Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

Life is Change.

Your birth horoscope remains constant. This is the choice of energies which you chose at the moment of your this birth and is the foundation on which you are going to handle the Changes which this Life is going to bring. You are born at one instant, and the very next instant the change starts. Time and space move on. The planets move on, transiting through the zodiac. The zodiac, the Bha-kaksh itself moves on. These changing energies are basically the Dasha periods and the periodic transits. All these changing energies make patterns with each other and with the birth chart you have chosen. These patterns decide how events unfold in life. And the power of the birth chart decides how you will navigate through these changes. Will you soar or sink?

Your birth chart is the only energy you have and it needs to be studied in depth. I often mention ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ horoscopes in my posts. A strong birth position is very helpful in several ways. Your body/ mind and environment is strong enough to weather the changes which will occur in life. Changes in life are more enabling, you can leap to greater heights using the change events as opportunities. The changes are more auspicious and favourable, and the transitions are easier. You are more confident as your personality and your environment both integrate well and are more complementary. You get support from your inner self and also from the others around you. You are more in control of the situation. You have some say in how it unfolds and you can divert its energy to suit your objectives.

Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

Powerful horoscopes will show the following combinations.

Birth chart, the D1,

  • The Ascendent sign determines your overall personality and your environment. It is best if this sign is occupied or aspected by benefics
  • The ascendant lord, the birth moon and the other benefic planets should be conjunct or aspected by benefics. And preferably placed in a kendra, 1st 4th 7th or 10th or kona 5th or 9th house.
  • Malefics are a source of turmoil in life so it is best if they are either in the upchaya houses, 3rd, 6th 10th or 11th houses. And aspected by benefics, especially Jupiter by his 5th or 9th aspect.
  • If there is a Yogkarak graha for the ascendant sign then this planet should be placed in auspicious house and be capable of giving favourable results. It would be even better if he is aspected or with other benefics.
  • Aspects of benefics on the Ascendant lord, the Birth Moon and the Yogkarak, will naturally increase the power of these planets and also encourage them to behave in an overall auspicious manner. These benefic influences also increase the power of that benefic planet on the overall personality/mind of the person. Eg Jupiter aspecting the Ascendant lord will make this person a genuinely kind and benevolent personality, he will meet others who help him and he too will try to help others in life etc.
  • Conjunctions are important as both planets influence each other and also the sign/house they are placed in. Eg you will see Sun-Mercury conjunctions most commonly in your study charts. If this conjunction is auspicious then it will enhance the powers of the Sun, Mercury, the house/sign they are placed in and also Leo, Gemini, Virgo signs wherever they are placed in the chart.
  • The 6th, 8th, 12th houses are the houses of turmoil, the dusham-sthana (I have written several posts on these houses, do check the index). Planets placed here are in charge of service, servitude, enemies, debts, diseases, traumatic changes, death, losses, dissolution etc. Best is if these three houses are empty. Or occupied by malefics and aspected by benefics so that the turbulence they cause in life is minimised.
  • Kendra and kona houses are the houses which directly link to the main 1st house. Bhavat bhavam principle is an easy way of understanding the importance of these houses. The 1st house is bhavat bhavam for only the 7th house. The 7th house is the bhavat bhavam for both the 4th and 10th houses. So these three houses directly feed into the power of the 1st house. Then the kona houses, 5th and 9th are in the Dharma trikon with the 1st house, are linked in its creative genius /foundation axis. So these two houses also link very deeply into the power of the ascendant sign. Having powerful and beneficial planets in the kendra and kona houses grants the personality more power to navigate life successfully.
  • Exalted planets are an asset in a chart. Also planets placed in their own houses or their mool-trikon signs. These are highly comfortable and willing to give auspicious results. If you have such planets in your chart, they pull up its quality significantly. Especially if the ascendant lord, Moon, Yogkarak or benefics are in such positions they give significant positives in life. Even if the malefics are exalted, they will help you navigate the turmoil they cause or at least you will gain something significant after the troubles are over.

Navamsha chart D9 – Then is using the Navamsha chart to get more insights into your deepest expectations and potential. This analysis is a necessity, but do this only if you have your exact birth time to the minute.

  • Vargottam planets, or the Vargottam ascendant degree indicate that the planet’s outward energy and inward energy is the same, there are no deep-seated conflicts in the personality.
  • Planets placed in the pushkar navamsha generally are auspicious and help in life.
  • If planets shift to their own signs or mool-trikon signs or in their exalted signs etc add more power to face conflicts and rise with every opportunity in life.

