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    Hi Madam, In any Samskrit stotra, phal shruti is mentioned, e.g. in Ganpati stotra, it says below द्वादशैतानि नामानि त्रिसन्ध्यं…

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    Dear Tejaswini, Name :Tejaswini. Meaning :Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent, Brave, Powerful, Celebrated, Energetic, Noble, Brilliant, Radiant, intelligent.…

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  34. Please consult medical professional as per the earlier advice that you received. I would also recommend not to get attached…

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    Can free will change astrology results? What if I do something completely opposite to my chart predictions and succeed?

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    Hi Do you teach Vedic astrology classes?

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    Namaskar mam How to evaluate a house when it’s lord is heavily afflicted but it receives aspects from Jupiter ,mercury,sun?

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    Namaskaram Tejaswiniji There is an almost immediate effect on dreams with the change in habits ( food, sleep etc) and…

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    Thankyou so much for your guidance…deeply appreciate it!

  43. Hi there ideally no. if the body is loaded with tamas then the energy of the mantra will cause problems.…

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    Namaste Tejaswiniji, thankyou so much for taking out time for answering our questions. I have a question concerning the Navavaran…

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    Namaste, I love pets/animals myself but i have a huge hygiene issue. So for that reason I don’t like to…

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  1. Haylie November 2, 2021 / 2:36 am

    Is the concept of “initiation” into a mantra legitimate? I have read so many times people stating that devotees need to be initiated before beginning certain mantras or else the mantras will not have the desired effect- most often for Devi mantras. But if the devotee is reciting the mantra with faith and sincerity, is it really required?


    • astrologerbydefault November 2, 2021 / 9:04 am

      Hi there
      But there are very few people capable of giving mantra diksha.
      And Jivanmukt who can give naammantra of the Ajapa mantra or Om are the rarest.
      Only those who have siddh the mantra can really give mantra diksha.
      Eg u want to learn calculus, will u go to a jr school math teacher who will just read out frm the textbooks. Or will u go to a college ptof who has understood the concepts completely and thus is able to teach others?
      Mantra are no joke, they r raw power. The aspirant has to b able to channel that much power in him else he will damage himself, go crazy or die.

      So do the best u can sincerely with faith in the Devi.

      And wht do u mean by desired effect? Eg Tht navavarna mantra can do so much. Frm stambhan to maran. Do u want to kill someone with it? And it will give phal of the Devi mahatmya mantras frm bhukti to mukti. R u really prepared fr Moksh? Has tht much virakti accumulated in u?
      If so the Devi will ensure tht u get the necessary initiation.
      Most people want wealth health spouse child etc. these are trivial things. U dont need even one billionth part of shri sukta energy fr this.

      So dont bother about all this. Trust urself and the Devi.
      Do the mantra of ur favourite deity sincerely and with all Shraddha. It will happen.

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      • Haylie November 2, 2021 / 9:17 am

        Thank you 🙏


  2. Noor November 2, 2021 / 10:52 am

    Namaste dear Tejaswini 🙏
    In your article regarding Gayatri Mantra, you’ve mentioned these lines… “And even if you have produced your children by then, your real children will be the children of your soul not of your DNA.” Could you please shed some more light on this… I am not able to comprehend the meaning of this.

    Also, the full Gayatri Mantra that you’ve given in the end… Is there a YouTube link to it? It’s surreal, beautiful what you’ve shared!

    Could you also write more on parent-child karmic relationship!

    Thanks so much for all your beautiful posts! 🙏🙏


    • astrologerbydefault November 2, 2021 / 11:54 am

      Hi there
      what is a ‘child’?
      something you have created. 5th house thing, supported by the 7th and 9th houses, liked to the Dharma trikon.

      this can be a biological child, where you create its body and give it the basic sanskars to continue your physical lineage. your spouse 7th house supports you and your ancestors/ kuldevata etc 9th house bless you so that you can do this.

      or this can be a student, a shishya. a Guru ‘creates’ a shishya from his soul, ie he gives him his teachings, his siddhi, his mantra etc with the directions to continue the Guru’s lineage in this energy sense.
      here too the same houses operate, the Guru’s 5th house ie creative ability, is supported by his personal spiritual practice ie 7th house and the teachings of his Guru parampara ie 9th house.

      when a genuine Guru takes on a genuine shishya, it is the same thing as producing a child.
      but it is rare now.

      the gayatri ghanapath by uma mohan.

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      • Noor November 3, 2021 / 10:15 am

        Thank you so much! 🙏


  3. sonamswati November 2, 2021 / 5:24 pm

    Good Morning Ms. Tejaswini Ji,

    I was reflecting on your sentiments illustrated in another post about feedback that you have received about this blog.

    “So before getting into the math and tables of the technique, try to find out what its concept is all about.”

    I highlighted this multiple times. I recently graduated with my undergraduate degree in Physics and find joy in pondering the, at times, inexplicable concepts that I have stumbled across in my studies. I would often trip over basic understandings in the initial coursework. I would sit at my desk and internally scream, “These are the Laws of Nature you fool! They will not change because you simply do not have the insight to understand them or the equations that are required to complete this homework assignment!”. I reach a similar notion when approaching interwoven concepts in Vedic astrology.

    Haha! I have grown a sense of humor around my lack of knowledge about most subjects, Vedic astrology included, but I do appreciate that it creates a zealous curiosity. I still do not understand aspects of planets on different houses or whether my Moon and Saturn placement result in some yoga in my chart, but I do find inspiration in your posts and appreciate the acute emphasis of personal intention.

    Sometimes I become curious about what you might enjoy for breakfast on the other side of the world. Sometimes I become curious about your hobbies. I wonder if you might be an advanced baker since baking requires immense tact. I have created an intelligent, unyielding, and poised pen-pal in my own perception of the author of this blog. Regardless, I respect your privacy. You share your intellect in a myriad of ways and any additional attempts to learn more about the astrologer versus the insights of astrology is insensitive to personal boundaries.

    This forum reply is entirely nebulous. It is reflection mixed with appreciation mixed with continued curiosity. I have no relevant question.

    P.S. I had written to you a few weeks ago after having experienced an abrupt transition of a friend. I am still healing from the visual residue, however, your advice has led me to find solace in the Will of our Creator. I learned that I will reach the same fate. Thank you for being a light in my dismal days.



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    • astrologerbydefault November 2, 2021 / 9:45 pm

      Hi there
      every experience teaches one something that is necessary for growth. so best is to accept that and wait for the new to come, which will occupy the space the old has vacated. and it will come.
      one gets a human life as an opportunity, so make the most of it. every breath is precious, use it.

      i have shared a lot of my ideas, thoughts, ideas etc in my blog. i think they are interesting as this blog does have a lot of subscribers and viewers
      what i eat for breakfast may not be so interesting though, I am Marathi, from Konkan, so pohae, upma, thalipith, shira, sabudana khichadi and the rest of it. i am a good cook and whoever eats the food i make invariably goes to sleep after that.
      i don’t bake though, i don’t like cakes/ pastries so never tried cooking them.
      am skilled with my hands, knit, crochet, macrame, draw, paint, crafts. i can sing reasonably well. i like to read, take photos. i like it when it gets really cold, winter and monsoon are my favourite seasons.
      so you see, overall i am a regular person, same as everyone else 🙂

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  4. X November 3, 2021 / 10:48 pm

    Hello Madam

    When we face adverse situations in life generally it is because of either of 2 cases. Either we did the same thing towards the person in some earlier life and hence we are facing the reaction of it, or we didn’t do it and the person is initiating it first time.
    My query is how to differentiate which of the two cases is applicable in any particular situation? One way is to see planet combination in that particular area of life and deduce it. E g. If 10 th house damaged , then we must have been a bad boss in earlier life times so we had it coming. But if it is not so, then is the new cycle getting initited by the other person knowingly or unknowingly?


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  5. Dipak November 4, 2021 / 2:57 pm

    Respected Tejwaswini Mam,

    wishing you and family a very happy Diwali. Grateful for all the wisdom/experience that flows via your blog to all of us!


  6. So November 6, 2021 / 5:39 pm

    Your prediction regarding rahu in lrittika was quite on point. I’m born under uttarphalguni nakshatra. And for the past month I’ve been sick. My moon and rahu are in virgo. I’ve been suffering from stomach illness. Will Jupiter help once he is out of debilitation? Being in rahu md is certainly not helping me rn. P.s. Happy Diwali!


  7. Gratitude November 6, 2021 / 10:31 pm

    Pranam Tejaswini Mam 🙏🏻

    Please read this when you free mam and if I’m enough deserve to request you mam
    This comment is for you only please don’t post it kindly mam please..🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻




    • astrologerbydefault November 7, 2021 / 4:11 pm

      Hi there

      You have written things which you deeply feel for me. And feeling positive emotions for me is good enough 🙂
      Thank you.
      You do not have to do anything specific for me.

      But yes, whatever role you have been assigned to in this life do it with Dharma. Ie be a good daughter to your parents, a good sister, aunt, wife mother, etc. If one follows Dharma in life, his/her surroundings also become Dharmic. Dharmic people come in contact with you. It becomes a self propelling energy. So encourage your relatives, friends, neighbours, spouse, to follow Dharma.
      Encourage them to listen/recite the Shri sukta. You have seen a positive effect in you with it so try to help others find shelter in the Devi Shri too.
      Encourage children especially, your nieces, nephews, other neighbourhood children around you to do some Dharmic activity daily. It can be as simple as doing namaskar to their elders/parents. Mata and Pita are the first Guru for everyone of us. Even this much will help them in life.
      If you feel someone can benefit from this blog, do share the blog links. It is possible that the words may trigger some positivity, some Dharma in that person.
      Someone who follows Dharma is very clear about his/her life, purpose and actions. That is the power of Dharma, the right eternal foundation. If everyone brings Dharma within them it will automatically percolate outside, in the society and the nation

      I do not get angry. The last time I felt this emotion was about 7 yrs ago.

