Vastu your home, the simplest and prettiest remedies

Our houses are our shelters, our homes, we live, eat, sleep and rest here. It is very important that we take care of our home so it can, in turn, take care of us. ‘Vastu’ means not just the physical house, but conscious energy and it’s flow in your house. The house takes on the energy of the place that it is in, and also the energy of the people living in it. I have written about houses in some of my earlier posts. Ley lines, one about haunted houses and how to interact with your house etc.

Vastu-shastra is the science of ‘living houses’, the energy of the house should be conducive to the people living in it, Houses built as per vastu-shastra are more full of positive energies. But today getting a house with perfect Vastu is quite impossible. I have lived in several houses in my life and every one of these had some issues. e.g one had a toilet in the north direction, had to demolish it; one had the kitchen in the north, we couldn’t eat anything prepared in this kitchen, had to demolish it and construct a new one in the south-east. But luckily I always lived in houses not apartments so could do the re-alignments. But if you live in apartments you cannot realign the rooms, you have turn to Vastu remedies.

Keeping your home neat and clean is one thing, am sure all of us do the dusting, brushing and washing up quite regularly. But there is more. Here are the simplest remedies, which you can use in your house. These are beautiful things which will be ornamental as well as help you rebalance the energy of your house.


These are the most popular ways to rebalance the energies of your house. I keep a small clear quartz pyramid in every room of my house, on the north or east side is best. It works by balancing the energies of the room and also amplifying them, two-in-one. I recharge them once a month, by washing them in salt water and recite the Shri sukta over them. But then I love the Shri Sukta, so use it for everything, I recite it even when I cook food. You can use any Vastu mantra or even a simple ‘Om Vastupurushaya namah’ or even the Vastu pursh stotra in the background in your house. Or you can use any Vedic mantra including the Gayatri mantra to recharge these pyramids. Or if you cannot for any reason recite these, make a chi-ball, think of your source of faith, express your intention for a happy and energy-filled house in your words and visualise the chi-ball being absorbed in the pyramids. This always works.

Vastu Purush Stotra by Uma Mohan

When you go to buy the pyramids, hold them in your hands for a bit, some will feel ‘right’ to you, buy those. There are various sorts of ‘energised’ pyramids available in the market, you can use these too, but they will be a bit more expensive than this single pyramid method above.

Vastu your home, the simplest and prettiest remedies


Mirrors are a variant of the pyramids. The sides of the pyramids reflect energy in four directions, mirrors also reflect energy but in one single direction. Hang your mirrors on the east and north walls as possible. Just remember they should not reflect your bed as you sleep in it.


Wipe your house with water in which a fistful of sea-salt has been dissolved, it will remove the negativity. Cleansing your house regularly will address a lot of problems associated with misaligned energies too. And if there is any specific corner of your house which feels especially misaligned, keep a glass bowl full of sea-salt crystals in that part of the house, these crystals will absorb the negativity. You can dispose them in running water and replace them once a month.

Tumbled clear quartz

I love clear quartz. It is useful for everything. If you want, you can buy a bag-full of tumbled clear quartz, will be cheaper than the pyramids. Then charge them. Make a chi-ball, focus on your intention for a happy house and visualise the chi-ball being absorbed in the crystals. Keep them in a pretty bowl in your rooms, in the north and east sides. Recharge them once a month. If you feel like you can also use pink quartz. Tumbled crystals can be used for several things so if you buy a bag-full you can use them in several ways.

Vastu your home, the simplest and prettiest remedies

Peacock feathers –

These work beautifully. Have written about them in my post on ley lines. Put a bunch of these in your rooms preferably on the north and east sides if possible. Peacock feathers will get rid of evil eyes, negativity and enhance the positive flow of energy in your house.

Shri-yantra or Meru

This is the ultimate geometry and if you are doing a puja of this geometry or using it for your spiritual practice e.g. tratak, the energies of your house will be already in a very good shape. The highly positive energy of the geometry expands out. If you do puja over it sincerely, these energies are amplified even more. I have observed that the energies of my house are so relaxing that guests start feeling sleepy!

And puja of the Meru /Shri Yantra is very simple, recite the Shri-sukta once, or recite ‘Om Shridevyai namah once/thrice/108 times, and apply one tilak of red Kesar/saffron or red vermillion at its center dot/bindu. If you can blow the conch during this puja, it will be even better. I light camphor arti after the pujas and also keep a sesame oil lamp lit in front of my Meru 24×7.

Vastu your home, the simplest and prettiest remedies


Indians, Hindus are required to keep a Tulasi plant in the center of the house. You can keep it in the east or north direction as an alternative. This plant is linked to Shri Vishnu, the energy which protects and maintains prosperity. It is satvic in nature and generates a very bright silvery/gold aura around it. The woman of the house takes care of it. i.e. waters it in the morning and lights a small lamp in front of it in the evening. If she does it with love and positive intentions the plant also responds by increasing its energy, thus the whole house benefits. It is another way of harnessing your intentions. As the plant grows so does prosperity. The plant is highly medicinal, especially for cough/cold, drinking a tea made of its leaves is very helpful. You can drink a spoonful of the juice of the leaves. I never give my son cough syrups, as tulasi leaves are the best and safest cure.

