How to analyse the Vimshottari Moon Mahadasha

Vimshottari dasha  analysis is something that every astrologer needs to know. The planets control parts of your life in a sequence which is called a Dasha. There are several Dasha systems but Vimshottari deserves a special place of its own and is the first Dasha system you will learn.

In case this detailed analysis is beyond you at the moment, I have written two basic posts, here and here with a brief analysis of the Mahadashas based on which houses the planets own in your chart.

The Vimshottari Maha-Dasha cover a human life span of 120 yrs and the sequence is,

Depending on which Nakshatra your Moon is in at the time of your birth, ie your Janma Nakshatra, you will begin your sequence. This start point is most important so ensure that you have your accurate birth time before doing Dasha analysis.

If your birth moon Nakshatra/ Lunar mansion is Rohini, Hasta or Shravan, then you will have your Moon Mahadasha/ main period going on at your birth. The balance of the planet’s dasha period remaining at birth is calculated using the location (arc degree/ minute/ second) of Moon in the nakshatra. If you get this birth time wrong, your starting point will be wrong thus your entire life-time’s calculation will also go wrong.

For the other birth Nakshatras, the Moon Mahadasha can occur at any point of time in the above sequence. But the Moon’s sub-periods/ Antardashas in the other planets Mahadashas will also carry his flavour.

Open your Vedic Jyotish software and open the Dasha section. If there are options here, input the ‘Vimshottari’ system. You have to see two things from here,

  1. At the present time, which planet’s Mahadasha/ main-period and which planet’s Antardasha/ sub-period is going on for you
  2. And at the time of your birth, which Mahadasha was going on.

If either of these, ie your ongoing Mahadasha or the birth Mahadasha is/ was of the Moon, then this post is for you,

First a generic description, assuming that the Moon in your birth chart is favourable for you.

If you were born in Moon Mahadasha then, you are more comfortable around women in general, you are especially close to your mother, feel strongly about your traditions and homeland. You have a family who cares for you. Your basic mind and body are both strong and healthy and the overall personality remains balanced. Communicative, reasonable, attractive, popular, pleasant to be with, a generally active personality. You are receptive to external influences and often modulate these to help you grow. But you are not very forthcoming about your own self, you keep your secrets well and trust only rarely. You have a caring nature, a supportive sort of a person, generous by nature but you can equally get shrewd, narrow minded, jealous and self-centred.

If you are undergoing the Moon Mahadasha now in your life then in this Moon Mahadasha, you will be more focussed on yourself, your needs, your comforts, your growth, your family, your love, your ancestral traditions, family gods etc. Your mother or other maternal figures will be more important in life. You will be taken care of, ie given the nurture, nutrition, love that you need. More settled in life, you might develop regular habits, feel creative, improve personal care, opt for a healthy lifestyle etc. That things which support you as a person will help you grow significantly. You will be able to set up routines for a healthier you. Buying your own house or landed property is possible or shifting into your own personal home is possible. People in professions related to the 4th house or the Moon will see growth, ie homeland security, teaching, home-makers, dealers in liquids, transport, drugs, architects, etc. You might be recognised for something, get awards. Marriage and child-birth is also possible in this period. In these 10yrs you will be required to balance karma related to the position of the Moon in your chart. Caring for others or ensuring that your emotions were being satisfied. Whatever the Moon is supposed to give you in your life will be given in this time. You will go through an emotional period, uplifting or damaging.

If the Mahadasha comes at an age after the maturity period of the Moon then the energies of the Dasha can be utilised consciously thus more effectively. If you are older than 48yrs, then during this Mahadasha it is likely that you will become the understanding and mature elder yourself. You will gain more insights into the working of your own Mind. It can be a very enriching experience. Even if you are older than 28yrs, this time can help self-discovery as you understand yourself more deeply. If you are younger than 28yrs then you will receive what you need from your elders to grow.

If your birth Moon is in Cancer or ascendant sign is Cancer then this Mahadasha will be especially significant for you.

Now to tailor these predictions for your personal life. This requires some basic understanding of Jyotish. (Here is a post on how to begin learning astrology systematically).

Step 1 is to know the aspects of life represented by the Moon and the power he has to deliver his results. You should know what he is going to give you, only then predicting the timing will be of any use. One graha is going to be directly responsible for so many things and indirectly influence so many more things in life. To keep things simple, learn to use keywords and create patterns using these.

