Friends, the 11th house and Gain

Continuing on the friendly-theme. The 11th house is in charge of your friend-circle, social life, your comforts. The house of gains, Laabh-sthan. लाभ means advantages, benefits, profits, gains, acquisitions, knowledge, enjoyment, attainments, perceptions, meeting, getting, finding, conquering, etc.

This house is gives you tangible benefits, these may be on any level, physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, spiritual etc. But these are gains. You might not appreciate it at that moment but the 11th house always benefits at some level. It’s profits get better with age (upchaya house) just as your investments give better returns with time. Saturn is the natural ruler of the 11th sign of the Zodiac. The ‘karmic punisher’ giving us enjoyments? Sounds strange but is perfectly logical. You gain only when you have performed your job, you get your salary only when you work, you get friends only when you put in your time and energy in the friendship. You have to work on acquiring stuff. And finally to get something you will be required to give up something else.

Friends, the 11th house and Gain

Natural malefics, ie Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, here may give you untrustworthy friends, so be careful about selecting your friends. Trust them only till you have to. You will get temporary friends who will be with you only till they are getting some benefit out of you. But these planets here give you a bold fearless and courageous nature too. So even if you have some unscrupulous friends in your social circle you are more than able to deal with them.

Sun here will give you friends linked in to the government, bureaucracy, politics or high up in the corporate world. These may be self-centred, egoistic, ‘shining’, as per the typical nature of the Sun. So it is best to be on similar equal terms with them so that both of you can benefit from the friendship. Do not let them dominate you. Your father may give you some assets. You will have to work to gain what you desire and you will have all the necessary intelligence, confidence and ability to do so. Opportunities will be given to you to shine, but you have to choose to act. You will get all material benefits, house, cars, property etc which one needs for a comfortable life and more! As time passes these will increase. Generally others are jealous of you and can become hostile even. So guard against this factor. You are practical by nature and ultimately conquer over your ill-wishers.

Mars in the 11th will give you a large friend-circle. Your friends may be connected to sports, or goons, or from the lower sections of the society, the rough types. But he can also cause misunderstandings and arguments between friends. Do not get into risky adventures under the influence of such friends. You will have the courage and the knack of spotting a winner. Any venture you get involved in will profit ultimately. You will have all material luxuries with time. You do want to earn money/ power and you do so with your own efforts, a self-made personality. Disciplined, organised with an active body and logical mind. Do not get caught in unsuitable love affairs, take due care on this front. Essentially noble hearted, you help others in unfortunate circumstances. This position adds power to the entire horoscope, as Mars aspects the 2nd and 6th houses too reducing their malefic influences. His influence on the 5th house is good.

Saturn in this position is generally a very powerful personality. He will give friends who might try to take advantage of you in business or profession. They might want to use your talents but won’t come to your help if you need. Clashes of opinions and later you realise that these are in fact deep seated differences! Your friends will be older than you are or more mature in outlook. Or people from the labour class or the lower sections of the society. People who will demand your time/energy. Be careful as to how much you get involved. You will have material wealth with time and you will attain high material positions too. Serious by nature with a single point focus and very practical, you are hard-working. Your self-control is very high. You can reach the highest point that you set your sights on as once you out yourself on a job you are like a juggernaut, slow and steady, a crushing force impossible to stop or divert. Saturn also aspects the 1st and 8th houses which gives a very stable personality, less prone to catastrophic changes. His influence on the 5th gives a stable intelligence and confidence.

Rahu alone here gives friends who enter your life with a lot of hype. You also desire to mix with them and look forward to exciting times with them. They are charismatic and you are fascinated. They use you and you in your fascination allow it. Till later you realise that they were fakers and they fall deeply in your estimation. The illusions woven by Rahu shatter, these fascinating people vanish from your life, you are sad but a little wiser. Be careful of giving yourself, your assets, your emotions, your time to unworthy people who pose as your friends. You will face disappointment. But this is a upchaya house and all planets here give gains. So as time passes, Rahu will give you all possible material comforts and wealth. Most importantly he will make you Wise. These early experiences with the Rahu-tricksters will later give you complete control over your desires and actions. You will associate with people from all strata, foreigners, religious chaps, shady characters. You will be active, result oriented, fearless, a strategist and ultimately a philosopher. You don’t speak much, but yes, you will write!

Ketu here is very cryptic especially if he is here alone or powerful. Then he does not allow you to gain any material things. You will find your savings/material wealth disappearing, your friends/family vanish, wife/child do not exist for you, the material pleasures become irrelevant and all this does not affect you on any level. This might also mean that you will be cheated by unscrupulous people in life. You will have a rare incisive intelligence, secret knowledge, occult powers etc and you will also use them all, you are fearless. You really gain on the occult and the spiritual levels and this gain too holds no attraction to you! Detachments from all gains. Apathetic to achievements. You are attractive, well dressed, powerful, well-known in society. But you suffer from some secret disease or some secret fear. A powerful single Ketu in the 11th is a highly spiritual placement, you are internally an ascetic. The material desires will pop up briefly (as per transits/Dashas) and then again vanish as if they were never there. You might feel a vague unease or a tenuous memory of that material desire but it too vanishes. If you have such a Ketu in this house, do not commit yourself to any material desire without thinking/ sensing/ feeling it through, wait it out for some time, lest you get bound in an association from which there is no escape and it turns into a weight on your soul and causes real damage.

