Chakshushi Mantra and health of your Eyes

Our ancient Rishi-s had gone into such inner depths that they have given us mantras for everything. (I remember reading a certain tantra book, was surprised to find a cure for hair loss and also the process of calling the Ati-Ugra very terrible Smashan-Kali in the same book!) Mantra is energy-medicine which goes into your deepest energy body and rebalance things from there. Mantra are only in Sanskrit/ Devbhasha Samskrutam, no other language. And mantras from the Ved which were seen by Seers/ Rishi-s are effective.

There are 3 lines of checking if something is correct or wrong.

  • The Ved should say it is correct.
  • A seer-Rishi or a Guru must say that is correct.
  • And finally the over-riding, your own conscience should say that it is correct. Never do anything that is against your conscience, it creates the worst karma!

Chakshushi Mantra and health of your Eyes

In our modern world, most of us have some problems with the eye-sight. From the everyday eye-strain to the more serious ailments. Spectacles are very common right from childhood and after the 40’s most people get spectacles compulsorily. (An exception was my Mom, she didn’t need specs ever till she died in her 70’s.) 

A quick run-down on the astrological combinations for eye-sight problems,

  • The Sun or Moon afflicted
  • The 12th house or the 2nd house or their planetary lords afflicted
  • Signs of Cancer or Leo afflicted
  • The Sun combusting more than 1 planet in the chart.
  • In very brief, Sun is the right eye and the power of sight. Moon is the left eye and the power of sight. Mercury is the nerves and the sense of sight. Venus is the clarity and brightness of vision. Mars is vitality and energy of the eyes. Jupiter is overall health and especially the fatty nutrition. Saturn is darkness, pain and prolonged disease. Rahu is smoky and lack of nutrition or over-growth. Ketu is smoky and dryness. Depending on which planet gets involved you can draw a conclusion about the eye problem.

Now by ‘afflicted’ I mean, 

  • Debilitated, retrograde, combust or eclipsed.
  • Influenced by malefics, either conjunct or aspected by them
  • Placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses. 6th house is the chronic diseases, 8th is the acute diseases and 12th is loss of vitality or can indicate hospitals.
  • Influenced by the lords of the signs of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses
  • Placed in the navamsha of the signs located in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses of the D1 (for the advanced student).
  • The Ashtakvarga shows very low scores. The total of the signs of the 2nd and 12th houses low. The score of the identified planets from your above analysis in the sign they are placed in is low. (Do read the two posts on the Ashtakvarga, and for the advanced student)

Now these will be so very many many combinations. All of us will have at least one of them! But for the actual problem to manifest, there should be at least 3-4 combinations from the above list capable of giving the inauspicious result. Then, remember the inauspicious effects will be reduced if,

  • the ascendant sign, ascendant lord, Moon, Sun are placed well and capable of giving good results 
  • And the other planets/ signs/ houses under consideration are aspected by benefic planets. Also check the chart-specific benefics and yogkaraks influence.

Do not underestimate these two positive factors. So before scaring yourself with possible eye related medical issues, analyse your chart in detail. (For the advanced student, do start referring to the Navamsha and Ashtakvarga for more pointers)

I know a chart. Saturn in 12th house. Mercury combust. Venus+Ketu. Rahu+Mars+Jupiter in Leo. Moon aspected by Saturn. He had myopia as a child. In his Venus-Venus antardasha period his suffering started. There was no clear precipitating factor (Ketu), he started getting spots (Ketu!) in his vision. These patches increased (Rahu) throughout his Venus mahadasha. There was no physical abnormality in the eyes so the doctors thought he was going nuts, undiagnosable diseases are Rahu-Ketu. Then as his Venus-Jupiter sub-period started, he met a really good shaman/ tantrik who told him the problem was due to an ill-wishing, a black-magic done on him (typical Rahu-Ketu item), and the nadi-pran (Mars) of the eyes was twisted. The eyes were not getting enough nutrition (Jupiter), ‘drying up’ (Ketu). Left eye (Saturn) was more damaged than the right. This shaman did something in his way to help his eyes. There was a slow improvement in the vision. Then he did more personal targeted mantra/ pujas. Now he has reached his Venus-Mercury sub-period and the spots etc have gone away and his vision is clear.

Chakshushi Mantra and health of your Eyes

Now for ensuring your vision remains good, connecting with the Sun and the Moon always works. Sun related stuff read in this post. And the best way for taking in the Moon’s energies is this, in silver cup, take milk (from Desi Indian Humped-cow), keep it in the light of the full-moon/Pournima at night, recite any Moon stotra or mantra or beej mantra or just ‘Om Chandraya namah’ over it and drink it.