  1. Moon in your birth chart (divisional chart 1/D-1).
    • He is placed in which house and in which sign? Thus which parts of your life is he controlling?
      • Eg Moon in 3rd house will be in charge of your siblings, income from trade, your hands, the internal confidence to take necessary actions, skills, practicality, etc. So in his Mahadasha expect these aspects of life to be more prominent in your life.
      • Eg if the Moon is any way connected to the 2nd or 7th houses then he can help in gaining money/ resources, good family life etc but this Dasha can also be linked to the timing of physical death. So do a quick check on longevity.
    • Which houses does he own? i.e. Cancer is placed in which house?
      • Eg Cancer placed in the 11th house will mean that the Moon is in charge of your friend circle, like minded groups, all gains in life, money from speculation, older siblings, etc. naturally these things will be more significant in your life now.
    • The ruler of the sign he is placed in, is he a friend/ neutral/ enemy planet. How comfortable is he in the sign he is occupying? 
    • Is the Moon exalted/debilitated? Naturally an exalted Moon will give more pleasing results than a debilitated Moon.
    • Which planets is he conjoint/ aspected by? Thus which other aspects of the personality is he influencing directly and indirectly. If he is influenced by benefics then more favourable and pleasing results if by malefics then stress.
      • Eg Moon conjoint Mars in the 10th house. This will mean that Moon is in charge of the profession, social mobility, social image etc. But the Mars is now going to help by making his soft nature more bold, courageous, and allow him to take more risks in life. Thus the natural softness of the Moon is reinforced by the Martian qualities. And the natural aggression of Mars is tempered by the softness of the Moon.
    • Has he matured? Is the Moon’s maturity being held back by conjunction with later maturing planets?
      • Planets give more sensible results after maturity. His Dasha period after maturity will give more useful results.
    • What kind of power does he have.
      • His shadbala, avastha etc also can be seen for more insights into his nature in your chart. You can go deeper, depending on your level of study.
    • And since this is the Moon, you have to analyse the Nakshatra that he occupies at birth, ie your Janma Nakshatra characteristics. 
  2. Repeat this same analysis from the birth Moon sign, i.e the birth Moon chart. (Do this only if you feel upto it, this is for advanced students)
    Re-orient your chart around and count your birth Moon sign as the first house. This is the Moon chart and this tells you about the psychological and emotional aspects of your life. How you will ‘feel’ about the Moon Mahadasha. The psychological and emotional aspects. These aspects of life can be completely different from what is happening on the physical level. 
  3. And this same analysis using the divisional chart 9, Navamsha chart will give a perspective on the sub-conscious expectations and the sum total of Moon’s potential. (Not for beginners. Do this whenever you are a bit advanced in your study, else you will end up confusing yourself.)

Step 2  Smaller sub-periods within the main period/ Mahadasha are called successively Antardasha, Pratyantardasha, Sookshmadasha and Prandasha. The logic on how to analyse these even smaller units remains the same for each planetary owner of the sub/ sub periods. In this post we will learn to analyse up to the Subperiod, ie the Antardasha.

  1. Find out the power of the sub-period planetary lord and the aspects of life that he controls just like you did for the Moon above.
    • Eg if you want to analyse the Moon Mahadasha and Jupiter antardasha, then you will have to find out both Moon’s and Jupiter’s power to give results.
  2. Then analyse the relationship between the Moon and the sub-period owner planet. If they are in the 6/8 or even the 12th from uncomfortable aspects, then that sub-lord’s sub-period will not be comfortable. If they are in the 5/9 axis it will be a favourable sub-period. The interaction between the planetary owners of the main-period and sub-period is quite important, take your time over it.
    • eg Jupiter is in 5th house and Moon in 9th house this will be an extraordinary time. Both are in the pivotal Kona houses, and in the 5/9 axis from each other. This could be one of the best periods of your life. This would also be a Gajakesari yog. So they will give tremendous progress in the Moon Mahadasha’s Jupiter Antardasha.
    • eg Jupiter in 11th house and Moon in 6th house in the birth chart. This time will not give good results. Moon in the 6th house of turmoil. Jupiter in the 11th is better placed for positive results. But they are mutually in the 6/8 axis. This is the Shakat yog, will give instability, ups and downs and significant confusion in the Moon Mahadasha’s Jupiter Antardasha.

Step 3 is the routine planetary transits /gochar. (Not for beginners. Do this analysis only if you have a good grasp of the fundamentals.) Transits can modify the results indicated by the Dasha system to some extent. So draw your birth chart (D-1) on a paper and superimpose the current planetary positions on it. Use a different pen so that you can make sense of the composite chart you are drawing. This is the last step you do.

Now to analyse the sub-periods/Antardasha of the Moon’s main period/Mahadasha. This is just a starting point for you to base your own analysis on.

