A curious case of over-weight

I was thinking on people being over-weight and what could be the astrological reasons. There are the usual generic reasons which I list out here and there is one curious one which I will write about in detail,

  • Jupiter. He is often the main culprit for those of us who are over-weight. If he is a functional malefic for your ascendant sign and influences your ascendant sign or your ascendant lord you will be overweight. Or if he remains a functional benefic but gets placed in a unfavourable house. ie Jupiter if the owner of the 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th houses or placed in these will give you excess fat.
  • The 2nd house signifies food and drink. If you have a functionally malefic Jupiter or even Venus here, you will have no control on what you eat. You will like sugary and fatty foods with the consequent fatness.
  • Then the Moon. A well placed Moon is worth its weight in gold! If he is uncomfortable he will cause problems connected to the entire body by his influence on the mind. Pay attention to the birth Moon sign and this sign’s ruler. This will give you an indiction about what food/ nutrition gives you emotional comfort, what foods you crave. Moon in Sagittarius or Pisces might make you pick up the fattier foods options. Also look for malefic aspects on the Moon, eg Saturn aspecting Moon will make you eat less, erratically and you will develop weight problems.
  • If you have malefic Saturn influencing your ascendant sign/lord or birth Moon. This combination decreases initiative/ drive and can make one lethargic. Basically vitality is sapped and you will find it difficult to focus on your health.
  • Similarly if the Sun or Mars are weak and unable to give their results they reduce the ‘fire’ in the body. So digestion will be primarily affected. Overall lethargy and disinterest in exercise is also likely.
  • Sometimes there are medical hormonal reasons, malfunction of the endocrine glands which cause problems in weight. In this case check the Venus and Mercury. If they are affected generally hormonal imbalance is indicated.

If you have at least two of these combinations in your chart do be careful about diet and exercise. This will not only make you over-weight but make it difficult for you to lose weight too. And whatever you do, you will always be on the higher side of the weight range. If you have issues with weight management try to find out which planet is responsible and target this planet’s keywords, use its energy appropriately. Eg if your weight problems are caused by the imbalances in Mars, it would be more appropriate to increase activity, exercising, getting the body to move rather than just trying to control the diet!

food has psychic energy

Now for the curious case.

As you know planets are considered to be male, female or neuter. This does not mean that they are physically men/ women/ neuter. (In fact whenever I see the graha-s, they all appear as men, beautiful, dressed in radiant clothes of their chosen color. They are seen in deep Dhyan or in the spiritual practices during eclipses.)

  • ‘Male’ means the energy of the planet is more steady, the potential is higher than the action, the perspective is broader, more solid, change with more efforts, can sacrifice for a higher ideal, more outgoing, like linear thought patterns, these are energies which ‘give’ more easily. Sun, Jupiter, Mars are male
  • ‘Female’ means the planet’s energies ‘receive’ more easily, more inward moving, are more focussed on the minute details, are focussed on the self, on self-survival, are more active than passive and are more adaptable can be more easily changed. VenusMoon and Rahu are female
  • ‘Neuter’ means the planets energies are more like a witness, observe dispassionately, non judgemental. You can consciously use their energies in any way you prefer, both above options are available to you. Here male, female or neuter is not related to sex or gender. Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are neutral.

The signs are also classified into male/ female. The odd signs, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius are considered male. And the even signs are considered to be female ie Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

If you are born with the XY chromosome set you are a male. And if you have the XX chromosome set at conception you are a female. This is the biological sex and it is a reality (There are some very rare genetic variations who are called ‘neuter’ sex, such people have very different energies, might write about them sometime). So you are either male or female, it is set in your DNA. The bodies of both sexes are obviously different and the mind too is subtly different. The expectations, behaviour, actions and reactions are different, so is the preferred environment. (You can also determine the sex of a horoscope by looking at it.)

And sometimes I have noticed horoscopes are unbalanced in a very strange way. This, in clients who are required to perform in an environment flooded with energies completely unsuited to him/ her. Eg A woman is put in an environment of exclusive outgoing ‘male’ energies. Or a man is required to perform exclusively with the opposite female energies. This gives deep discomfort as there is complete mismatch between his and his environment’s energies.


A common observation is in these horoscopes was this, if the client is a woman., the ascendant sign or the ascendant lord or both are influenced by a lot of male planets, either conjunct or aspecting. And the signs which is rising and/ or occupied by the Ascendant lord are also male signs.

Eg. A family with one woman in a group of men, husband, brothers, men cousins, sons, father/father-in-law etc. Practically nil woman relatives around her. She is required to work around a father, husband, sons etc. all men. She is not unhappy nor over-worked. There is an energy restriction. (This is not about ‘feminism’, there is a distinction here.) She is surrounded by energies which are fundamentally opposite to her own nature. eg A woman needs to do 3-4 things at a time, office-work, home-making, maintaining social relationships etc multi-tasking, but men are one-job at a time, linear. And so many men projecting ‘male’ energies in the house. The discomfort to her energy body is because of this constant unvarying exposure to only ‘masculine’ energies. And invariably she will be overweight. She cannot lose weight. If she does manage to lose weight it comes right back again. This overdose of male linear energy around her, binds her, slows her down. She can’t do what she wants to do in the energy sense thus the body and mind both are affected. There is over-weight coupled with a tinge of sadness.

This imbalance is generally more visible in women. If they are home-makers then they are always at home. And if they do work in an office elsewhere, the chances are that the office environment will also be dominated by men! Such women should do more activities which allow them expression of their active ‘female’ nature. Dress up and go out with other women, cultivate a kitty party group, go to the beauty parlour regularly or something. (Even till our grandmother’s times, there were festivals only for women. Women would get together, sing songs, play some typical games etc, apparently this was a monthly affair! This regular interaction with other women would set the energies right. Today these women-only festivals are not being celebrated anymore.)


And I have noticed the opposite scenario too. One single man in a family with the wife, daughters, sisters, mother, mother-in-law etc women relatives. He is living in an environment completely opposite to his nature. His horoscope will show the ascendant sign or its lord to be influenced by a disproportionate level of ‘female’ planets. And the actual ascending sign and the sign occupied by the ascendant lord might also be ‘female’ energy.

Such men often suffer from ‘guilt’. You see, men and women are actually very different eg women are not direct, they communicate in a rather obtuse way. This confuses the linear thinking man, and he can go under an overload of actual guilt on the mental levels. However weight management is not a problem in men, as when they go out to the office they balance up. The office environment always has a few men. But if you are a man and find yourself being surrounded by women all the time, do find some men-friends to do things with. Else try to go to a ‘male’ energy type of environment once in a while, the gym is one very good option.

Here we are considering only the ascendent sign and the ascendant lord. The ascendant sign is where you and your environment is defined. And the ascendant lord is how your personality and your environment interact with each other.

Our basic natures are linked to our birth chart more deeply than we realise. Even seemingly unconnected things make sense when you open the horoscope and look for patterns. Everything has a logical reason for it to exist. In your horoscope the ascendant sign, the ascendant lord and the Moon has to be well placed and capable of giving auspicious results. If there is an imbalance or malefic influences here do keep track of them because they might manifest in strange and unexpected ways!