Venus Mahadasha

I have written a very detailed post here on Vimshottari dasha analysis, generally on how evaluate the effects of planets during their planetary periods. This post is about the time periods controlled by Venus!

If your birth moon Nakshatra/Lunar mansion is Bharani, Poorva-falguni or Poorva-ashadha you will have your Venus mahadasha going on at your birth. The balance of the planet’s dasha period remaining at birth is calculated using the location (degree/minute/second) of Moon in the nakshatra. If you get this birth time wrong your starting point will be wrong thus your entire life-time’s calculation will go wrong.

Venus mahadasha is the longest, a full 20 years. If Venus is well placed this period can be extraordinary covering a lot of life’s major activities, education, marriage, children, health and profession. I have written about how to evaluate Ketu’s Mahadasha earlier, so  follow the same 3 steps for Venus’s analysis.

Step 1 is to know the aspects of life which Venus represents and the power he has to deliver his results.

  1. Venus in your birth chart (divisional chart 1/D-1).
    • Which house and in which sign is he placed? Which aspects of life is he controlling?
    • Is he in the sign of a friend/neutral/enemy planet.
    • Is Venus exalted/debilitated?
    • Which planets is he conjoint/aspected by? Thus which other aspects of the personality is he influencing directly and indirectly. Also which other aspects of your personality are linked to Venus thorough these other planets.
    • Has he matured? Is your client yet to reach the maturity age of Venus or is the maturity being held back by conjunction with later maturing planets?
    • Is he retrograde?
    • Is he combust?
  2. You can repeat this same analysis from the birth Moon sign to get the effects that this Venus Mahadasha is going to have on the emotional aspects. These aspects of life will be completely different from what is happening on the physical level.
  3. And this same analysis using the divisional chart 9, Navamsha chart will give a perspective on the sub-conscious expectations and also the sum total of Venus’s potential. (If you find this complicated, do it whenever you feel more confident.)

A simple example, in D-1 – Venus is the owner of 3rd house Libra and 10th house Taurus. Venus is placed in 4nd house Scorpio. Moon is in 9th house Aries. Thus Venus is placed in the uncomfortable 6/8th from Moon. Now in D-9 Venus shifts to the 2nd house in sign Pisces and is exalted. So during Venus’s periods, the physical environment will grant lots of interactions, validation, money, resources, good times, with family, property, mother, females in general, siblings, bosses, culture, traditions, society and profession. But emotionally it will not suffice, there will be a curious sense of grief, a discontent leading to changes in how relationships being felt emotionally. On the subconscious inner level however there will be a sense of achievement and the native may start some solid spiritual practice during this period.

Step 2  Smaller segments are called successively Antar-dasha, Pratyantar-dasha, Sookshma-dasha and Pran-dasha. The logic on how to analyse these even smaller units remains the same for each planetary owner of the sub/sub periods.

  1. Find out the power of the sub-period planetary lord and the aspects of life that he controls just like Step 1 for Venus above.
    • Which houses he rules over.
    • Especially if this sub-period lord is the owner of the 2nd or 7th house (Marakesh) its sub-period within the Venus mahadasha can cause physical death. If Venus is itself the Markesh then he can cause death in the further sub/sub-sub periods owned by himself.
  2. The mutual relationship between Venus and the sub-period lord. If they are in the 6/8 or 2/12 uncomfortable aspects, that sub-lord’s sub-period will not be comfortable.

Step 3 is the routine planetary transits/gochar which will modify results during their transit periods. Using your software draw your birth chart on a paper and superimpose the current planetary positions on it. Use a different pen so that you can make sense of the composite chart you are drawing. Check out for the aspects and their strenghts.

Venus Mahadasha

Now to analyse the sub-periods of Venus. These are very very general readings just to trigger your own thought processes. Readings/combinations from books are for reference, as a starting point for your own further analysis as every horoscope is unique.

