

Mantras have the power to change. Depending on your intention and desire they will give their results. So believe that you can change your circumstances. It is the most powerful tool you have in your hands, use it!

(Now there is one tiny point where the person has no biological children despite a very good 5th, 8th, 9th and a nice chart. This is very frequently seen in highly creative and spiritual persons. These are extraordinary individuals, whose 5th supports creativity and intelligence channelised from the divine to such a degree that they create children of the soul. For e.g Seers/Sadhus are ‘second fathers’ and have disciples (dwij- those who have been born twice) as progeny, these ‘children’, do not carry their Guru’s/spiritual-father’s DNA but carry their teachings, which represent their ‘essence’ more strongly than their DNA.)

Assisted reproductive technology and Adoptions

6 thoughts on “Assisted reproductive technology and Adoptions

  1. Sunny July 4, 2020 / 11:11 pm

    Can you describe what the purush sukta is? It’s significance?


    • astrologerbydefault July 4, 2020 / 11:25 pm

      Hi there
      The Laxmi Tantra gives some pointers on this. Devi Laxmi says tht she and Bhagwan Vishnu together decided to put their essences into two suktas. So she created the Shri Sukta with her essence. And he created the Purush Sukta with his essence.
      the detailed esoteric significance of this sukta should be in the Vishnu tantra but as of now i do not know about it..


      • Sunny July 5, 2020 / 7:55 am

        OK. In which cases purush sukta is used? Like you have given few examples when Sri sukta should be recited….


      • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2020 / 12:27 pm

        Hi there
        i have not used Purush sukta much, just random jaaps once in while, but its energy is very cryptic.
        Shri sukta is more approachable, more welcoming but the purush sukta is very enigmatic
        i feel it is something, like everyone can practice gayatri puja but not the brahma pujas, on the same lines.

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  2. Sunny July 6, 2020 / 1:50 pm

    Is it mandatory to have Garbhdharan sanskar within a month or it can be delayed if couple wants to delay the pregnancy for some reason?


    • astrologerbydefault July 7, 2020 / 12:19 am

      Hi there
      garbhadaan is linked to the first 5 day cycle of the bride after getting married..
      it adds energy to the bodies of the parents so tht they and their child also benefits..

      and as per the concept of marriage in Dharma, delaying having children, on purpose, is inauspicious.

      the souls of the possible children are already around the couple after the marriage ceremony, they are aware.
      putting an intention tht the child should not come now is essentially rejecting the soul who is waiting around them,
      they wait and then even go away if made to wait for very long ..
      this can result in actual childlessness for no medical reason..

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