Retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn Sagittarius 2020

These coming few months from May to September 2020 are going to be quite turbulent with several plants going retrograde, combust, eclipsed etc. I have written about the possible effects during Saturn’s retrograde in this post here, do go through this also as it will link up to what Jupiter will be upto. Jupiter will be retrograde from 14th May to 13th Sep. In this period he will transit backwards through Capricorn and enter Sagittarius on 30th Jun and continue retrograde in Sagittarius. And during this same period, Saturn is also going retrograde in Capricorn and intensely conjunct Jupiter, making for some very interesting results. If you are a student of astrology you must observe yourself and the things unfolding around you during this period.

Jupiter is going to traverse backwards into the Uttarashadha naksahtra (2nd and 1st quarters) and the Poorvashadha Nakshatra (4th quarter) during his retrograde period.


Briefly on the Nakshatra-s. Uttarashadha and Poorvashadha both will be affected by Jupiter retrograde so open your Janma nava-tara table and check out in which Tara these two nakshatras lie for you. Expect issues connected to this Tara during this period.

I have written in depth about the Uttarashadha nakshatra in my previous post, but repeating it again here.

Uttarashadha is ruled by the deity Vishvedev and linked to the Sun. The word means ‘final victory’, or ‘final celebration’. It is represented by an elephant’s tusk. Leadership, aggression, responsibility, law, character, guidance, good, truth, will, skill, time, apex, light, justice, ancestors/past lives, plans, firmness, introspection etc are some of its keywords. Actions taken under Uttarashadha have long lasting effects are more permanent in nature. If you have any planet in Uttarashadha or your ascendant degree is in this then you are a person of good qualities, intelligent, airy, satvik, modest, fortunate, introspective, mature, in touch with your inner divine and with significant leadership qualities. Practical, achieving, creating structures, truthful, clever, courageous, taking on challenges and winning them. You inspire others. On the spiritual levels, you will be determined to attain the highest Moksh in this highly balanced Uttarashadha. Uttarashadha is deeply connected to the Ida, Pingala Sushumna and your Kundalini etc.

Jupiter is retrograde in this Uttarashadha nakshatra. Misplaced trust. Misguidance. Dogmatic mindsets, inability to see the other’s view, religious fervour will rise. Show-off of outer religious rigidness can cause issues. Personal spiritual practice will seem less appealing. Health issues will crop up. This Nakshatra combines the influence of Jupiter, Saturn and Sun, so whatever these planets signify in your life there will be some issues caused by misdirected hope.

Then the Poorvashadha nakshatra is ruled by deity Apah and connected to Venus. It means ‘initial victory’, ‘undefeated’. It is represented by a Fan. It knows it is invincible and it directs its energy and work to get its assured victory. Some of its qualities are aggression, retaliation, ability to get through difficult situations, patience, planning, expansion, benevolence, compassion, caution, optimism, expression, luxury, spiritual practice, concealments, shyness, sensitivity, has lots of hidden qualities, mystery, can identify hidden qualities in others, can get rid of useless things without a second thought. This nakshatra can give wealth or poison depending on the soul’s maturity level. It is a very deep nakshatra, there is a constant movement, churning, beneath its surface. A sense of all inclusive love, Love with the Highest Inner Self. The grand happiness that true love gives, Param-anand. Here energies of Venus, Daityaguru Shukracharya and Jupiter Devguru Bruhaspati exist, which can potentially take you to Moksh in this Nakshatra.

When Jupiter goes retrograde in Poorvashadha there will be an increase in harshness, cruelty, impatience, selfish love, physical casual affairs which have no future. People will get enticed into doing immoral things for self-gratification. Feelings of others will not be important. Ability to think things through will be affected. The life-vision will get narrowed down, go stale, constricted. Some will go over-board with short-cuts and cheap tactics to get what they selfishly desire. Some will forget what they really want to achieve. If you are not aware of your real goal in the first place, what is the point of pouring your energy into imaginary, unrealistic, immoral goals? Others will not learn from their mistakes nor think on why they failed. Destruction, arguments, fights are possible and later their products ie inevitable sorrow, grief and regrets. Adverse circumstances may seem overwhelming, lethargy and apathy may strike. Joy in life will be reduced in this period. This Nakshatra combines the energies of Venus and Jupiter so divine guidance might be missing in your life during this period.

When Jupiter traverses backwards through these Nakshatras he will unwind all the actions connected to him. ie all things which Jupiter was responsible in your life from Jan 2020 will be seem to unravel, reverse. You will be given to review all the things you hoped for, all activities you initiated during this period. You will be granted another perspective on these things/events. This will be a deeply introspective period for those who can perceive it. For those who cannot perceive these energies, for them this period will cause confusion. These are Nakshatra energies, so linked to your astral self, your deepest desires and your inherent potential.


