Manglik Mars, its power and timing events

This is a continued post from this one. You must have already analysed your Mars in-depth using the points I have listed out there.

Now let’s divide the manglik dosha into a low-power one and a high-powered one.

Low energy Manglik Dosha – If you see patterns like this in the chart, the dosha is of a low intensity and can be managed by performing remedies and changing behaviour. More the patterns, more its intensity reduces in real life.

  • If Mars is the ascendant lord, ie for Aries and Scorpio ascendants, then Manglik dosha does not exist.
  • If Ruchak yog exists, then Manglik dosha does not exist.
  • Mars is a Yogkarak for Cancer and Leo ascendants, but even then these can suffer from this dosha. You have to examine the chart, using the other guidelines from my pervious post to decide the Dosha’s power. Some aspects of the life may actually benefit from Mars’s energies in this case.
  • Mars influenced by benefics, who are themselves powerful. Especially if a powerful Jupiter aspects Mars by his 5th or 9th aspect, ie Mars does not aspect him in return, then this Dosh reaches a low intensity.
  • Mars not aspecting any other planet in the chart, ie not interfering with anyone else reduces his impact on the personality.
  • A strong ascendant lord and a strong Moon in the birth chart, can somewhat direct the energies created by this Mars. Ascendant lord is connected to the physical self, Moon to the astral self. If these two are very powerful, you can navigate most of the life’s problems quite successfully. There will obviously be issues but you will use them as stepping stones to higher things.
  • Powerful benefics placed in the chart which can help tide over the problems generated by Mars’s erratically directed energies.
  • The lords of the 1st 4th 7th 8th 12th houses themselves being very powerful, benefics and capable of giving auspicious results for that house. Then at least this part of the life will be better able to navigate Mars’s aggression.
  • Any other powerful auspicious yog in the horoscope which can help the overall personality direct Mars’s power for doing good.
  • If the navamsha chart is auspicious, then a lot of life’s problems are reduced. Navamsha analysis is necessary for coming to a conclusion about the Manglik tag.

High energy Manglik Dosh – If you see patterns like this in the chart, the dosha is of a higher intensity and cannot be completely managed by performing remedies. More the interconnecting patterns, more intense the dosha’s energies.

  • Mars influenced by malefics in some way or the other.
  • Mars influencing other malefics in some way or the other, aggravating their ability and give worse results.
  • Mars aspecting other benefics and affecting their ability to do good.
  • The ascendant lord and the birth Moon both unable to give good results, ie are afflicted by functional malefics, or placed in the 3rd 6th 8th 12th houses, or eclipsed/ combust etc then the personality, the environment and the mental/ emotional strength are destabilised. Do analyse them carefully before coming to a conclusion about this.
  • The lords of the 1st 4th 7th 8th 12th houses themselves are afflicted so naturally the connected house is going to be problematic.
  • Other combinations/dosha-s increasing the power of the other malefics over the personality.
  • The navamsha chart is not auspicious and unable to support the main physical personality. This increases the intensity of all problems in life including the manglik dosha.

Manglik Mars, its power and timing events

Navamsha analyis in Manglik Dosha, very briefly. (I have written several posts on Navamsha analysis, do go through them.) Check what your inner expectations/potentials are using the 9th divisional chart, D9. In your analysis till now you must have realised which houses and planets are affected by manglik Mars’s energies. So analyse further, some examples. If you see patterns like this with your planets then you should judge accordingly, it is possible that the patterns may help your Mars direct his energy or even aggravate your Martian nature,

  • eg Mars in 4th house is with Rahu in D1. In the D9, Rahu shifts to Aries. So Rahu is influenced by Mars in both charts, causing deeper issues.
  • eg If Mars in the 1st house aspects the 7th house lord. And in the navamsha this other planet shifts to Scorpio, again Mars’s energy influences him.
  • eg If Mars in the 1st house is debilitated, but in the D9 he goes in Capricorn. This can help reduce the problem of his aggression.
  • eg If in an manglik chart, the 7th lord is vargottam, the 7th house matters will be good.

Depending on your levels of expertise/ intuition/ study you can also study the concerned Nakshatra, Ashtakvarga, Shad-bala etc strengths, or other divisional charts for more information.

Vimshottari dasha periods Check if your current Vimshottari period has more positive or more negative patterns and act wisely.

  • In your above analysis, you must have identified the planets whom Mars is influencing/ aspecting. Now in the Vimshottari dasha periods of Mars or these other planets, you will experience an over-load of his energy. eg If Mars is aspecting Ketu in your birth chart then you should be alert during Ketu’s dasha periods also. Your aggression and fiery nature may lead you to fights, arguments, decisions made in passion etc during this time also.
  • navamshaIf you are going through a dasha period of a functional malefic for your chart, then the dosha’s energies can add to the discomfort you are going to face.
  • Dasha periods of strong benefics or benefics who positively influence/ aspect your birth Mars can grant you opportunities to use your manglik energies in a more productive manner. Make use of these times to focus your Mars and gain. Mars if used correctly can work wonders.

Transits. Do take care during the following time periods as your aggression can be aggravated,

  • A significant transit of Mars which aspects his birth position.
  • Mars getting combust, or retrograde, or in a graha yuddha in the skies will cause a fluctuation in your personal energies and also health (personal health can be an issue sometimes as the body ‘heat’, pitta is high, this can vary from boils to indigestion, ulcers etc diseases connected to over-heating).
  • A transit of malefics, Saturn, Rahu/Ketu or Sun which aspect your birth Mars position.