  • Moon antardasha
    • If the Moon is capable of giving pleasant results, this can be a very significant period of growth depending on which houses he is in charge of in your chart. There will be internal stability which will trigger prosperity in all forms. Personal and professional successes, marriage, birth of children, promotions, good investments, increase in wealth, good health and emotional stability, your instinct will work for you etc. If this is so, then you must make the most of this Antardasha.
    • If he is badly placed in your birth chart and inauspicious for you then emotional trauma, mental stress, physical ill health, loneliness, etc are possible in this first sub-period.
    • This is the first sub-period, so observe events around you and yourself carefully. This will set the tone for the entire Mahadasha. If this period has been favourable, you can expect continued generally favourable results. If this period has given mixed or unpleasant results you must take care. Then predicting favourable results will depend on power of the Subperiod rulers of the subsequent Antardashas.
  • Mars antardasha
    • If Mars is powerful, then in this sub-period you will take risks to achieve what you want. Highly motivated, confident, during this time you will bulldoze your opponents and gain your desires. A favourable Mars allows to to change yourself and your surroundings as per your desire. This period can be very fruitful especially if you are connected in any way to the land, eg army professional, agriculturalist, builder etc.
    • But if he is unable to give favourable results then overwork, have no time to rest, over-confidence, carelessness, anger, etc will be triggered. So pay attention to your health especially the blood related aspects. Your close family and siblings will be a source of trouble for you.
  • Rahu antardasha
    • If Rahu is capable of positive results, then this sub-period will make you want more than you have. Satisfaction will be less, you might spend more than you earn. Family may not support and professional life will not give happiness. But conversely all this will motivate you to work even harder and strive to gain more and more. You might achieve a lot of material gain during this period. However do not lie or cheat others during this time as it will backfire on you later. Try to do some Dharmic activity, eg pujas, pilgrimages, Mantra, Daan so as to keep the positivity coming in.
    • But is Rahu is going to be unpleasant for you then, this time will give you stress, losses and trouble on the physical as well as the emotional levels. You will feel tired and dispirited. If Moon or Rahu is connected to the 2nd or 7th and the longevity is at an end then physical death can occur. Even otherwise, you will be surrounded by people and things which drain you. Especially beware of any new women in your life as they can cause you harm. Legal issues are a distinct possibility during this time.
  • Jupiter antardasha
    •  If Jupiter is favourably disposed then this can be a great sub-period. Money, family, profession etc will all give happiness. Promotions, new jobs, better salary, more income are all possible. Long term investments or life time decisions during this period will be favourable. Travelling, pilgrimages etc will give pleasure. Education and learning will be encouraged. Both Moon and Jupiter are natural benefics so make the most of this time for growth and expansion. You will be known for something and there will be positivity in your life. Marriage, birth of children, job openings, educational prospects, health, wealth, spiritual mindset, pilgrimages, etc should be predicted as per the age in which the antardasha occurs. eg if the chart has some form of Gajakesari yog or a favourable Jupiter – Moon interaction you can achieve a lot during this sub period.
    • If he is not aligned favourably with the Moon then he will give erratic results. Avoid getting into any illegal or dubious activity during this time as it will give you pain later. Your luck is not with you at this time so you might think that something is surely in your hands, but it will slip out at the last moment. eg if the birth chart has the Shakat yog then be careful about predicting highly positive results.

  • Saturn antardasha
    •  If Saturn and Moon together in your birth chart are capable of favourable results then this period can give some benefits. But you will have to work harder. Tiredness, delays, frustrations and loneliness will be there to some extent. You might feel afraid internally. Increase in stress will naturally affect health and happiness. You will be harsher with others and this can spoil relationships. Disputes with your family or mother specifically related to land, home and assets can occur. But try to see the fair and legal position of things rather than giving way to emotions. Try to work with facts and see the practical side of things. If used intelligently, this period will give you long lasting gains. Doing some puja will help you magnify the positivity.
    • In case he is not favourable then these negative effects as above will continue with no respite. You will be unable to make sense of the events around you and remain distressed.
  • Mercury antardasha
    • Both Moon and Mercury are natural benefics so this sub-period can be quite favourable to you. Here you can expect better relations with your siblings, trade related gains may pick up, stock market and investment options may be good, education opportunities will open up. Marriage, children, job etc whatever is a ‘happy outcome’ for your mind, will occur. Your logical mind will support you and you will have the necessary boldness to achieve your goals. You will have and use your skills to resolve any lingering issues from the previous Saturn sub-period.
    • But if they are unable to work together they will cause you pain, disappointment, ill health, mental stress, legal trouble etc. Avoid breaking the law or engaging in high risk speculations as loss of money is quite possible.
  • Ketu antardasha
    • if Ketu in your birth chart can give favourable results, then this can be a short but intensely spiritual time. You will feel disconnected from the people and things around you as your inner worlds are more alluring to your mind. Or if your birth chart is of the material sort then gains from secret sources, unexpected opportunities and gains are possible. Secret tips, insights, lucky guesses etc will help you as your intuition will be high.
    • But if there is a possibility of unpleasant results, then this time can be disturbing, mental stresses, loneliness, psychic interference, restlessness, etc. If Moon or Ketu is connected to the 2nd or 7th and the longevity is at an end then physical death can occur. 
  • Venus antardasha
    • If Venus and Moon are capable of giving auspicious results together then this sub period can be a very rewarding one on several levels. Value, validation, nature, nurture, nutrition will be provided to you. Both the types of love ie needy love and equitable love will be available in your life. All your desires and wants will be fulfilled and you will be happy. Inner satisfaction, balance, fairness etc will be on a high. Depending on the physical age in which this sub-period comes, you might start some meditative practice or get married or birth of children or higher education is possible. Either way this will be a good time and do make the most of it. Money, family and good times are indicated.
    • But if Venus and Moon are unable to give pleasant results together then these very same things will be denied to you. There will be imbalance, unmet needs, loneliness and scarcity. Loss of money, resources, assets is possible.