If you are born with Jupiter retrograde in your birth chart then you are introspective by nature. You think deeply about education, religion, spirituality, culture and have a very unique approach in these matters. You are kind hearted, benevolent by nature, like to teach in a typical mystic manner etc. If this planet is well placed then you are an evolved soul. You do not accept ‘modern philosophy’, stick to the proven systems. You are hard-working and can use all possible, but proper means to achieve your goals. You have a very unique perception, foresight, you can see hidden things, subtle cues, predict things correctly etc. One very typical reading is that you can be cheated by gurus who have lesser wisdom, so choose your spiritual guides very carefully. During this retrograde Jupiter period, you will have an unique opportunity to gain significant spiritual goals. Saturn, Venus and Jupiter retrograde together! But for material goals, this time is not suitable, if you attempt to gain the material now, you will get some eye-opening lessons.

Why do planets seem to go retrograde or seem to stop or go faster or slower? There is a very interesting astronomical reason, do read this post to know more.

Back on a general note, when Jupiter transits Capricorn he will be influenced by Saturn who is already here in his own sign. Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, he has also lost the planetary war. And when he enters Sagittarius, he will share space with Ketu. Not a pleasant thing for the Jupiterian energies in either case. Sagittarius is his mool-trikon sign, so when he comes here and is with Ketu, this is going to be uncomfortable for him. Some people say that Jupiter-Ketu together is good, but in my experience it does little good. Imagine a burst of incisive fiery energy in your astral levels being fed the expansive benevolent hopeful energy of Jupiter. It is a very intense energy which if the personality cannot channelise properly does cause imbalances. This means that he will be opposite Rahu so a variant of Guru-chandal yog will also be temporarily in operation.

To see which signs are going to be affected most, you have to count from the ascendant sign for the physical effects. And count from the birth Moon for the effects on the emotions, comforts, security, astral body, intuition, instinct, love, kindness etc.

First would be Capricorn. Jupiter will aspect Taurus, Cancer and Virgo from here till he is here. Then he goes into Sagittarius so he will aspect Aries, Gemini and Leo during this phase. Sagittarius and Pisces are his own signs so both will show the effects of Jupiter going retrograde. Of these two, Pisces is a bit better off than Sagittarius. Wherever these signs fall in your horoscope, whatever they signify for you there will be some typical things going on here. eg if Sagittarius represents your 10th house the you might find yourself redoing your professional work which you had done in the past few months. or see some issues popping about that work.

Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn will also make everyone suddenly lazy! Then Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius will increase ego, reckless behaviour and adamant mind-sets. The readings will vary from person to person depending on the power of the birth chart, the on-going Vimshottari dasha and the other transits (depending on your level of experience, study the Nakshatra, Ashtakvarga, Navamsha etc). If you can use this period productively, you can gain later, as he now makes you review your actions/thoughts/desires etc very thoroughly.

On the global scale too, economy will be affected. Jupiter controls the expansion of money and prosperity. Though corona virus and COVID 19 will cease being an issue post-Sept, the economy of several nations around the world will be in ruins. Getting these back in shape is going to be hard work. Gold and precious metal prices will shoot sky-high. Food grain production may be affected. Public health will obviously be affected. Terrorism, religious hate and anti-national activities can increase during this period.


If you are in Jupiter Mahadasha or even Jupiter antradasha in some other planets Mahadasha, the effects will be more evident.

When Jupiter becomes retrograde like this, you can do any Puja, Homa, Mantra jaap, charity, prayers, Dhyan, any Sadhana you are drawn to, simple or complicated remedies as you can afford to do. Just be sincere and regular about it. Intention is everything. Trust your inner self rather than blindly following others advice. (I have written several posts on these remedies, do use the Index page to locate these posts, if you wish to read)

In this Saturn is also retrograde in Uttarashadha. Do read my previous post to understand how Saturn and Jupiter will work together. Try to think on how the Nakshatra analysis for Jupiter and Saturn will merge.

The overall theme of this period from May to September remains the same. Avoid making life time decisions, avoid big investments, avoid getting into attractions, try to follow your real life path in the most auspicious manner you can. You will be required to work. Pain too will exist depending on your personal chart. Jupiter moving into Capricorn in Nov 2020 will give some relief but real gains will come only after Saturn enters Aquarius, so we are all looking at about 2yrs of work and patience.

I have written about the karmic events in the year 2020-2021 in this post and about the current Venus retrograde in this post here.


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    Ouch! I have my natal Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn (Third House). Intense times.


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