Navel displacement and setting it right

The human body is a perfectly engineered machine. It is much more than what we see with our physical eyes. Every part is perfectly in place, only if we knew how to use it! There was a question on navel displacement so writing this post. This is something which modern medicine has not been able to understand as yet, but has been addressed by Ayurved, the science of life and the living body and Yog shastra.

When you lift heavy things or twist your body suddenly or unnaturally or when you walk on uneven ground or climb stairs with jerks etc the alignment of the navel in relation to the body twists. This happens more commonly in small children, I remember my brother when he was a small boy always messing up his navel and my aunt setting it right several times. This can happen in adults too and can be seen as problems with digestion, cramps in the abdomen, bloating, acidity, heavy menstrual bleeding, uterus is affected, semen production reduces, impotency can result if this continues for long.

Navel displacement and setting it right

The navel called Nabhi in Sanskrit is a very important energy point of your body. It has a huge bunch of naadis clustered around it. If someone kicks you right on the navel you might even die. The Nabhi is also called the centre of creation. On the physical plane, you were formed around your navel. Your link to your mother in the womb was this Nabhi, and your body was formed around it. The centre of gravity of the human body is always his navel. If this shifts, i.e. navel displaces, the internal balance of the body is affected. The navel corresponds to the Manipur chakra where the ‘fire’ of your life exists. ‘Agni’, the conscious energy responsible for all sorts of conversions is located in your navel.  The panch-pran, the five vital energies are linked here, their movement in your body is with reference to the position of the navel. The navel is thus the point where the five main types of pran in your body remain in equilibrium. Thus its paramount importance.

In the galactic context, the central ‘black hole’, source of energy, around which our galaxy revolves is called the Vishnu-nabhi. (There is a lot more to the Vishnu-nabhi, will write a full post on this later). This portion of the sky seen from the earth lies in the Moola nakshatra, Sagittarius sign. Moola means root, origin, foundation, edge, firmness, temporary owner, start etc in Sanskrit. If you were born with your birth Moon in this Nakshatra you are different. This Nakshatra is ruled by Niriti निरीति, (the one who is free from all bindings) also the deity of annihilation. As per the Vimshottari system, the planetary ruler of Moola lunar mansion is Ketu, the agent of separation, the Moksh-karak. You are highly intuitive with a sense of ‘other’ about you. You have a sense of personal power and leadership qualities, but this does not translate into material benefits. It feels that you are between 2 worlds always. Material life can seem strange and you long for something undefinable. Past life memories can mix with the present as you have an easier connect with the energy of involution etc.

Navel displacement and setting it right

The navel is a delicate energy structure and is always protected. Energy moves out from the navel, which is not good. Wearing clothes where the navel is visible to others is not good for the energy body, you lose energy. In the traditional Indian dress, the dhoti for men and sari for women, a length of fabric is pleated and this thick pad of fabric is positioned exactly over the navel. If you can afford it, buy a gold chain and wear it on your waist, exactly on your navel and see how your energy gets balanced. Gold is not to be worn below the navel. (some women like wearing gold anklets, this will create problems for the reproductive system and blood pressure in the future.) Putting coconut oil in the navel is the best way to remain healthy. Always use ‘edible’ Coconut oil, whatever brand you use, it should be marked ‘edible’ clearly on the bottle. Put a few drops of coconut oil in your navel when you go to sleep at night. You can use other ‘edible’ oils, like apricot, almond, ‘roghan badam shirin’ is a good option. But coconut oil is the best. You will look younger, fresher and a lot of diseases will be nipped in the bud.

With this brief introduction, on to the practical. Navel displacement. Lie down on a flat surface, feet together straight out, toes pointing up. First find out where exactly is the navel? Is it in the center of the navel hollow or is pulled away from this exact center.  For this check your heartbeat in your navel. Put your index finger into the hollow of the navel and check where you feel your heartbeat. In a normal body the heartbeat is felt in the exact center of the navel, i.e. your finger will feel your heartbeat equally from all sides in the hollow of your navel. But if the navel is displaced, you will feel the thud of the heartbeat only on one side of the navel. This is navel displacement and is extremely bad for your health. The first symptom is always stomach upset, constipation (if heartbeat is felt on the upper side only, pran is more than apan), or loose motions (if heartbeat is felt on the lower side of the navel, apan is more powerful than pran) etc. This is basically because the panch-pran, the five types of pran, going out of balance and the naadis of your body are now carrying this pran in jerky motions. If this state continues for longer, you will fall seriously ill.

So how to set this ‘displaced’ navel back to its correct energy position? It is very easy! This is very commonly done in India, especially when small children get stomach upsets. The patient lies down on his back on a flat surface, e.g. on a carpet on the floor. Feet together, toes straight pointed upwards. The stomach is exposed and a metal coin or a small metal bowl is placed on the navel. Position this carefully so that it covers the navel. A small camphor piece is put on the coin and set on fire. This entire thing is now covered with a larger bowl in such a way that as the camphor burns and uses up the oxygen, a small vacuum is formed. The larger bowl now ’sticks’ to the tummy because of the suction created. This arrangement left undisturbed for some 10mins after which the larger bowl comes free of its own. After this the patient turns around on his side and slowly gets up, no jerks. He can have eat a small snack or a fruit now.

This simple method does two important things, first it pulls all the pran towards the navel because of the uniform suction. Then as the suction is uniformly around the navel, the excess pran is pulled out through the navel and the rest is all balanced evenly.

There are other ways of setting the navel right using Yog-asan, yogic postures, eg, Salabhasan, Dhanurasan, Tadasan, Matsyasan, Uttanpadasan etc. If you do the Uttanpadasan yogic posture you will never suffer navel displacement, it is basically lying on your back and raising your legs, do it only if you are physically fit. Or the navel can be brought to its normal position by pressing certain points on the legs, and there are certain points on the forearms/elbows. But it may be a bit technical to explain/do.

This vacuum bowl thingie, however, is the best and the simplest way of setting your navel back to its correct position.

Astrologically people who are Virgo-dominant are more prone to navel displacement. If you have your birth moon in Virgo, or ascendant Virgo or a bunch of planets in Virgo, or your 6th house is occupied by several planets, be aware of your digestion, abdomen and the energy flows around your navel. Take care of your navel and be aware of the heart beat in this very important organ of your body, this will help you remain healthier.


Navel displacement and setting it right