Solar eclipse Apr 2023 astrological predictions

Eclipses are trigger events which release significant karma in a short period of time. Solar eclipses are more powerful than lunar eclipses. Especially the total solar eclipses impact everyone on this earth, directly or indirectly.

(I have written detailed predictions for this year in several posts – index page).

The month of April 2023 is quite happening with

The first eclipse event of 2023 is the upcoming solar eclipse on 20th Apr 2023. Totality will be visible in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Australia, Indonesia etc as per this map (from The intensity of the results will vary depending on whether the eclipse was visible or not in the nation you live in. Those areas who will witness totality will see the complete results of the eclipse. But as it is a major solar eclipse all of us will feel its direct/ indirect effects.


First the configuration of the planets.

  • Aries – Ashvini nakshatra with Sun and Rahu. Bharani with Moon and the retrograde Mercury.
  • Taurus – Venus in Rohini, he is not involved.
  • Gemini – Mars in Aradra, the eclipse is in his Aries so he is involved to some extent.
  • Libra – Ketu in Svati, the other half of the eclipse axis.
  • Aquarius- Saturn in Shatataraka is influencing the eclipse by his 3rd aspect. This is not good as he will trigger restrictions, delays, karmic events etc connected to Aries sign and the planets participating in the eclipse.
  • Pisces – Combust Jupiter is in Revati at the very last 29th deg, at the gandant of the zodiac on the verge of entering Aries. He is within 15deg from Rahu and is involved in the eclipse energy.

The eclipse is occurring in the Ashvini – Svati nakshatra axis in the Aries – Libra signs. Analyse what these signs/ nakshatra indicate in your life as there will be some significant change linked to these around the eclipse. The eclipse energy is going to be channeled through the Ashvini filter. This lunar mansion is ruled by the Ashvini Kumar deities and is linked to Ketu. (On the other side, Svati is linked to Rahu and ruled by the Marut).

The total solar eclipse is visible more over water than land. So there will be extended effects over the weather patterns which originate from these water bodies. Weather patterns will be significantly affected for the next 1-2 months, there will be excessive rain, wind, cyclones etc. An undersea earthquake or tsunami like situation is likely. These seas/ oceans may see small/ large war like situations in the near future. Accidents related to water and in water bodies will happen. Political disturbance is possible in the nations who witness the eclipse. National economy will see some setbacks. Scarcity of essential items or medicines is possible. Rifts in the society, ie religion, race etc will come out in the open, civil unrest is likely in these nations.

Especially one fortnight before and after the eclipse most of us will feel the maximum effects. And it there will be an increase in impulsiveness, everyone will take decisions without thinking of the long term consequences, behave in ways which will be regretted later. There will be impatience and an inability to endure. Everyone will feel frustrated for some reason or the other. Short temper, pointless arguments, selfishness, self centred behaviour especially in relationships are all possible. There is a possibility of breakups and separations as long term commitments/ relations will feel like bindings. It might get difficult to choose correctly between options, most of us will suffer from indecisiveness. There may be a lack of confidence during this time due to which some of us will miss certain opportunities. Some might feel restless, want to change the job, residence, travel etc. This time will see the endings and beginnings of things and these actions will be fast. Some of us might be forced to go on sudden journeys especially within 1 month before and after the eclipse, and these will be karmic in nature. We all will need courage to navigate through the situations which will emerge after the eclipse. The long term effects of this eclipse will gradually fade over the next 5-6yrs. However during the one fortnight before and after the eclipse it is best to be aware of what all can go wrong in your life or if any unexpected opportunities come up and to be prepared for it.

Transit results are always seen as per the the birth Moon signs. But if you have a strong ascendant sign (check the ashtakavarga scores), then you can read from the ascendant sign too. For Aries and Libra signs, this eclipse will be associated with life time changes. For everyone else, the following results will be seen for about 1 month before the eclipse and 2 months after it. In brief,

This eclipse is bad to worse for Aries, Cancer, Virgo and Aquarius.

  • Aries will have a stressful time. Personal health needs attention. You will be restless, will not get time for yourself. Avoid changing your job or residence or taking life time decisions in this time.
  • Cancer will face confusion mainly in the profession and in the social arena. There may be a forced change of job or salary cut. You might face humiliation at work or in the family. Your father or your boss will be unsympathetic to your issues. Avoid unnecessary confrontations and risks as later you will be at the receiving end of the consequences of these actions.
  • Virgo will have a tough time both in the profession and in the home. Health might be an issue and you might suffer from some acute illness or surgery during this time. Be careful while driving etc. Some dramatic change in your life now will cause you long term turmoil, so be alert.
  • Aquarius will face financial issues as your investments do not give you the desired returns.  Past decisions/ mistakes will haunt you during this time frame. This is not a time for speculation or trading in stocks. Your siblings, cousins will cause you stress. You might be required to travel unnecessarily.

It is average to bad for Taurus, Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn, but still there will be some positivity depending on the individual  charts

  • Taurus – There will be over work, anxiety and you will feel tired all the time. Evil eye may trouble you. Health will suffer, if you have any chronic complaints be careful. Health of elders may give you some anxious moments. Ensure that you get enough rest and do not overthink.
  • Libra – You will suffer from undefined health issues, emotional and psychological issues. Evil eye and astral/psychic issues are also possible. Constant tiredness and physical weakness will make you lethargic. Behaviour of your spouse will cause stress. Removal of negative energy, cleansing etc will help. Make sure that you get enough rest.
  • Scorpio – Progress in profession/ business will be slow and the family life will turbulent. You might feel like giving up because of lack of results. However enemies will be silent so you will be secure on this front at least. So persevere in your projects. If you have done some good karma in the past it will help you now. Avoid confrontations at home.
  • Capricorn has some positivity going on for it but this will be mostly overshadowed by stress at home. You will regret your past mistakes and feel anxious for the future. Your time is improving but slowly, so be patient and keep working.

And Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces have some potential for positivity depending on the individual charts.

  • Gemini has some positive energy after a long time. You might receive some gains from your past investments and actions. You can reconnect with your friends etc and generally have an average to good time.
  • Leo will get unexpected support from unexpected people. Try to make the most of their help, avoid disagreements with these people. Luck will work for you. Especially if you have been doing your daily pujas regularly, this time will bring you a positive news with long term implications. You can start new projects etc during this time but only after rechecking everything.
  • Sagittarius will be able to use their intelligence and get their dream projects, job positions, exam results etc. However, even if you feel that you can get away with it, do not cheat anyone during this time. Disagreements with children and loved ones will continue. Overall the time is more on the favourable side and you can take calculated risks.
  • Pisces will see fluctuations in finances which will get sorted out once Jupiter is in Aries. But till then, it is advisable to budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. One life time asset will be created for you in this time frame, so if you see any likely opportunities, you can take them up after due risk analysis.

Remedies are as always the two, Mantra and Daana (index page). And if you are a student of Jyotish you can analyse your chart and modulate your expectations and behaviour intelligently to navigate through the time.