Jupiter, Saturn placed in the 8th house

The 8th house is called a Dushamsthan, a house of turmoil. Every sort of ‘Shock’, is the domain of the 8th house. This post is on how Jupiter and Saturn perform in this house of traumatic catastrophic changes.

Jupiter placed in the 8th house.

Jupiter placed in the 8th house is a good placement. His primary nature is to expand, so he will expand whatever is signified by your 8th house. Jupiter and Mars are quite friendly so Jupiter feels quite comfortable in this natural house of Mars.

The 8th is the house of all sorts of openings so you can expect life to open up for you at several levels. At the most material level, doors will open for you and the windows of opportunity will always available. But this route of growth will be in the shape of the transformative agents of the shocking 8th house. However Jupiter’s inherent benevolent nature allows you to accept this transformative trauma and its growth potential with hope and faith. Identity transformations will be many but gentler. There will be several changes in personality, ever growing, ever expanding.

You will face a lot of upheavals in life linked to the agents of the 8th, but every change will give you an enormously positive outcome which you had neither thought of nor anticipated at that time. There will be several unexpected situations in life. Possibilities of several surgeries remain, however they will all be successful. It would be good if you do routine body check ups after mid-life.

You will have knowledge of the occult and mysterious. Several deep secrets will be known to you, about yourself and about other people too. And you will use them, the secretive ‘king-maker’, your actions will be secret too. You will outwardly seem very ordinary but will wield your secretive influence on matters which will affect several. There will be something magnetic/large! about your personality, depending on which sign/body part is linked here. Large magnetic eyes perhaps?

Jupiter is an enormous graha and he uses the enormous potential of the 8th. He is basically a Teacher, and grants life experience using the energy of this 8th. His teachings go very deep into the astral self. You will practice spiritual activities which involve the movement of pran /kundalini. If the other placements support, this Jupiter can grant Moksh or at least significant spiritual growth.

You might have secret affairs before marriage or there will be some secret irregularities before you settle down with your spouse. The actual marriage event also will be in a relative secret setting. The spouse may be secretive, preferring to not be in the public eyes, or may have secret tantrik/ occult/ financial skills which are not known generally. The spouse and his/her family will be generous and helpful. Wealth will increase post-marriage. You can expect increases in hidden wealth. However the family finances will remain your secret as you do not share these details with your spouse. The marriage is reasonably happy with lesser number of children.

The results will vary as per the sign that is in the 8th. e.g. Jupiter if placed in his own signs, Sagittarius or Pisces or his sign of exaltation which is Cancer, will give even better results. Also do analyse that Jupiter is placed here as the lord of which houses. e.g. where are his signs (Sagittarius /Pisces) placed. These other 2 houses will also be affected by Jupiter occupying the 8th.

Transits of Jupiter are relatively long at about 1year per sign, in this period he goes retrograde for about 4 months. So there is a lot of scope for learning, re-learning and revising his lessons. Keep an eye on his transits.

Then as per the Vimhottari dasha system, Jupiter’s Major period, Mahadasha is quite long, 16 years. Also his sub-periods/Antar-dasha, in other planet’s Mahadashas is also quite lengthy. So keep this factor in mind while analysing his effect on you.

Overall this is a good placement.

Jupiter, Saturn placed in the 8th house

Saturn placed in the 8th house.

There is an understanding that this placement gives a long life, but always evaluate the quality of such a life before concluding that this is a good placement!

Shani is ‘fear’, so unless your Mars, 8th house lord, Ascendant lord and Moon are well placed you will be in perpetual fear of the agents of the 8th house. You resist transformations, change, rebirth, renewal, regeneration and refuse to re-define your self. You resist movement. The environment of the 8th demands transformative changes yet Shani resists them all. His nature is that he must resist. He remains fixed and he endures. Your personality faces changes, this is the function of the 8th house. 8th is continuous evolution. But as Saturn’s nature is to maintain the framework, you cannot evolve freely under his influence.

So look back at your life and try to analyse. Change is essential! But have you failed to change and thus lost valuable opportunities? After this self-introspection, list out the things about you which need change. And then commit yourself to change, slowly gradually over a period of time. As Saturn is commitment and regulation he will accept this form of regulated and well-evaluated change regime.

Then on the physical front, you will require medicines and visit the physical doctor often. You will be less receptive to the power of faith and the energy-healing methods. But in any case, there will be chronic diseases and healing will be slow, yet it will be a long life! Evaluate the 6th, 8th houses together for a in-depth on this health aspect.

The in-laws are seen from the 8th house and will be heavily influenced by Saturn. Here he occupies the 6/8 angle to the ascendant sign, thus the agents of the 8th will be adversarial to the personality. So the spouse and his/her family will be restrictive, maybe in constrained circumstances, anonymous working class type. You will be required to perform duties for them. Spouse’s face, speech, voice and behaviour will not be pleasing and often adversarial to your personal well-being. There will be a significant age difference. However she/he would be hardworking and suffer from chronic illnesses.

Relationship with the birth father is not good. Shani is the natural ruler of the 10th house so the birth father will not be of much help in this life, profession or his wealth will not be available to you. As 8th is 12th counted from the 9th house, the guidance from spiritual-father, established religion and ancestors will also be restricted.