Every planet performs well here but there are shades. Eg If the planet is aspected by further malefics or debilitated or combust, then you should analyse it in depth before coming to a conclusion. These planets will aspect the 5th house directly from here. (Mars has extra aspects, so will also aspect the 2nd, 5th, 6th houses too. Saturn will aspect 1st, 5th 8th houses and Jupiter will aspect 3rd, 5th, 7th houses from here.) The 5-11 axis is a rather important one in your life. Malefics in the 11th will give good results in the matters of the 11th house matters, but their aspect on the 5th house so can sometimes adversely affect the 5th house matters, love affairs, children, creativity, divine inspiration, direct link to the internal divinity, inner confidence etc. So analyse the 5th house separately.

The Rahu/ Ketu axis operating here gives its typical results, have written two posts on this earlier. If you have Rahu/Ketu axis here do analyse your chart and mediate on yourself before taking life-time decisions. (The dark and bright half concept is ingrained in the Rahu/Ketu axis as they are 180deg away always, so one part of this axis operates, from your sub-conscious as chosen by your higher self, at birth. And the other half operates, in the realm of freedom of choice among the limited options, after birth)

Then if the planet occupying the 11th is debilitated then perhaps you are not a good friend to others. So do pay attention to your behaviour with them, do not cheat or hurt them needlessly lest you create more karmic tangles for yourself.

Jupiter aspects on the 11th house are very beneficial. He can reduce the malefic impact of the malefics or damaged planets placed here. He will polish off their rough edges and make you more philosophical and benevolent in your interactions with your friends/ social circle. ie if Jupiter is placed in the 11th, 5th, 3rd, 7th houses he will have his say in the matters of the 11th house. (Especially if Jupiter influences the single Rahu or Ketu in the 11th house, this combination is an indication of a highly evolved soul, these may grant you Moksh and then make you a Sat-guru for others!)

Friends, the 11th house and Gain

All  the benefics give good results in the 11th house and also exert a positive on the opposite 5th house. (will be modulated as per the aspects etc on them) Let’s run through them quickly.

Moon in the 11th gives material successes, money, wealth etc. It is an easy effortless run. The emotional/ mental states are relaxed. If he is powerful then your family, friends, social circle is good, spouse/ child give you comforts, you will have mostly girl-children. The mother is especially has a very deep effect on your life and you get some benefits from her.

Mercury gives an aptitude for trade or any profession where analytical abilities are required. You can work in any field, from bureaucracy to the scientific or even an astrologer. You have a wide social circle and like company, especially of intelligent people like yourself. Siblings and extended family members help in life. You get awards and recognition in your profession as you grow older.

Venus in the 11th house makes you successful on every plane. Material luxury or spiritual conquest as you choose. Your very presence is a ‘luxury’, you are a sought-after friend. You have an eclectic social circle, ready to promote you. Highly creative. You will gain through women, worship of the Devi and through the Sat-Guru. If your horoscope is materially oriented then you are a very glamorous personality surrounded by luxury and powerful friends. If your horoscope is spiritually oriented you will get that one Single Jivan-mukt Sat-guru as your spiritual guide. All this will happen more as you grow older as the results improve with age.

Jupiter in the 11th is a dream come true. You are wise, kind, like to learn/ teach, like talking on spiritual/ religious/ philosophical topics. Family, friends, spouse are good. You will have more sons, they too will be philosophically inclined. You work sincerely in any field you choose, you want to justify your salary! Your personal drive is to be perfect in your path. You can compromise with other comforts for this drive for perfection. Respected by society, dignified, independent mindset, priestly or kingly in demeanour. It is a comfortable life which improves with age.

This was a brief post on how planets work in the 11th house. To get the full picture examine the following.

  • These planets placed in the 11th and their power to give favourable/ pleasing results. Also see which houses they own. (eg if the owner of the 4th house is in the 11th house, you will gain from the things represented by the 4th house, the mother, homeland, professions linked to the home country/culture will appeal, your friends will be from similar culture etc.)
  • Aspects on the 11th house.
  • Position and power of the 11th lord and his ability to give you gains. In which house/ sign does he sit in?
  • if the 11th house is vacant then refer to this post on evaluating empty houses

Eg – Cancer ascendant, here Venus is the lord of the 11th house-Taurus sign. If Venus is placed in the 9th house-Pisces sign, he will be exalted. He is placed eleventh from his own sign, 9th is the bhavat bhavam for the 11th house! This is the most auspicious placement and possible only for Cancer ascendant. If you have this combination, it is very unique horoscope very highly oriented towards the spiritual, the rarest opportunity, if the rest of the horoscope supports.)

So evaluate your 11th house to know the source of your gains and the type of gains which give comfort to you on the material and the spiritual planes. This will help you understand your motivations better and you will be more satisfied in life.