Judge a true Ascetic from the horoscope

We are seeing a surge in spiritualism with ‘spiritual masters’ and ‘mystics’ popping up all around. Most of these are businessmen capitalising on the commercial aspects of the “spirituality business’, looking to cheat you of your money. Or Yogi-s who are on the same path as you are. A real Sat-Guru is someone who has realised the Eternal Advaita, a Jivan-mukt. There are very very few of these in the world right now. (I have written on how to analyse spirituality, the power of the chart and the evolution level of the horoscope.)

Then there are the true ascetic, Sanyasi-s. These are also rare, not very common. These are men/women who turn their back very firmly on the material world in their over-riding desire to experience the Ultimate. Every action they do is only for this objective. Such people cannot enjoy materialistic life and are repulsed by it. If someone really has the qualities to be a Sanyasi/ascetic then the following combinations will exist in his chart. More the combinations more pronounced is the effect.

Judge a true Ascetic from the horoscope

First and foremost is Saturn’s paramount influence. For getting into full time spiritual activity and rejecting the society structure, Saturn has to be powerful in the chart. Or should control important houses of the chart. Without his blessings, no dedicated spiritual activity is possible. He decides when your outer karma have been balanced so that you enter the inner spiritual with the finality of Sanyas.

Some typical combinations,

  • Ascendant lord aspecting Saturn. But no one else, not even Saturn, should be aspecting the ascendant lord in return. This is possible if the ascendant lord is Jupiter or Mars who can aspect Saturn with his extra aspects.
  • Saturn aspecting the ascendant lord. But no one else including the ascendant lord should be aspecting Saturn. This is possible if Saturn aspects this planet with his extra 3rd and 10th aspects.
  • The ascendant lord is Saturn himself unaspected by any one else. This is possible if the ascendant is Capricorn or Aquarius.
  • Check out the planetary ruler of the birth Moon sign. If this planet is Saturn himself and unaspected by any one else then it can give full-blown Sanyasi tendency. Or this planet is aspecting Saturn but no one else should be aspecting this planet.

If any of these above conditions exist in a birth chart, Saturn can allow a clean separation from the materialistic world and entry into Sanyas. This can be an actual physical event of going away to an Ashram. Or the person may continue to live in the society but withdraw completely into himself and his sadhana. The timing of this event will be decided by the transit/ dashas. If the suitable dasha/ transits do not come up at the proper age then this event may not even happen. The promise of the birth chart needs the appropriate dasha/ transit to fructify. eg If this time comes when the age is 3yrs, naturally a 3yr old is not going to take Sanyas. Or if this time comes at the age of 70yrs, then the main life has already passed by and formal Sanyas at this age is rather meaningless, the person has already entered the Sanyas-ashram stage of life. But if this time comes at the age of say 25-50yrs then the formal Sanyas event can occur in a very final manner.

In addition to these conditions, if the Ascendant lord and the birth Moon are strong then he will be very well adjusted to the spiritual path he chooses. If Ketu has some connection with Venus then he gain significant progress in it. And if the Sun is also enabling, then he can be a publicly visible personality eg a Guru with many disciples etc prominent in society.

Judge a true Ascetic from the horoscope

Now if any chart,

  • If any of these above conditions exist but only partially, eg if Saturn is aspecting the ascendant lord with his 7th aspect, ie getting aspected by the ascendant lord in return, or is conjunct with other planets etc.
  • Or if there are other powerful combinations involving these planets with each other, Saturn, ascendant lord, 9th house lord, 5th house lord, Yogkarak planet and birth Moon.
  • Or Saturn strongly aspects the birth Moon and both are favourable for the chart,
  • If in the birth chart, if the Saturn, ascendant lord, birth Moon or Yogkarak are unaspected by anyone else and very powerful then,

Then this person will have a deep discontent with the material world but the active action of turning into an ascetic, Sanyasi may not occur. He may be unhappy, discontent, may not marry, may not be happy professionally, there may be bouts of isolation, self-doubts, loneliness, depression and dejection. He may have all possible material comforts, a good family, a good job, but he will not derive any satisfaction from these material things. He will desperately long for Realisation, initially there will be obstacles and confusion in this path. Only after middle age will the situation get more comfortable as he will understand himself better. Such a person needs to take up some sort of spiritual practice to maintain his inner balance else his levels of frustration can get very high.

Saturn will grant significant spiritual growth for these following ascendant signs, depending on his position in the chart, the power of the chart as a whole and the evolution level of the chart.

  • Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants can become highly spiritual after middle-age if the other combinations support.
  • Taurus and Libra ascendants too have a significant possibility for spiritual progress as Saturn is Yogkarak for these two.
  • And, as I always stress, Cancer and Leo ascendants have a fast-track on the spiritual route as their 7th house is owned by Saturn. (The 7th house also indicates the highest one-one relationship with the Self.)

If your ascendant is one of these six signs then try to do some regular spiritual practice, it will help in very deep ways. This can be as simple as reciting the Gayatri mantra or lighting a lamp or giving Arghya to the Sun or Dhyan Sushumna Yog- Soham, anything which you feel drawn to, but do it daily.

