Venus retrograde combust Dec 2021 to Jan 2022

The intelligent force of beauty and balance, Venus goes retrograde once every 18 months. This time Venus is going retrograde from 19th Dec 2021 to 29th Jan 2022, for 41 days. In this time, he will also be combust for from 6th Jan 11th Jan.

  • He had entered Capricorn on 8th Dec.
  • He will enter Sagittarius in retrograde motion on 30th Dec
  • And enter Capricorn again in forward motion on 27th Feb. 

In terms of Nakshatra he will move back from Uttarashadha to Poorvashadha during this retrograde. He will be combust while retrograde in Poorvashadha. 

The signs primarily affected are Sagittarius and Capricorn. Also his own signs Taurus and Libra will show the effects. In your own birth chart, wherever these signs are and whatever they signify in your life will show the effects of Shukra Vakri. Also whatever Venus signifies for you, he will show his effect.

  • Eg if your ascendant sign or birth Moon sign is any of these signs then the physical body or the emotional states will show more impact of the revision that Venus is doing to do now.
  • Eg if Libra is your 10th house, the 10th house things will show a lack of balance, fairness and several things connected to this might be reviewed, rolled back or redone during this time. So keep track of your profession, Dad and your social activities.
  • Eg if Venus is in your 9th house then you will find your luck suddenly going bad, denial of expected help you expect from your seniors, misguidance on important issues etc.

Generally when Venus is retrograde, we cannot much rely on his guidance. Our concepts of value and validation are turned upside down. It becomes difficult to understand the true value of things, people, actions, emotions, relationships, thoughts, desires etc. Validation from the loved ones may fail to satisfy. 

In this time, avoid giving advice to others, else you might be blamed when things go wrong later. Payments for work may get delayed. Addictions may start. Personal meditative and spiritual practice might suffer. Financial losses, separations from loved ones, breakdown of partnerships are temporarily possible. Family tensions and issues in marriage are possible. If you meet someone new during this time, then it is most likely an unsuitable and short term attraction. But you might also see your old relations and ex loves come back in your life as retrograde Venus expects you to give yourself a proper closure or to resolve things. Or rarely, there may be some happy reunions as the past misunderstandings are cleared up in this reviewing period and genuine deep love might resurface.

Creative arts, beauty, aesthetics etc will suffer. So people in films, music etc might not be able to express themselves properly. Or really twisted things may be passed off as ‘entertainment’. Venus retrograde period is more challenging for businessmen as ‘fairness’ does not exist. Salaried people holding secure jobs are in a better position to tide over in this period, but be prepared for overload and stress in work. 

New beginnings during this period generally do not take off as expected so starting new projects etc is not advisable. Avoid taking major decisions related to your appearance, business, job, investments, relationships, home improvements etc now and keep your diet in control.

However it is not all bad as Venus after all is a natural benefic, he is the Guru of the esoteric, of the inner spiritual. He may bring up some situations which if handled properly can give you long term gains but this will be possible after he goes forward again. Or help you recover something of value from your past which you were not being able to get easily.

Briefly analysing using the Nakshatra energies of Uttarashadha and Poorvashadha lunar mansions.

  • Poorvashadha is ruled by Apah and connected to Venus.
  • Uttarashadha is ruled by Vishvedev and connected to the Sun. 

So during this time, materialistic behaviour will increase. Listening to others or finding common ground or a mutually acceptable compromise will be difficult. Everyone will make more mistakes which will have long term implications. People will act selfishly and fail to remain in harmony with nature thus ill health or mental stress will increase. Lying, dishonesty, superficial irresponsible behaviour will increase. People will feel disconnected from everything around them. Travelling may be curtailed, matters will fail to reach their logical conclusions or break off inexplicably, starting new things will not be auspicious. 

Venus combust while retrograde in Sagittarius will add to the confusion. The Venus ‘eclipse’ will add a sense of selfishness, ego, self-entitlement and noncooperation to the scene for this brief time.

