Trigger and use your Dreams and Nightmares

A step-wise small practical on how to trigger dreams. Try to use the energies of the swapna-avastha/ dreams for resolving your karmic bonds. We are as active in our dream states as we are in our waking states. We complete our karmic debts in our dream states too. Generally we do not need to remember what we did in our dreams as the actions are one-off rebalancing events. The sub-conscious is hard at work as you exist in the swapna-avastha and does its own thing independent of the conscious mind. But if you have recurring dreams, or disturbed sleep, recurring nightmares, similar themes, specific people, typical things, you wake up in fear etc, do try to analyse them. Here your subconscious mind is trying to bring something to your conscious notice. This thing will have some bearing on your awake life too. So try to channelise the energies so that they get resolved and not disturb you in your waking state/ Jagrut-avastha.

You can use the dream state for your own benefit. Plan your dreams and keep a dream journal. Things needed are simple, notebook/pen and a small light. Keep all this beside your pillow on your bed-side table. The physical and mental state before you go to bed is quite important so try to sleep in a comfortable position and get rid of mental clutter. Wash/ brush, wear clean pyjamas etc, do a few pranayam or deep breaths etc before you go to bed. Once you are physically and emotionally comfortable, dreams linked to these aspects of your life will reduce. And only then your dreams will be the intense karmic stuff. Now you can make use of your dream life.

Before you go to bed, think a bit, but do not create stress for yourself. Is anything weighing on your mind? Are you in trouble, worried? Do you need specific guidance? Or would you be happy with basic spiritual support? Think about your chosen theme for just a minute or so. Do not get agitated or emotional as you do so. Be dispassionate. You are priming your sub-conscious mind so that these suggestions will be used by it to create dream messages. As you practice this every night, this priming will get more effective and you will be able to direct your dreams clearly.

Now if you wake up in the night and you remember dreaming, be sure to write a few words in your journal, so that you can remember the dream in the morning. In the morning, wake up 5 mins before you really need to. Put a very soothing alarm, so that you wake gradually. A screeching alarm will wake you with an adrenalin rush, an astral shock and you will forget your dreams. As you gradually wake, you remember snippets from your dreams. Never wake with a jerk or move your body too much as you wake. Write a few key words in your journal so that you can remember the dreams. This will take 5 mins at max.

Now you have your keywords, but don’t stress over interpreting them. There are dream meanings websites which you can use to begin with. (eg Later, the interpretations flash automatically. You are the only one who can interpret your own dreams so use the websites as an indicative meaning only.

Try this for 21 days, evaluate for yourself and continue if you feel it is worth doing.

Deaths of loved ones, astrologically

Dreams are caused by several things. Generally you dream about the simple things which register as you go about your daily routine. Things which created an emotional impact are the most common themes for dreams. Or physical discomforts. Karmic things from the past come up for rebalancing only during typical times. Or if you trigger dreams like written above.

Dream state helps you in several ways. You can understand your waking experiences more deeply if you take cues from your dream states and vice versa. You are allowing your sub-conscious mind a more active role in your life. In the dream state, you observe yourself. You are both the actor and the witness. It is  like experiencing a ‘mini-realisation’. This is how you train yourself to understand the underlying non-dual in all duality. Dreams are often an outlet for surpassed emotional stuff. And they are also a way of assimilating external events more deeply into the sub-conscious. Even if they cause you anxiety or fear they are helping.

Dreams are not useless, they are full of energy, try to direct them. Even if they are nightmares and you wake up terrified you they are important as they have communicated something which has caused problems on the sub-conscious levels. Somethings like negative energy, ill-wishing and ‘black-magic’ can be better diagnosed through the dreams/nightmares. And if you are so inclined, you can complete a significant chunk of karma rebalance here. Once you are firmly on your spiritual path, dreams related to the outer external world and emotional context stop. Then the only dreams you will get will be the karma related ones. Then they too will get less frequent. Even for a normal householder, he dreams of something because he wants to achieve it. Eg if he wants to buy a new car he might dream of it and this will add to his will and confidence. So dreams are useful and can be used actively.

Dreams help, eg if you are facing some problems in life because of some issues/ hurts from your childhood, you might dream of small, children, your house where you lived as a child, your mother as she was younger, your own child etc. We are unable to face up to the problem as our adult self does not understand the inner child, but the dream offers us a clue. Often helping other children in need eg orphanages is a good way to resolve the energies of such types of dreams.

If you start remembering your dreams try to write as many keywords as you can. Or things and events which seemed significant to you. eg My Dad once had this sort of dream, he dreamed that he and his brother went into some jungle. Only he came out of it. His brother died within a month.

Then try to think about what were your emotions during the dream, happy sad, terrified, curious etc. Someone I know always dreams of getting caught in floods, fires, earthquakes being attacked by dacoits. He certainly has a very happening professional life, with emergencies popping up practically every month, which he very systematically and coolly confronts and wins every time. Dreams help separate from parts of your personality which have served the purpose and are of no use to you anymore. These constant emergencies in the dreams allow his sub-conscious to help him get rid of the more naive parts of his personality and bring the more pragmatic and practical parts of his personality to the surface.

