The inevitability of events

Your horoscope is your energy chart. It represents events which have been designed for balancing your karmic energy. Most of these events are inevitable. Of these some are pleasing to the body and the mind and some of these are displeasing and hard on the body and the mind.

The inevitability of events

When you first start learning astrology obviously you start analysing your own chart, and then then try to find the good things in it. If you see any problems you will try to gloss over them or find something like, ‘Jupiter here will take care of it!”. This will not help in true learning. So scout out in your family for charts, your grandparents are the best subjects, if their birth-times are known. You can use their charts and correlate the major happenings in their life with their chart, they have lived a long life for you to really study and verify events and learn.

Then collect charts of all your family members, friends etc for study. Keep a separate notebook, use a pen and paper. Then whenever you have major transits, or every 3 months or so, go through your this notebook. If you see that some chart is going through a significant change, call up that cousin/friend and try to correlate what is happening in the chart with what has manifested in his life. The patterns will make sense to you slowly but this is the best way of learning astrology.

Most of us learn astrology for starting up a practice and counselling clients. So how do you go about counselling? When you get a client, a chart and a question, you will see that your counselling is just of these 5 major categories,

  1. Questions where the anxiety has no real basis because the horoscope is all clear. There is no real need to worry. However as the client is worried so the counselling will be more on the lines of support and reassurance.
    • Some sort of a ‘placebo’ remedy which will help him put his mind at ease can be suggested if required.
    • It can be something as simple as doing a mantra jaap for 21days!
    • But don’t make it expensive or cumbersome for the client.
  2. Questions where the problem does exist but it is quite minor and much active intervention is not needed, just patience is necessary. With time, change of the planetary periods, transits, etc the situation will resolve by itself. This is also a rather simple counselling session where the client will be convinced to wait patiently for some time.
    • Again placebo remedies as above can be given to calm the client’s mind and help him wait.
  3. Questions where the problem does exist. With a bit of care and and timely precautions it can be averted or its intensity reduced. Here you will be required to prescribe the appropriate precaution and also indicate the time-frame during which this remedy is to be used. The client cannot be expected to do a remedy endlessly without a time frame, as this can result in more stress.
    • Mantra jaap of beej mantras or any other which you find appropriate to the situation.
    • Specific donations of stuffs to temples or charity.
    • Or a one time puja.
  4. Questions about major problems. To come up with a solution that will reduce the extent of loss. e.g. pujas of deities and planetary forces. (eg. death was indicated but just a limb was amputated. In this case though you as an astrologer will feel relief, your client will perhaps not feel the same!)
    • The solution here will be a bit tricky as the client will expect you to magically resolve everything and obviously there is limited scope.
    • When I get such clients I tell them what can be told without causing more unnecessary trauma. But I also know that if they do not like my solution they will go for a second opinion. Or they have already been to some other Reader and now have come to me for a second opinion.
  5. Questions where there is a major problem with no workable solution, generally seen in cases of medical emergencies. The things are not in the hands of the astrologer or the client. In this case, the best course is helping the client with some spiritual remedies and advice so that he can make the most of what time is available.
    • Again these sort of readings are tricky to analyse, but if the birth timings are correct and you have paid attention to the timings (Dasha + transits) there is little chance of going wrong.
    • For confirmation of such situations you should draw a prashna kundali too. It adds more details to the situation.

Even if you are not interested in an astrology related practice, learning astrology is very rewarding. It helps you learn more about human nature, the forces which influence you and more about you yourself. If you know how your current time period is going to be you will be less likely to get disturbed by events around you. If you can control your emotions and keep your mind steady in every situation, it is everything.


The inevitability of events