Retrograde planets in transit or in birth charts, indicate that there are unresolved conflicts pending from the past lives. Your subconscious tendencies and conscious actions do not synchronise. You are internally constantly revising all the time. ie You look at the physical event in all possible dimensions in all possible ways so that you can extract the maximum information from it. You reflect on yourself, your experience and your deepest motives again and again. You desire complete understanding.

If you have Venus retrograde in your birth chart then you are more likely an introvert. Relationship related issues with parents, siblings and friends are common as you have unrealistic expectations which cannot be fulfilled. So a sense of artificialness, hollowness exists in all interactions, even with close relations. You wish to always withdraw from the situation you are placed in. You feel like you do not belong anywhere, but still you want to feel what ‘belonging’ means. If you can manage to reconcile these two conflicting tendencies then you can live a more balanced life. Eg you can try creating extravagant over-the-top artistic expressions which are placed for public viewing but live an intensely private personal life.

For those with retrograde Venus at birth, this time can sometimes be doubly hard as too many issues come up for resolution. So keep your Mind steady and remain practical in your approach.

Strong birth charts do not suffer so very much in terms of transits as the foundational energy is able to cope with the changes that come with time. So if your birth Ascendant sign/lord and birth Moon are strong then the effects will be lesser or more manageable. In such cases, I give 75% weightage to the permanent birth positions and 25% to the temporary transit effects. 

Remedies will include Mantra and Dana for Venus on the day he turns retrograde and on the day that he changes signs. Or you can do pujas of Devi Laxmi or any other feminine deity of your choice. Reciting Shri Sukta will also work as usual. Wearing clothes, fragrances and eating foods linked to Venus will also help you balance his energies within you during his retrograde. 

There are two main phases in this retrograde, Venus in Capricorn and in Sagittarius.

Venus in Capricorn till 30th Dec 2021

  • The birth Moon signs Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces should take special care of their health and take measures to reduce mental stress. More efforts will needed to excel in the Venus things.
  • Average for Taurus, Cancer and Virgo, a mixed bag of results so do something for Venus to increase his positive results. The birth Moon signs, Aries, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius will be given few new opportunities but there is some scope to consolidate your past gains.

Venus in Sagittarius from 30th Dec 2021 to 27th Feb 2022

  • He might give trouble to birth Moon signs, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius. You will have to take extra efforts in the aspects of your life connected to Venus. Or channelise the energy consciously to avoid getting overloaded.
  • He is average for Aries, Gemini and Leo, there will be some positives and some negatives mixed up in the results of Venus in your life. Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces will be given some opportunities to revise some past achievement and consolidate gains.

This general reading will depend on the power of the individual chart and the ongoing Dasha/ transits. But it is always advisable to do some remedial activity to improve his results in your life. Also try to think back in your life on the Venus related events which have occurred from about 20th Nov till 19th Dec 2021. These may be reviewed during this Venus retrograde. Some revision or restructuring is possible. Eg if your matrimonial alliance was fixed during this time then some issues may pop up.

But this period is vitiated by,

  1. A very dangerous combination of Mars and Ketu in Scorpio. A very strong Saturn in Shravan nakshatra, a relatively average Jupiter, a powerful Rahu in Taurus and an equally powerful Ketu in Scorpio.
  2. The recurring Kaal Sarpa yog which starts from 15th Dec till 22nd Apr 2022. The complete and partial Kaalsarpa will alternate every 15days during this time
  3. Retrograde and combust Mercury in Jan 2022.
  4. The effects of the recent lunar and solar eclipses of Nov and Dec.

So overall, everyone must take care of themselves, keep an average profile and avoid unnecessary risks.

For our nation Bharat/ India.

In the ‘birth’ chart, the ascendant sign is Taurus with Rahu practically on the rising degree and Ketu in the 7th. Today they are on the same axis and Mars with Ketu has added his fire to the 7th house. We are going through a tough situation, no doubt about it, enemies circling around us and traitors active from within. There will be serious issues. But still I trust the transit Jupiter who has made a favourable 5/9 axis with the birth Jupiter. And the transit Yogkarak Saturn is in the 9th house in his own sign. They will manage to somewhat protect the nation in their own way. However the time till 7th Apr 2022 remains dangerous as Mars will cause turbulence and pain to the nation and its citizens. Expect internal traitors to cause mischief, some civil riots especially caused by politically motivated religion, or aggression from other nations during this time or major accidents. But at least this time the national leadership will be able to cope with what is happening.