From here Saturn aspects the 10th house, 2nd house and 5th house. So typically you would be a hard-working professional, perhaps with lesser salary than you deserve and your creative intelligence is highly structured. Wealth will not be in proportion to the work being demanded unless there are other influences supporting wealth-generation. No bursts of creativity, more like a steady disciplined output. You cannot ‘enjoy’ your creative genius. e.g. no time to play with children.

The results will vary as per the sign that is in the 8th. Also do analyse where are his signs (Capricorn/Aquarius) placed, in the chart, i.e. Saturn is in the 8th as the ruler of which houses of your chart? These other 2 houses will also be subtly influenced by the agents of the 8th house.

Exception is if Shani is in Libra (exalted), or in Capricorn or Aquarius (his own signs), thus he can better structure the energies of the 8th and help you use them, effectively with discipline. By the time you leave the physical body, you will be a master of these energies and may accrue significant occult /tantrik skills to make the death process very systematic. Depending on the other factors in the chart, he can also grant Moksh or at least significant spiritual growth.

Transits of Saturn are relatively long at about 2.5 years per sign, and he goes retrograde for 4-5 months per year. Thus he ensures learning, re-learning and revising his lessons. Then as per the Vimhottari dasha system, Saturn’s Major period, Mahadasha is quite long, 19 years. Also his sub-periods/Antar-dasha, in other planet’s Mahadashas is also quite long. So keep these factors in mind while analysing Saturn and the timing/intensity of his results.

And then as always, the situation will improve after Saturn matures. Also if the ascendant sign/lord, birth Moon, Mars and 8th house lord are well placed, the negatives of this position can be reduced.


Jupiter, Saturn placed in the 8th house

I have written about Moon, Sun and Mercury and their effects in the 8th house and also how Rahu/Ketu perform in the 8th house in my earlier posts.


9 thoughts on “Jupiter, Saturn placed in the 8th house

  1. NatalieMM May 16, 2020 / 4:06 am

    What does it mean when Pluto is in 8th house?


  2. stephen June 29, 2020 / 6:28 am

    in my birth chart the moon is in 8th house together with jupiter, i find your view kinda relating but not all of it, i think its bc there’s jupiter there.
    moon in virgo and jupiter in libra all in the 8th house.
    I have hard time understanding my birth chart and cannot pay for birthchart services at the moment, could you help me out a reading or even just checking it up!?


    • astrologerbydefault June 29, 2020 / 3:07 pm

      Hi there
      i am a vedic astrologer, i use Rishi Parashar’s books.
      so you will need to use the vedic/Indian maths to draw your chart.

      if your this combination is correct, then
      jupiter in libra can give a lot of creativity, sensitivity and a broad vision. personal desires and social/religious obligations are often in conflict, if you feel inclined to write poems or creative prose or abstract art or something like tht it will help.
      moon in virgo in 8th is good in a way tht it gives a penetrating intelligence, you might get money from wills or your in-laws. but the typical thing here is that if you work for others to help them you will gain in public life. but often the private life can be frustrated.
      the influence of jupiter will take the edge off the more troublesome results. but in health take special care of the BP and do not eat too many sweets as there is a tendency to diabetes .


  3. Vineetha July 18, 2020 / 11:55 pm

    Hi can I know if jupiter 15 degree and saturn 25 degree conjunction in 8 house for leo ascedent in navasma do this gives problem to marriage life and reduce the life span of spouse, Venus is debilated in 2 house virgo do this create problems in marriage life for girl please reply. If u want can u check this birth details 09/10/1990.
    As I came to know that 7 lord with 8 lord in 8 house is the sign of widowhood is it true….


  4. Shashi July 24, 2020 / 6:33 pm

    Pranams Tejaswini ji,

    The words above on children and inability to enjoy time with them is so true in my case due to demanding workload ever since birth of child (delayed due to this placement perhaps?)

    Saturn Mahadasa specific post will be useful to all readers since its the most feared dasa.

    Please can you suggest remedies for Saturn in 8th, in house of Mercury – no aspects from other planets. To further note; weak combust moon and currently going through unfavourable Saturn transit.

    Performing homa is not possible in my situation; commencing beej mantra prayers to Saturn.

    Humble request to help on below:

    (1) Starting Saturn dasa in few years and requesting guidance on any other remedial measures for protecting bhagya (read that this might impact mangalya bhagya).

    (2) Could denial of inheritance be attributed to this placement?

    Also praying to Hanumanji and family deity and also praying to Vishnu ji.

    Thank you in advance; Namaste!


    • astrologerbydefault July 24, 2020 / 8:52 pm

      Hi there
      if you are doing your regular pujas then a lot of the troubles are reduced in intensity.

      I do not do readings anymore, do consult your regular astrologer.
      moon is not ‘combust’, it’s a birth on a amavsya, there are very clear remedies in BPHS on this.

      Saturn mahadasha is not scary in general as it makes you work systematically and consolidates your profession and social image etc. if you do not work then yes it can go very bad.

      fr simple remedies you can refer to this post

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      • Shashi July 25, 2020 / 11:42 pm

        Thanks Tejaswini ji – as you may be aware, finding genuine astrologers is a task in itself, which prompted me to do some self learning and find remedies – am very grateful to your writings!



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