Now the Chakshush-mati vidya. This is for keeping your eyes and vision healthy

Om Asya chakshushi vidya ya
Ahirbudhnya Rushi
Gayatri chanda
Suryo devata
Chakshu roga nivruttaye viniyoga
Om Chakshush Chakshush Chakshush
Tejah sthiro bhav
Maam pahi pahi
Twaritam chakshurogan shamaya shamaya
Mama jatarupam tejo darshay darshay
Yatha aham andho na syaam tathaa kalpay kalpay
Kalyaanam kuru kuru
Yaani mama poorva janmopa-arjitani
Chakshush prati-rodhak dush-krutaani
Sarvani nirmoolaya nirmoolaya
Om namah chakshus tejo-daatre divyaya bhaskaraya
Om namah karuna-karaya amrutaya
Om namah suryaya
Om namo bhagavate suryaya akshi tejase namah
Khecharaya namah
Mahate namah
Rajase namah
Tamase namah
Asato ma sadgamaya
Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
Mrutyor ma amrutam gamaya
Ushno bhagvan shuchi-rupah
Hamso bhagvan suchi prati-rupah
Ya imam chakshush-mati vidyam
Brahmano nityam adheyate
Na tasya akshi rogo bhavati
Na tasya kule andho bhavati
Ashtau brahmanan samyak graha itva
Vidya siddhi bhavati
Om namo bhagawate adityaya
Aho vahini aho vahini swaha

This mantra is also called the Chakshushi Upanishad. This mantra is in Sanskrit, which cannot be translated, but here is the generic meaning for basic understanding.

Om, the Ultimate reality, your and my real name. Every mantra starts and ends with Om. ‘Chakshu’ is the physical eyes, the third eye, the act of ‘seeing’ and everything connected to ‘seeing’ and ‘sight’. In this mantra you are using the power of the Sun and unlimited power the internal Sun both. ‘Rog’ is disease, infirmity, imbalance and inability. The intention is to remove all the Rog that have got associated with your 3 eyes. You intend that your power of ‘seeing’ becomes more stable, firm, more brilliant and radiant. Your three eyes become capable of seeing what they are supposed to see. You intend protection for your eye-sight. You desire that all possible inabilities of your eyes and vision end immediately. The eyes become perfectly able. You want to see the pure conscious brilliance of the Internal Sun. ‘Andha’ is another Sanskrit word here, it means physical blindness, spiritual darkness, ignorance, un-coordinated movement of energy etc. You intend that you should never be an ‘andha’. Your perfect spiritual self should be visible to you. On the physical planes too, you should have perfect sight. You intend beauty, excellence, luck, happiness, perfect working, illumination, welfare, auspicious fortune, etc for yourself.

If there are any heavy-duty karmic acts from your past lives which are affecting the power of your Eyes now, you intend that these all are removed from their very roots. Empathetically, all of them, removed from their very foundations from you.

You acknowledge the glittering light of the internal and also the external Sun. He gives your Eyes the power of fire, brilliance and the ability to See. This infinite, beloved, Source of everything, gives his blessings out of kindness and compassion. The Sun in all his power, grants you the vitality/ fire in your physical body. You also acknowledge the internal Sun as he grants the divine connection to your individual soul. The Consciousness who resides unsupported in the skies and also in you. The great primordial Intellect, the source of all movement, the most highly desired, the highest superlative, the cause of all illusion and also illumination. You address this energy with its real name Om, which is also your name. You bring in all these qualities within yourself.

You want to move from the non-real to the real. From the state of immobility caused by ignorance to the movement caused by illumination. You intend to move from the cycle of birth-death-rebirth to the Ultimate Enlightenment. Brilliance or warmth or movement is the quality of pure Reality manifested in this creation. ‘Hamsa’ is the quality of the pure Reality which brings you back to the Reality (Read my post on Soham and Hamsa).

If this ‘Chakshush-mati vidya’, ie the pure science of Sight, is regularly recited by the one who knows its real meaning, he will never have any Rog/inability to his 3 Eyes. His ‘Kula’ will never suffer from being ‘Andha’. ‘Kula’ is translated as family or lineage, but the spiritual meaning is the Chakras of your body. These lower Chakras are called the ‘Kula’, while the top-most perfection of the Bindu is called the ‘A-kula’.

This mantra rebalances a lot on the inner levels.

Chakshushi Mantra and health of your Eyes

Now the practical part, there are several ways to use this Chakshushi mantra. And everyone can benefit from it.

  • Recite it 1 to 12 times a day, or once a week on Sundays or when you have time, as per your convenience.
  • Recite it in front of the rising Sun or in front of your household deities/altar. 
  • While reciting the mantra, keep some water in a silver bowl or in a glass bowl and put a silver or gold coin in it. After you finish, some of this energised water is applied to the eyes and the forehead. The remaining water is drunk. 
  • You can do a Homa with it. One drop of ghee is to be put in the fire/Agni with the last ‘Swaha’. (Read the basic homa post is here.) The vibhuti/ energised ash, from the Homa is applied to the forehead and a bit of it is eaten. This vibhuti will remain energised for about 15 days, store it in a glass bowl. If you can do a 108 repeat of the Mantra with 108 Swaha offerings to the fire, it will take about 1 hour. This highly potent Vibhuti can be put into a talisman/ amulet and worn on the body. This in case of severe problems with the eyes.

Now this is not a replacement for proper professional medical advice. But if you are taking some treatment for your eyes, you can do this energy rebalancing while you take your medicines, it will help. Also if you energise the water using this Chakshushi mantra, you and your family can apply this to the eyes before going to bed. It works.