Remedies for combust planets

Combust planets have their energy directed inwards. This combust planet will give more results on the internal spiritual levels rather the outer material levels. This is not a punishment, nor a thing to be afraid of. It simply is. This combust planet indicates a lesson in life which is to be learnt intensely. Maybe we didn’t appreciate this planet’s gifts in our past lives, so in this life our divine connection is intimately intertwined with this planet. This planet can give very good results if used consciously. If you remain unaware of its potential and not use it actively, it will manifest as imbalances of the physical life and as medical conditions. Often ‘over-heating’, ‘over-activation’ type of medical problems or surgeries are possible. Issues with the eye-sight are also frequently seen here. Depending on which planet is combust there can be other symptoms too. I have written about these topics in several past posts.

Eg Mercury combust is very common. But people with this combination also make for excellent writers, public speakers. (eg current Indian PM Narendra Modi. His birthdate is 17th Sept 1950, time unknown. But the Sun and Mercury are on the same degree, Caizmi Mercury.) So those, about 25%, of us with Mercury combust should write, learn skills, paint, knit, do something with those hands! Then depending on the position, placement and power of Sun+Mercury combo, you will be given more skills of other types too, including doing ‘magic’ or tantra if your horoscope permits. The dreams states and other sub-conscious states will give valuable cues which you will then use in your physical life. Mercury is about thought, action and use. And he has merged with the Sun. So you will use your creativity in every possible way!

The Sun now is not just ‘Sun’, he is the ‘Sun+the combust planet’ combination energy. In your chart, this combo now rules all their combined houses/signs. ie Leo and the signs of the combust planet. Eg if Gemini ascendant, Mercury combust, the ‘Sun+Mercury’ combination will together control the ascendant sign, is together the ascendant lord, the combined ruler of the 4th house-sign Virgo and 11th house-sign Leo. They together will subtly influence the 3rd house-natural sign Gemini, 5th house-natural sign Leo and 6th house-natural sign Virgo. So this combo becomes very important in this horoscope.

Remedies for combust planets

Now how to balance these combination energies? First of all focus on your Sun.

A good option is to do the Surya-namaskar. It improves physical fitness, mental strength as well as spiritual strength. If you are not physically fit, do it as you can, imperfectly, slowly. Start with one repeat per day and gradually increase as per your fitness levels. Do not strain yourself. Sit in the early morning/late evening sunlight, when the sun is yellow-orange and try to expose your skin to this sunlight. Never sit in the white bright Sun, it is very harsh.

Next option is to give Surya Arghya. This is how everyone is supposed to start the day, but now most of us have forgotten. In one small copper pot, take water. Add one pinch kumkum/ vermillion or a strand of saffron if you can afford, one red/orange/yellow flower, some grains of raw rice. Even one of these things is good enough if you cannot find them all. Stand in your balcony, barefoot, look at the rising sun, hold the pot in your hands, rise your hands and pour the water out in a thin stream. The stream will be at your eye level, between you and the Sun. See the light of the Sun reflected in the water stream. After you pour out the water, touch the water fallen on the ground with your right hand fingers and touch them to your eyes.

A mantra for the Sun is recited as you pour out the water. Options are

  • This is the full Surya arghya mantra. You will have to learn this by heart then give Argya with it.
  • Mahamrutyunjai mantra ‘ Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhiṃ pushti-vardhanam urvarukamiva bandhanat mrutyor mukshiya ma amrutat Om’
  • Gayatri mantra ‘Om Bhuh Bhuvah Svah, Om Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi, Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat Om’
  • Surya beej mantra ‘Om Hraang hreeng hrowng sah Suryaya namah’ Om
  • Or simply ‘Om Suryaya namah’ Om three times
  • Or at least, when you see him in the morning, do a simple Namaskar. Fold your hands in gratitude to the early morning Sun.

Then a fun option is adding Sun’s energy in the form of the food which links to him. The fragrances and spices with his energy. Or wear the colors which are linked to him.

If you are a Hindu, you can do a Satya-narayan puja or a Rudra-abhishek or a Nava-graha Shanti puja once a year on any auspicious day or your birthday etc. But do this only if you can afford to. This would be an extra thing but it is good as the entire family can participate and benefit from its energy.