  • Sun antardasha
    • this is the chidra dasha, the ‘cutting off’ sub-period, the last antardasha of the Moon’s mahadasha. This is a time of review. You consolidate all that you experienced in your Moon mahadasha and cut off all that you failed to learn. The Moon will have given you opportunities for emotional fulfilment. Your relationship with your mother, maternal relatives, home culture, traditions, landed property etc were in focus. ‘Need’ based love relationships or nurturing relationships. 
    • Now the Sun is personal confidence, ego, self entitlement. ‘Selfishness’ will clean out the Moon persona and prepare for the Mars persona which is to follow. You feel a new rush of energy in you. The Sun will prepare a dispassionate list of things of what you gave and what was received. If you have given more, you might suddenly find these dependant others being systematically cut off. Only the basic unavoidable relationships which you intellectually feel necessary will be sustained by this Sun. All the opportunities for emotional fulfilment, ‘Need’ based love relationships will be consolidated. The softness and gentleness of the Moon will be gradually replaced by qualities of Mars, which is the next Mahadasha in sequence.
    • But in the last Sun Antardasha, you will decisively end all emotionally draining things. And for those emotionally uplifting things, you will remove their emotional parts and appreciate them on an intellectual level.
    • If the Sun is capable of giving positive results, there will be improvement in personal health, vitality, finances, status and power. You will also become more distant from others. ‘Neediness’ will be reduced in all ways.
    • If he is not auspicious for you, even then he will work in the same direction but the process will be painful, stressful. You will face arguments, fevers, ill health, exit of a maternal figure, cut off from the homeland, selfishness from others etc sort of results.

Everyone who wants to learn astrology should analyse their own horoscope first. It is quite easy to predict major events in life and with some practice you can predict minor events too. Get into the habit of pulling out your own chart for a detailed analysis every 6 months. Look at the Dasha periods and transits that will happen over the next 6 months, try to predict 1-2 things which might happen. These can be very simple things to being with, eg some disturbance over the 4th house = some issue related to mother. Some positivity over the 10th house = a pleasant time in the office. Tally these predictions 6 months later, be systematic about it and evaluate for yourself how accurate you are getting.

Finally remedies can be used to set any unbalanced energies right. These are basically three,

Behavioural, ie you understand what is happening to you and try to intelligently and consciously modulate your behaviour in a way most appropriate to the situation. This requires significant control over the Mind and not everyone can do this. But if you are doing your regular spiritual practice then this becomes inbuilt in your nature.

Mantra- You use the power of the Devbhasha Samskrutam and your own intentions to change the course of the event energies. Mantras of the Moon can be used during his Mahadasha, especially do something every Monday. Or any of these activities which enhance his power. Or mantra of the Bhagwan Shankar also work well enough.

Daana You give away the unbalanced energies to a Consciousness capable of absorbing them, a worthy Brahmin, a deity or a river/sea, this is the real meaning of Daana.

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  1. Quotesofacrab January 23, 2022 / 1:12 pm

    Namaste mam, in your post regarding timing of child birth you mentioned that retrograde Jupiter and Saturn influence the house before them too. Kindly elaborate in which way they do so.

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  2. Kinshuk Joshii January 23, 2022 / 3:10 pm

    Tejaswini ji. Once again thank you for the wonderful post.

    I am eager to read your posts on Mercury (Budh) Mahadasha and Mars (Mangal) Mahadasha, as I am passing through my turbulent mercury (budh) mahadasha and rahu antardasha, with lots of patience.

    And one more question, I couldn’t find a concrete answer on this, even in your Yadnopavit post too.
    I am informed by my elders, yagyopavith (janeu dharan) should happen in odd years like 6. 9, 11 and so on.
    But how is calculated? should one consider the odd age is running or odd age gets complete….?

    eg. my son is born on July 2004… what is the earliest year or age for his Janeu dharan?
    When his 19th year is starts ie. july 2022 or when his 19th year gets completed ie. july 2023?