Fresh cut flowers are also a good way to increase the energy of your house if you can afford them.

In India, we tie a garland made of fresh mango leaves and marigold flowers on the entrance door of the house. Both these are high energy items and they stop the negative energies from entering your house in the first place. This arrangement is called a ‘toran’.

Vastu your home, the simplest and prettiest remedies

Rudraksh beads

This is something which you can consider if you are suffering from negative energy as well as evil eye from others. Hang a single rudraksh bead at your front door, it will stop negative influences from entering your house. (I hang an entire rudraksh mala at my front door.)


These are a very easy way to add cheer and positivity to your house. Natural sceneries, waterfalls, flowers, bright images, colorful pictures, geometric patterns, can be hung on your north or east walls.  You can use pictures of solid things like mountains, e.g. Kailash, on your south or west walls. Do not use depressing and dark images which represent struggle, disaster and pain. Also avoid pictures of animals. If you want, you can keep pictures of departed parents/loved ones, but only on the south walls.

To keep the Vastu of your house is good shape requires not only physical alignment with the Vastu shastra, but also requires that you consciously interact with your abode. The process of of building the house and the alignment of the rooms is not in our hands, as most of us live in apartments now! But this second part where you consciously increase the energy of your house is definitely something you can do!

So here were a few easy and inexpensive ways in which you can add energy to your home.

Vastu your home, the simplest and prettiest remedies

7 thoughts on “Vastu your home, the simplest and prettiest remedies

  1. Curious for Spirituality June 26, 2020 / 2:41 am

    Good morning Tejaswini, thanks for sharing as always your valuable insight.

    My curiosity in this topic since I live in the southern hemisphere and sun moves from east to west via north as opposed to via south in the Northern Hemisphere. How does the measure/remedies/tips shared would work in our part of the world since the directional strength and energy changes?

    While researching came across that Puja ghar should be in South east instead of North. Also interesting is that house entrance in South and South east is preferred over North.


    • astrologerbydefault June 26, 2020 / 5:14 pm

      Hi there

      i have been once to the South hemisphere in Sydney for a week fr some work.

      I did not find any difference in the energies of the directions.
      The land might be nearer to the south pole or the north pole but the energy of the directions remains the same.
      I write only on those things which i have personally experienced so in my opinion the Vastu concepts do not change.


      • patriceellen July 20, 2020 / 6:18 pm

        another question. I am looking for the Tulasi plant. All I can find is the Tulsi herb and it says it only lasts 12 weeks. Is this a different plant? Thanks


      • astrologerbydefault July 21, 2020 / 9:08 am

        Hi there
        Tulsi/ tulasi is the Indian holy basil . Ocimum sanctum species.
        There are 5 varieties which are used in worship. And all have the same energy properties.
        The plant lives throughout the year and will not die if u take care of it.
        One tip is to keep removing its flowers and not allow it to produce seeds. If it produces seeds it starts dying. U can use the flowers in making tea or put them on ur household deity.

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  2. patriceellen July 20, 2020 / 6:14 pm

    Do you hang the Rudraksha on the inside of the door? Can you place on a wall on inside of front door? Wash which part with salt? The outside walls/doors of the home or inside? Finally, where would I hang sacred geometry/yantra? Would that also be i the North, East or Northeast?


    • astrologerbydefault July 21, 2020 / 9:07 am

      Hi there
      Tulsi/ tulasi is the Indian holy basil . Ocimum sanctum species.
      There are 5 varieties which are used in worship. And all have the same energy properties.
      The plant lives throughout the year and will not die if u take care of it.
      One tip is to keep removing its flowers and not allow it to produce seeds. If it produces seeds it starts dying. U can use the flowers in making tea or put them on ur household deity.

      The rudraksh can be tied with some thread on the inside of doors/windows. Its best if nearest to the door rather than the opposite walls

      Hang the Shri yantra on the east or north wall of ur room. Preferably the room on the east or north side if the house.

      Mix a fistfull of sea salt with the intention tht it cleans up the aura of the house in a bucket of water. Use this water to wipe the floors or main door or window sills etc .. whatever part of the house feels negative to u.. this salt water will dislodge the negativity.
      I wipe the entire floor of the house once a week. My house has wood flooring so its no issue. If u have carpets installed then obviously u cant do this. Then use some other method fr cleansing.

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  3. Deepak July 21, 2020 / 8:48 pm

    Hi Mam,

    thank you for this Vaastu article. As you know in Europe it’s not cheap to renovate and something we cannot do now; I do pray to Vaastu Purush (very simple Namaskar) daily and recently Tulsi and peacock feathers entered our house thanks to your articles.

    Can we do something else beyond the above to cover below?

    1) We do have a small guest toilet as we enter the NE facing the main door. It’s sort of common in Europe but we have stopped using it (unless guests come in). Can we do something beyond demolishing to avoid any negativity

    2) Our kitchen is in the East corner.

    Also on which wall should, we hang pictures of living people?

    Grateful for your guidance as always.


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