(I have taken the dates from drikpanchang.)

40 thoughts on “Venus retrograde combust Dec 2021 to Jan 2022

  1. ANAND December 17, 2021 / 12:14 pm

    Pranaam Madam,
    Sincere thanks as always for the post.
    Best wishes and sincere regards,


  2. Utpal Desai December 17, 2021 / 1:15 pm

    Respected Madam

    Request you to write elaborate blogs on 5th house. You explained in one if your earlier blogs that it is foundation of a person’s horoscope and his life.please enlighten us on this house , if deemed appropriate.

    Thanks and Regards



  3. Quotesofacrab December 17, 2021 / 1:47 pm

    Namaste mam, recently I got transferred to a place where there is lots of negativity around. People are frustrated, constantly complaining, whining and trying to bring each other down.. I am a cancer ascendant with Pisces moon, and I absorb all these emotions like a sponge.. how can I keep my spirits up in this situation. I have to share my workspace so keeping a distance isn’t an option…

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    • astrologerbydefault December 17, 2021 / 5:26 pm

      Hi there
      tie a black thread or any other amulet as you prefer
      and cleansing every tuesday saturday

      if you want to protect your desk space, put a peacock feather decoration on it
      or charge crystals and keep them on a bowl etc

      wrote on so many ways to do it
      choose what seems do-able for you.

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  4. Viju December 17, 2021 / 1:56 pm

    Dearest Tejaswiniji,

    Many, many thanks for this post and the earlier one 🙏🏻♥️ I was thinking of Venus (but not about transit) this morning and then found your post! As always, I appreciate your posts on transits, much more than words can express 🙏🏻

    Can understand a normal Venus behaving during retrograde or combustion transit. But I was wondering how a malefic will behave in a retrograde/ combustion transit. Example, if Venus is a functional malefic sitting alone in 6th house Leo (not retrograde or combust in birthchart), what impact does this retrograde/ combustion have? Will it be bad or average?

    Lots of love and gratitude


    • astrologerbydefault December 17, 2021 / 5:21 pm

      Hi there
      venus as a functional malefic retrograde in transit will naturally create issues but also give you the necessary ruthlessness to resolve it. you are given one more chance.
      but avoid being too harsh in your relationships.

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      • Viju December 17, 2021 / 11:34 pm

        Namaste Tejaswiniji,

        Thanks very, very much 🙏🏻♥️

        Can you please write a post on how to identify unnatural death in a horoscope. I beg your pardon if this request seems too basic or mediocre.

        Lots of love and gratitude

        PS – Forgot to mention in my earlier query that I loved that beautiful quote on sky and stars that you put in the Index page♥️♥️ Whenever I look at the sky I am filled with awe at the mysteries that lurk there! What Parabrahma Supreme has created, including the worlds we know nothing about….!


  5. Shala December 17, 2021 / 3:13 pm

    Hello maam. Was on day n night duty yesterday and sometimes to destress between patients,I do astrology revision 😀.
    So since yday was krittika energy made my jottings on that. ( compiled on my charts collection).
    1) Blunt, sarcastic sense of humor
    2) charming public manners, attract opposite gender easily.
    3) natives mothers has huge say in relationship ( bf/ gf or spouse)
    4) can let go of all types, of relationship which no longer serve their purpose very easily.
    5) absolute sense of loss on losing their mothers well into old age also
    6) spoils equations by critical nature

    (Have written down much much more but that’s my personal home work😀)
    Somewhat right maam?


  6. Tanisha December 17, 2021 / 5:20 pm

    Respected Ma’am,

    In my birth chart, Venus is in Poorvashada nakshatra in 4th house and currently I’m running Venus antar in Budh mahadasha. I’m libra moon. My birth chart is weak,
    Will Venus retro phase impact me more severely because I’m going through Venus antardasha ?