      If you have derived this combination on your own, then you are a good student of Jyotish and your teacher should be proud of you.
      You cannot get more out of these combinations as you do not have the exact place/time, so cannot refer to the DC and the rest of it. eg my 12 Rashi ashtakvarga are all more than 27. Several more rare combinations in my DC. I am very transparent in my life and very clear on what I am to do.
      My horoscope is actually rare.
      I always think that my Satguru made my parents marry for me, they were the only couple whom he directed to get married to each other in his 96yrs of human life. And told them that I was to be their only child. He always gave me very specific ashirwads, he never gave such ashirwads to his other lakhs of disciples.
      I am reminded of one incident. One of my Mom’s friend’s Guru was a Jyotishi in his purvashram. A very high level Yogi, in his 70s. My Mom randomly met him at her friend’s house, did namaskar. He told her that he wanted to see her daughter, ie me, face to face. So we went to do his darshan. I was in the 11th std. He looked intently at me smiled. Then he pointed out to my Dad some combinations from my chart/ DC and their significance. He wanted to see me as he had never seen charts like mine. He knew me/my charts without my Mom giving him my birth details.

      I am not against Dakshina, but putting rates is distasteful. Dakshina is Brahmin dharma. Rates is Vaishya dharma. totally different.
      In fact if you get a Brahmin to do pujas for you, or get a Jyotishi to read your chart always give Dakshina, else the puja/ reading will not work for you.
      Eg when my husband and I do pujas by engaging Brahmins, they always quote their rates (this is vaishya dharma not brahmin dharma eg rs 5000 for a 1hr puja). We give them that amount. but because we have engaged them with our intention of Brahmin dharma, we give Dakshina always. they might think that we gave them more ‘money’ but in our intention that is the true Dakshina.
      Eg someone who was close to me charges money for readings, even Nikita does. but that is their lookout.
      This someone, when I met him, was suffering coz energy backlash from this rates for readings among other things. I spent my time in helping him on so many levels, I felt that this was my karma and I felt very happy, satisfied in doing so. I benefited and he also visibly improved, it was a beautiful time of about 4yrs. But then he got back into the same rates thing. And that negative effect again became evident in his life.
      A genuine Jyotishi, Tarot reader etc should never put rates.
      Dakshina is something different.

      Same era as me! That is coz you haven’t seen the real Sat Gurus.
      Physically sitting in front of my Guru, was a feeling that I cannot describe. It’s been 20yrs since he became Vyapak, and I feel this same energy all around me always.
      When I was a child, we used to go to Baswan Bagewadi, a small town in Karnataka for my Guru’s Guru Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj’s punya tithi on Rama Ekadashi. Several of my Guru’s Gurubandhus had attained Jivanmukti and they all would come with their own sampradays to that small town on that day. We all, the combined disciples, a few lakh people, had the privilege of seeing our Gurus, at least 6 of them sitting on the same stage, all disciples of Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj. Nothing I have seen/felt in my life since can match the grandness of that.

      I am nothing in front of the real Guru. So pl do not feel so much for me.
      My Sat Guru is everything, these are his words.
      at max i can be thought to be like a puppet in his hands.

      If I have understood something, I should be able to explain it in terms so simple that even a child can understand it. I should also be able to speak it in english, marathi, hindi, biology, chemistry, physics, math etc, in a way which makes sense to the person I am explaining it too. Else it means that I have not grasped its gist.

      So if you really want to do something, follow Dharma. That is in fact the only thing that a person can really do.

      I have deleted your comment as you had requested me to.

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  8. Noor November 7, 2021 / 1:01 am

    Namaste Tejaswiniji,
    Regarding your article on how to “Activate the Navavaran mantra ” … I have a doubt. Firstly is the mantra to be changed always in upright, meditative pose before the murti? Or can as chant it mentally anywhere, anytime….while working, lying down? Thankyou so much! 🙏


    • astrologerbydefault November 7, 2021 / 8:35 am

      Hi there
      Always on the asan in frnt of the household deity moorti or in temple before the moorti of deity

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      • Noor November 7, 2021 / 9:23 am

        Thank you so much for clearing my doubt! 🙏


  9. Noor November 7, 2021 / 10:10 am

    Namaste Tejaswiniji, please educate us about Shiva puja 🙏 we have recently got a sphatik Shivling at home as my husband is a Shiva devotee. I wanted to know please…
    Does a Shivling have to be accompanied by “Nandi”?
    We do the regular Abhishek….please tell what else should be done?

    Thank you 🙏


    • astrologerbydefault November 7, 2021 / 11:32 am

      Hi there
      I have a parad shivling. I have a copper naag and a silver nandi.
      If u/ ur husband do pujas of Shiv, u can buy a small naag and nandi it adds to the power.
      Personally i do pujas of Naag daily. And on Trayodashi on Saturday ie Pradosh i do pujas of specifically Nandi.

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      • Noor November 7, 2021 / 12:22 pm

        Thank you so much dear Tejaswini! 🙏


  10. S November 7, 2021 / 9:49 pm

    Your post on women’s monthly cycle was rather enlightening. Never thought of it from that perspective so found it so usual. I always used to think of this particular custom in Hindus as “backward” and would rebel against it. However, I came to this particular realisation when I took off my rudraksha and my headache stopped instantly, when my cycle had just started.

    As a woman myself, I experience no physical problems unlike other women, only intense sadness or some mental issue. But as I’m aging, now 42…. Things are becoming better! I also feel extremely spiritual during these times…i dont know why!
    Very enlightening article… Thanks dear!


  11. Gratitude November 7, 2021 / 10:50 pm

    Mam I posted one comment two times but still not showing that your comment is awaiting moderation.. kindly forgive me if you got same comment two times..🙏🏻🙏🏻 still no idea you will get this comment or not mam..


  12. Gratitude November 9, 2021 / 5:52 pm

    Pranam Tejaswini mam 🙏🏻

    I wrote something for you though I’m not at all a writer and the very first time my mind helped me to stop at a moment and write something..

    Kindly read when you have free time mam.. kindly forgive me if im wasting your time mam..


    kindly requesting don’t post this mam please.. 🙏🏻


    • astrologerbydefault November 9, 2021 / 7:35 pm

      Hi there

      i did delete your comment text as you asked me to.
      thank you for the kind feelings you have for me and for my Sat Guru.

      one realises the value of the positive attributes in life only after one deeply experiences the negative ones and has the Guru Krupa to understand and move towards the satvik.

      that is why i wrote tht notice on the copyright. i have no attachment to the blog as such. but if i have deeply understood something now, i have paid the price for it in my past. and those were unpleasant things. that painful energy too resides within me. my readers can easily choose to take in the positivity. if someone twists the words/concepts, the negativity will go to them equally easily.

      My Sat Guru protects me, always.

      Everyone must protect Dharma within them and around them.

      Do not apologise for anything or for the bad behaviour of others, there is no need. its their karma.
      i do not allow emotions to stick to me for long. there is no need. and i have a typical logic for these things.
      eg suppose someone cheated me, eg got Rs 30 lakh from me under some pretext. no doubt he must have felt satisfied that he got money out of me. but his this happiness is temporary. (just like everything of this created universe.)
      so if his happiness about cheating me is temporary why should i feel permanently bad about being cheated ?
      i have something that can give me permanent happiness, best i focus on that.

      I see no point in staying in the past.
      if i turn back, there are not just these few 40 odd years of this life and these few hundred people.
      But there are lifetimes. I remember so many and in so much detail.
      a few of those lives were of famous people, books written on them. i remember the people around me. people who betrayed me then, killed me! or gave their lives for me, the children born to me, my spouses, relatives, emotions. i remember being born and the physical deaths from those lives.
      so in comparison to all this, the Rs 30 lakh now does not matter much to me. (the other’s karma are his.)

      my 35-36th yr was critical. mindset/perspective changed completely. it took a few months to assimilate everything that i remembered. after that it was all ok.
      before that age i was a bit of an idealistic idiot, bound by the thought process of the current society / age.

      your poem on the kosh was nice. putting concepts you understand in your own words helps deeper understanding.

      i really do not know what work i can give you or any one else.
      the only work possible is to stick to Dharma, to feel internally satisfied in what you do, ie listen to your Antar atma and act accordingly.

      i respect genuineness in everything and i felt it in your comment.

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      • Gratitude November 9, 2021 / 11:14 pm

        Pranam Tejaswini Mam 🙏🏻

        Thank you so much for accepting my request and deleting comment..🙏🏻🙏🏻
        The way you respect reader’s opinion is showing grandness of your ethics.. 🔥🔥🙏🏻

        “”””””one realises the value of the positive attributes in life only after one deeply experiences the negative ones and has the Guru Krupa to understand and move towards the satvik.””””

        👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 This is so spot on..🔥🔥

        I noticed that as people grow older, they gradually become harder and harder, forgetting their sensitive and satvik qualities.. and yeah after experiencing deep negativity yet being remain positive is only possible with Guru Krupa..
        And everyone first must try to protect their inside softness and positivity under guru’s shelter..

        “”””””so if his happiness about cheating me is temporary why should i feel permanently bad about being cheated ?””””””

        Arey wah what an insightful logic mam !!!! Your experience triggering me on so many levels.. 💘💘 getting clarity on how to heal past wounds and where to concentrate..

        Feeling so so so nice for these heartful talks.. how to say mam? that something damnn strength n passion for growth Kinda vibes I’m getting here which I couldn’t get from many life coaching sessions from different coaches..

        As you always said it’s true mam one should experience something wholeheartedly by own.. That magic is something beyond expression.. 💓💓 that is what I’m actually feeling now.. 🥺🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

        Loved your perception.. Melting in your knowledge…

        No more words..


      • Abk81571 November 10, 2021 / 12:22 am


        As you pointed out, the 36th year being critical…. the ‘Matured Yogakarak’ Saturn at work (that’s just my guess.. forgive me if i”m wrong 🙏) (and with all your intense sadhana bringing the right perspective…!! For sure A DHANYA ATMA 🙏🙏🙏)



      • astrologerbydefault November 10, 2021 / 9:23 am

        Hi there
        I have repeatedly said tht the 36th yr of life is critical coz saturn and 3rd cycle of jupiter abd 2nd cycle of rahu ketu coincide.
        All these 4 r very powerful in my chart. It was a extremely turbulent period fr me on the inner levels. Something like a total breakdown with a concurrent complete rebuilding. My asc lord moon sun mercury venus ketu are all influenced by saturn. All of them gave their results all at once.