    Thank you once again.


    • astrologerbydefault January 23, 2022 / 6:27 pm

      Hi there
      i wrote on this a long time ago

      the 7th yr of life is the most critical. ie the time from the 6th till the 7th birthday.
      Yajnopavit shud be done at this time so the mind/brain/body of the child develops as they should be, and most importantly the 24lakh repeats will be complete by the age of 27yrs. this is another very critical year.

      if you have missed doing this for your child in time, then follow whatever cultural / family traditions.


      • Kinshuk Joshii January 29, 2022 / 12:10 am

        Thank you. Tejaswini ji. I will have to follow my family traditions, though all elderly guiding lights have faded into eternal…

        Also, I was reading about Chinese New Year and stumbled upon this page…

        I thought of sharing it with you and other readers as well.
        replace [dot] with “.” remove double quotes.

        There is something interesting, which I found… Their traditions are exactly like ours, except the dragon and tiger dance.. They also believe in bad luck and many such minor traditions, which we follow…


      • astrologerbydefault January 29, 2022 / 11:33 am

        Hi there
        they also follow a modified version of the same sanatan dharma. but of course they dont call it that they club all this philosophy into ‘chinese folk religion’


  3. rashmi mishra January 23, 2022 / 5:51 pm

    Words are not enough to thank you really grateful to you ma’am and highly blessed and obliged for the valuable insights.


  4. Viknesh Mahendiran January 23, 2022 / 6:14 pm

    Hi Mam,

    I have been waiting for months for this post. I will be entering moon mahadasha in few months. I was new to astrology. So, I was analyzing my birth chart and how to predict the dasha periods based on the house and planets activated during that particular planets dasha. You have mentioned it clearly in the penultimate part of this post. Thank you Mam.

    I’m in sun-venus right now. I had a confusing sun-ketu period. I gained some spiritual knowledge in that short period which really makes sense now. Practically experiencing such typical habit of the planets makes astrology something special. Atleast, One can predict what is expected to happen in the near future.

    In the past two weeks I’m feeling some agitation in middle of my eyebrows. I thought it will go away. But It didn’t go away. Is it something to do with ajna chakra? Is it something bad?

    Thank you.


  5. RS January 24, 2022 / 9:02 am

    This post came right on time since I’m starting my Moon Mahadasha in April! I’m hoping it will shift me into a more stable period and into the next chapter of my life of adulthood (career, marriage etc) I am a Virgo Lagna + Rising and Magha Moon. Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Mars in my chart are ruled by Moon nakshatras. Although my moon is weak, I have been doing remedies on Mondays to help with this.

    I will have to study my horoscope more as per your tips. Thank you!


  6. anejaspeak January 24, 2022 / 9:37 am

    Thank you Tejaswini Ji and Happy Makar Sakranti. May this Sakranti bring positivity and happiness always.

    I was looking to find a post for Mars MahaDasha but could not find it. Request you to consider covering this topic, it will be very beneficial for me as my brother is going to enter this in some time.
    Thank You! God Bless.


  7. kavipatil1322gmailcom January 24, 2022 / 1:52 pm

    Pranaam mam, great insights on how yo judge Moon mahadasha as per different combinations. If for someone moon is in 2nd house of lagna kundli however shifts to 1st house in bhav chalit , will moon still be considered as maraka planet?


  8. kavipatil1322gmailcom January 24, 2022 / 1:56 pm

    Hello Mam, pranaam !!
    Great insights on how to judge moon mahadasha using diffrent combinations.
    If for someone with cancer ascendent , moon is plcaed in 2nd house in lagna kundli , however shifts to 1st house in bhav chalit , will that be still considered as maraka ?
    And do the gandata placements have impacts pn MD and AD s


    • astrologerbydefault January 24, 2022 / 3:41 pm

      Hi there
      If ur moon is in gandant obviously u have to consider its effect. It will give trouble tht this placement indicates.
      Wrote 2 posts on gandant

      The planet influences 15 deg plus and minus his position. If he is at the border then yes he will give anshatmak effects of both houses.
      In fact moon in 2nd would b a good position.

      Wrote about the Marak concept. Its not as bad as its made out.

      Personally i make it a point to actively channelise my 2 7 lords power in my life.


      • kavipatil1322gmailcom January 24, 2022 / 9:34 pm

        Thank you very much mam 🙏🏼 I feel more spiritually inclined since Moon dasha has started . Chanting Shiv and Ganesha mantra gives lot of peace .


  9. Indra Dixit January 24, 2022 / 7:30 pm

    Ma’am, when this pandemic is going to be over? Whether there is chances of another variant?