  1. Venus antardasha – 3yrs 4 months
    • If Venus is well placed in your horoscope, he will give luxuries, good clothes, good food, recognition, education, ceremonies and functions, buying property, marriage or multiple marriages, birth of children, religious activities, gains of every type and happiness.
    • If not able to give benefic results in his periods Venus will cause arguments with family members, problems with government, separation from spouse, arguments with women, losses in partnerships, physical pain and other tragedies depending on his karakatva and power to give results.
  2. Sun antardasha – 1 yr
    • If Venus and Sun are mutually comfortable in the horoscope this period will naturally give good results depending on the karakatva of both, relations with father, government, boss, prospects of higher education, creative expressions, birth of children, fulfilling love affairs, luck etc will be good
    • Else you will face problems in all these aspects of life, physical vitality will also be low and there will be losses.
  3. Moon antardasha –  1yr 8 months
    • If Moon and Venus are able to give benefic results together then expect favourable relations and gains from your mother/maternal figures and females in general. Worshipping the Devi will be fruitful.
    • Otherwise this period can cause emotional distress from broken relationships, loss of  stability in partnerships and loss of material comforts money and other resources will diminish.
  4. Mars antardasha – 1yr 2 months
    • If Venus and Mars are mutually in good aspects to each other then it will be a perfect balance between personality and the environment. The concerns of the individual and the partner both will be addressed.
    • Else this period will be a conflict between the persistent needs of the partnership/contract/alliance and the dominating needs of the individual.
  5. Rahu antardasha – 3yrs
    • If Rahu and Venus are comfortable mutually the ambitions indicated by Rahu will be gained. There will be social mobility, awards, recognition, fruitful travels, enjoyments etc but there will remain a chance of physical illnesses.
    • If they are in uncomfortable aspects to each other it will be a miserable period of thwarted ambitions, disgrace, travelling without successes, physical problems etc.
    • Venus Mahadasha
  6. Jupiter antardasha – 2yrs 8 months
    • If Venus and Jupiter are positioned to give benefic results together this period can be extraordinary. In addition to the normal happinesses in the material life, like marriage, children, education, gains, prosperities etc this combination is highly conducive to spiritual progress.
    • Else there will be an expansion of discord and losses on every levels.
  7. Saturn antardasha – 3yrs 2 months
    • If Venus and Saturn are suitably positioned then this period can be quite beneficial, both are quite good friends. The person can experience extraordinary re-balancing of karma in a positive sense. Both balance and beauty and work and fairness will be there.
    • Else this period will burden you will unfulfilled work, tasks which just keep on increasing. There will be pressures and unfairness from the public and in profession. Losses in job and social stability almost always happens coupled with physical strain.
  8. Mercury antardasha – 2yrs 10 months
    • If Venus and Mercury are both well placed and able to give benefit then gains which will be linked to communication, speech, and money. May write or speak or listen to auspicious things. Happy times spent with siblings, team-mates and the younger crowd.
    • Else if they are uncomfortable then losses will happen depending on the karakatva, but especially loss of property is likely, may even get homeless!
  9. Ketu antardasha – 1yrs 2months
    • This is the final sub-period of Venus Mahadasha. In this period you will release all that related to Venus and prepare yourself for the upcoming Sun mahadasha.
    • If Venus and Ketu can give mutually good results then this period will give unexpected gains, but an underlying sense of unease will remain.
    • If not then there will be dangers from snakes, cheats, problems to the head, losses, staying away from homeland, excessive expenses, quarrels etc in all relationships. Things will happen which will cause extreme distress but there will be no real reason for such painful events to happen.

The generic remedy for those suffering from problems during this period of Venus Mahadasha is reciting Shri Sukta or the beej mantra of Venus at least once a week on Fridays.

Analysing the horoscope for results expected during planetary dashas is quite easy. Everyone who wants to learn astrology should analyse their own horoscope first in complete details. But with clients doing this entire Mahadasha reading will always be a thankless job, as your clients to begin with won’t have the correct birth time, so you will have to first correct it. Then they will not have patience and will insist on immediate solutions. And finally if you tell them something as simple as reciting the beej mantra 108 times, not every day but at least once a week! they will not do it, and still expect the problems to resolve magically. And finally will go to another practitioner who will offer them totkes and ‘magical remedies’.

So do this analysis for yourself first and offer these in-depth readings to clients only if you feel that they deserve so much of your time and energy.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed by all his here is a tiny short-cut keyword post on how to analyse the planet’s time-periods based on the which house he rules over.


Venus Mahadasha

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  1. Sameer Brijwasi February 4, 2019 / 8:44 am

    Very well written dear 🥰


  2. Nagarjuna September 3, 2019 / 9:13 am

    Well written! Though a bit overwhelming for a person like me with a very limited understanding of the astrology nuances, I could pick up some finer points on the relationship between different charts and how to read them. Keep up the good work. Thanks


  3. Sam February 10, 2020 / 4:58 pm

    Hi there!