        If someone is great in some way, Saturn has to b powerful. Without Saturn u cant achieve anything.

        Saturn is capable of favourable results fr asc Taurus Gemini Virgo Libra Capricorn and Aquarius.

        Sometimes i think that as a society, we are not following Saturn’s directions anymore. Ie physical labour is looked down, people avoid actual work, everyone wants white collar jobs. The base of everything is Saturn. If we continue like this eventually our society will become unbalanced.

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      • Happydreamz November 10, 2021 / 9:49 am

        Hello Tejaswini ji,

        Thanks for highlighting the importance of Saturn in your response to another post. What remedy would you advise for Sun-Saturn conjunction in 10th house Taurus lagna? Saturn is combust.

        And for Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in 12th house Gemini lagna?


      • astrologerbydefault November 10, 2021 / 2:01 pm

        Hi there
        consult your regular astrologer for personalised readings

        easiest remedy for Sun is to give him Arghya regularly. and easiest remedy for Saturn is to give him sesame oil on saturdays.

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      • Abk81571 November 10, 2021 / 10:49 am

        Can totally relate to & resonate with your emphasis on the 36th year… was one of the most happening times in my life too, followed by the revamping of perspective.. just a couple of years before my Saturn Mahadasha (asc lord) started. Then it has been a series of eventful growth periods in career as well as spiritual fronts… really grateful for all the accomplishments & lessons that Saturn has blessed me with, so far in this life🙏

        totally agree with your thinking on physical labor being looked down… even the countries preaching equal opportunity & dignity in doing any level job, are just at the verbal level, unfortunately!


  13. ANAND November 9, 2021 / 9:31 pm

    Pranaam Madam,
    Firstly, thank you for the post and the replies (especially the last one), I was sincerely moved by the post. What I felt when I read it is beyond the boundaries of language and expression, so all I can say is a meek “thank you ” for the post.

    I was very much moved by the latest reply, it was overwhelmingly positive to read, encouraging, and at the same time extremely healing. I am overcome with emotion as I write this Madam. Thank you very very much once again.

    Best regards and sincere wishes,


  14. tanyasinghbhadauria November 11, 2021 / 10:03 pm

    Hii Mam !
    Just wanted to share what i have been eager to say since so many months. Read it when your heart is light & free.

    Thank you for creating such beauty here. ( okay , okay , it was your karma to write & mine to grasp but allow me to keep this fact aside for a while 😋 👻)

    🌞 The way you have written about various multi dimensional facets of reality . Creating magic by integrating the seeming good & the seeming bad aspects of energies colored by the lens of planets that guide us , teach us , help us to become more unified within & without.

    🌕 The way you have swam in the darkness , faced all those aspects of life / lives that we know nothing about , your courage , your resilience , your perseverance , your truthfulness & your commitment to your faith in Self / Guru. And your appreciation of light & life. 💚

    🕔 The way you gift hope , faith , light to others by encouraging them to become self reliant & to never give up. The way you follow your conscience despite being misunderstood at times. It ignites brevity within us too to be dauntless & follow our true paths in the midst of transience , beauty & turbulence of life.

    🪐 The way you appreciate the beauty , sincerity of the misjudged saturn & see it in its true light . Your devotion to Mata , Guru & your truth .The way you have interpreted the cosmos , is & is not , nothing & everything , Prakriti & Purush. The drama , the doing , and the witness.

    ⭐ Your depth of heart , kindness , pure honesty , insight , experience & wisdom . And the generousity of your heart to share it.
    Thank you ! is a meek word. A feeling of gratitude perhaps ?

    🌈 The warmth of being seen & finally understood by a stranger & a knower . The feeling of finally discovering , & simultaneously acknowledging & accepting the different aspects of our pschye and thus transcending. 💫🌻

    ☯️ Seer or the seen ? Light or darkness? Being & doing . Care & non attachment. Sensitivity & strength . Ying & Yang. Illusion & reality. The ultimate paradox ( thank you for this feeling of understanding that eased my heart & mind specifically when you wrote about pisces dominant ,the estoric wisdom & everything else too) .

    🌠 I hope that you always feel loved & when you don’t , may you always be aware of the light that ignites your beautiful heart , and these beautiful , mysterious , harsh yet absolutely sublime worlds / realms that eternally exist.

    🌌 To meet you , to learn from you in this time space continuum is a blessing. And i feel utterly grateful. 💛

    ♾️ Thank you for being who you are ! Thank you for existing !

    PS : I hope you genuinely smile & feel the warmth & your inherent beauty. Take care. Be happy , Stay blessed. 🙃♥️

    Jai Guru 🕉️

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    • astrologerbydefault November 11, 2021 / 10:19 pm

      Hi there
      yes, i do feel loved 🙂 i did see warmth and also in your comment and i did smile 🙂
      Jai Guru 🕉

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    • S November 13, 2021 / 12:25 am

      What a lovely comment! This person has beautifully written out the way I feel about Madam and this blog.

      Pranam to both.

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  15. Pravash Rana November 15, 2021 / 12:08 pm

    I understood your thoughts. Agree.
    I m an learner of astrology. But I need help for sometime, I u dont mind do you have any contact mail/something. Where I can put questions.


    • astrologerbydefault November 15, 2021 / 12:39 pm

      Hi there
      U can put ur questions in the comments.
      I do not interact one to one with anyone.


  16. GayatriR November 16, 2021 / 1:10 am

    Hi Tejaswiniji

    Greetings and lots of gratitude, for being a guiding light !

    I am taking baby steps in astrology with the help of your blog. I had a very basic question, please excuse me if it sounds mundane.

    1. Why are Rahu Ketu called North and South Lunar Nodes ? From both Earth and Moons reference frames the two points seem to fall more along the equatorial regions or the cross section of earth,
    rather than the polar extremes.

    2. The articles on eclipses brought about another question. So geometrically speaking, will the effect of eclipses be nil or insignificant at the exact North and South pole ? ( although existence of life might probably be very difficult there, but hypothetically ).



    • astrologerbydefault November 16, 2021 / 8:50 am

      Hi there
      In Sanskrit they r Rahu Ketu. Its best if u think of them like this.
      In english they call them these names, because of the astronomy of the elliptical orbits. they correlate it strongly with movement of planets ‘up and down’ or ‘south and north’ hemispheres. Read about ascending and descending orbital nodes it will b clear.

      There is life everywhere, consciousness. Esp the poles are very conscious. Other dimensions open there

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      • GayatriR November 16, 2021 / 11:45 pm

        Thank you !


  17. KF November 16, 2021 / 11:25 am


    Re: “The Almost Kaal Sarpa (KS)’

    Amazing! Your post above does not talk about KS in a negative light at all. And I was running around like a headless chicken for a day because I was told by an astrologer it is likely the root cause of my stagnancy at work. Ah well its OK, I look back at those times and laugh a bit. At least I visited Tryambakeshwar for the puja, even if it was a placebo.

    Two Questions:

    1) If Moon and Jupiter are outside the axis, its not an “Almost KS” right? Its not KS at all as per your writing. I was told it is “Aunshik” KS [or mild KS]

    2) Can I be affected by the negative aspects of KS if my spouse’s chart has it?

    Funny story: After my puja, my spouse who has been a homemaker all through, unexpectedly got a foot in the door of the school system here and soon became a full-time employee. She always wanted to teach kids, never imagined getting in this way! So my performing the puja for myself actually bore fruits for her?

    Thanks much!


    • astrologerbydefault November 16, 2021 / 2:35 pm

      Hi there
      1. no ks nor partial ks
      2. its quite possible,
      after marriage, both are linked. both share the positives/negatives together.
      if both have genuine feelings for each other both act as fill in the blanks for the positives. they help each other.
      if both have negative feelings for each other, they add to each other’s negatives, so mutually destroy each other.

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  18. Shankar November 16, 2021 / 9:02 pm

    Namaste Respected Madam,
    I sincerely express my gratitude for your kind post and replies. I want to share some of my thoughts as I am associated with psychology and related fields ( all essentially taught by western materialistic thinking).
    As time progressed and my inclination changed towards our vedic teaching ( again I thank you for your brilliant posts on Advaita, tbey are exhilirating to read, and I am beyond words to express what I feel), I realized the limitations of such thinking especially in psychology.
    Psychiatry is a field as of today believes that everything is chemical and thus all of mental health issues can be treated with medication. I believe that such blanket assumptions are questionable.

    I want to share the experiences of a relative, who had a troubled marriage, and was divorced and was so badly stigmatized and was on medication which made her dependent and ultimately passed away at a very young age. I was an adolescent back then and I regret my inability to help her when she needed it most. In retrospect, now I feel spiritual studies could have helped her , but most folks in my relatives circle are materialistic, and when I even try to talk about spiritual perspectives, they simply ignore me. I stopped now in order to conserve my energy.

    I wanted to very humbly request your thoughts on this overmedication problem for mental illness , especially for “disorders ” (I put it in inverted commas to denote the american perspective on mental “disorders” like schizophrenia etc.

    I hope I was able to word my thoughts correctly Madam.
    Sincere regards,


    • astrologerbydefault November 16, 2021 / 9:58 pm

      Hi there

      once in my life, when i was not very aware of things, something traumatic occurred. i was very worried for almost 2 yrs. i knew something was wrong but all the Drs i went to said that i was nuts as all their tests said that it was ok.
      finally i met someone whose karma it was to help me. as all the astral horror was cleaned out, it took some time, that trauma ended.

      in villages, even today, if someone falls uncharacteristically ill, gets depressed, something evil happens to him, some misfortune etc, he first goes to the village tantric, jyotishi brahmin, village deity etc and does the required puja/ritual etc. and in 90% of the cases his problem is solved.
      we, who live in cities, are disconnected from the awareness of energy so suffer in different ways.

      but this does not mean tht modern medicine is inaccurate, just tht the Drs are still not aware of the full picture and also refuse to acknowledge it.
      so the easiest option is, go to a Dr but recite the Dhanvantari mantra in your mind as he examines you and also over the medicines. He will add his energy to the process and help you.

