Women are Lucky

Then read on .. this post is exclusively for you..

The way I see it, being born a woman has always been an advantage. As per Dharma a woman has to be protected by her father, brother, husband and then son. It is the Dharmic duty of the men to protect their mothers, wives, sisters, daughters. And rightly so because women have a very important responsibility i.e. to shape the society and to shape the future generations. A woman is the embodiment of the home, the Grihalaxmi, and for a very good reason. Women have the ability to give selflessly for those whom they love and this energy of their love reflects in everything that they do around the house. Even the food cooked by them carries the emotion that they had in their hearts when they were cooking it. It is an immense responsibility and they can do it with genuine love.

Womenfolk, if you decide to be grateful for this protection and love of the menfolk in your life and decide to fulfill your responsibilities in turn, you will live a better balanced life.

And in fact women run the world. In a very soft but a very firm manner.

Don’t believe me? A small example, the wife tells her husband, “I want a washing machine”, and the husband then decides which model or what specifications. See here the big decision has already been taken by her, of that to purchase a new washing machine. Now the minor decision regarding model etc is by the husband. Another example, in our traditional Indian society, it is almost always the mother who has the final word on where the daughter will be married or which girl the son will marry and bring as the daughter-in-law in the house. It is a softly wielded power, almost hidden, but it is very much there.

Leave apart these materialistic advantages, in the spiritual life too the woman has the advantage and what an advantage as compared to the man!

From the age of about 12yrs to 50yrs the monthly cycle operates. If you are spiritually inclined or can see auras, you can see the chakras/energy vertices of the body actually moving anticlockwise during these 5 days. Those who have learnt reiki or similar techniques for manipulating energy can also observe this. For the rest of the month for women (and for men all the time), the chakras are always moving in a clockwise direction. So during these 5 days if women can create a strong intention for stability or even do something as simple as regular pranayam they will immensely benefit. The negatively moving chakras in their destructive energy form can actively destroy negative thought processes, the negative behavioural patterns, negative emotional patterns. This negativity if allowed to operate in its natural course will damage the body/mind in due course. But you have the option of destroying it in these 5 days!

women are lucky

But the real push comes after menopause. Its quite well known that women who do regular dhyan or jaap or some spiritual practice regularly, or are even genuinely kind, do good work from the heart, etc menopause occurs naturally earlier, even in the late 30’s. However at whatever age the menopause occurs, after that if the woman is able to concentrate on spiritual matters her movement will be extraordinarily fast. The reason is that after menopause the influence of Moon over her reduces drastically. The moon is the mind. So the influence of the mind and all its associated vagaries stops. The mind gets more stable and can concentrate better. It is a relief because now the Consciousness that is the Real self, can exert itself without much interference. (However there are always going to be several objects to divert her attention, from daughter-in-laws to television!)

On the other hand, men are handicapped by at least one major disadvantage compared to women in spiritual matters. They have a Y chromosome, the indicator for maleness is in fact a very big responsibility. This is also linked to gotra (the ancestral lineage) and also linked to all the mantras linked to the sanskars and rites for anteyshti (cremation of the dead), pindadaans (energy/food offerings to the ancestors) and pitru tarpans (energy mantra/water offered to the ancestors). In case of any karma pending from the ancestors the males are the first hit and badly. The Y chromosome is quite fragile and to boost it, boys have to undergo a upnayan/yadnopavit sanskar at the age of 6yrs, and have to compulsorily do the gayatri puja at the three sandhyas everyday. Being a male is a very delicate and responsible position and to maintain themselves spiritually they have to continuously work more from the age of 6yrs onwards.

So womenfolk, do wake up to the fact that you are relatively better off in terms of spiritual advancement and do start on your spiritual journey.