Clairvoyance and how to develop it

The human body is an extraordinary instrument made of 5 layers (panch-kosh) arranged into 3 ‘bodies’, material body, subtle body and the inner most causal body. Most of us limit our awareness only till the material levels ie the material body/ sthool sharir and its antics. But some of us can delve into the mysteries of the subtle body/ sookshma sharir and thus gain ‘occult powers’ which include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience etc. Clairvoyance and the rest of the clair— ‘occult powers’ are very common and actually very simple to develop. If you are doing your regular spiritual practice then you can do all this and more very easily.

Clairvoyance can be of different types. One is when you read the thoughts of the person sitting near you. Here you are reading information from his aura. If you have learnt to see the aura (post here), you will be able to do this with some practice. The easiest way is this. Ask your friend to sit with you in a silent room. Ask him to think of a particular object in the room with a single focus. You should try to sense his aura and you will soon see the image of that object pop up in your third eye. Next you can ask him to think of a mutual friend and you try to ‘guess’ his name. You can try to ‘guess’ what he has eaten before coming to meet you. This is the first step, to read the aura of the person sitting in your visual range and thus ‘guess’ what he is thinking of. This gets better with practice.

If you can do this much with your friend, you can try these exercises. Try to decipher a person’s nature by touching a pen used by him, or by touching a cut strand of his hair or the clothes he has worn. Or the nature of a home by picking up some soil from its yard. These material objects carry aura impressions from the living persons who have used them or were in contact with them. If you practice, you can also use these objects to see what your target is doing in real time. Eg the pen was used by the target 10 days ago, but if you touch and focus you can ‘see’ what your target is doing in real time now. Later as this ability gets automatic and you get used to the target’s energy you can ‘see’ him even without the aid of the kerchief. This is also a type of psychic spying!

For these sort of experiments, you should be alone in the room, relaxed and keep your eyes shut. Always try to ‘see’ things by focussing into your third eye. Later as you get used to all this, you can do this wherever you want. If you have had a heavy meal, then wait for about 2hrs before doing anything with energy.

Clairvoyance and how to develop it

Another simple exercise. Call up your friend when both of you are relaxed. Then try to guess things around him. Try to guess who else is at home with him. The clothes and colors that they are wearing. The show that they are watching on TV. Or the food that is being laid out on their table. You should be able to sense whatever your friend is seeing/ hearing. Here your friend is concentrating on the information and you are trying to pick it up through your shared bond. He is also willing to share this information with you. This is also easy and with a bit of practice you should be able to easily do it. You and your targets, the food, the show etc are separated by space, you are at a distance. You are not directly sensing your friend’s aura but tapping into your shared bond and exchanging information through this channel.

We create a psychic bond with everyone we meet. It becomes stronger with continued interactions. The bond between a two people who have been physically intimate with each other, where energy has been shared on the deepest levels is the strongest. The bond of a parent with a child is also very strong as it is linked to the DNA that they both share. Psychic bonds developed between people who have no emotional or blood connect are relatively weak, but can be made stronger by continued interaction.

You can use reflecting surfaces like mirrors or crystal balls or water in bowls to aid your clairvoyance. I have written about scrying earlier. I have used the ‘water in a bowl’ method and it works quite well. You channelise the power of the Moon and create a tool to aid your subconscious. Mirrors are also useful and can be used as scrying tools. I have never used crystal balls because I could never find a large enough clear crystal ball in the shops. But these are just tools, always remember that your subconscious is the real thing. So practice.

Then there is the true clairvoyance. Here you do not need any other person to support you or to feed you images, nor do you need physical objects or reflecting surfaces. This means to absorb information directly from the environment around you. This is not as grand as it sounds as you might get bombarded by unnecessary information. This can also be rather disturbing sometimes as you will see/ hear/ sense images superimposed on your surroundings and this may happen suddenly. Eg you go to someone’s house and you ‘see’ the entire building burning around you. Later your host casually mentions that the old house had burned down 20yrs ago. This is seeing images from some other time period. You and what you are seeing are separated by time. Once, I was travelling near the Ganga-canals, Haridwar, at night and I ‘saw’ an elephant being killed by some white man and his Indian servants, an incident from the past. True clairvoyance comes with time and practice where it becomes practically a second nature to ‘see’ stuff.

If you have developed your extra-abilities till the levels of true clairvoyance, you should shield yourself sufficiently before venturing into areas which have seen traumatic events. In fact at this stage, energy shielding and protection from random astral/ psychic events becomes a necessity. Some people are born with the ability to ‘see’ other things, have ‘occult powers’ right from birth. Astrologically their charts will show Ketu to be in a prominent position, either with the Sun, Moon or Venus or in the ascendant sign or with the ascendant lord.

Everyone should try and develop the ability to read auras at least. You will be able to know if the person sitting with you is genuine or a liar. Or correctly ‘guess’ the small but important things which make a big difference in life. This is the basic minimum and will help you in your profession and daily life.


Clairvoyance and how to develop it