Ashtakvarga is another useful tool in astrology. It can be used to gauge the power of a planet or a sign to give auspicious results in life.

  • Planets having more than 4 points in the sign they are placed in at birth are going to be more favourable and auspicious.
  • In case of signs, the signs whose combined score is more than 27 are generally helpful. Those signs which are occupied by benefic planets at birth, or are placed in kendra/ kona, especially the lagna sign should have points more than 27.

Those aspects of life indicated by such planets and signs having such high scores tend to remain stable and non-problematic. Or even if there are problems, their severity is lesser and are more manageable.

Shadbala – in your vedic software, there will be a calculation for the ‘power’ of the planet. These ‘bala’ strength is calculated for the 7 planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The strength of the ascendant lord and the birth Moon should be high for overall favourable and enjoyable results in life.

Nakshatra – The lunar mansions are the framework of Jyotish. If you have your vedic astrology software, open it and check out which nakshatra your 9 graha and the rising degree falls in. These 10 Nakshatra energies are going to be more important in your life. Then calculate your Janma nav-tara chart from this post. Check which Tara categories your identified 10 Nakshatra-s fall in. If these fall in the Janma, Sampat, Kshema, Sadhak, Mitra or Ati-mitra Tara categories, then the planets occupying them will be able to give satisfactory results on the subtle/ inner levels.

Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

Now quickly on horoscopes with lesser power or ‘weaker’ horoscopes.

Birth chart, the D1

  • The Ascendent sign occupied or aspected by malefics.
  • The ascendant lord, birth moon and other benefic planets influenced by malefics. Or placed in the dushamsthan, 6th, 8th 12th houses. Or even if in the 3rd house and influenced by malefics. This will increase the number of inauspicious events in life and also the trauma they cause.
  • Malefics aspecting each other increasing their strength to do mischief.
  • Yogkarak graha incapable of giving favourable results, influenced by malefics or debilitated.
  • Aspects of malefics on the Ascendant lord, the Birth Moon and the Yogkarak, will increase the power of that malefic planet on the overall personality/mind of the person. This can aggravate the negative qualities like cruelty, insensitivity, violence etc both in the personality and the environment.
  • Conjunctions with malefics can spoil several aspects of the life all at once. eg Moon with Saturn can cause trauma to the sign/house they are placed in and also Cancer sign wherever it is placed in the chart.
  • Debilitated planets, planets placed in their enemies houses are highly uncomfortable and pull down the power of the chart. Especially if the ascendant lord, Moon, Yogkarak or benefics are in in such positions.

Navamsha chart

  • If planets shifting to the signs which occupy the 6th, 8th, 12th houses of the birth chart D1 become slightly unfavourable.
  • Planets which shift to their debilitated signs or to signs owned by their enemies lose power to do good.
  • I have written several posts on navamsha analysis, do use the index page to locate them if you wish to read.


  • Planets having less than 4 points in the sign they are placed in at birth generally cause difficult changes in life.
  • The signs whose combined score is less than 27 points can also initiate turmoil when transited by malefics etc in life.

Shadbala for the ascendant lord and the Moon if is very low then you cannot ‘enjoy life’. There may be favourable things around you but you cannot use them or derive happiness from them. So do look up the section on ‘planetary strengths’ in your astrology software.

Nakshatra – In your Janma nav-tara chart, if any of your identified 10 Nakshatra-s fall in the Vipat, Pratyak or Naidhana Tara categories, then the planets occupying these Nakshatra will give subtly inauspicious results which will give you anxiety etc on the subtle/ inner levels.

Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

This is a framework post. One placement does not make a reading. You have to look for patterns always. More patterns means more potential for the prediction to actually happen in real life. More powerful patterns add strength to you. More weaker combinations pull down you down. Every chart will have some auspicious and some inauspicious parts, eg if you have a very strong professional life then it is possible that you will have a less joyful home life. One cannot have everything at once. Try to understand your birth chart, your basic personality, your behaviour, your expectations and potential. Jyotish is Illumination, use it to see yourself first, analyse yourself dispassionately. Find out what aspects of life are going to give you successes, follow these. Try to leverage your strengths to grow, take every change connected to these aspects of life as a challenge and grow with it. Try to fortify those parts of life which are going to bring you turmoil, or try to channelise these turbulent energies into more productive things. Every change is an opportunity if only you know how to use it and you have the will to do so.