    What is your advice on removing any fatalistic view on certain placements? There is such a massive emphasis on countless articles of the malefic effects for a Pisces ascendant that it is overwhelming! How would you suggest interpreting this info?


    • astrologerbydefault February 10, 2020 / 7:47 pm

      Hi there,
      i dont consider any position bad unless the chart is actually turns into a criminal one, but these are very specific combinations, several patterns reinforcing the criminal tendencies.

      one entire ascendant cannot be labelled as malefic or fatalistic or bad. Every ascendent has its own positive and negatives on the material levels and differently for the spiritual levels.

      if you ask me which is the most challenging ascendant i would say cancer.. unless its energy is used intelligently it can lead to disasters ..

      pisces ascendent is milder than cancer!
      if you realise that your nature is to give, to do good for the other people, to help others and you actually make this your life mission you can have a very satisfactory life with this ascendent ..
      eg work as a care giver something like that,
      give these energies an outlet so that you are more settled in life.. unless you do this you will feel miserable
      there are often difficulties in married life as the chosen partner is finicky Virgo but nothing which cannot be resolved..
      Generally the older age is more happier than the younger age,


  4. Jinesh k May 31, 2020 / 4:50 am


    When will venus mahadasha start to give its results.In an article i read that venus dasha will start to give its effects only after 9 months into dasha .Is it true?



    • astrologerbydefault May 31, 2020 / 10:30 am

      Hi there
      if u have your exact birth time to the second then the dasha start kundali is also cast. this is the most accurate way of analysing the dasha effects. Obviously this is not possible fr regular clients. but if u r interested then you shud do a birth time correction fr ur own birth and then cast these further charts..
      Dasha effects/results start as soon as the Dasha starts.
      For detailed effects/results the transits also have to be considered.


      • Jinesh k June 1, 2020 / 1:50 am

        Ok .Thank you.


  5. Gulshan Juneja June 14, 2020 / 2:25 pm

    Namaste, being novice, this kundali looks a little complex and giving me challenges. Pisces asc with four planets in 9th house (Mar 11 deg, Moon 22 deg, Su 20 deg, Mer 25 deg) with Jup 20 deg in 6th and Ven 6 deg 8th, Ket/Rah 4/10th and Sat 11th. Person at age of 29 has not been able to settle in any profession/business (a couple of failed ventures) with of course financial challenges. Moving to different country did not help so far. Ven Dash froma Jun 2009. cur antardasha Jup till Apr 2022. Navamsa chart asc is Virgo with Jupiter in 1st house. I was trying to find out when person will settle down in any business/profession and become financial independent and any remedies available. Your guidance/pointers will help. warm regards,


  6. Gulshan Juneja June 17, 2020 / 7:30 am

    Thank you very much for your valuable guidance and link. I admire your ability to convey a lot and yet in so few words, warm regards,


  7. Anne July 5, 2020 / 11:29 pm

    Dear mam

    I have noticed recently in two charts, venus was lagna lord and the people passed away in venus MD. I thought lagna lord usually won’t harm the native. Venus was in good dignity (in one case, exalted). But seems it’s not so for venus, perhaps due to being natural markesh.

    What’s your view on this?


    • astrologerbydefault July 6, 2020 / 1:08 pm

      Hi there
      the Venus mahadasha is the longest at 20yrs, just coz he is the lagna lord, he won’t keep the body functioning if its time frame has ended,
      for the longer mahadashas you have to look at the sub-period and sub-sub period lords in more details, as these sub-sub etc periods also last for 1-3 yrs.
      the transits are very important, eg a significant transit of ketu can easily end life if its longevity has come to an end.

      there are several dashas used in Jyotish, vimshottari is the basic one which we all should know,
      if you want to exclusively calculate disease/ death then the Shoola dasha is a good option.

      and what is ‘death’? it is an opportunity.
      if you can exit at the best possible time you can make the most of the energies of the moment..
      my own mom had no medical issues, didnt even wear specs, no BP issues, was fit active.
      the time she left her body was a very very auspicious period for her, she left her body consciously in a yogic posture.
      in fact she had a choice, as her horoscope could have supported more life, the reading was more ‘freedom from all troubles’
      at tht time, ketu was transiting my 4th house and Saturn transiting my dad’s 7th house .. so you can also correlate the timing of death with the charts of the close relatives.


      • Anne July 7, 2020 / 4:38 am

        Thank you Mam🙏


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