    Kindly advise…

    Sincere thanks,


  7. rongkalita December 17, 2021 / 7:48 pm

    Hello Ma’am. How is this time period going to be for folks who’re undergoing an unexplainable Ven-Sat or Sat-Ven dasha-antar with results mostly being on the negative side? This Shukra vakri surely’s going to be an important juncture for them, right?


  8. Khushi December 17, 2021 / 8:42 pm

    I’m a Libra asc with a capricorn moon and Venus – both moon and Venus are in uttarashadha and my Venus is retrograde in the natal chart ( and currently going thru a venus antradasha!) so this write up is incredibly helpful. Websites and resources online don’t write about Venus retrograde much so this is much appreciated. I hope with mantras I can make it out of this time ok.

    Somewhat of an unrelated question- when we look at shad bala, kashtaphala, etc and strength of retrograde planets, can we take those at face value? Or can these figures be “artificially” increased due to the retrograde motion? Venus has the highest strength in my chart but can that possibly just be due to the retrograde motion or is it possible that planets retrograde can still be strong and benefic in one’s chart?


    • astrologerbydefault December 17, 2021 / 9:15 pm

      Hi there
      face value
      cheshtha bala takes retrogression into account, in fact it takes all the 8 motions into account
      Its Maharishi Parashar we are talking about, he is very thorough

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      • Khushi December 20, 2021 / 5:17 am

        Thank you! So it is possible then for a retrograde planet ( even asc lord) to give benefic results?There was a post here with a discussion of the impact of a retrograde ascendant lord ( rough road, heavy karmic issues)But if the retrograde asc lord is the strongest planet in the chart, does that mean these issues become easier to get through?

        I had read once that a planet will typically give its results depending on the drekkana that it is placed in ( so if planet is in first drekkana, it will give results in the first 1/3 of the planet’s dasha, etc.) But if the planet in question is retrograde, then the order is reversed ( so if a planet is in the first drekkana, it will give its results towards in the last 1/3 of the planet’s dasha). Have you seen this to be true in your practice?


      • astrologerbydefault December 20, 2021 / 11:24 am

        Hi there
        asc lord and yogkarak planet have to be auspicious. if not then physical exit.
        i have written several posts on all these topics. use the index page or the search bar.

        every planet will give results throughout its dasha. it will be fine tuned with the antardasha ruler and the transits. this is not dependant on just the drekkana. it depends on the type of question you ask, if its to do with profession then use the D10.
        for timing events there are several options, use 2-3 methods to cross check your result.
        wrote about the nakshatra pad/quarters transit
        also ashtakvarga kakshya are very accurate
        sarvatobhadra chakra is precise, and also the other chakras.


  9. Harshala S December 17, 2021 / 9:49 pm

    Namaste mam,
    I need your help to understand the line in the post “A very dangerous combination of Mars and Ketu in Scorpio”. Mars is in his own house and ketu is exalted. Mars and ketu are neutral to each other. Why would it be dangerous.


    • astrologerbydefault December 17, 2021 / 10:58 pm

      Hi there
      think fr yourself, their natures the environment
      have written about it somewhere in a rahu ketu post


  10. Deepa December 17, 2021 / 10:42 pm

    Hello Tejaswini ji, thank you for the post.
    In general, I have read that retrograde planets act in ‘R’ manner on when the transit of said planet is in retrograde. Otherwise they are normal. Example, if Saturn(R) in birth chart, they are slow, lazy, sloppy etc normally, but when transit S(R), they act contrary to their laziness. Then go back to normal saturn behavior when planet is in normal motion. Would you agree? Thank you🙏


    • astrologerbydefault December 17, 2021 / 10:57 pm

      Hi there
      not really, they are never lazy or sloppy.
      a retro planet in birth chart is a life time energy, a the person is more meticulous, thinks twice, gives a lot of mental energy in analysing the event, thinking on several angles etc.
      when they are younger it may come across as indecisive or takes a lot of time in coming to conclusions or overthinking etc
      but once these planets mature, they are very quick in taking decisions etc and then sticking to them, then they are called egoist or self centered etc.
      either way you look at it, having too many retrograde planets makes for a generally wiser personality (assuming the birth chart is strong enough)

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      • Deepa December 20, 2021 / 12:09 am

        Thank you for the clarification. I went back and re read your posts on retrograded planets. It is such a boon to us that you are taking the time to put your insight/wisdom on pen to paper.