Saturn and the troubles of the early childhood

Remedies. Mantra jaap, homa, pujas, giving away items of that planet etc are all options. Charity to really deserving poor people is also helpful (giving stuff to undeserving people does not work). I have written about remedies in several posts do use the Index to locate them. But with remedies, remember one thing always. No remedy can completely stop the problems caused by your birth chart energies (prarabdha karma). Reduce it yes, completely eliminate, no. You can redirect your energy, that choice is always available to you. Behavioural changes are always a good option if you are intelligent enough to understand your own nature. If you are honest with yourself and comprehend how your mind works, you can divert your Mars into something which genuinely excites you, rather than chasing illusions. Use your energy to do something that genuinely ignites your passion rather than wasting it in needless and endless conflicts with your loved ones. A strong Mars is a very important asset if you can use his energy in a sensible manner.

Apart from the astrological remedies, if you know that you have such a combination in your birth chart and a typical time period is coming up from the transits and Dasha, then you should be prepared for what will come and adjust your behaviour, expectations and actions accordingly. This will save you a lot of trouble and save your loved ones, heart-break.

If the Manglik dosha in your chart is of the low energy type, the remedies will be useful and will significantly reduce the burden of karma.

If the Manglik combination is of the high energy variety then the remedies will not be so efficacious. Some part of it will have to be gone through, despite the remedy being performed. The more intense the combination, the more repetitive and reinforcing the patterns are, the more deeply the karma is ingrained into your present life (especially if the Navamsha also shows the same patterns). I have seen some Internet sites who claim to ‘tie up’ Manglik energies. This is faulty thinking as ‘tying up’ the karma is temporary at best and causes problems on the astral levels. There might also be a severe backlash. Then you will be required to rebalance this manglik energy karma either later in life or in your next lives. If you have opted-out from something at your birth and chosen something else instead then that choice cannot be disregarded.

I have observed that some people with intense Manglik Mars sometimes remain unmarried and it suits them! These people generally have some over-riding passion which drives them, they are so utterly focussed on their passion that family etc is not really relevant to them. Or when these highly Manglik people marry, they are required to live away from their family, eg army men, merchant navy, pilots, corporate high-ups who travel often, brahmins who travel for doing pujas, etc. This is probably for the best, but it leads to separation from the family (perhaps unfair for the spouse/children) If they live with their families, all the time, there is invariably conflict.

Manglik Mars, its power and timing events

With the Manglik combination, you think only from one point of view. You are in a hurry, there is a lot of force within you pushing to get out. The mind can be easily destabilised by this high voltage Mars. You do not stop to think or re-consider. You take everything as a challenge. Thus you engage in risky behaviour often putting your own self in danger. (eg rash driving, silly bets involving life threatening behaviour etc). If you can understand this and give yourself time to cool down before acting, all your Manglik problems will evaporate. But Mars does not allow this to happen so easily, thus the Dosha. After Mars matures, things often become more easier to handle.

Manglik dosha essentially is a burst of energy so intense and focused that it sets those aspects of life on fire where one-one relationships exist or those aspects of life where you have to think before you act. Mars’s nature is antithetical to one-one equitable relationships, he is a burst of passion. One-one relationships are in our personal family, business, job, meditation etc. With manglik Mars’s intensity, there is little peace in any of these things, neither for you nor for the person opposite you (loved one, child, parent, siblings, family member, business-partner etc). For you, perhaps this does not register as you are the fiery Mars yourself, these are your regular energies. (The Sun also burns, but his heat is of an indifferent intensity, he is more self-centred, he cannot focus on anyone else.) Mars, in his intensity, is focussed on the other person/ thing which he wants to dominate, to crush, to conquer. You are born with this intensity. But for the person opposite you, this burst of fire can at times be unbearable. You can hit them physically, astrally, emotionally, financially etc intensely and not feel a thing. Mars does not think before he acts, he is a burst of focussed fire, the energy of life and death.

Mars’s Manglik energy is more a destructive energy. If you are a Manglik Mars, you are the destructive face, Shiva in his Ugra form. You can destroy negativity in your/ others life if you choose, but you can also destroy positive things too. What you destroy is ultimately your choice. Understanding yourself is key.


Soham, Sushumna Yog and the Sat-guru

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  1. Hima May 1, 2020 / 2:11 am


    I am a newbie to charts had a question on how to focus Mars energy in a focussed way. My daughter has this Taurus Ascendant. Mars conjunction wirh Mercury in 12th house of Aries. Saturn in 7th house birth chart and D-9 chart. Mars also aspects Jupiter in 3rd house. Venus is in 1st house aspecting Saturn and vice versa.
    Seems like she has mild case of Manglik? She is still young, right now jn Mars Dasha till 2025, she got skin issues ezcema severe once it started, it is however better than last few years but summers are the worst , cooling food suit her.

    As she grows big what do I need to do help her focus her Mars energies?

    Thanks a lot


    • astrologerbydefault May 1, 2020 / 11:58 am

      Hi there,
      since she is just a child there is no need to worry about her mars as such, things get clear after mars’s maturity
      she is in mars mahadasa he is in the 12th hosue so naturally heath is affected
      read about the foods/colors etc linked to mars and avoid those
      there are small remedies which you can do it you feel like,
      do use the index to find these posts and read more if you wish..


  2. Hima May 1, 2020 / 2:19 am

    Also read your article on Rahu-Ketu 11-5 axis. She has ketu in 11 and Rahu in 5. Intrestingly my husband has the opposite, Ketu in 5th and Rahu in 11th.

    For some reason I can drawn to your blog, went through some very tough times last few years and my belief system seems to be changing in lot of ways.


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