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      • Shankar November 16, 2021 / 10:15 pm

        Namaste Madam,
        Thank you so much for this reply, and it is extremely helpful.
        It is so true that the Drs are not aware of the full picture, and they prescribe medications which have horrible side effects, I was studying their effects on the nervous system as a biomedical researcher, and it is unbelievable how tbese people attribute mental health to one chemical!!

        For example, one is “depressed” because this chemical is low, and they medicate , in many cases the mode of action of the medicine is not even clear !!! The more I studied, the more aware I became of the limitations, and wrong presumptions of psychiatry. Modern medicine has advanced, but psychiatry I humbly feel has a long way to go…


  19. Gratitude November 16, 2021 / 11:20 pm

    Pranam Tejaswini Mam 🙏🏻

    This comment is personal for you.. after reading this kindly could you please delete this mam 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    ————- deleted —————

    With lots of love and gratitude 🌷🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


    • astrologerbydefault November 17, 2021 / 12:46 am

      Hi there
      thank you for your feelings for me 🙂 will keep them in mind. the person who wanted me to stop writing, he had this same concern, and he too is a cancer ascendant, was very dear to me.

      just one thing, if you can, do not apologise so much, there is no need. if you are expressing something that you feel about genuinely then there should be no need to keep on apologising.

      i dont know what you meant by my reply to your previous comment. but its possible that i wrote a short one as i am often busy doing other things.

      energy is one thing, but just to put your mind at ease a recent personal experience. i went to the Devi Ganga, she helped me. then i had the good fortune to meet a genuinely pure Guru in the smashan there. the energy of the smashan, the Devi Ganga and that Guru’s aura. After a very long time i met a Guru who felt like that on the aura levels, the aura ‘smelt’ like saffron, kilos of saffron.

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  20. Kt November 17, 2021 / 10:37 am

    Dear Madam

    Some people say that you can not escape law of karma i.e. you have to face reaction for any action. While read at many places that paschatapat paap nashtate i.e. repentance destroys the sin.

    Can you explain which of these is correct? And which sins can not be absolved.



    • astrologerbydefault November 17, 2021 / 11:19 am

      Hi there
      this is what happens when you are not taught Sanskrit in school and you also never attempt to learn it later in life.

      paschyataap or does not mean repentance. you cannot say ‘sorry’ and expect that your negative karma is done and over with.

      eg in a typical abusive situation, you cause pain to your spouse and then say ‘sorry’. this is not paschyataap, not by a long shot.
      paschyataap means that you are required to satisfy the negative karma that you have created. your conscience is so agitated by the realization of your wrong that it does not let you remain at rest. ie it makes you to make amends, to serve out that karma that you are bound to, to balance it out and in this life only.
      if you are aware of the wrongs you have done to her, if you genuinely feel bad that you hurt her then you must try to make it up to her in all ways you so that her Antaratma acknowledges that she has come out of the trauma you inflicted on her. this you can do paying attention to her, genuinely feeling for her pain, taking her out travelling, buying gifts etc, whatever is needed. you can also do healing on her, ie mantra or dana for her.
      if you do not gain her acknowledgment that the balance is achieved while you both are alive then this karma will be tied to you. what ever you have done to her, you will be required to endure it in your next life.
      you can do paschyataap of negative acts which you have done in this current life only.

      paschyataap is a fire, and it is. the pain, torment, affliction, test, trouble, that your own conscience inflicts on you after it realises the extent of negative karma it has created.

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  21. Gratitude November 17, 2021 / 6:02 pm

    Pranam Tejaswini Mam 🙂🙏🏻

    When you have really free time kindly read this.. and again this comment is only for you.. kindly delete it after reading mam.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    —————- deleted —————

    With lots of respect, love, and gratitude..🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


    • astrologerbydefault November 18, 2021 / 8:56 pm

      Hi there
      thank you for feeling so much and with such kindness for me
      but it would be better for you if you divert these feelings of gratitude to your source of faith, it will help you so much more on your spiritual journey.

      small changes are better accepted and make significant changes for the better. maybe you can encourage others you know to also bring these small yet significant changes in their lives too.
      this act of yours will magnify your own energies.

      Shri Sukta is the best remedy for all problems in life. all businessmen, students, parents, grandparents, everyone in every walk of life should sincerely listen to it daily. invoke Shri in your life and see what happens.

      all the ‘magic’ in this blog belongs to the Satguru. its his doing and his energy.

      everyone is given the load that he is made for.
      My Gurus limitless energy is doing everything.

      your slam book.
      What might be your
      ➡️Favourite colour blue or ash
      ➡️Favourite food puran poli
      ➡️Favourite place any natural place where there are no other humans.
      ➡️Best moment – the 1st 2nd are personal and connected to my Satguru.
      3rd best would be when i saw my husband for the first time
      ➡️Favourite person – my Guru obviously, next would be husband and son
      ➡️And what makes you happy – a beautifully recited mantra/shloka/stotra
      ➡️What qualities you wanna see in your close ones – Dharma
      ➡️What to do when you get anger how to make you calm – In the past, have done some really violent things when i still used to get angry, they are not worth writing about now.
      i calm myself, Soham
      ➡️ What to do to impress you – i do not get impressed by others. but yes i like seeing people with Satvik qualities
      ➡️ Your favourite music or song – Teekshna Damshtra Kaalbhairavashtak. Kalika Kavach.
      ➡️Your hobbies – read, write, trekking, photography, cooking, crafts,

      i am not active on twitter or insta. and i do not interact one-one with others

      you dont need my life experiences to feel that vibe.
      do your sadhana, practice Dharma and you will get your own experiences, and these will be more valuable to you than anything else.

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  22. Tk November 18, 2021 / 2:20 pm

    Hello Madam,

    For the mercury you have mentioned to give the dana of ash of yellow sea shells. Can you please explain where to get them and they should be bigger in size or smaller?
    The small sized ones are available at temples for sale as keychains, can they be used for the same.

    Thank you


  23. GayatriR November 19, 2021 / 9:32 pm

    Hi Tejaswiniji

    Greetings and gratitude !

    The wedding muhurtha in North Indian weddings is usually midnight or later. In your posts you have mentioned about the different prahars/ karan and energies associated with them, and the night generally being tamasic .

    So, is this custom in North an evolution owing to the invasions ? Or could we genuinely conduct weddings during that prahar.


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    • astrologerbydefault November 20, 2021 / 11:57 am

      Hi there
      No regular puja, no Sanskar is possible at night. For a puja/Sanskar 2 things are essential
      – Physical Sun in the skies, ie the Pratyaksha Devata is the first witness. He is the only deity visible to the eyes and his presence makes everything auspicious.
      – Agni in any form ie a Deepak, Yajnya kund etc is essential. He is the Jaatvedah, he knows everything, he is the second witness.
      Without these two witnesses, no puja and no Sanskar is possible.

      Would you do a Yajnopavit sanskar or an Anteyshthi Sanskar at night? Then how can Vivah Sanskar be done at night?

      I live in North India and this is the worst part of weddings here. I get a invitation card and the time of wedding is never mentioned.
      Guests go in the evening, meet the parents, give the gifts to them, eat dinner and come back without giving the new couple ashirwad. I have been to a few ‘weddings’ and have neither met the prospective bride nor the groom nor seen them get married. This is most unfortunate.

      In South India, the invitation card has the exact muhurt, eg 11:23am, 10:14am etc.
      This is the general scheme of things fr marriages here. Early morning, sunrise, both sides start Kuldevata puja. Then boy goes to Maruti temple for taking his permission. He comes back and the girl and Brahmin are ready and waiting. The Vivah is performed at the exact muhurta. Then the new couple sits together, guests meet them, they do namaskar, guests give ashirwad. The Naivedya is offered to Kuldevata and lunch is served. The new couple reaches the home, gruh-pravesh before sunset. Next day they do Satya Narayan puja.
      The new couple is not allowed to go out at night a few days before and after the marriage. These are prime targets for entities who want to drain them of their energies.

      This degradation in north India is a result of the invasions where the invaders would kidnap women.
      But now they should again go back to the actual system.
      As of now the new couple does not get any ashirwad from Suryadev nor from the invited guests and are prime targets for negative entities.

      latest possible muhurt for any shubh karya is the Go-dhuli muhurt, ie 45mins before sunset. ie the time when the cows come back home and the dust from their movement is seen.

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      • GayatriR November 20, 2021 / 1:43 pm

        Thank you!


  24. tanyasinghbhadauria November 20, 2021 / 1:33 pm

    Mam , this is an excerpt from the collected works of Swami Vivekananda.

    52. The Yogi should not feel allured or flattered by the overtures of celestial beings for fear of evil again.

    There are other dangers too; gods and other beings come to tempt the Yogi. They do not want anyone to be perfectly free. They are jealous, just as we are, and worse than us sometimes. They are very much afraid of losing their places. Those Yogis who do not reach perfection die and become gods; leaving the direct road they go into one of the side streets, and get these powers. Then, again, they have to be born. But he who is strong enough to withstand these temptations and go straight to the goal, becomes free. क्षण-तत्क्रमयोः संयमाद्विवेकजं ज्ञानम् ॥५३॥

    You also mentioned that you do not trust angels and others , they have their own agenda.

    Growing up , I believed that people who love us want the best for us.
    My naivity , my idealism , my expectations of fairness , honesty lead to my heartbreck . And it then lead to sort of vairagya . Seeing not through my rose colored glasses but seeing things as they really are.

    What I mean to ask is , these celestial beings , they have no material thirst I assume , what can they gain from such endeavors. We are pure energy so are they. We are trying to travel to our destination which we already are. Same goes out for them.