  10. DV January 25, 2022 / 12:30 am

    The global political situation is so heated up now, all the effects of solar eclipse are now being seen in the affected countries.
    I feel bad for the smaller counties and their citizens whose lives are affected by larger powerful countries.
    The daily spiritual practice helps a lot.

    Many thanks
    Kind regards


  11. S.S.R. Sikchi January 25, 2022 / 10:05 am

    Namaskaar Ji! I thank you for another post filled with knowledge.

    Off-related topic – I have been trying to find a resource for listening to Gayatri mantra. I would like you to recommend a link or a singer who sings it well.

    I am listening to Shri Suktam daily (Sung by Uma Mohan ) as per your recommendation and my neighbors are enquring for it as well.

    A humble thank you and blessings to you.


  12. Niks January 25, 2022 / 12:45 pm

    Lucid article, ma’am. This has been an add on to whatever you have previously explained about this dasha.

    It will be great to know your take on other dasha’s like yogini, chara or moola.

    I have two queries ma’am – transits and dasha’s are to be seen from moon hence moon chart makes more sense. If we have to confirm the event, do we also need to see navamsha making moon the lagna? Overlapping those

    2. I am undergoing Venus MD and Moon AD. They are in 2/12 of each other (venus in 11th) and Moon in 12. Leo ascendant.

    Not really able to understand this vimshottari dasha’s result honestly.

    Ideally being a malefic for leo, my moon though in his own sign is very weak(shadbala-320) and venus is decent (libra navamsha) but in ashtakvarga and bhavabala (11th house and 12th house both are poorer than rest)

    I got new job before this dasha but lost money as this dasha began. Got love in life again but not marriage. Uncertainty; seems just like regular affair or destined short karma. Fell sick but also travelled and had fun

    Since it will last longer, can you throw some light on how to analyze it better. Vimshottari is confusing me with this dasha. Will really appreciate some guidance from you as to which metrics should be taken here.


    • astrologerbydefault January 25, 2022 / 1:50 pm

      Hi there
      one must know at-least 3 dashas properly to come to a conclusion reg the events in life.
      vimshottari is generally applicable so this is the bare minimum which everyone must learn.
      i use the kaal chakra dasha fr my personal family charts. as it has been lucidly explained by shaktimohan singh in his book.
      yogini is another useful dasha, but you must find a good teacher for this. there is one book by Goel which has some new ideas are presented systematically.

      whatever additional dasha you study, first find a good author who has understood the system and practically worked on it. else there is a lot of confusion.

      and frankly when i just want clear answers for precise questions i use the ashtakvarga and the chakra. and prashna remains my all time go to technique.

      what do you mean by this “do we also need to see navamsha making moon the lagna?”
      do read more on the navamsha, what they really are.
      you can technically twist the D9 around so as to create a ‘navamsha tulya rashi’ version of the moon chart but to what end?

      moon chart is useful no doubt, but if you have the accurate birth time how can you not see the D1 D9 ? if you dont have the details then no option use the birth Moon chart.

      12th lord MD is hardly going be very soothing. he has his karmic agenda related to the 12th house which he will enforce in his MD.

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      • ANAND January 25, 2022 / 9:49 pm

        Pranaam Madam,
        Thanks for this eye opening reply. I would like to submit my humble analysis as a student for your kind evaluation regarding the Dasha system, hence I would like to talk a little bit on the Ashtottari Dasha system as well. I will have to take reference of my own chart, the samples that I have come across don’t satisfy the conditions for Ashtottari, one of which is based (please correct me if I am wrong Madam) on the position of Rahu from the position of the ascendant lord plus the night time birth on shukla paksha.

        From my humble observation, I have noticed that both the Dasha systems (Vimsottari and Ashtottari) were able to explain the turning points in my life. For example, as per the Vimsottari Dasha, my perceptions in my childhood were very hazy (Rahu Mahadasha) and I had to endure emotional trauma early on which essentially brought about a characteristic Rahu flavour in all my mind related things.

        But, the actual opportunities came in to work towards the Rahu related things came in when the Rahu Mahadasha started as per Ashtottari a little later, these two Rahu Mahadashas from the two different systems coincided for a brief time, and that period was beyond words and description. Simlarly, the time periods of Venus coincided, and it was very very karmic and traumatic, and in all honesty, that was the one that actually pulled me to be a (very humble) spiritual aspirant.

        I have so much more to learn, but I was wondering if my analysis of considering both these Dasha systems together is correct, and I request you to please correct my analysis.

        Any of your precious thoughts on Ashtottari would be very very precious and immensely useful for all of us readers.