  11. S December 17, 2021 / 11:04 pm

    Namaste Respected Madam,
    Thanks for this post Madam. Can the mantras for all the planets be said on all days? Or only their specific days?

    I ask this question for my chart where all the planets are in 2/12 axis (except rahu), and with negative drig bala (I sincerely thank you for your posts on drig bala, and what you mentioned in that post is completely matching with my life perception Madam). Also, I checked with an astrologer , who said that it is a partial Kaal sarp yoga because the ascendant degree is just outside (11 degrees away from the hemming).

    It has been difficult for me understandably, is there some practice that you could suggest (if possible with regards to the above mentioned situation) ? I have started some practice,like the mantra jaap as a beginner, I dont know if that is enough or correct for my case..

    Sincere regards and best wishes,


    • astrologerbydefault December 18, 2021 / 8:52 am

      Hi there
      We recite the “brahma murari .. “ shlok daily. It covers all of them and the tri gun.

      Wrote on the almost kaal sarpa and on kaal sarpa
      Read those posts

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      • S December 18, 2021 / 2:21 pm

        Namaste Madam,
        I am thankful for the reply and the opportunity to read your eye opening posts on Kaal Sarpa and almost Kaal Sarpa. Thanks so much!! It changes the outlook, and provides answer to how many of the “basic things” that others take easily for granted were not easily available.
        Thanks again so much. I had a very small follow up question to your kind reply:

        The “Brahma murari..” shlok, is there a particular day that I should start reciting it Madam? And can I also continue the mantra jaap of the planets at the same time?

        Sorry if the question was silly, I wanted to make sure I am doing this correctly, hence I asked Madam.

        Sincere thanks again Madam..


      • astrologerbydefault December 18, 2021 / 2:39 pm

        Hi there
        do it with your daily puja. start on any day, its is fine. if you want to you can add any others. but this is the basic minimum

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      • S December 18, 2021 / 2:47 pm

        Namaste Madam,
        Thanks so much Madam. I express my gratitude with folded hands for your kind reply.

        Just to confirm, is it the Brahma Murari Tripurantakari or the Lingashtakam? Sorry Madam, I was searching for the right pronunciation and came across two . I really apologize for this very basic question. Please forgive me for this extra query.



      • astrologerbydefault December 18, 2021 / 3:13 pm

        Hi there
        its such a basic shlok!

        ॐ ब्रह्मा मुरारिस्त्रिपुरान्तकारी
        भानुः शशी भूमिसुतो बुधश्च ।
        गुरुश्च शुक्रः शनिराहुकेतवः
        कुर्वन्तु सर्वे मम सुप्रभातम् ॐ

        if you are reciting it in the early morning.

        or generally

        ॐ ब्रह्मा मुरारिस्त्रिपुरान्तकारी
        भानुः शशी भूमिसुतो बुधश्च ।
        गुरुश्च शुक्रः शनिराहुकेतवः
        सर्वे ग्रहा शान्तिकरा भवन्तु ॐ

        and if you want you can recite the lingashtakam also, it is beyond beautiful.

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      • S December 18, 2021 / 4:24 pm

        Namaste Madam,
        Thanks so very much Madam sincerely for your kind reply. Really really grateful.
        Thank you.


  12. Jinesh k December 17, 2021 / 11:54 pm


    I was about to ask how the venus retrograde will be and has a little hesitation to ask and suddenly this post.Thank You so much for that.

    Can a person having venus mahadsha-venus antardasha use this venus retogression in a positive way to his personal upliftment in any way?Also the venus retrogression in capricorn means it shows both the traits of venus in capricorn and saggitarius as well,right?