    Why wouldn’t they support us ( I assume the ones who are really spiritually mature they do ✨ ) , and if they cannot , why perturb others who are on their way to themselves .

    How do we discern between them. Maybe discernment ( Vivek ) in such cases comes with experience.

    And if we are not interested , how do we politely decline ?

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    • astrologerbydefault November 20, 2021 / 4:35 pm

      Hi there
      I have written this several times, in several posts, in several ways, even put it in a story form!

      While in Dhyan ignore whatever is shown to you, ignore all that you are offered, everything. else you will be caught and at such high levels inside the sushumna, it will take lives to get rid of it. Read the description of how Rishi Shuka attains Moksh at the very start of the Mahabharat. He ignores everything except his final destination. Even Arjun managed to ignore everything except his target in archery. How did he do it? By completely controlling his mind. Your mantra is your lifeline, hold on to it as firmly as a drowning man would hold a lifesaver.

      I trust no one except my Satguru, ie the Advaita.
      I have respect for other deities as they too as the emanations of the same Advaita. I go to their temples, do their darshan etc. eg I offer Arghya to the Suryadev because i live in his domain. I offer him my thought/mantra energy in return, its an equal and fair exchange. one becomes a Suryadev after doing severe penance which entitles him to act on that level of consciousness and take the offerings of that level. 100 ashvamedh yajnya to become Devendra! Deities are not the Eternal they are too just rays like us, albeit at a different level. They have done sadhana to reach those levels of Suryadev etc as per their desire. Deities are enjoying the fruits of their sadhana which they performed to become that deity in the first place.
      So be clear in your mind why you are doing your sadhana.
      i too am an emanation of that same non-dual, same as them, at a lower level of consciousness. But the deities too are not fully aware of the Advaita that they are. eg Shri Vishnu is no doubt aware of his level of Satva gun but beyond that?

      i know that there are humans around me who were deities, ie served as Shri Yam or Devi Laxmi in other universes. but as they finished that stint, they wanted to find the Advaita within so have been born as humans and are doing their sadhana. Most higher level yogis who are around now were deities from other universes.
      Several stotras/ mantras have this line ‘devanam api durlabham’. there are several things which the deities cannot do and do not have access to. but we humans have that access. we can do sadhana and attain that Advaita level of consciousness, ie become ‘Leen’ in thte Self. deities cannot, they have to take birth as humans first.
      We humans are very special and human birth is a rare thing. ie if you want a human life in your next one, better ensure that the Shadripu are all equal at the moment of physical death, else you can become a tree or an insect or a fish in the next.
      Read that incident where Naga Sadhu Totapuri, a realised Sat Guru, the Guru of Ramkrishna parmahans told him to take a sword and cut off Devi Kali from his consciousness so that he could see himself. I was always very sceptical of Ramkrishna Paramhans as everyone talked about his devotion to Devi Kali, but reading about this incident changed my perception of him.

      No Jivan Mukt will worship deities.
      And no one but a Jivan mukt can guide you towards yourself.

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      • ANAND November 20, 2021 / 5:38 pm

        Pranaam Madam,
        Sorry for the follow up, I realized that I could have worded my query on Shadripu better., I would humbly like to comprehend the meaning of “Shadripus equal at the time of physical death” . Sorry I did not word it clearly…. Thanks again and humble Pranaams,


      • astrologerbydefault November 20, 2021 / 7:52 pm

        Hi there
        depending on which enemy of the mind is dominant at the time of physical death, the next life’s form is decided.
        there are so many things happening at the moment of exit, so thts why i have emphasised in several posts that our life in martyalok is all a preparation for the correct exit from it.

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      • Anita November 20, 2021 / 5:46 pm

        Hello Ma’am..
        I have this long standing doubt which I hope you can help clarify : sometimes when I am feeling very sad or despondent and lost .. I have felt a comforting presence during prayer, and often I receive answers or insights or advice on how to manage a situation.. if I am very worried about something.. I do occasionally receive reassurance or a voice in my head which gives me the answer I need .. I often see the deity in my minds eye when this is happening.. they are different deities who I pray to so I get my insights from different deities too. Is it ok to receive such advice while doing mantra sadhana? Or to your point during sadhana we should focus on the mantra and not receive anything? Do the deities really speak to us when we pray to them or is this our soul/imagination? I hope to receive your guidance on this question I have had for years !
        Thank you for everything that you do and share with all of us ! Very gratefully, Anita


      • astrologerbydefault November 20, 2021 / 8:02 pm

        Hi there

        deities are conscious awareness who respond as you think of them/call them intensely. you give them energy via your mantra and they repay it by doing what you requested of them.

        i go to a temple and request the deity for some help and i feel Her presence reassuring me that i will get it. or i read the Devi mahatmya with the intention that She destroys my enemies and i get a strong feeling that its done. or i sit and deeply think of Bhagwan Dhanvantari and request his help in restoring my health and immediately feel his calm presence about me. all this happens and is an indication that i am on the right path. or i can think of my cousin in Mumbai and he calls me up 2 mins later as he felt my voice in his head. this too happens. but i cannot let myself be enchanted by these and forget my ultimate goal.

        ‘in Dhyan’, i have used this qualifier always.
        in Dhyan, its between your mind, your Self (third eye) your mantra and your breath. no deity or entity or gift or siddhi should be allowed to interfere in this personal time.

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      • tanyasinghbhadauria November 21, 2021 / 1:02 pm

        Thank you mam for imparting absolute clarity & insight , for your time & energy. 🌻

        Ramakrishna , Ramana Maharishi Nisargadatta Maharaj & other jivan Mukts , their lives , their presence , their unique way of being , so many differentiated facets of the absolute , Advaita. Awe , inspiration & their grace.

        This is the way.
        Not this , not that. Neti , Neti.

        Thank you once again. 💛♾️


  25. ANAND November 20, 2021 / 5:12 pm

    Pranaam Madam,
    Thanks for this precious eye opening reply and my thanks to the reader for having asked this question.

    Madam, if it is possible at your convenience, if you could kindly elaborate on Shadripu, it would be really useful for us readers Madam. I searched the knowledge portal but could not find it sorry if I missed any relevant post.

    My sincere gratitude and humble pranaam as always,


      • annaresh November 20, 2021 / 8:26 pm

        Please write on this whenever you get time…is this mentioned in Garuda Purana? the link bw rebirth and shadripu? where can I read more?


  26. uma November 21, 2021 / 12:36 am

    Namaskar thank you for your incredible blog and abundant wisdom. A request- can you pleasewrite about the individual prayoga of each of the shlokas of the Sri Suktam?


  27. Aprajita November 21, 2021 / 11:44 am

    Namaste Tejaswini Ji 🙏

    Is it really possible to really achieve true Dhyaan awastha, without achieving perfection in Yam and Niyam, i.e. restraining ourselves from doing/thinking wrong and training ourselves for doing/thinking what is right in all situations.

    And also while living in society, along with families, in-laws, co-workers, how is it possible to look beyond those judgement which our mind produces on every act of these people and have that non-judgemental outlook.

    Thanks & Regards 🙏

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    • astrologerbydefault November 21, 2021 / 1:41 pm

      Hi there
      that is why soham is the easiest practice.

      and there are the other routes too
      eg master the 6 vedang, find out the correct time space, accurate shiksha chhanda etc and recite the Mahamrutyunjai just once, it can grant Moksha with just once recitation if its done accurately. but yes that too will take time and appropriate teacher, etc lifetimes.

      so do your Soham, train your mind, one breath at at time, over your lifetime. it will do everything necessary.

      living in the world u will do everything necessary, eg get angry, feel tired, lie, etc. but as soon as you can bring your mind back to soham, the impression generated by your irritation etc will not be allowed to go deep into your mind by your practice.

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  28. NiRa November 21, 2021 / 3:50 pm

    Mam thank you so much for this blog, I feel so much gratitude while learning from your blog for spiritual growth. In one of your answers in forum you have mentioned about visiting Kasar devi temple and seeing devi Saraswati in red clothes playing veena. I have been to Kasar devi temple many times and I have always felt peaceful being there and felt happy when you described her form. Mam there is also Chitai temple which is a local deity temple in Almora where people tie threads, bell and letters for any wish they want to make. As told by our parents we as cousins used to tie bell and thread there as well and used to make wish, also once when I visited Dunagiri devi temple in Dwarahat I made a wish for some personal gain but when the wish was fulfilled by deity, I forgot that I had wished for something. Later on when problems came in my life, one of the person with devta avatar in his body applied vibhuti on my forehead and told me that you made a wish somewhere and didn’t fulfilled what you promised the deity and told me that whenever you visit any temple never to ask for anything from deity but just feel gratitude towards deity that they called you to visit them. I realized that making unfulfilled promises to people does not end well then this is promise being made to deities that can lead to curses by deities. Mam I want to ask does these unfulfilled promises made by us or by our ancestors can affect our next life or our next generation, and if so, then how to ask for forgiveness from deities if we did something like this in our previous life or this life and do not remember?


    • astrologerbydefault November 21, 2021 / 4:33 pm

      Hi there
      The Chitai temple you mentioned is not just a local deity, he is the Kshehtra devata of Kumaon and also the kuldevata of all Kumaoni people. I and my husband make it a point to always do his darshan on all major festival days. we always tie a bell as a thanks to him, coz he lets us live and work in his area, we only ask for his presence in our lives, his guidance and protection, nothing else, nothing personal. All his temples are very aware locations. in fact all the temples in the Himalay are very aware, if you have made a promise here, you must fulfil it else the deity will cause problems for you and your descendants.
      i have seen people, whose ancestors left these areas a few generations ago, come back asking for the old village/temple etc coz they have to repay these pending promises.

      you cannot forget. if you have forgotten then ask your Kuldevata for forgiveness and request him to help you remember. you can also light a deepak for this one question and maybe you will be given the answer in some way.