        Sincere gratitude, regards and sincere prayers as always,


      • astrologerbydefault January 25, 2022 / 10:48 pm

        Hi there
        Ashtottari is also an important system, applicable if the birth is in the dark fortnight, krishna paksha and it can be considered if Rahu occupies an angle/trine from the asc lord, some suggestions reg night/day births is also there in BPHS.
        i may not get time to write on it as it will mean a full set of 10-12 detailed posts.

        personally i think that vimshottari is the basic system which gives reasonably good answers for all charts, irrespective of dark/bright fortnight births.
        added advantage is that there are so many books, case studies on it. the study material is very easily available. every student should study in depth.
        fr a majority of the charts you study ,vimshottari will give good predictions.

        and one more thing, even if you use ashtotari or yogini or kalachakra or any other dasha, the basic hint will always be available in vimshottari.

        one astrologer i know, uses only Yogini, no other. i asked him a few times to give some pointers on how to extrapolate the 2nd 3rd cycles but he was not very forthcoming.

        thts why i recommend shaktimohan singh kalachakra dasha, he has given the accurate method of calculating the dasha timings. if you have that first, can you then think of predicting something.

        point is, there are so many techniques, you can never learn them all. so stick to the few ones which are reliable and get into depth, do practicals, case studies.

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      • ANAND January 26, 2022 / 12:32 pm

        Pranaam Madam,
        This is very precious guidance, thanks so much for the detailed reply. I thank you for the guidance on the Kaal chakra Dasha, I hope to get the book soon. I will thus concentrate on strengthening my understanding on Vimshottari Dasha. Your explanatiom on its importance is very helpful Madam.

        Sincere gratitude best wishes and prayers as always,


  13. jinesh k January 28, 2022 / 3:04 pm


    The local astrologers I consult always consider the transit from moon sign.They do not say it from both lagna and moon.can you give your opinion regarding this.



    • astrologerbydefault January 28, 2022 / 5:41 pm

      Hi there
      i have written my opinion in the 600+ posts of this blog.

      read this

      and to really understand Jyotish, read some more books. refer to the standard texts.
      read about the power of the ascendant, moon. what they really signify. why we sometimes get results which are more logical from the asc sign and why sometimes the results are more sensible from the position of the birth graha himself.
      practice with sample charts. (esp observe people with Leo, Scorpio, Pisces asc signs, these people will be managing well even if their birth Moon positions are unfavourable w.r.t. Saturn.)
      and come to your own conclusions.

      and finally do consult the astrologers you have faith in.

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  14. Sakshi January 28, 2022 / 8:52 pm

    Madam ji

    .is there any particular reason that chandan thilak should not be used at night?


      • Sakshi January 29, 2022 / 9:35 am

        Madam ji

        Thank you ji, recently i bought a sandal stick and want to prepare it at home and it was a very nice experience too, very cooling and refreshing, and then my husband told me we should not use it at night, only bhasma should be used in the evening. Usually i dont wear bhasma at home , so thought about asking …🙏🙏


      • astrologerbydefault January 29, 2022 / 12:03 pm

        Hi there
        personally i do not see any problem with putting it. it may be coz sandal wood is cooling and wearing it on your forehead at night may cause cold.
        but ideally as it is the evening and you are a woman. put saffron tilak. recite your Shri sukta. take one strand of saffron and in one drop of water in your left palm. rub the strand with your right ring finger vigorously. it will start giving its typical color. put this tilak on the devi moorti in your puja ghar or on your Tulasi plant and put the remaining on your own forehead. start the tilak from your third eye and continue your fingers motion till your brahmarandhra.

        personally, i put kesar tilak from saffron strand and bhasma tripundra of loose vibhuti.
        i do not use random market bought powders they contain dyes.
        i buy chandan powder, ashtagandha powder and kumkum powder from khadi bhandar, their quality is a bit better. turmeric powder is made at home by grinding turmeric root. the chandan wood is used for fresh paste for for pujas. (i dont like putting the paste so much as it dries and feels itchy.) for kesar i use ‘baby’ brand kesar, its the best quality in the market.
        bhasma is from the vibhuti from homas. And akshata.
        all this is what is generally put on the forehead as a tilak.


  15. Viju January 28, 2022 / 11:03 pm

    Dearest Tejaswiniji,

    Thanks a lot for this important post🙏🏻♥️ I have my moon Dasha coming after some years, though not in the immediate future. I have a query about birthday which is based on Indian calendar, not the English date. If the birth Nakshatra (based on moon, of course) falls on 2 consecutive days in the birth month, which day to consider for the actual birthday -the first day or the second day? I need this info for doing pooja.

    Thanks in advance 🙏🏻

    Lots of love and gratitude


    • astrologerbydefault January 28, 2022 / 11:08 pm

      Hi there
      U can use either depending on ur and ur pandits convenience
      If u know the exact degree, then use tht day
      Or the one with the sunrise as pujas done in the morning feel more fresh.
      But ur choice, the entire time is good.