    • astrologerbydefault December 18, 2021 / 8:50 am

      Hi there
      Yes .
      He is a Guru. Always grants spiritual upliftment if u look at him with tht perspective

      Yes. He is going back into sagi.

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  13. seekerisme December 18, 2021 / 10:20 am

    Namaste Tejaswini ji.
    🙏🙏🙏 for another timely post on transits for us folks. Lately I wait for your blog and then comments too as there is so much to know and learn in everything that follows after your blog too 😊.
    May I request that whatever u write on has a reason and purpose and brings only more light in our life. Please write on whatever u want because it always has a deep purpose. Love reading your posts on each topic some may go above and beyond my head there use to be a word for that at school 🤣 but i have gone back to some of your posts and re read them and it becomes crystal clear. When niyati wants only then the locks of knowledge open but whats important is the path that to you are laying will reveal itself when the time comes. I dont know how else to say it but i get surprised, goosebumps etc when i re visit ur posts that i would have read before but didnt understand much and later the same post kind of reveals itself. 🙏🙏🙏

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  14. Yashwanth somayajula December 18, 2021 / 9:12 pm

    I have venus retrograde in my birth chart; and this post is exceptional and profoundly true in what it conveys. Especially I have undergone deeply (traumatic) transformational changes libra ascdt whose results are finally beginning to precipitate in my mind, I have read a few posts here which mention how to do manage them which were helpful. I would love more posts like these which tell us how to manage retrogressional energies. God bless all.


  15. SS December 19, 2021 / 8:11 am

    Namaste Respected Madam,

    Thanks for your timely post. I always refer back to these type of posts 🙂

    I have one small question about ishta devata. Apparently there are ways to see who your ishta devata is through divisional charts (D9). Some are saying you have to see your 5th lord/5th house and some saying 9th lord/9th house. What is your opinion on this madam? Are there reliable ways to glean this info from your birth chart? I’m always little confused who my true ishta devata is.

    Thanks for everything!


    • astrologerbydefault December 19, 2021 / 10:23 am

      Hi there
      Lots of options. Choose the one u feel attracted to.
      Personally i find the D20 more accurate in this

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  16. S December 20, 2021 / 6:15 pm


    I came across your blog in early 2021 and found it immensely useful during this year. The first note therefore is one of deep gratitude, thank you for the selfless work you are doing. God Bless.

    I was wondering if you might consider doing a more detailed post on the Moon, and Moon Dasha in particular.

    To give some context, the post that most resonated with me from your blog is the one on Jupiter-Venus mutual aspect. I have Jupiter-Venus aspecting to the exact 180 degree, with Rahu-Ketu in the same signs too. As a Taurus ascendant, I have experienced the last half year intensely. I am mentally and spiritually preparing for the Venus retrograde ahead, where I can already feel the call to revisit my earlier decisions. None of this is easy, admittedly, however I feel that I am most tripped up by the Moon.

    I have recently started Moon MahaDasha and have my birth moon in Pisces, aspected by Saturn. There are days I feel absolutely blessed, and other days where I feel desperate for guidance. I have managed fairly well so far in life, so I assume (hope) I will find the courage and inner strength to continue, but this MahaDasha is new to me, and hence the request whether you could please elaborate more on this, or anything else you think might help with my context above.

    Recently my past life also keeps coming back to me – apparently a strict ascetic and warrior who keeps asking me to enjoy life a little in this lifetime. To choose myself, which I cannot quite reconcile with my personal values or current life so far. But then he also keeps urging to choose a spiritual outlook, a contradiction I find hard to reconcile. Hence I end up questioning my own sanity, I know the powerful mind can play it’s own tricks, and am wary of it, especially now. Or perhaps I should trust it. I vacillate.

    As always, I remain deeply grateful.

    Ps. I forgot to mention, I have three major planets retrograde in my chart too, which makes it a little hard to figure out retrograde energies entirely. Sometimes I feel they help me, when I would have expected them to be disturbed. The ways of the planets remain mystical to me, and perhaps that’s the way it is meant to be.

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