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      • NiRa November 21, 2021 / 8:24 pm

        Yes mam you are right he is the Kshehtra devata of Kumaon and the kuldevata of all Kumaoni people and always gives his blessings. Knowledge was there but no understanding, now it is clear as you have mentioned it. Thank you for the solution.


  29. S November 21, 2021 / 8:02 pm

    Namaste Madam,
    I salute and express my deepest gratitude for how you reply patiently to so many of the queries of us readers, don’t know how we can express our gratitude.
    I have read the posts of the importance of kula devatas in many of your posts, thus I had a question that I feel I can ask nobody else in this world but you.
    My paternal side of the family is not spiritual at all, and they ignored their kula devata, of which I strongly feel I am feeling the results, My paternal elder uncle (technically the head) asked around (not very sincerely) somebody to find out who the kula devata is, but that was only after my grandfather passed away, so I am not sure of the correctness of the information, as he did it only after he faced troubles in his life. Thus, I am not sure of my kula devata.
    I don’t know if you can suggest me something, I am aware of the location of the grandfather’s birthplace in south India. But, don’t know which temple is our kula devatha..
    Sincere gratitude,


    • astrologerbydefault November 21, 2021 / 8:36 pm

      Hi there
      ask anyone from your extended family on the father’s side. (if you are a woman and married then it will be your husband’s paternal family)
      or go to birth village of your grandfather ask the village gram devata temple pujari for the family tree name records for more information.
      or you can go to that temple which you know about and ask the temple priest for the family lineage records. south Indian temples keep these records very meticulously.

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      • Shankar November 21, 2021 / 9:00 pm

        Thanks so much Madam,
        This was really helpful. I am really grateful for your very kind replies. And I don’t how to express my gratitude for this kindness. Many readers have written so beautifully how precious this blog is. I can only echo that. Thanks with folded hands.
        Best regards,


      • Anita November 23, 2021 / 1:31 pm

        Hello Ma’am – just wanted to add my comment to what the reader Shankar had asked you about kula devata’s. I am in a similar situation – my brother and i have no idea who our kula devata is… we went back to our village in Kerala- asked the village priest, extended relatives but each person gave us different answers so we were back to square 1. One uncle offered a solution – which is to gather some soil/mud from the place we are staying at- make a pyramid/triangle shape from it – and intend that your kula devata reside in it and then keep it in your altar and pray to it – also intending mentally to your kula devata to let you know who they are in some way…until then you will intend that the “murti” you have made will represent them. The uncle said this worked for him… like us he felt he suffered a lot as his parents never did any prayers to the family deity. Just thought i would share… if this works for me i will update in this forum. Much Gratitude.


      • Anita November 23, 2021 / 2:30 pm

        Hi Ma’am – not married so have been on the search for our kuladevatha with my brother 🙂


  30. GayatriR November 23, 2021 / 12:54 am

    Hi Tejaswiniji

    Greetings and Gratitude 🙂 !

    Does day time sleep and the subsequent dreams also constitute Astral travel ? Or is it specific to night prahars ?



  31. preethi22 November 25, 2021 / 10:09 am

    Hi there Ma’am,

    First i would like to apologize as i am not really good at expressing myself in writing. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for all the knowledge you are disseminating in this blog. I live in Malaysia, where sanatan dharma/ astrology are pretty naive and substandard. Hence, i truly appreciate your posts.
    Since a young girl, I have had many dreams and experiences that have left me puzzled and constantly in confusion. As i grew up, I realized my dreams were clues to the material world. Of late, i have started learning astrology on my own and came across your blog and i found some answers to my dreams and life experiences. I feel truly blessed to have known you through your posts.
    I have once dreamt a vague figure in my dream and a voice stating “shivan’s temple is burning”. The vague figure was a blazing blue light. I dreamt this many years ago but i could not get it off my head.
    Often times, i find myself torn between performing my duties and going into spiritualism.

    I understand that Ma’am , you do not do anymore readings and respect it. Only if i am deserving, please do recommend a good astrologer.

    Once again, thank you very much for enlightening us with all your sacred knowledge.


  32. Sirisha November 25, 2021 / 9:22 pm

    Pranaam Tejaswiniji Ma’am,

    Please accept my gratitude and thanks a ton for this blog.

    Am learning astrology through your posts and through reading the classics which you mentioned.

    Sorry for asking multiple questions .Can you please help me with following queries.

    I read your post on

    1. If Venus or Jupiter dasa is over in childhood , even then there will be problem in marriage? Infact any dasa if its over, will the planet have 100% impact in upcoming dasa’s?

    2. Also Ma’am , I noticed in few charts that the 8th lord is in 7th house aspecting lagna lord . In this case, there is possibility of separation in married life.
    So if an astrologer get to see this type of combination in chart , and he/she very well know that they may be separted,should they not say to client that married life will not be stable and better not to get married?
    Why should an astrolger say that charts are matched and they can be married?
    I saw this combination in 3-4 of my freinds/family charts.(They shared their details for my leanring)

    How will an astrologer find out if a person will get married even though they may get separted at later point of life.

    3. How will we know which state the planet is in i.e (shayana , upaveshana , netrapani etc)

    4. I am trying to focus on my 3rd eye during soham pratcise , but as soon as I do , I get head ache and eyes hurt. Does this mean , am not ready to focus on my 3rd eye?

    Once again thankyou very much .



    • astrologerbydefault November 25, 2021 / 10:29 pm

      Hi there
      why should there be a problem in marriage just coz Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction / opposition? they can give a love match if favourable. and check the power of the 7th lord 9th lord, navamsha also.

      if a planet’s mahadasha is over, he becomes more capable of giving more sensible and mature results in life later.
      he does not stop giving results just coz his mahadasha is over!

      — you cannot give a blanket negative prediction like this. your job as a jyotishi is to find something positive, enhance its positivity by prescribing pujas lifestyle changes or counselling etc. never give negative predictions like this.
      eg the couple can opt for jobs which involve periodic separations, eg army, travelling type of jobs etc
      why would you advise someone to never get married?
      or if the 9th house is strong, prescribe Kuldevata pujas, going fr pilgrimages, advise them to have children asap as they will be the glue binding them and their Dharma as a parent and spouse etc.
      there is always somethgn that can he held on and used to help them.
      Finally there is the Shri sukta .

      as a thumb rule, fr a sure shot prediction there should be at least 3 combinations giving the same results and the operative dasha should come at a time when the anticipated result is possible.

      wrote a post on fine tuning events using dasha and transits, use the index or search bar

      there are calculations for avastha, ref the std books or your software will do it

      do not over do it, it has to happen naturally easily without stress.
      most people roll their eyes upwards and strain them, do not do it, its several lifetimes of vasana and karma, it wont allow you to focus on yourself so easily, keep doing it but in a relaxed way

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      • Sirisha November 25, 2021 / 11:12 pm

        Thank you, Ma’am


  33. Jai November 27, 2021 / 10:56 am

    Dear mam

    Read the post about the shakata yoga i.e. moon and Jupiter at 6/8 from each other. Do other planets also exhibit similar behaviour if placed 6/8th feom each other and the same coincides in D9 too. E.g. i saw a chart where D1 has sun 6th from moon and D9 sun 8th feom moon. What results can be expected in such cases.


  34. Dan November 28, 2021 / 1:34 am

    Hello Ma’am

    First of all I would like to thank you for having this blog. It helped me add more pieces to the puzzle. I especially enjoy the occult posts.

    Now coming to my humble request. I’m trying to find online more information about Vish Yog, but it’s rather scarce. Would you please write an article about it?

    Also, would the VIsh Yog be considered more powerful if it is formed as follows? Ketu conjunct Saturn in the 4th and Rahu conjunct Moon in the 10th (my scenario).

    I’m trying to understand what I’ve been/done in the past life, so this side of the story would truly help me! (some tyrant I suppose)

    I also have a question about Karma, but I suppose for this info I can search more into your blog or online. Is the Karma of the old life payed by simply suffering? If so, what if I consciously and dramatically increase my short time suffering, can the Karma be payed faster? Like say…give up all carnal pleasures and go live in a cave and eat only rice for the next 7 years?

    Thank you deeply!

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    • astrologerbydefault November 28, 2021 / 7:20 pm

      Hi there
      which reference book has this specific name ‘vish yoga’?
      if you have researched it then let me know the book and the shlok number.

      i have written a lot about moon and saturn combination. it can give a lot of things from fear to neglect to stability to spirituality to Moksh. a lot depends on the roles that they have in your personal chart.

      eg if your is a taurus or libra asc then Saturn is the yogkarak, any combination with the moon will give exceptional results after 36yrs. even Aquarius and Capricorn asc have Saturn as a benefic, so his influence on the Moon will create personalities which are grounded, strong, practical, wealthy, respected etc.

      fr your combination its more a combination of 3 natural malefics influencing the Moon, wrote on this too.

      why should you bother about what you were in the past, better focus on the present and the opportunities you have now.
      i do not advise going into the past by force as the current mindset is is generally not able to accept the past deeds/events and trauma can result.
      do your spiritual practice and if that information is necessary for you to know, it will be shown to you. and if its shown then you will have to work to rebalance it
      so trust your practice and stick to it.

      past karma is not repaid by only suffering.
      you may have to buy something for someone, do mantra, do dana, help some one, travel to some place, go to some obscure temple,
      every thing that you do is for rebalancing, eg you marry someone, have children and raise them properly, this is also karma.

      this will not work,
      but if you feel that this is the only way then maybe it is what you are supposed to do to achieve balance.

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  35. GayatriR November 29, 2021 / 12:40 am

    Hi Tejaswiniji

    Greetings and Gratitude :)!

    In my BhavChalit chart the Moon changes the house. So does it mean that I need to reanalyse the horoscope based on the Chalit chart? :O

    There are quite some major deviations, in the predictions, between the original lagna chart and the Chalit chart.

    Which I also felt, that there were some things that were not adding up accurately based on Lagna/Rasi chart, and when I look back at my past events.



  36. Tushar December 2, 2021 / 2:58 am

    Hi Madam,

    Was always curious about your chart, there were few questions in this regard much back.