  16. Viju January 29, 2022 / 12:21 am

    Namaste Tejaswiniji,

    Thanks for the prompt reply, that was most helpful🙏🏻👍🏻 Mostly on the second day the duration of the Nakshatra is very less although it continues after sunrise.

    Similarly in case of death anniversary Nakshatra falling on 2 consecutive days, which day to consider for tarpan?

    Thanks in advance🙏🏻

    Lots of love and gratitude


    • astrologerbydefault January 29, 2022 / 11:42 am

      Hi there
      for the first Varsha shradha, the full set up is done with the Brahmin, so ask him to find out the correct time. he will use the muhurta techniques to arrive at the appropriate date. generally the day when the tithi is available in the morning is chosen.
      generally most families do not repeat the elaborate varsha shradha every year. and the tarpan etc is given on the mahalaya/ pitrupaksh tithis. again for this a brahmin is needed. these days are given in the panchangam as they are common for all.
      but if you have in the interim gone to Brahmakapal Badrinath and done the final tarpan there then even this elaborate varsha shraddha need not be done. the heirs can simply give water tarpan to the pitrs on the tithi of the varsha shradha and on the pitrupaksh tithi.


    • Viju January 29, 2022 / 8:37 pm

      Namaste Tejaswiniji,

      Thanks for the response 🙏🏻🙂 I wrote my response here so you can reply. If I post below your response then you do not get the reply option. I usually do tarpan for my dad on the day of his death anniversary (as per his death Nakshatra and Tithi). A Brahmin does this ritual puja and I offer the rice to ravens/ crows. This is why I asked you that question.

      I want to visit Brahmakapal but cannot as long as Covid is present. Is the Tithi more important than Nakshatra for varsha shraadh?

      Thanks in advance.

      Lots of love and gratitude


      • astrologerbydefault January 29, 2022 / 9:34 pm

        Hi there
        as far as i know tithi.
        If your brahmin is doing it then he will calculate the right day.


  17. Sakshi January 29, 2022 / 7:25 pm

    Madam ji

    I dont know how to thankyou for that reply because i already thought several times to ask madam ji about how to prepare the keasr tilak per se, because the preparation method was not in your tilak post. And i heard about it for the first time, maybe being a south Indian. But a bit shy because it sound like such a basic thing to know.I even tried google and youtube but did nt get exact method, so got kumkum powder instead. And i even have some bad experience with duplicate kesar also. So i almost drop the idea since its third eye chakra and dont want to mess it up.
    And ji gave brand name also ,🙂 that too out of the blue…..bliss! Now i realise that everything wil happen wen the time is right and we are ready not a second before. Thankyou ji..🙏🙏🙏


    • astrologerbydefault January 29, 2022 / 9:28 pm

      Hi there
      you can also grind few strands of kesar on the grinding stone with the sandalwood piece. it will make it more fragrant. use ganga jal to grind it all in. if your devi is Ugra you can add a bit of Bhimseni kapur. the energy is beyond description.


      • Sakshi January 30, 2022 / 2:05 pm

        Madam ji

        Will do the same ji, since I already started doing the sandal wood and turmeric so its easy to add keasr also, Thankyou for being there and hearing us…🙏🙏


  18. sharshala January 29, 2022 / 8:11 pm

    Namaste mam,
    Thanks a lot for the post “Aries/Libra, The Beginnings, Part 1, 2, 3″.
    Honestly I read part 1, 3. It matched 100% to ‘i am” “ego”, all the words in it are so perfect. May be so I did not read part 2.

    As if i am reading myself.

    Mam, please, can you please indicate me a tip/ technique / word/ caution / god/mantra/ breathing rhythm / image/something, that set my high impulses to good direction for energy inside. You indicated Libra of Tratak, please indicate me (Aries) something for my energy/impulses.


    • astrologerbydefault January 29, 2022 / 9:31 pm

      Hi there
      etc etc
      choose fr yourself.
      how do i know what suits you? you have seen your own chart/ analysed your own behaviour. decide for yourslf!


  19. sharshala January 29, 2022 / 9:44 pm

    Yes mam, i am practicing some of them. So for me it’s patience with practice, looks like!
    What is that one thing that gives instant silence mam. When I read some of your posts, like ” the 33koti devata, kundalini and shatchakra, jagat guru adi shankaracharya” it quickly calms me, with silence. I am looking for something like that. How will I find that kind of silence.


    • astrologerbydefault January 29, 2022 / 9:54 pm

      Hi there
      inside your own self, where else?
      and how can you expect instant ‘silence’ ? surrounded as you are with lifetimes of karma and vasana ..
      increase your shraddha, make your sankalp more drudh, do your regular mantra


      • sharshala January 29, 2022 / 10:00 pm

        Yes mam, material fun vs facts are witnessed. Now want to witness internal truth. Hope to help myself with Sankalpa.
        Thank you mam.


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