Dreams are linked to personal growth. If you observe your dreams over a longer period, you will notice cyclic recurring themes. Presumably you first identify blockages then work on opening up these blocks. Then accept the new energies, assimilate them and grow. These cycles are evident in the dream themes. If you have maintained a dream journal, do flip back the pages when you have time, you might get new meanings for the old dream’s keywords.


The 12th house is your sleep states, dream states, nightmares, occult dreams, guidance in dreams, karma rebalanced in dreams, prophetic dreams, astral travel and all the stuff that you do when you ‘sleep’. As you know there are two states of existence which we experience as we sleep, one is deep sleep, ‘sushupti-avastha’ and the second is the dreaming state called ‘swapna-avastha’. So if you want to analyse the mental disturbances, sleep disorders, dreams, restful sleep etc check out the 12th house from the ascendant sign and also the 12th house from the Moon sign. (If you are aware of your exact birth time, check out of any planet is occupying the navamsha owned by the signs occupying these 12th positions from your ascendant sign and birth Moon sign.) If you have significant planets in the 12th house, there is lot expected from you in your dream states. (One family I know, mom/dad/2 kids, all have their birth Saturn in the 12th house!)

These days till 22nd Jan 2020 when Saturn will leave Sagittarius are strange. The planets are moving very fast over the Nodes. And the nodes are practically stationary in a very slight forward motion. The past few nights around the full Moon Dec 2019 have been particularly happening. There were dreams where direction is being given and also nightmares of the more terrible variety. The sub-conscious mind is taking full advantage of the swirling energies and doing its own thing. So wrote a bit about dreams and nightmares today. Most of us are not interested in delving into the sub-conscious because we are scared of what we might find there. But if you are a spiritual aspirant you should actively engage with your dream states as deep repressed stuff in the sub-conscious is a barrier to spiritual growth.


3 thoughts on “Trigger and use your Dreams and Nightmares

  1. Arpit Sinha December 15, 2019 / 4:33 pm

    The posts keep getting better. Truly life-transformational.

    I would like to ask a question in this regard, if I may.

    I have Jupiter in the 12th house, both from my ascendant and Moon, aspected by Rahu from the 8th. I have been blighted with mortifying, extremely vivid nightmares from a very young age (essentially about something ‘terribly bad’ happening to a loved one, and to a lesser extent, me – ‘terribly’ being the operative word), with sporadic pleasant ones .

    Some of them translated into reality, albeit in different forms, which had such a deep-rooted impact on my psyche that it cascaded into a full-blown mental roadblock that I was able to remediate by means of a miraculous Mantra and by educating myself about human psychology. I guess I am digressing, but just thought of giving some context.

    Things on the psychological front did ease off a it, but the negativity associated with nightmares exacerbated to such an extent that I had to take recourse from a Lal Kitab practitioner who suggested a remedy to stop bad dreams. The remedy worked like a charm and ALL my dreams just seem to vanish into thin air.

    I still follow that remedy, or ‘totka’, as one may put it. Against this backdrop, do you think I should do that or allow my dreams to communicate with myself, as suggested in this post?

    Thank you.


    • astrologerbydefault December 16, 2019 / 6:29 pm

      Hi there
      I have analysed my dreams for many years now. I am aware in 99% of my dreams, its just during these energy bursts of this month that I have no control over what I am dreaming.

      I have noticed that certain Dasha/ antardasha, transits and moon-phases give more active dreams. There were a few sub-periods/ antardasha in my life where the dream state dominated the awake state.

      Jupiter in the 12th house is not bad as such unless there are other things,
      but the strange and many dreams are triggered by Ketu in the 2nd,
      Check if you were in Jupiter or Ketu dominated times/ transits earlier.
      If you have had such terrible experiences during your dream states that you had to actively stop remembering them, I would advise that you first get some mantra active for you. I have always used mantra to stop, change, direct my dreams.
      The easiest mantra for stopping dush-swapna is ‘Govind’. (Dush-swapne smarah Govindah). If you can train your mind to remember this one word even in your dream states.
      Or you are practicing your mantra regularly, so train your subconscious mind that it has to remember that mantra in the dream states also.
      The easiest way of doing this is this. Before you go to sleep. Cup one palm on your forehead and the other at the back of your head. Recite your chosen mantra 3 times slowly feeling its power. Feel it enter your deepest self, ie your subconscious. Tell yourself that the mantra is now available to you always. Do this for 21 days at least.
      If you want to dream/ remember your dreams again, you have to decide for yourself.
      But given your background, I think you should attempt it only if you feel confident in your mantra and your ability to use it in your dream states.

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  2. Arpit Sinha December 17, 2019 / 8:58 am

    Many thanks. Shall practice this approach for 21 days. and beyond.


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