But the best remedy is giving yourself at least 15mins everyday. You have to do personal mediation ie Dhyan. Look into your third eye and simply breath in and out slowly. The Ajapa mantra of Soham/ Hamsa will automatically take over and you will be more in connect with your internal sub-conscious self. The energy gets a safe channel to express itself. You should not be scared of the Sun or the combust planet. From my personal experience, unless you give your Sun+planet combo this inner level opening, you will face physical problems. Accept what is being offered to you by them, don’t worry. Once you start your Dhyan, the physical problems will lessen and your inner benefits will start becoming tangible. (My own horoscope’s most important benefic is exactly on the Sun, fully combust. I give him a channel for expression so that I benefit on the inner levels. There were some unpleasant medical issues on the physical levels, but they got resolved as I allowed him an outlet. And in any case, what I gain from this Sun+planet combo is immense).

Remedies for combust planets

Now a quick look on the 5 Tara-graha, planets which can get combust. You have to do something about them too. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These are some thought processes for you to think about and if necessary change within yourself.

Mercury – The mind and the mental-processes are stuck. So exercise your mind, solve puzzles, write, read something new every day. Meet with your same-age people, eg join a creative arts club. Give your mental processes enough rest, sleep is important. Avoid over-stimulating your mind, avoid drugs etc. Do not argue or speak bad words unnecessarily. Healing of the Vishuddhi chakra helps.

Venus – Be fair in love, give and receive from your loved ones. Appreciate what you have. Avoid criticising. Do not be caught up in external beauty of cosmetics and expensive clothes. Venus is actually the Teacher of self-love. So meditation is important. Spend some time with yourself to know the inner you. If you know yourself, you will also love yourself. Secure in your self-love, you will radiate positivity, good vibes and everyone will reflect this. Healing the Anahata chakra is a good option.

Mars – Form your opinions, avoid being influenced by others. Do not get involved in unnecessary emotional drama or arguments. Try to develop patience, do not react unnecessarily or over-react. Develop courage, do not be afraid of life and its events. Your vital energy is stuck somewhere inside, let it out. Do healing on your Manipur chakra.

Jupiter – Read about religious or philosophical subjects. There are several ways to approach the inner divinity. Think or write about your personal philosophy. Find a source of faith which appeals to you. Personal meditation is very important to know your innermost thoughts, so start a regular spiritual practice. Healing the Swadhishthan chakra helps.

Saturn – Avoid being selfish, individualistic behaviour cannot sustain. Always follow your conscience. Try to help others, there is always someone who needs help. Be kind. Affirm that you are secure, do not fear or grieve. Open yourself to new things are coming in. Take a calculated risk sometime. Do smile, take a break from being so serious. Do healing on the Muladhar Chakra.

Healing the chakras linked to the planets always helps. I have written about doing chakra healing in this post. It takes about 10-15 mins for your entire chakra system, and it works beautifully. You can do it once a week if you have time. Or do it quickly a minute per chakra before you go to bed. Or you can do it as your daily ‘spiritual practice’. But do it. ‘Energy goes where attention goes’, is very true. When you consciously ‘look’ at every chakra for 1-2 mins, you are channelising tremendous energy inwards specifically for each one of them. It makes a very big difference. If you are doing this daily, try it for 21 days before you analyse its effects.

There are simple activities which you can do (post here) to balance the planetary energies. These are one-time remedies but if the adverse effect was intense you can repeat them 1-2 times a year. Or do their Homa (post here), this is also a one-time remedy, but you can do the Homa whenever you feel like it, it is quite an enjoyable experience in itself. Or just recite their mantra on their corresponding week-days, this would be a weekly thing then. Do what you feel like, all methods are equally effective. When you do these remedies, visualise blessings ie golden-silvery-shimmery light around you. Whatever you do, keep your intentions strong and focused. Also be grateful to these conscious energies represented by the planet. Use your will, the planets are but a reflection of your own self, they are not something separate from you. When you heal them you are actually healing yourself.

Remedies for combust planets

6 thoughts on “Remedies for combust planets

  1. ajasonmrpit November 15, 2019 / 11:47 am

    Hello Ma’am,

    Immense gratitude for illuminating your thoughts on a very poignant, potentially life-altering topic.