Judge a true Ascetic from the horoscope

The next planet which has a significant role in spiritual growth is Jupiter. If there is a conjunction of Moon, Jupiter and the ascendant lord in the birth chart, then this person is an ascetic at heart. This personality is sober, gentle, kind etc. Depending on the triggering dasha/ transit, he will interested in religion and spirituality, start doing some type of spiritual practice. He will experience the higher levels of consciousness and internal awareness with time. This combination by itself is not strong enough to make him formally a Sanyasi, he will not leave the society with just this combination. However he will be apart from the tangles caused by society and remain in his own happiness.

Now in such a birth chart,

  • if Saturn also conjuncts or aspects these three, (Moon, Jupiter and the ascendant lord) then too this person may formally leave the society. The triggers for this actual event would naturally be the Dasha/transits of Jupiter and/ or Saturn.
  • If Saturn’s influence is missing on these three (Moon, Jupiter and the ascendant lord) in the birth chart but the person goes through a significant Saturn transit, or dasha then this person can suddenly change. He can become a become a formal ascetic or may live on in the society but internally he has dissociated from the illusion that is Maya.

The next planet we should consider is the Sun. He has to be either very strong or very weak! Both these options will drive towards asceticism.

  • A strong Sun (check the asktakvarga, shadbala, navamsha etc) will make the personality focus more strongly on his own internal divinity. Eventually he will realise and subsume his tiny individual awareness into the Eternal intelligence of the Advaita.
  • If this Sun is weak, then the personal ego is already very dim and the personality is more than willing to realise the Highest within.

Finally some connection between Venus and Ketu is necessary. It can be as simple as conjunction, aspect, bhavat bhavam, some connection in the navamsha, or one of these occupying a Nakshtra owned by the other, etc. There will be some interaction of Ketu and Venus energies which will trigger the final realisation of Moksh.

You might not get clients which such full-on ascetic combinations in your practice. But you definitely will get charts where there are partial combinations. Well-off people but with a deep internal turmoil. In such cases, advising them to start some personal spiritual practice will help them. And if your own chart shows such partial combinations then spend time daily in Dhyan, in your spiritual practice and in contemplation of the inner Eternal.


8 thoughts on “Judge a true Ascetic from the horoscope

  1. BHARTI May 23, 2020 / 6:49 am

    Greetings ma’am,

    Thank you for this lovely article.
    Can you also please elaborate upon how to deal with lunar cycles spiritually. I have often found the full moon days full of calm and peace while the new moon ones emotionally draining and mentally aloof, so much so that I don’t even have to look up the calendar to figure out why. Ma’am please guide how to find a balance of energies amidst all this?


    • astrologerbydefault May 23, 2020 / 12:58 pm

      Hi there
      Do get into the habit of checking the moon transits and your behaviour,

      if you know you are going to be upset on this typical day the easiest remedy is to eat one spoon curd and sugar first thing in the morning,
      or to wear soft white colored clothes, even a scarf of this color will help..

      if you are a cancer birth moon or a cancer ascendant or have significant planets in cancer or influencing your birth moon then you will be more sensitive to the lunar cycles..


      • BHARTI May 23, 2020 / 2:26 pm

        Thank you ma’am!
        But I am not a cancer ascendant/moon and nor do I have any cancer placements. But I do have moon in 12th, does it make me vulnerable even after being supported by a strong durudhara yoga (planets in exaltation/mool trikon on either sides)?


      • astrologerbydefault May 23, 2020 / 5:35 pm

        Hi there,
        Moon in dusham-sthan, 6th , 8th , 12th always gives hypersensitivity to the moon’s phases..

        i have written somewhere about a relative of mine, she has moon in 6th, so when she gets moon in 8th or 12th house counted from it, she gets a migraine from tht very instant..
        Moon in 8th similarly causes inner turmoil, and moon in 12th also causes disturbances from the astral realms , when in sleep or dreams,
        but yes if there is support then things will be there but will not damage,


  2. BHARTI May 24, 2020 / 12:31 pm

    yes ma’am I do recall the article wherein you mentioned about that lady. By god’s grace nothing as severe happens to me but I’m hypersensitive to energies. I also read another of your article where you mentioned about charging the ornaments and wearing them. Will a ring/chain of platinum/white gold pacify the effects of moon for me?


    • astrologerbydefault May 25, 2020 / 1:40 pm

      Hi there
      better would be to use a silver jewellery or a pearl


      • BHARTI May 26, 2020 / 4:34 pm

        very well ma’am! Thank you so much 🙂


  3. Ray September August 27, 2020 / 12:54 pm

    Tejasviniji, I can’t express the treasure I hv discovered through your blog I accidentally stumbled upon looking to know more abt shashtiamsha. I started regular spiritual practice of jaap and meditation rising at 0340 am every morning I am a young mother and have been greatly disenchanted with modern societal expectations and standards of living… Taking baby steps into this new path which promises such peace and fulfillment I feel greatly thankful to you. Please keep writing and guiding those like me who want to rise above the mundane and drink deep from the cup of spiritual bliss.. Thankyou.
    Ankita Pandey.

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