    Based on data given by you time to time i think, with cancer asc which you mentioned, you have Sun + Mercury( makar), Sat( kark), venus ( dhanu), Jupiter ( meen), mars ( Vrushabh), rahu ( tula), moon ( Virgo)

    Is it correct?



    • Tushar December 2, 2021 / 3:01 am

      Date Jan 22, 1976


      • Tushar December 3, 2021 / 7:30 pm

        Hi Madam,

        i think i am right 🙂
        It was a challenge and feels great to finally decode it 😀

        your Venus has ishta fal of almost 66 and 0 kasht fal, really great



      • astrologerbydefault December 3, 2021 / 7:40 pm

        Hi there
        whatever makes you happy 🙂

        a few placements do not matter much but my accurate birth date/ time/ place are my personal info. i will not share this on a public platform ever.

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      • Tushar December 3, 2021 / 7:44 pm

        I never wished them to be shared, just wanted to be able to calculate it.

        Am I right?

        Thank you


  37. Dipak December 2, 2021 / 10:02 pm

    Namaste Mam,

    after a long time i recently starting working from home. Europe is under lockdown and I don’t meet people for work but even video calls seem to drain energy and bring random thoughts; I use salt in handkerchief to put in my pocket and it protects me daily to the extent mind calms down +I can stay focused/surrendered (I keep this daily in pocket when I start work with intention to protect)

    I do recall from your earlier post that keeping salt in handkerchief is a bit harsh to aura? I will appreciate your guidance so I can continue to stay protected and finish off the karma.



    • astrologerbydefault December 2, 2021 / 10:29 pm

      Hi there
      do not do it daily for months! Its more of a SOS, do it only when you have no option, u are exhausted and need the support. do it fr a week at a stretch at max. then give it a week rest.
      do something else, eg keep a bunch of peacock feathers on ur desk or make a amulet or tie a black thread. or put your feet in salt water, or remove nazar using chillis and burn them etc. wrote on so many ways to shield yourself.

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  38. smitha December 3, 2021 / 12:47 am

    Hello Mam! I have been reading your blog for last one year and to say that I have learnt so much is an understatement. Thank you for your selflessness in helping out so many of us! I have a question regarding Seances, planchettes and departed spirits … I am not able to grasp the idea that the departed can actually just walk into a living persons life and can cause disturbances.. because I always believed that even in that world there are rules and there is the divine watching over .. meaning there is a divine entity ( appointed by the Supreme being) which makes sure rules of that world are not broken.. then how is it these spirits gain entry to this world and cause commotion? I firmly believe that rules of the universe operates in every dimension and world, so then how do these departed spirits get the power to disturb the living and get into this world? Is God ( Vishnu/ Lakshmi/ Shiva/ Parvati or any of these supreme beings/elders not controlling this aspect?) Can you please throw your insight into this.. when you get a chance? Thanks you so much – Smitha

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    • astrologerbydefault December 3, 2021 / 11:09 am

      Hi there
      i have seen so very many people suffering coz this interference from the pretatmas.
      good for you if you have not seen this sort of trouble in your life.

      and they cannot walk in unless you give them access.
      this will happen if
      – you think of your departed loved ones all the time,
      this is the worst thing you can do, if someone goes to pitrulok, grief is inevitable, but come out of it, 13 days are enough, let them also be there in peace.
      – you go to some place which is full of traumatic energies of death, eg cemeteries where bodies are buried, or places where people were killed in horrible ways. i had the worst experience in the kalapani jail in Port Blair. Our freedom fighters were tortured and killed there. these souls are still stuck there, insane. they will be able to depart to the pitrulok when their descendants or someone from their gotra or even someone with that pure intention puts Ganga water in that area. another horrible experience was at Ajmer, that city is very negative. Delhi is a never ending negative area.
      – you do not do proper Anteyshti of your departed ones or do not give them tarpan/pindadaan on their specific days
      – you do not complete their last dying wish or not follow their Wills
      – you go to a tantrik and use pretatmas to cause havoc in others lives
      – or you have done negative acts in your life and your aura is highly negative. then the negative entities will reside near you attracted by your aura.

      rules are never broken by them, but if you break them then you will face repercussions.
      eg if u use books like the Goetica and call them, they will come and do what you tell them to do, but then they will extract something from you too in the bargain, this may be very unpleasant for you

      why would the deities control them?
      its your choice of not following rules. law of karma will operate.

      you are not alone. in the other dimensions around you there are so many things. so do your spiritual practice, keep your satvik power high and focus on the positive.
      sometimes i feel very grateful to the deities that they do not give these ‘extra abilities’ to everyone. they are more a burden than an asset.

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      • smitha December 3, 2021 / 11:45 pm

        Thank you very much Mam for your detailed reply! I understand now that the law of the universe still operates the same.. so unless one initiate’s something undesirables that breaks the law..and disturbs them, then one has to pay the price. If we don’t initiate anything untowardly, then these dark forces cannot gain any control. This is comforting to know.

        Thank you again!


  39. Mk December 3, 2021 / 9:48 pm

    Hi Mam

    Request you to please shed light on candle rituals et al for manifestation. Are they dangerous? What is your take on them.

    Thank you


  40. Litika December 4, 2021 / 11:18 pm

    Hi, can you shed some light on the dispositor conjunction of rahu and ketu(in the 5th house in particular)?


    • astrologerbydefault December 4, 2021 / 11:44 pm

      Hi there
      depends on the friendship between the two.
      just being dispositors of Rahu Ketu is not sufficient information,
      but as a generic statement if they can work well together then Rahu and Ketu together can give some complete results. eg rahu wants to buy a laptop and ketu helps choose the one perfect for your needs.
      but if they cannot work well together it will be a constant push pull eg your rahu wants to buy a new laptop. but your ketu says no you already have a good enough one. you cnnot decide and it frustrates

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      • LP December 5, 2021 / 4:38 pm

        I really feel something about rahu pulling me into a particular direction (I know it is supposed to, but it is strong). My axis is 6 rahu in Gemini and 12 ketu in Sagittarius.

        Sun Saturn mercury Jupiter are conjunction in 5th house. But mercury and Jupiter are close(5 degrees).


  41. GayatriR December 5, 2021 / 1:27 am

    Hi Tejaswiniji

    Greetings and Gratitude:).

    Could you please shed light on the practice of not sleeping with head resting in North ?

    Also in South Indian customs, a dead body is kept with head resting in South direction. Even this position is considered inauspicious for sleeping .

    But unfortunately with the modern match box flats there aren’t much options left and one ends up resting their head in one of these inauspicious directions.



    • astrologerbydefault December 5, 2021 / 10:40 am

      Hi there
      as per Garud puran, all followers of Sanatan Dharma including Dakshin Bharat, keep the dead body with the head towards the north. feet towards the south. it is visualised that the person is now walking towards the Yamlok.
      the aura gets irritated if a living person sleeps like that. if you sleep in this position, entering the sushupti avastha becomes difficult. you cannot rest in the real sense. if you force yourself you will become ill after some time.

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      • GayatriR December 5, 2021 / 11:47 am

        Thank you !


  42. Litika December 7, 2021 / 4:56 am

    Hi, I had posted my reply to the comment earlier(dec 5 by the name LP). I request you to delete it( and this too, as it makes no sense).


  43. astrologerbydefault December 7, 2021 / 7:06 pm

    My dear readers,

    over these past 3yrs several of my readers have managed to contact me on my phone or on my personal email. some for readings, some for more information on some topic and some for enquiring about my wellbeing.
    i do not reply to these one-one communications. i do not interact one to one with anyone.
    this rule i will not break, else i will be left with no personal time in my life.

    giving out my blog stats so that you know why.
    the current status, nov 2021 is this,
    over 1200 subscribers.
    the monthly views are over 1.5lakh.
    and over 70 thousand people visit my blog per month.

    this despite the fact that i never advertise anywhere
    even my cousins, aunts uncles, friends and colleagues do not know that i write.

    so even if you manage to get my personal contact details pl do not contact me one to one.

    thank you 🙂

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  44. Siri December 9, 2021 / 9:43 pm

    Namaskaram Ma’am,

    Hope you are doing well.
    Requesting you to share your thoughts on the following.
    My friend mentioned that every minute she will be in an imaginative world if she is not talking to anyone.
    She has some 10-12 characters in her subconscious world and she doesn’t want to come out of it. She frames a story in her world and feels emotional, happy, sad, etc in her own world. She is unable to sleep due to this problem.
    Ketu and Jupiter in 6th house from Moon (moon in aq). Lagna lord Sun in Pisces.
    I tried to analyze her chart and this is what I think could be the reason
    Ketu is imagination, subconscious
    Jupiter: guru, knowledge
    Moon: mind, emotion
    12th house: sleep, subconscious state.
    What can she do to get rid of the subconscious world?I did ask her to medidate/recite sri suktam.

    Thank you so much for all the posts and guidance.



    • astrologerbydefault December 10, 2021 / 11:55 am

      Hi there
      shri sukta will always help as it is auspiciousness in all ways.

      but in her case, sitting in the morning sunlight will help. ask her to do suryanamaskar, give arghya to sun, recite aditya hrudaya, gayatri mantra etc as per her convenience.,wear sun colored clothes, eat food, wear perfume etc of the sun .

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      • Sirisha December 10, 2021 / 6:15 pm

        Thankyou very much Ma’am


  45. GayatriR December 10, 2021 / 3:28 pm

    Hi Tejaswiniji

    Greetings and Gratitude 🙂 !

    I had few questions on Varna and Gana.

    1. In the natal chart the Varna , Yoni, Gana, are mentioned. Of which you have already spoken about Yoni. Does the Varna signify the mental predisposition of an individual ? Example, even if a person is born in a Brahmin or Kshatriya family but having a Shudra Varna, or vice versa signify the the individual’s capability or inclination towards certain occupations?

    3. Same question related to Gana as well, is Rakshasa = Tamas, Manushya = rajas, Deva = Sattva ? And that the Gana also signifies the mental predisposition ?

