Capricorn the Mystic and Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is the slowest planet, Mandatara and transits each sign in about 2.5yrs. He is the ruler of Capricorn/ Makar and Aquarius/ Kumbh signs and will be entering Capricorn again in Jan 2020 after about 27.5yrs. He will stay there till Jan 2023 (he will go forward into Aquarius, then come back retrograde into Capricorn and then finally go forward into Aquarius in Jan 2023).

In Sagittarius he is contraction placed in the environment of expansion. He is hard-work in the site of luck, disciplined work in the place of inspired leaps of faith. Saturn is not much into finance and investments. Frankly he is rather uncomfortable there and so when he leaves Sagittarius to enter his very own Capricorn it is with a sigh of relief.

Capricorn the Mystic, Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn allows calculated moves, not risks, but if you are sure about something, if you have worked through it, analysed it then he will make you act. This will be a highly karma-linked period for all of us as wherever Capricorn is placed in our birth charts we will see destined events being put in motion.

Capricorn is the natural mid-heaven, the zenith, the highest point of the zodiac, the 10th sign, the Karma-sthan, we are all expected to perform our karmic work here. It is represented by the ‘Makar’, a massive sea animal living in the depths of the oceans. It is the last sign of the Arth trikon. It is an earthy sign, it builds slowly. It is also a trader/ Vaishya sign which means it is very calculative and very alert about things. It represents the solidification and motion at our deepest inner being and also the mighty power that rises up from our very depths. What this power is, depends on the personal desire. It can be either spiritual or material.

Saturn in Capricorn shows us our vulnerable points and we are expected to work to strengthen them. Pragmatic, disciplined routine work. And Saturn expects us to learn our lessons well. Students are expected to study well in school. Office-going professionals are expected to work sincerely and be trustworthy. At home we all are expected to help out with our chores. And in the society, he expects us to help others and be kind to those others who are suffering from their own karmic burden. If you have done all this, it will be recognised and respected. If you have worked diligently in the past you will be rewarded now. If you have respected others, so will you be respected. And if you have cheated, taken short-cuts, broken the rules even this will be recognised and you will be taken to task. In Capricorn, Saturn wants to create something solid and permanent. Future success, stability, long-term planning is all favoured. Do not waste these energies, Saturn, in any case, dislikes waste!

It is a feminine sign, it gives us many opportunities to cause change or act. It is rather the silent worker, so anything indicated by Capricorn will enter your life quite unobtrusively, you may not be aware of it for quite some time. Its is slow but steady eg if you have any illnesses represented by this sign these will not be really noticeable till it is quite advanced. If your actual profession is indicated by Capricorn in your chart, you will add up small pluses without even realising it till one day you get a sudden significant pay increase. If you are more turned inwards, you will gain slowly, you will be unaware, till one day your Kundalini blasts upwards till the Bindu. Capricorn when aspected/ occupied by planets becomes even more capable of giving results. It slowly rounds off your rough edges, a process which can be painful but the end-result is wonderful.

Capricorn is the first double digit sign, 10. The binary duality. I have seen clients with Capricorn ascendant, then some with Capricorn moon signs, several Capricorn-heavy charts and have seen that this sign go both ways. Such persons can be extraordinarily attached to the material world or completely detached from it. Mostly they are obsessed with money and more money. Despite gaining their money and other assets they are quite empty inside, but they are still after the material stuff.

It is a very rare Capricorn who actively enters the inner realm and thus gains everything. ‘Disillusionment with the material’ is the fuel for the slow determined inner fire which ultimately leads to Moksh. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, Jupiter is debilitated here while its owner, Saturn is the slow grinding of Time which says a lot about the esoteric nature of this sign.

After Capricorn comes Aquarius where the individual soul realises that is but one of a group of similar-minded individuals. The zodiac also represents evolution. The sense of individual self ego starts dispersing and then comes Pisces in all its glory. Pisces takes the shreds of the self-ego and scatters it to all the dimensions as it realises its universal nature. Thus Capricorn is, in a way, a link between the definite  1 and the infinite 0.

Capricorn the Mystic, Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn’s current transit over Capricorn is quite long so to analyse it we will need to consider his behaviour in each of the three lunar mansions/Nakshatra of Capricorn. his behaviour in them is influenced by their Nakshatra devata and their planetary rulers. Capricorn consists of three lunar mansions/ Nakshatra.

  • the last 3 of the 4 quarters of Uttara-ashadha (situation after becoming victorious). Ruled by Vishvedeva and the Sun.
  • entire Shravan Nakshatra (hearing, understanding the Ved). Ruled by the Nakshatra deity Vishnu and linked to the Moon.
  • and the first 2 of the 4 quarters of Dhanishtha (very rich, prosperous). Ruled by the eight Vasu-s and Mars.

If you observe, the Nakshatra deities are quite typical energies and the three planets ruling these Nakshatra are the Sun, Moon and Mars. These three planets are quite esoteric as Sun is Pingala nadi-right eye, Moon is Ida nadi-left eye and Mars is the nadi structure of the entire body including the Sushumna and also the pran/vital energies flowing through it, Mars represents Agni the energy of the third eye. Capricorn is a mystic. So if in your chart if Capricorn is in any way powered by any of these 3 planets, Sun, Moon or Mars, you also have significant potential for the spiritual in addition to the regular material. How this potential is expressed will depend on the operation of the dasha/transits.

Then the other planet’s transits in this long 3yr period will also affect Saturn’s behaviour.

  • Whenever Sun is with or in the 7th house from Saturn do pay attention to your birth father/professional issues.
  • Whenever Moon is with or opposite the Saturn, there is mental stress, health issues and difficulties. Not a day to take risks or speculate.
  • Mercury when conjunct or in the 7th house from Saturn can increase your family related responsibilities or you might be required to live away from your family.
  • Venus when with or opposite Saturn has the potential to grant a luxurious life, girlfriend/boyfriend or good spiritual progress depending on your personal placements. Stay away from frivolous affairs during this period.
  • Mars when aspecting Saturn will make people fearless and can encourage risks and injury.
  • Jupiter will be with Saturn for quite some time during this period so whatever Saturn signifies in your chart will be given to you during this time.
  • Rahu and Ketu are not going to be with or opposite this Saturn in Capricorn during this entire period.

Saturn is linked to old people, the birth father, the office boss, people suffering under heavy karmic burdens, labourer class, servants and the faceless unwanted. Helping these, being responsible or even being kind to them help make your own karmic burdens easier to bear. And its nothing to do with money, giving your seat in the bus to an old lady is a help. This is the only real ‘remedy‘ for Saturn.


Capricorn the Mystic, Saturn in Capricorn