    I beg your indulgence for a few questions on the topic of combustion, if I may.

    1) Would the impact of combustion be tempered if the concerned planet also happens to be retrograde?

    2) Would the degreewise placement of planet visavis the Sun (say a couple of degree behind or ahead of the sun – all the while being retrograde) makes a difference in its manifestations?

    3) Would the potentiality of a marak planet (7th lord) weaken if it is combust – or would the adverse effect exacerbate?

    Many thanks.

    Best Regards,


    • astrologerbydefault November 15, 2019 / 8:20 pm

      Hi there,
      The combustion changes the nature of the planet and the Sun both. The closer they are the more intense the effect.
      If they occupy the same D9 navamsha too, think of them as practically one unit. The Sun has absorbed the planet. I consider this to be combustion in the best possible sense as the planet now does not exist, his consciousness is a part of the Sun-energy.
      Here I am assuming Sun is capable of giving auspicious results for the specific chart.
      Here going towards or away from the Sun is not going to make much of a practical difference.
      Retrograde planets tend to revise lessons, events go slow/ replay.
      Now this Sun-planet unit will also replay the events connected to the planet.
      But because of the effect of the Sun, the delay will be less and the pending lesson will be learnt quite fast and deeply.
      Sun is a malefic and Rajasic, he causes movement and events in life connected to him have deep spiritual effects.

      So short answer is, this combination, extreme combustion and retrograde will not cause much distress on the material side of life. A couple of acute events yes, but if Sun is placed well then he also ensures no permanent damage. And he gives gains for the spiritual.

      Second case –
      However if the planet is combust or more correctly, scorched by being very close to the Sun, (the degrees are given in the texts), the Sun and the planet will occupy different signs in the navamsha.
      Here there is a difference as the planet exists apart from the Sun.
      The potential of both planets is different coz navamsha different and the manifested has to be together, coz same in D1. This creates discomfort. So you need to see navamsha and d1 signs properly to come to a conclusion.

      If he is moving towards the Sun, the discomfort effect will be more intense than if he were moving away from the Sun.

      Now in this, the planet is retrograde too. Delays, repeats, misunderstandings etc depending on the nature of the planet, d9/d1 becomes important here. Again the fiery nature of Sun will try to burn the negative things associated with the planet’s energy but there will be more discomfort. The delays will be less but the discomfort will be more, as this will be linked to the self-ego self-confidence etc. There will be a few events in life of low intensity which will hurt. If you can accept them and learn things will even out after middle life.

      So overall combustion + retrograde here reduces the planet’s inauspicious physical effects if the Sun is well placed.

      Sometimes I feel complete combustion is better than the scorching! There will be just one-two intensely difficult events in life but if the person can navigate them its done with. Just my opinion though.

      Marak planets are highly misunderstood.
      If the horoscope has reached the limit of its potential, why should the soul continue in it? Targets for this body/horoscope have been met, now its time to go for a new body/chart.

      But people are still afraid of physical death, so Marak-s induce fear.
      In this case, better would be to check the longevity first. Longevity is calculated differently. If the chart has a good number of years to its account, don’t bother about the Marak’s timing death. If the time of death comes at the age of 80yrs with the chart giving good health, wealth and family why should anyone worry? If the chart as a whole is not indicating a good longevity, then wht can the Marak do?
      So for physical death see the overall longevity+Marak. (Remember that Ketu esp and Rahu can also act as Maraks.)

      The Marak-s in life also indicate your family resources, food, your wealth, partnerships, business, marriage etc. So if these planets are weak these things are going to be affected also.

      So short answer, If the 7th lord is combust, but if your Sun is well placed, the combo will give good results connected to the 7th house in material life.

      (also check the ashtakvarga scores before coming to a conclusion)


  2. ajasonm November 16, 2019 / 8:32 pm

    Hello Ma’am,

    Thanks much for taking out the time to elaborate on these points. I have a few questions/observations based n my personal experiences, but I shall let it be for now. As you rightly noted in one of your other posts, spiritual growth is the ultimate endeavor (or it should be) in this human birth.


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    • astrologerbydefault November 18, 2019 / 10:00 am

      Hi there,
      personal experience is all-important as everyone’s perceptions are different 😊


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