6 thoughts on “Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

  1. Drishali September 6, 2020 / 7:58 pm

    Hello Tejaswini!

    I have been having a great time reading your articles. I have learned so much, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    I would have loved to get a consultation but you are not taking them anymore.

    I had a question, it would be great if I could get your opinion:
    What would you suggest one can do if one has a weak ascendant lord? I’m a Capricorn ascendant with a retrograde Saturn conjunct Ketu in the 3rd house. And from my understanding, the potential of my other placements may not manifest due to this.
    I have been wondering since a while if I should consider remedies or let life unfold.


    • astrologerbydefault September 6, 2020 / 10:17 pm

      Hi there
      i have written on remedies in my several posts, do use the index to locate the posts. . these can be as simple as lighting a lamp, reciting the beej mantra or doing a homa, etc

      but since your asc lord is with Ketu,
      i suggest you read the posts on Rahu/Ketu and their esoteric nature, ketu conjunct other planets, ketu conjunct the asc, retrograde saturn, 3rd house’s typical nature etc
      asc lord with Ketu can get very typical.

      it would be helpful if you at least recite their beej mantras (at least three times), both Shani and Ketu on Saturdays, and light a sesame oil copper lamp in your house puja ghar. keep a separate diya for this purpose. it will help you in several ways.
      if you do not feel like reciting their beej mantras you can recite their basic shloks, these are composed by Rishi Ved-Vyas
      “Om neelanjana samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam, chhaya martanda sambhootam tam namami shanaihscharam” om
      ‘om palash pushpa sankasham taraka graha mastakam raudram raudramakam ghoram tam ketum pranamayaham om


      • Drishali September 6, 2020 / 10:32 pm

        Thank you so much for your detailed reply!
        I’ll be sure to check out the articles, my aim is to read every article 🙂

        I will also try the remedies, no harm in trying I think…

        Excited to binge on your current articles and future posts. Thank you again!


  2. seekerisme March 25, 2021 / 10:41 am

    Namaste Tejaswini ji, I cannot stop reading your blogs since I have found them couple of days ago. I have read a fair few of the articles and I am somehow feeling very invigorated and lots of movement inside. I cannot stop crying and there is an emotional turmoil. I cannot explain the feeling.
    I have 3 retrograde planets in natal chart. Retro saturn in lagna Virgo and Retro Mars, Jupiter conjuct Rahu in 12th house Leo. I dont know why i am writing this but I am lost right now maybe because i am in middle of my Ketu dasha. I cant even express myself but feel loke falling in your feet and cry.
    Lots kf regards


    • astrologerbydefault March 25, 2021 / 12:22 pm

      Hi there
      The turmoil is because you are absorbing a lot of information which is relevant to you. All these words you are reading are triggering things, removing blocks and allowing a more positive flow of energy within you.
      But if you cannot stop crying then I suggest that you listen to some stotra/sukta which makes you happy. Eg Shri Sukta is a good option. Or do some pujas of your Kul-devata. Or any deity you adore. Or if you prefer the pure knowledge, then listen to the Brahmajnyanavali mala.
      Ketu mahadasha (wrote a post on this) creates new perspectives but in a strange way, this is happening to you though these posts you are reading. He brings up the deepest learnings from your past lives/experiences and makes you assimilate them in your current situation. Ketu in the 6th house but aspected by Jupiter. So overall there will be good things in this Dasha. Try to do some simple practice as your time schedule permits. It will help.
      Or if you can, go to some natural area, sea shore, park or something where you can better assimilate what you are reading. Or if you have some old temple near you, (not the new modern ones), visit there.
      It was sweet of you to write what you did, but better would be to feel grateful for your own 9th house (in astrological terms!), or to your source of faith for the internal happiness/sense of freedom/new perspectives, etc that you are feeling.

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      • seekerisme March 25, 2021 / 5:42 pm

        Tejaswini ji receiving your kind response is like receiving maa’s blessings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The emotions activated from your writings are pure and raw. As suggested i listened to Shri Sukta and it was blissful thank u again for introducing me to Shri Sukta. I have been doing simple homa
        Everyday from last 1yr or so and started reading Vishnu sahasranama too. I have been lead into the direction of astrology since last 6mths and thats how I stumbled upon your writings. Now its like a whole new world has been opened to me and I am overwhelmed for sure. I am looking forward to where this journey leads me as I am currently at the very shore of this vast sea of gyaan and dont know how to even take the first step. However your writings are my 9th house and i lay my trust here.


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