A small awareness exercise

Intuition is the most important ability that a person can have. It is not something mystical or magical. It is in plain simple terms, “Listening to yourself”.

Let me ask you a question now, “What are you neglecting the most?”. You might answer, the job, the child, the parents, homework, the grandparent (am sure you haven’t talked to your grandma in quite some time, call her!), the dog, weekly football?

But then the correct answer, “Yourself!”. You never listen to yourself. In this world of objects you forget that the main subject is “Your Own Self”.

When we were born for a very brief time we were the boss of the house, but then our parents took over our lives, we went to school and the teacher became the boss of us and we started to think the way she wanted us to. Then our friends made us do what they wanted. Then we got a job, and the boss started to rule our lives. Then got married and the wife came and became the boss of us in the house. Then the babies took over, then as we aged the doctor and his medicines and then we died. We were never the boss of us!

This is intolerable, how do we suffer like this without even realising it? It is because we have conditioned our minds to believe that this is it. This is “Life”. But this is not Life, this is Servitude.

Life is being your own self. So how do you do it? How do you live? Well, start by giving yourself some time. Decide that at a specific time eg before you get up from bed for 5 minutes, you will be yourself. So this is how you do it.

  1. Put a very soothing alarm tone, drops of water type of music, do not wake up to a screeching alarm tone.
  2. Do not open your eyes but in that half sleep state with your mind slowly feel your body parts one by one, your left foot, right foot, then knees, thighs, stomach, chest, shoulders, arms and hands, neck, head hair. Be aware of your entire body structure.
  3. Then take your mind outside the house and feel the gold-saffron colors of the morning sunrise with your mind. Feel these colors and the energy from the morning sun enter your body and creating a cocoon of golden energy around you.
  4. Now feel and be aware of this, yourself inside this cocoon with the energies of the universe. Being kind to yourself and loving your own self.

You might think this to be rather silly and childish, and what will 5 minutes a day do? But this is a regular practice, a routine. It is exercising your subconscious mind. In this half asleep state the brain is in the alpha mode and science has discovered lots of technical things about this. But the point is that doing this regularly will add an energy boost to your inner self and you will feel the positive effects on your physical body too. On an energy level your aura and your intuition will improve. This will also help in reducing stress levels and improve your temper, your emotional stability and your health.

More importantly this regular practice will send a message to your inner self that you are paying attention to yourself.


A small awareness exercise