    Can we break the barriers of Varna and Gana , as per the natal chart, by sincere efforts ?

    3. Why is it mentioned that Brahmins must not cross the ocean?



    • astrologerbydefault December 10, 2021 / 4:26 pm

      Hi there
      varna at its simplest is the tendency of the person to act/react in a given situation.
      someone would do a shastrarth
      someone will attack/defend.
      someone will compromise/bargain.
      someone will value practicality above all ,
      and act accordingly.

      physical occupations and mental varna are linked

      no one is a brahmin or kshatriya etc by birth ….
      do not ever repeat this line in my blog.

      i have mentioned this a few times, that my mother’s family were temple brahmins in Goa till the Portuguese did their inquisition,
      these ancestors Brahmins escaped to Konkan to save their lives. today my cousins are brahmin by birth. but do they live their lives as brahmins? No. they are all businessmen, ie have adopted Vaishya dharma. they are not Brahmins in the energy sense, irrespective of what the law says.

      in my opinion we all are ‘pashu’ the kundalini is below the Vishuddhi chakra.
      for someone to be really called a Nar, the kundalini has to be above the vishuddhi.

      gan is again the tendency to dominate the other in one-one relationships.
      the willingness to take up violence discussion compromise etc.
      or to make do.

      why do you think that these mental tendencies are barriers?
      i do not.

      Specifically who has said this?

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      • GayatriR December 10, 2021 / 10:33 pm

        Hi Tejaswiniji

        “no one is a brahmin or kshatriya etc by birth”

        Thanks for taking a staunch stand on this. All my life, since childhood I have advocated the same, and fought even in some cases, with the so called Brahmins around me ( whether family or acquaintances ). I just could not come up with the right arguments to influence them to accept this.

        Although born in a Brahmin family ( by caste, not by profession) , workwise or otherwise I identify myself as a Shudra.

        “why do you think that these mental tendencies are barriers?
        i do not.”

        Well, yes you are right, when you put it that way. They aren’t really barriers.

        “Specifically who has said this?”
        Almost every elder in my family and acquaintances. And in general in books ( not the vedic literature) or other reading materials . Here is an example.

        But I guess it could have been a later development , historically.

        Thanks once again for the guidance :).

        – Gayatri


      • astrologerbydefault December 11, 2021 / 11:38 am

        Hi there
        my great grandfather, surname Tendulkar, a GSB, had travelled to London for his business 3-4 times in the early 1900’s. his business was publishing books and he was a banker. my grandmother told me stories of his work and experience there. worst was carrying all the food and the cooking vessels with him as eating anything there or on the ship was impossible. travelling to these lands of negative energy is always a bad experience.

        i have gone to other nations several times, for unavoidable work, and its a torture.
        each time when i come back, i feel like doing namaskar to the land of Bharat, the land here is just so pure. i never want to be separated from this land ever.

        but there is another horrible reason. when the invaders came the first thing they did was to kill all the brahmins and destroy the temples.
        our temples were not just buildings. they were the nodal point of the society. schools, libraries, vaidyas, jyotishis, pujas, doing the 16 sanskars, looking after the poor, organising festivals, etc was their responsibility.
        the invaders cut off our society’s head by this act.
        we were a headless body, with no direction, no guidance no support, this situation continues even now.

        even worse was they kidnapped our Brahmins took them overseas and forced them to edit our original books and add nonsense to them.
        the threat was always the same. if they would not do it. they would be killed and buried.
        not given the 16th sanskar is the most dreadful punishment for a hindu. and these brahmins did as they were forced to do.
        but.. and here is their greatness. they did it in a way which was evident to someone who knew sanskrit, ie they used inappropriate chhand etc to point out that these were later additions and wrong text, nonsense poison inserted in our beautiful books/ philosophies .
        but little did they know that we would be deprived of our Sanskrit. so..

        the story of our nation’s past 300 yrs is very tragic.

        but i have full hopes in a revival. 15yrs more to go.

        Liked by 3 people

      • ANAND December 11, 2021 / 3:12 pm

        Pranaam Madam,
        Thanks for this discussion and the most precious enlightenment. I could completely resonate with traveling “overseas” experience. If I may humbly share, it was torturous for me to live outside Bharat temporarily, and things happened to me there that sort of literally pulled me back. The energies of those places were “dark” (I am unable to find a better word). The materialistic folk around me laughed at my inability to earn in dollars , and called me a failure.

        I am honestly thankful now that I was able to make a choice to return and did return.

        The last part of your latest precious reply provides insight into why so many people today living in Bharat have this longing to settle “abroad”.

        Following is my very humble simple assessment that I sincerely submit for your kind evaluation : Could it be due to a possible loaded 12th from the moon, esp malefics? That is this desire to go “overseas”. I draw inspiration from your very valuable post on 12th house from the moon Madam.

        Dhanyawad with folded hands.

        Sincere regards,


  46. Dipak December 11, 2021 / 1:16 am

    Namaste Mam,

    our daughter was born on —————-
    Our knowledge of astro is nil; we follow-Soham and whatever we understand from your website.

    Question: can we still following the rules laid in your article or should we take special consideration————————————- please delete this comment.



    • astrologerbydefault December 11, 2021 / 12:03 pm

      Hi there
      you can name your daughter with the Moon nakshatra Dhanishtha akshar. they are Ga, Gi, Gu, Ge गा, गी, गु, गे so i am sure a nice name is possible with these.
      basically any name from G will be good. Moon is also her atmakarak.

      its a good chart and a good life. she wll be a strong willed person, intelligent, hardworking and fortunate
      mars is outside the hemming, she will be bold, courageous and capable.

      give her the necessary sanskar so that she follows kuldevata, dharma etc . that is anyways the responsibility of every parent.

      Liked by 1 person

      • deepakkumarmisra December 11, 2021 / 5:53 pm

        Namaste Mam,

        we are very grateful for your guidance and removing ignorance/doubt at a very important juncture for our little girl.

        Naman to your Satguru and gratitude for your continued guidance.

        Kind Regards,


      • Dipak December 22, 2021 / 10:37 pm

        Namaste Mam,

        today was Namakaran Sanskaar of our daughter and as per your above guidance she has been named Gitanjali. We feel fortunate that her naming guidance came from you.

        Just want to share this news with you, send thanks from entire family and also seek your blessings that if she ever chooses to search for Advaita, she will have your/your Guru’s guidance just like all of us have.



  47. Hayls December 11, 2021 / 8:36 am


    I had two clarification questions:

    1) I have heard astrologers will sometimes recommend that an individual go to a foreign place and that doing so will help them in some way ( emotionally, career, etc.) – is there any basis to this?
    I know you touched on this a bit in the article on the 12th house- combinations that would show that someone will go aboard. I think I understand that but is there any combinations ( or even any validity) in telling someone that going abroad will change them/their lives for the better? Is it based on the same combinations we would look for to see if someone will go abroad in general?

    2) I love all of your energy posts. I have ordered peacock feathers and am excited to put them in my house. Is there any “maintenance” required with these? Do we have to recharge every so often and is it like an amulet where the feather might break if its absorbed any major negative energies?

    thank you!


    • astrologerbydefault December 11, 2021 / 11:49 am

      Hi there
      too many planets in the 12th house means that the land that you have been born in does not want you to remain here.
      shubh graha means that you will go to a positive energy place. eg i am from Maharashtra but after marriage i live in the Himalaya.

      ashubh graha means that you will relocate to a negative energy place.
      eg someone with virgo asc, with rahu saturn in the 12th was so desperate to go to US. she went there got married, keeps relocating around the US and is generally unhappy.

      i would never ever want to leave Bharat. the land is the purest and the most auspicious.
      but if someone is not fortunate enough to stay on here then he can go wherever the 12th house wants to take him.

      if you want you can recite the mantra you have charged it with on it periodically.
      eg on every Tuesday Saturday recite it 3 times on it. that much will be enough to recharge it.

      the feathers will break eventually, energy wear and tear, if you feel that its gone beyond a point, put it in running water or the sea and make a new one.
      but generally it will last for a few years at least. so no issue

      Liked by 1 person

  48. GayatriR December 11, 2021 / 2:55 pm

    Hi Tejaswiniji

    Totally resonate with your experiences of travelling away from our motherland. I can definitely not sense the energies. But simple things like babies trained not to cry or dogs trained not to bark. Simple freedoms or acts being looked down upon in the name of civilized society is a downer. I hope the rest of the west influenced world changes some day, and becomes more peaceful.

    15 years is a very hopeful timeline, atleast I won’t be that old to see and experience the transformation of our country 🙂 !

    Thanks once again


  49. Mamta December 11, 2021 / 4:10 pm

    Hi Mam

    Can you please write a post specifically on ouija boards as a topic. I know that you have written about it in regards to planchet and all but I do not get the sinister part about ouija boards. What is the aspect behind it that makes it so forbidden as compared to other methods of divination. It’s a game made of cardboard and how can it it open a portal to the other realms is what I really fail to grasp. Especially when I read about people who have used it and have reported nothing eerie.

    Thank you
    Your avid reader.


    • astrologerbydefault December 11, 2021 / 4:36 pm

      Hi there
      i do not recommend any ouja or planchette type of practices where you summon spirits from somewhere else to answer your questions.

      someone i know had this experience, he called spirits using the ouja board and they did not leave him. talking to him all the time, threatening him etc. after a week of this, he was seriously contemplating suicide till his recently deceased grandfather spoke to him and give him the solution which would sent them away.

      when several people or even one person with sufficiently high mental power intend something, it happens. and with spirits its always unpredictable.
      problem is that generally they do not go away so easily.
      ouja is also a bargain, you call they answer. but now you owe them fr the answer. what they will want in exchange is unknown.

      time is also a important consideration. if you do it on typical days, amavasya, pitrupaksh, tuesdays saturdays, specific tithis, when there is a sutak/natak in your family etc. then the effect will be more deep.

      so though i have written a post on the Goetica, i never never recommend calling spirits or doing deals with them.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mamta December 11, 2021 / 7:50 pm

        Thank you for your reply Mam.


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